Ryan Giggs urges Ramsey not to allow Arsenal contract talks to over-run

Aaron Ramsey is into the final 18 months of his contract, but is yet to sign a new deal with his current club Arsenal.

Talks are believed to be on the cards for the Welshman, who has been one of the club’s better performers throughout the season, and is expected to get a nice bump up in the wage structure.

Jack Wilshere should be the first player in for negotiations given he has less than five months remaining on his current deal, but his midfield rival should be close behind him.

Ryan Giggs has urged his fellow countryman to get it in place before it becomes a saga, like Arsenal had to endure with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in recent terms.

“I hope Aaron sorts it out sooner rather than later,” Giggs said. “Any player having talks with contracts you want it sorted out as quickly as possible.

“He’s at a good club. From a personal point of view when you’re at a club  you’re used to it can help you. You know all the staff and the players.

“I was always happy, there was always a challenge at United so I never saw any reason to leave. I was happy playing my football. I never got bored or felt the need to go anywhere else.”

Does Ramsey deserve to be amongst the club’s highest earners? Should his contract be prioritised over Wilshere’s?

Pat J

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  1. Once we have a new and proper manager, which will be by May at latest and possibly within days of being knocked out of the Europa by ACMilan, we will find that several of the current players who have regressed under Wenger get a new lease of life next season , when used and coached properly. And in the case of the defence, coached AT ALL. Ramsey has always done well when with Wales and can find that level with us again with a sensible manager installed and when Wenger is unlamented toast. I have rarely in life,loathed any human like I do Wenger. I RESENT HIM HARMING AND HOLDING BACK OUR CLUB FOR THE LAST DECADE. BUT THE THRILLING DAY HE IS SACKED DRAWS EVER NEARER AND FAR NEARER THAN MANY ON HERE WILL LET THEMSELVES BELIEVE.

    1. My sources reliably inform me
      that Arsene will sign a
      10 year extension in May.
      Apparently a bloke called jon fox
      from justarsenal is bankrolling the deal 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. exactly….

        Jon Fox spend the billions and we can have a world class team and a new manager tomorrow

    2. Jon get out the rubber room your still complaining about winning trophies and competing for cup finals and the premiership a mere two seasons ago we have won 5 and been in 8 final games where in last ten seasons where are you?

      1. Thomas-firstly let me explain something to you.Jon Fox would gladly spend the rest of his days in a padded cell if Wenger continues as Manager.This I know.How do I know?Because Jon tells us all every single day.(like you tell us every day the reason we lost at Swansea was solely down to the fact it was PISSING DOWN WITH RAIN)
        Jon is passionate beyond reason with his anger frustration and hatred of Wenger.You can almost feel it in his posts every day.Jon and many others write of how this is hurting us and will continue to until Wenger is gone.So I will now come back to the reason I have sent this reply.
        What 8 trophies have Arsenal football club won in the last 5 years?You KEEP repeating this.Its in most of the posts you send in.For the Life of me I can only think of 3 and I have missed very few games home away and in Europe in these years so it must be my age and diminishing brain cells that are finally catching up.What have I missed? I have 3 FA CUPS.
        1) 2014 FA CUP
        2) 2015 FA CUP
        3) 2017 FA CUP
        4) ?
        5) ?
        6) ?
        7) ?
        8) ?

        Please put me out of my misery as I’m just about to be put in the padded cell next to Jon Fox

        1. He won’t answer mate, he keeps spouting the same ? yet doesn’t enter into any discussion with fans

            1. Just seen a poll on the Daily Mirror web site for fans who think Wenger will go at the end of the season. It was 87% yes 13% no, can’t believe there’s still 13% support for Wenger, don’t these people see what’s going on. Admin can we please have a poll on JustArsenal because I believe the Mirror poll has been doctored

              1. Kenny, Another poll recently was 88%/12% which is very similar. We who know how dreadfully damaging Wenger has been for years past have to accept that there are still some who will NEVER face reality. In life, cowardly people turn their backs on a problem and pretend or convince themselves there is no problem. Some, mainly men, rather than women, are too scared to see a doctor if they suspect they have a serious disease, even cancer. BRAVE, REALISTIC FOLK ARE DOWN TO THE QUACKS LIKE A SHOT AND HAVE IT SORTED OUT. Those types are the 87/88 % of our fans. The cowards and ” can’t face reality” are the other few. Wenger too is in this category as we wise ones have known for years already. We shall very soon now see that the Arsenal board , who have been afraid of the truth for many past years are about to discover the cathartic joys and strengths of being brave and will sack the weird one by May. I HAVE BET REAL MONEY ON THIS HAPPENING AND AM NEVER AFRAID TO PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS, unlike cowards and truth haters.

