Saka gets a ridiculously brutal low rating by French media outlet

Gareth Southgate named Bukayo Saka one of his starters as England eliminated Germany from Euro 2020 yesterday.

The Arsenal attacker had won the Man of the Match award for his performance in England’s last group game against the Czech Republic.

His performance in that encounter earned him another start for the Three Lions, but he wasn’t as influential as in the match against the Czechs.

His performance against the Czechs had increased calls for him to start against the Germans.

Fans had expected him to do damage to the German defence but he failed to do so according to some and French publication, L’Equipe brutally rated him a 4 out of 10 for his performance in the game, according to Sun Sports.

They also curated the ratings he received from other media outlets and most were more positive.

The Guardian gave him a 6/10, Sky Sports rewarded him for a fine first half with a 7/10 rating.

The British public seemed to have enjoyed his performance after a BBC poll on the player ratings earned him a 7.04/10.

England will face Ukraine next in the quarter-final of the competition and they will be confident of beating them and securing a place in the semi-finals.

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  1. Unfortunately it’s true. He didn’t have a great game..actually terrible, the stats don’t lie. We can be blinded when we like a player.

    Whoscored stats show he had the worst successful passes percentage of both teams starters, he was dispossessed the most, made no dribble, no shots, no key passes or crosses. Was the only player who didn’t help out defensively by making a single tackle, interception or clearance.

    Honestly we are just lucky England won and people just didn’t realise how bad a game he had. I really like Saka and he will be massive for us, I just hope these kind of off days don’t happen too often.

      1. 👍 +++Similarly ESR. Arsenal need to play the long game, not play young players into the ground, as affected Jack Wilshere.

  2. Either good or bad…. Not even bad but, good. He was only deprived of those chances he would have created. Ride on boy!!

  3. I think the formation didn’t help him. Due to the wingback, he was forced to play more centrally and didn’t have much space to run at defenders.
    Agree, he’s still young and much to learn so hopefully he can use this to improve.

  4. If you take these things seriously his performance rating would have been somewhere between 5 – 6. Found it hard to get into the game and made a few wrong decisions. The German midfield was packed with ruthless professionals and they weren’t giving much away. The second part of the game which had tiring defenders and more broken play, would have suited him better much to Greilishe’s advantage. A shame really because Saka took all the early knocks. Still England got the result which should be all that matters for you English fans. For Saka it was welcome to the big boys son.

  5. The fact that he started ahead of talents like grealish,rashford,Sancho,mount, foden….shows us the quality we have in our arsenal squad……the ratings don’t mean ish to me, Germany was a tough opponent…

    The fact that few arsenal players made it to the Euros and they weren’t benchwarmers gives me joy….

    The future is bright with our youngsters

  6. Is not the truth that after a promising opening 20 minutes or so he faded into near oblivion!
    I love him but do not think him as good as Foden, Mount and definitely NOT EVEN NEAR GREALISH in talent.


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