Saka admits player linked to Arsenal is his childhood idol

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka admits he idolised Cristiano Ronaldo as a child as the Portuguese star is linked with a move to the Gunners.

Ronaldo has just been released from his contract at Manchester United after he delivered a scathing assessment of the club in an interview with Piers Morgan.

He will now look for a new club after the WC. David Seaman and Morgan want Arsenal to add him to their group.

That is very unlikely because the Gunners are doing well without him in their squad now and his arrival could have a negative effect.

However, while speaking via England Football, Saka admits he idolised the attacker. The youngster said:

“Growing up, my favourite player was Cristiano Ronaldo. 

“Everyone used to do the same stance as him and the same celebrations, of course, it’s difficult to model yourself on him because he’s one of the best to ever play football and with his stature and the way he can score headers. He can do a lot of stuff that is obviously difficult for others to do, but he was definitely my role model growing up.

“As for Arsenal, I used to love the older generation of players like Thierry Henry. I loved Thierry. And because I was at Arsenal, I used to be able to go to games, and at that time, I loved Alexis Sanchez. He was one of my favourite players.”

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Ronaldo is one of the most popular footballers in the world and the most famous man on Instagram.

He has done exploits at United, Real Madrid and Juventus and so many youngsters look to him for inspiration.

The Gunners are blessed to have Saka in their team, but adding Ronaldo to the group could destroy everything they have built so far.

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  1. Signing Ronaldo could turn us into a laughing stock in the league.

    If things go wrong after his signing and that is a real possibility, the knife’s would be out from all walks of life.

    But Brazil victory today shows in part why Arsenal must sign a commanding number six, and this position is the most critical spot that must

    Yes we need a foward, but those through pass were telling from the number six position

  2. I dont believe about signing a player like him nowdays because we believe in young players. cristiano is finished right now so lets our club sign important players in order to focus in clinching EPL title

  3. The header to this article says player, presumably Ronaldo, linked to Arsenal. I’d like to know who it is who has linked him to us because the idea is preposterous, he is the last player we need at the moment. Maybe 10 -15 years ago but not now. Let another club deal with all the baggage that comes with him now.

  4. All what the Gunners have in the Epl and Europa League Cup competition built so far this season to be sitting on top of the Epl and qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League. Will not be destroyed. But on the contrary, Arsenal season in all competitions this season will get greatly built better and better enhanced. Which will guaranteed Arsenal to come top in the Epl, Europa League and FA Cup to thus win the treble this season. More especially this will happen if Cristiano Ronaldo is signed up now by Arsenal to link up with them and help to achieve those purposes.
    Which I believe he would undoubtedly. Which will more than compensate for the likely high wages that he be collecting at the club.
    So therefore, to me this is a rare opportunity to sign Ronaldo that is flying around now. Arsenal should seize this rare flying around opportunity that is looking to be flying towards the Emirates Stadium before it’s flew past it to another stadium for seizing.
    For me as a Gooner who never die, I will sign this colosous present 37 year old CR7. Who is available for signing now.
    But I don’t make the decisions on new signings at Arsenal. It is the Kroenkes, Arsenal Board, Arteta and Edu who make them. But would they put their heads together in agreement to sign Ronaldo now for Arsenakl? If they do, it will be incredible of them for Arsenal. And I will welcome it in it’s totality Thanking them if they do.

  5. I also don’t see the negative side of this signing. Yes he is past his best yes he is expensive. But he is also a true athelete. His work rate on the field and in training should be an inspiration for all young players that want to reach his level and still doing it at 37. If arteta could have a Frank discussion with him that he is not the future of the club and Ronaldo could accept being a mentor and playing a less pivitol role then he could be a great signing. However if he doesn’t come I also don’t think it will be a great loss.

  6. Just a thought, Tottenham Hs may under our noses sign CR7. just like play like play, they signed Bissoma and Richardlison under our noses last summer transfer window,

  7. I do not see Ronaldo as a negative influence, everywhere he’s been, he’s been a positive influence, I strongly believe he had endured enough to spill out,
    I would prefer he joined Arsenal as a player-mentor, I think it would really help our team.

  8. Questions abound on the Arsenal CR7 option. Is it a short term….a year or 6 months? Is Arteta endowed with the capacity to curb his excesses and to manage the dressing room commitment? The issue us more than 6months but hereafter risk and contentment from cr7

  9. We are at stable condition,
    What’s acceleration?
    Talking about B Saka and C Ronaldo, they are both stars. But according to acceleration, B. Saka is still having a long distance to cover with enough energy. What about CR7.
    Let’s not destroy our future, CR7 Isn’t CR7 Now, anyway he can be a side dish. Thanks.

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