      2. and again… Wtf is a rubber room … Am guessing one that erases short term memory (but heightens memories of anything older than a decade ago) … I thought robot technology had advanced in recent years but obviously not

    3. Spot on Jon Fox, although I personally think it could be a good idea to sell Ramsey. He is a decent player, but he really players in a position, where he won’t be missed, as we have plenty of alternatives.
      The money we could get for him, can be used to strengthen in areas, where we are much thinner.
      Anyway, as you say, a new manager will make so much difference, and he should have the right to assemble the squad, he wants.

  2. I have great admiration for Aaron Ramsey and how he got over his horrendous injury. The only problem is he’s injury prone and no sooner he get’s back to his best he gets injured again. He has a great attitude and deserves a good run in the first team and probably also deserves a new contract. I would have him any day over Wilshere who is overrated, doesn’t score enough goals and doesn’t have the stamina, work rate and goals Ramsey gives the team. If he can be relatively injury free over a whole season he will be a great asset to AFC.

    1. Ramsay was a change man after that Shawcross tackle….he was never the same again

      that tackle certainly has a very bad effect on him

      and any players who had a bad injury or experience such tackles will be psychological affected

      1. aIt was not a tackle. It was a leg break. Just saying after watching the video, a tackle sounds fluffy

  3. My Arsenal player bonus system

    Injured 20k p/w max.
    Start a game = +25k
    Sub 25mins or more =+15k
    Win bonus 20k
    Performance bonus max 15k
    Loss. = No bonus.

    Injured 20k p/w. No bonuses.
    1. 20k retainer. No start = 20k
    2. 20k retainer. Sub 15k. Loss = No bonuses = 35k. max.
    3. 20k retainer. Sub 15k + Win = 20k Performance 15k? = 70k
    Average weekly payment would work out to about 50k per week.
    Ramsey is presently on 5mill per year.
    Ramsey will get 3.5 mill with a top 4 place.
    Ramsey would get 2.5 mill with out top 4 so his income would be halved.
    Ramsey needs to win every game to get the salary he is presently on or leave.
    This will sort a lot of them out. They will drive each other to get the bonuses.
    Failure to achieve top 4 will see a 50% salary drop for the next season.

    FA Cup win 350k bonus.
    Top 4. 1mill bonus.
    PL win 3mill bonus.
    ECL win 5mill bonus.

  4. Im happy with Ramsey to stay at the club. If it wasn’t for that Gorilla Shawcross he would be even better. But Ramsey and Wilshere are injury prone and not the Cazorla or Rosicky type central midfielder that we need to start match after match. Xhaka and Eleny aren’t the answer either to a lack of defensive midfielder or box 2 box player with strong defensive skills ala Viera

    Ramsey and Wilshere should be backups
    Xhaka and Eleny should be sold and replaced

    But I doubt our glorious leader will do that ir what is necessary

    1. Ramsay, Wislhere and Xhaka are good backups… or belongs to the “12 to 20 men” bracket…..

      but is the club/board willing to finance for more players?

      Will Kroneke Sports and Entertainment fund for 3 extra quality players which may cost at least 200m?

      1. To raise extra funds why hasn’t Wenger been selling our useless players over years? Instead, he keeps playing them, which has had a very negative affect on the results, whilst at the same time, allowing players contracts to run down, so we cannot even get much for them when finally do decide to get rid.

        Useless management! It’s good to see the board are FINALLY taking control away from the dictator, before we lose any more money. Lost around £70 million on Sanchez, and probably around £20 million on Wilshere if he goes, whilst also wasting over £300k p/w on Ozil (who is apparently WC, but just not against any decent opposition).

