Runarsson must play and provide competition for Leno

Alex Runarsson simply must get the nod on Thursday to show he is ready to compete for the number one jersey, and tell Bernd Leno that he has to improve to keep his place.

I have made no secret that I am not a fan of Leno, and unless he pulls off a miracle that is how my opinion will remain.
Surely after his unconvincing performance and conceding of goals in his previous two games, Arteta won’t opt to play Leno again on Thursday against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup tie at Anfield.

Will Runarrson get a run around? I sure hope so because someone needs to step up and give Leno the competition that Martinez was giving him, although I fail to see how Arteta will pick anyone other than Leno this season as his number one. That is where he will continue to fail in getting the team where they deserve to be, and this will be down to the lack of competition Leno will have, knowing that he will always be number one in Arteta’s eyes.

One thing we have seen over the years is that if players have competition then they have something to work for, and this becomes clear because they step up their game and make the manager step up and notice them. But if they know they will automatically get in the side week in week out then they will play as they know best and not even try because they know they are automatic picks.

Let’s hope that Runarrson is one player that gives Leno a run for his money because we definitely need something to change in between the sticks as it may just give our boys the boost they had under Martinez, to go out and beat everyone and anyone that comes in front of them.

Gooners what do you think about Leno given an unchallenged role in goal?


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      1. My nerves were always settled with Emmi in goal. The defence was more organized may be from Emmi warning them of impending danger.

        Prio to the 3rd goal on Monday, Leno should have shouted to Luis “mine” cause the shot weak and headed to him.
        Luis could not head it far resulting in a goal.

        Leno does not scare strikers, his body language is just not there.

        Yes let the Runnar show us what he is got.

        Villa kept a clean sheet the last game, a good percentage of this outcome is due to a good keeper.

  1. Leno is the best keeper for our style of play. If Emi was half as good as Leno with his feet I’m sure he’ll be our no.1. but let’s not forget that before his injury last season Leno was in outstanding form. In my opinion Arteta is spot on in his goal keeping decision

    1. 1) We needed money

      2) We could not keep two very good keepers who each wanted to number one happy.

      3) Martinez wanted to go than to compete for the spot.

      It’s a no-brainier the club sold him for relatively good money.

      I wish him well. A testimony to his ability is how his new club is now flying with unusual display and confidence.

      1. Did you not feel the fear in Arsenal team?
        Its not that Liverpool were very good.
        Which style of play? starting from behind then quickly put under pressure we baloon the ball ahead loosing possession.
        I never saw Leno release the ball quickly to a winger or a free midfielder to get the opposition off guard, we were pinned in our half with “style of play”

    2. Thanks bro.

      Leno is the fittingly the keeper that can play with our style,he’s more of a sweeper keeper. I know he’s slowed down and that’s down to his recent injury.

      The Icelandic that was bought, according to analysis, is not really a top notch keeper but has superb traits that fits our style hence the decision to get him on the recommendation of Cana.

      The bashing of Leno is over the top for me.

  2. The manager needs to talk to Leno. I am not against playing out from the back, but Leno makes it more difficult by wasting a lot of unnecessary time before passing to his teammate. More often than not, he waits for the opposition players to close all advantage holes before kicking, inviting needless danger.

    1. Martinez wanted to leave seing an opportunity to do that for the first time. For that I don’t lament that the club sold him. But Leno’s stupidity is making me miss Martinez so much.

    1. So Leno hasn’t improved in your eyes? Was Martinez not in arsenal before the club went out to buy him when then knew Ospina was going?

      If Martinez was that good at that time why would they proceed to buy Leno?
      When Leno came, he met Cech here who was keeping in Europa league. Onto the final against Chelsea, fans were clamouring for Leno to be between the sticks. So that time, was there no Martinez? I hope you guys get over your blighted analysis of both keepers. Two people are not the same, and will have different skills. You probably focusing on the negatives of Leno while you painting Martinez as perfect.

      Get over it and move on. Thanks

      1. There is some improvement but not that much and I wasn’t comparing him with martinez either read my comment properly.

      2. I love the two keepers but your point about if Martinez was good they wouldn’t have bought Ospina was just not vital to me. How many times has he been given chance? No matter how good you’re, it’s when your boss gives you the avenue to showcase it that people will know you. Would you have come to like Saka if he has not been given chance time and time to prove himself?

        1. Exactly, untill he was given a chance, then he proved how good he was.
          Our cry is once you have discovered a good thing why throw it away.
          Unless he improves we will struggle even against the smaller teams in the league.
          We have gone back to the days of being in danger right from a goal kick ball

      3. We also had a certain Gnabry who was not rated here and opportunities were handed to hyped average players ahead of him. Same can be said of Martinez

  3. I really dont want to have a GK problem this season… Hoping Leno just had a one-off bad game and improves for the rest of the season. Never seen Runarsson or heard of him in my life, but hoping he has a good debut tomorrow.

  4. Martinez has been on loan in Championship and was under avarage goalkeepers perf. in statistics in those spells. Leno is far better

  5. Exactly, untill he was given a chance, then he proved how good he was.
    Our cry is once you have discovered a good thing why throw it away.
    Unless he improves we will struggle even against the smaller teams in the league.
    We have gone back to the days of being in danger right from a goal kick ball

    1. Playing in empty stadium takes a lot of pressure of players. I will agree if he can stand a pressure in the largest stadium full of audience

  6. Lets forget martinez and move on. Leno has helped the club alot. I am a fan of martinez but Leno just need confidence and conduct his defense. To get Germany call no b beans. We only need to support and hope he gets better

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