“Saka is the rebuilding programme” Arsenal discouraged from selling youngsters

Arsenal has struggled financially in this campaign and if they fail to qualify for European competition this season, it would mean even more financial problems for them.

They have a tough task in making the Premier League’s top six and Slavia Prague stands between them and reaching the next stage of the Europa League this season.

Another way the club can raise funds to rebuild their team in the summer is to sell some of their players.

The likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have been impressive for Mikel Arteta’s side and top European teams have been watching them.

Some reports have tipped the club to cash in on them when the transfer window reopens so they can invest money from their sale in other areas of the team (Mail)

However, Mail Sports’ Martin Samuel thinks that doesn’t make sense and claims that the youngsters are the rebuilding programme and the club should instead design their future teams around them.

He writes in his column: “What Arsenal have going for them this season is youth. Add Kieran Tierney and Martin Odegaard and the makings of a good team appear.

“A pity about Matteo Guendouzi because he had potential, too, if his head hadn’t been bigger than his hair. The future actually looks quite bright. It is the present that must worry Mikel Arteta — what remains of this year, and next.

“How do Arsenal elevate themselves from mid-table without sacrificing the very players that represent their hope of success?

“The suggestion that the club might sell Saka, say, to finance a rebuilding programme appears utterly self-defeating. Saka is the rebuilding programme. He is one of the few individuals worth building around. ”

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  1. How could we even think about selling saka. I mean tbh I’d rather sell auba. Lets be honest auba is still our best player but he is a old man in football. Has a few more good years at best.

    Saka on the other hand can grow with the club and cause arsenal fans to fall in love again. Same with martinelli ESR willock KT. Not so sure on AMN but we need to keep and invest in our youth. Have that clear out

    1. Sell Auba??

      didnt the fans were dying for him to sign a new contract several months ago?

  2. Anyone even thinking of selling Saka or Rowy whether for funds or whatever is the literal definition of a plastic fan.

    1. For me if the club sell Saka or ESR, they are retards. Because, they will take the money and waste it on a good player who cannot make the difference like these two, examples are too many to count.
      And I am being generous because we have bought less than average players before.

      1. dont think we are selling anyone

        Media and fans love to stir and create fake rumours

  3. No Arsenal manager would survive the systematic culling of our most talented young players.

    1. Ozkan, are you referring to my post…of course, I was talking about Saka and ESR, as per the article above…that said, Auba, from an overall career standpoint, is easily the best player on our team

  4. Sliba, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Tierney, Martinelli, Gouendouzi, Saka, Smith-Rowe and Willock should be the future of Arsenal. The rebuilding process should be centred around these guy. Its so surprising to hear most fans backing Arteta, whilst he destroys the team by trying to sell youthful players. With Arteta, Arsenal future is doomed

    1. Hi Armoury.

      Your constant obsession with the simplistic “If they’re “young” enough play them” would have us way off the pace in all competitions by Christmas of any given season.

      Let’s look at your list ;

      Saliba – Need to see more, or have you been following his performances for Nice (I doubt it).

      Nelson – Joined Arsenal at 9 years of age. Made his first team debut in 2017, so has had the chance to impress 3 permanent first team managers. Loaned to Hoffenheim in 2018. Has not figured to any large degree under three consecutive first team managers.

      AMN – At Arsenal since a kid. Loaned to Ipswich Town in 2015. Served under THREE managers (and 1 stand in) since. No longer “young” in pro-footballing terms. Currently on loan at relegated (matter of time)WBA. The feedback (which I have posted on here from a cross section of Albion fans, has been at the very best “mixed”.

      Tierney – Already an experienced player, captained Scotland and is in the “One of the first names on the team sheet” bracket.

      Martinelli – Should be featuring much more than is currently the case. A real prospect.

      Gouendouzi – Personally, I like the player. However, there are obvious issue here (perhaps other than ability) that in the current mangers opinion negate him from being part of his future plans. Said “issues” seem to be agreed with by his current (loan) club.

      Saka – Superb prospect, and is of course a huge part of our future.

      ESR – as Saka.

      Willock – Been at the club since just over four years of age. Made his first team debut in 2017, so has served under the same amount of managers as AMN without impact. Currently on loan at 17th placed Newcastle (in the relegation mix).


      Saliba (possibly).

      AMN – not good enough, will be sold.

      Nelson – As AMN (however, a loan my feature here ?).

      Tierney – Future captain material.

      Marinelli – A real prospect, should have a big future at our place.

      Gouendouzi – Sadly, problems with this player we are not privy to which may lead to him being sold.

      Saka – As Martinelli.

      ESR – As Saka & Martinelli.

      Willock – Not good enough, will be sold.

      So for me, basing our desperately / long overdue “re-building” project around at least 3 of the players you consistently list and champion on here would not only have no telling impact whatsoever, but again, in my opinion be entirely regressive and actually send us spiralling backwards.

      Largely based on sentimentally, being “young” does not necessarily make you good enough – harsh but true.

      Mikel Arteta has come in recognised these players time at the club is up, and is vilified for “not giving the youngsters a chance” – in his eyes and many others they are simply not up to featuring in ARSENAL Football Clubs first team.

      “SUB- STANDARD” is why we are where we are today (amongst other pressing issues).

      For me ENOUGH. We have to step up with the required quality.

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