        1. The board has always been in control of the funds just like any corporate board….

          No one knows who is the one negotiating the players contracts and buying….

          Dein used to do them…..this was confirmed by Ashley Cole….guess now its Raul role…
          In the past Dein used to be able to get the players in and charm the board for approval

          We are not the only club with players that have contract issues….

          Sanchez was not allowed to leave because there is no replacement coming in….and which manager would let such a quality player leave and weaken the team without a proper replacement?
          it is real 50-50 issue…Sanchez could fire the team or drag the team down…..

          I do agree with you to an extend where underperforming players are not dropped or sold….
          The only logic assumption is there is no sufficient funds approved for quality signings…..

          or you can make up another 1001 reasons

          there is no point complaining this or that….

          a club can change 10000 managers or players…if the board doesn’t approve the funds…..there will be no signing…

          1. @John Ibrahim
            Didn’t Wenger know Sanchez was not going to renew his contract? He knew but pretended everything was fine. He forced him to stay even after Man city offered £60M on deadline day. We could have taken that money, played any of the other blokes that are currently playing Sanchez position right now. What has changed now that we said no to £60M and kept Sanchez? Did we win a trophy? Did we challenge for the premier league? Did we challenge for top 4? No, we are struggling to even get into that pathetic top 4 goal of his. Wenger puts his pride before what’s best for this club and that is why he must leave as soon as possible. What a cancer this man is! A poison, a greedy parasite that will ironically kill the host in its quest for unending life.

            1. would u let a key employee leave if there is no quality replacement?

              sanchez is a key player that could have strengthen us considering we add lacazette to increase the fire power

              that gamble actually back fired….you could say a poor decision

              just like the rvp case…if he sells he gets blame….he keeps he get blame

              anything could happen..we do not know whats going on

              the league is tough …6 quality clubs… not 1 or 2 like the la liga or Bundeliga

              1. No, this wasn’t like the RVP case. The year before RVP joined man utd they finished the league joint first with 85 points and lost out the trophy on goal difference to Man city. WE ALL KNEW FERGIE NEEDED VAN PERSIE TO WIN THE LEAGUE and Wenger went ahead and sold him the league for £24M! How can Wenger then claim we are competing for the same trophy when he gave our then rivals the best possible chance of winning the league?
                Fast forward a few years later, we have a player who doesn’t want to stay. Kyle Walker didn’t want to stay they got £50M for him. Coutinho didn’t want to say they got £140M for him. Dembele didn’t want to stay they got £100M for him. Aubameyang didn’t want to stay they got £60M for him. Now Sanchez doesn’t want what do we do? We swap a £60M player for a £30M reject. Why is Wenger mismanaging the club’s resources in this way? Why are we ending up being the desperate ones even when it is other clubs who need our players?

                1. do we have a choice in not selling rvp?

                  pretty sure they learn their lesson….hence the sanchez saga…

                  the same can be said for sanchez, glichy and nazri…

                  your employee wants to leave but hes your key worker

                  without the employee, your job or work couldnt function…

                  if there are no replacements would you let your employee leave…?

                  which manager would like their key employees to leave?

                  rehiring a new employee may require training, fitting into new work culture and team work and etc….

                  1. Did we need that 24M for Van Persie especially at the cost of losing out on the league? Here is the difference, Man city were going to win the league with or without Sanchez, Man utd weren’t going to without Van Persie.
                    Yes, it is difficult to lose a valued employee, but Wenger knew this and should have prepared well in advance instead of dilly dallying till the last minute to offer £90M for Lemar. Why didn’t he offer £90M during the start of the window? He swears to keep Sanchez in August then sells him in January. Expensive INDECISIVENESS of the first order that cost us anywhere from £40-70M.

                    1. thats the main issue we dont know whats going on behind the scenes….

                      it can be 10001 reason…be it good or bad

                      if Dein is still around….the transfers would have been taken care of….Dein always manage to pull off most transfers and had his way of charming the board…..

          2. Something to support you dude.

            People have been saying it is Wenger penny pinching, we all seen how Auba was a Sven recommendation and Gazidis was in Dortmund along with Huss who does contracts, no Wenger.

            Look at our opening bid.

            Gazidis was hired to take over from Dein. Funny how after nearly a decade we see Gazidis is hiring people to do his job 😉

            David Dein and Wenger use to have meals together and talk about football, players, ideals, etc. So for me, this supports the idea that Dein and Wenger had a better understanding of what players was needed. Dein was doing something to make Wenger consider defense as our defense while Dein was CEO was a def to be proud about.

            Was it Wenger that wanted Sol Campbell or Dein? We have lacked that solid CB leader since Deins departure.

            I am currently considering if Wenger was broken by Arsenal after Dein departure, he done the job before but afterwards… His role changed, his responsibility changed, he changed. It looks like he got broken and everyone is moaning about a broken tool and not at how the tool got broken.

      1. Exactly we need squad players like Wishere…..

        besides Wishere always have the drive when hes playing

        1. You say in your last post “we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes”. Well I’ll tell one thing that’s been going on, Wenger’s had total control over everything at the club relating to football since David Dein left. No one on the board knows the difference between a football or rugby ball and Wenger’s power of control has been the main problem and is without doubt why our club has gone into decline ever since.

          1. oh but kenny, the FA CUP’s! We’re still a top club! One more year and we’ll be competing with Bayern. Only get beat 9-2!

          2. Wenger had total control?
            That why AFC bought Perez when he wanted Lacazette?
            That why AFC bought ElNeny when Wenger wanted Xhaka?

            AFC got both of Wengers targets eventually but we all know Wenger can be stubborn.

            Oh look, 2 transfers which would indicate that Wenger wish was overruled, if he had total control as you claim then this shouldn’t have happened… but it did.

            In no way am I saying Wenger is blameless, he has blame.

            I am saying that not everything that has happened is Wengers fault, to lump everything as Wengers fault then you are hurting your own argument of why Wenger needs to leave.

  5. Can we do any worse with any other manager than Wenger already?

    14 years without a title, ZERO European trophies. It’s not like any new manager could do any worsè!

    1. Yea he could he could not win 5 trophies and compete for 3 others and we did compete for an epl title twice in those seasons many managers could do worse and the majority actually do

      1. Well Wenger already went 9 years without a trophy..

        And we have not competed for EPL. Just because we lead the table when Ramsey was on fire, doesn’t mean we were really in it. It takes 9 months to compete for a title and even back then we were out of the race in February. So no, we have not really competed for the title in over a decade.

        1. Wenger went 9 years… how long have the spuds been without with all their manager changes?

          We could do worse than Wenger, we could do better…

      2. Wenger has turned us into a midtable team in the PL. says it all. Complete failure for several years, and it keeps getting worse.

      3. Thomas here we go again.Please refer to my earlier reply to you up the page…….

        1. Like I said he won’t ans
          And he states we competed for two PLs in 14 years what about the other 12 Thomas

        2. Don’t drive yourself mad Phil, Thomas, whoever he is, just likes playing devils advocate, pulling stats out the air to be argumentative.

          1. In the end of the day the second place is the first place loser, so what is all this tllk about being proud of compiting and the stats behind it. lol.

      4. It depends on how you see arsenal. We fans that want change see ourselves as a top club that needs to win epl and ucl while people like you have accepted just like wenger that we are a 6th placed team that is overachieving by winning fa cups. Its all about perspective. No top club will leave the manager in the job for decades without winning the league because they win fa cups, spanish cups, french cups, german cups, italian cups and so on. Some of this clubs sack you the next season even after winning the league the prior season if you don’t perform. Akbs like you should just admit you have lowered your expectations, it shows when you always look at what other teams haven’t won instead of what others are winning.

        1. They are Wenger fans more than Arsenal fans and are willing to sink the club to low expectations just to keep an aging manager in charge that has little to offer. Completely nonsensical. Seriously have to wonder if the club is paying them to come on forums and talk nonsense.

      5. The last refuge of a coward and a scoundrel is to post fake “facts”. In your case you have chosen to disagree with all major commentators on football, in journalism, with ex-players and fans, who all KNOW the Community Shield(formerly Charity Shield ) is just a one game pre season friendly, overhyped to fool IDIOTS AND NAIVE KIDS, LIKE YOU, into thinking this one game play off is a trophy. It is NOT! And true to form, YOU fall for it. Get real, kid, you know next to nothing about football and have not been on this planet very long so know little about the reality and truth of life at all. I throw these Arsenal names at you and warrant you have never heard of them or even read about them. Here goes, in no special order: Danskin, Rutherford, Kelsey, Joy, Neill, Skirton, Tony Burns, David Court, Henry Norris, Allison, Hulme, Allinson, Logie, Male, Snedden, Simpson, Ure, Whittaker, Morrell, Bob Wall , Revd. Norman Bone, Reg Lewis, Wally Barnes, Dave Sexton, John Barnwell. I bet , without googling them, YOU could not even tell who they were or anything about them. MANY WILL NOT EVEN BE ON GOOGLE BUT REAL FANS KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WERE. Come back, kiddy, when you are fit to be a fan and know something worth knowing about the club you presume to support! Some of these were well before my time but I knew about those who went before by the time I was seven, over sixty years since, kid! But then, I cared and still do, passionately for the health of our club. I DO NOT BLAME YOU COS YOU ARE YOUNG BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

        1. While many will not count the CS as a trophy, some people will and Jose is one of them, he has counted it. To say that some people you agree with means it is true is BS, that is echo chamber and not challenging the thought.

          It is a minor trophy, the scale is what you are having difficulty understanding, it isn’t black or white.

          As for the names, so you know some stuff that some other people don’t. Is it a requirement to know every player that has ever played for AFC to support AFC?

          You have no idea what you’re talking about so I wouldn’t be saying others don’t know what they’re on about if I was you, ever heard the saying about throwing stones in a glass house?

          1. Trite phrases with nothing to support what you say, unlike my posts which always give reasons. the difference between a fan from my very early life , decades ago and some of the younger ones who have never known Arsenal , apart from under Wenger. Experience of life gives us perspective and a valuable tool which is denied younger fans; namely comparison! When players had real passion , every week, and now , when they only get up for perhaps 6 games a season and mostly coast through the others. Walcott coasted for twelve years. Let us be totally honest, even OZIL , giftd though he is, coasts through games more than he plays full out. You know that as well AS I DO, ASSUMING YOU HAVE SIGHT. I think I touched your raw nerve when you found you didn’t know most of the names I listed above, like Thomas, to whom I replied. Why not? Don’t you care enough to really find out about our glorious history? It”s easy enough in these computer easy days.

  6. Ramsey comes from a place where Walcott came from. Hype place. And like Walcott he as well needs to be shown the door, as a club for pretends to aim high, should not have the patience with players who underperform and think to highly of them selfs.

    Ramsey is a good player but he wont get any better, and the fact that i can name 10 players without even thinking who are better than him at his poz is reason enough not to give him a new improved contract.

    But like Giroud and the likes Walcott, Arsenal made them think big, so i hope that they all leave this club and try their luck elsewhere as i am sick of tired of mediocre players turning us to what we are today

  7. Ibrahim Tatlises you give me the impression that the admin hired you to have someone who dissagress with everything just so fans can have someone to speak against, haha. What other names do you use on this site i wonder?

  8. once Ramsey leaves arsenal we’d see his true talent. already happens when he plays for wales. Players that leave us are becoming much better. Coquelin is starting for Valencia, has scored a goal already and is becoming a regular in that side, Szczesny STARTS for Juventus now and is going to take the mantle from flipping Buffon. Buffon only does cup matches. And I bet if Bellerin goes to Barca or City he’d be amazing too. So many talented players being completely mismanaged and not guided on how to improve. Talent is all there, but the structures at the club are outdated and do not lead to getting the best out of them anymore.

    1. Yes, this truth should be plain to us all. But amazingly, a fast shrinking few, some still think the fossil is a proper coach. There is zero evidence of ANY defense coaching at all.

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