Saka needs to stay grounded as Brighton boss singles him out in Arsenal win

The Brighton boss Graham Potter saw his team fight hard to try and stop Arsenal getting all 3 points last night, but with Lacazette scoring his quick-fire goal 21 seconds after coming on, the Seagulls were denied even a point.

But Potter gave all the plaudits for the goal to Bukayo Saka, who burst down the wing before setting up Laca. ‘We have tried to press a little bit high initially. I think Saka has done really well on the halfway line,’ Potter told The Argus.

‘He has shown a great turn of foot and of pace and that creates the opportunity.

‘We recovered a bit too fast and that has opened up the space and that is the bit we can do better.

‘I don’t necessarily think it is down to the substitution.

‘It’s more it is that footballing action which Saka does. We didn’t adjust to that well enough.’


Arteta can obviously see the massive potential in Saka, but he has warned that we need to be cautious with him, and keep him grounded to help him progress even further. ‘I would like everybody to be cautious, let him be and let him develop,’ said Arteta on Sky.

‘I think he’s having the right progression. I think he has the right people around him in his house, in his entourage.

‘And he’s got the right teammates as well to support him all the time, giving him confidence and keeping his feet on the floor.

‘Then hopefully we can be the right coaches around him and the right club to see the player that he can be in the future.’

I think Arteta needs to be careful too, as the temptation is to play him (and Martinelli) in every game now. Luckily after the West Brom game, the team will finally get a whole 7 days in which to recharge their batteries. I really, really hope Saka stays fit for the whole season.

We need him!

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  1. These guys are under 20, all are gems and want to play but play then with caution.

    West Brom will be a tricky game even though they got hammered 5 by leeds last night, Big Sam knows how to play against Arsenal.

    Arteta is smart taking Martinelli off come 60mins then SmithRowe just after, Bakayo has played alot and is experienced in this team aswell as carrying us. A little break for him will be great after West Brom game.

    Auba needs to pull his socks up big time, even Laca is proving as to why he is the no9 in this team to bring the other youngsters Into play with his holdup which Auba cannot do or cannot sprint as fast anymore or maybe doesnt want to. I dont want to slate him but 2goals from open play all season and its January coming in 2 days with half the season near gone!

    If Pepe, Auba, Willian & Nketiah all dont start putting a shift in then they can go. Give that Bolugun kid a go instead of Eddie and please hope he signs a new deal as he is the coal that gets squeezed Into a diamond.

  2. If he keeps playing like this, we need to tie him down to a long term contract. We should build the team around him and Martinelli.

  3. Indeed, cautious is the word but must act, not talk and credit himself as best coach.

    We almost lost Saka, a better coach would have rested him, against a Brighton.

    Martinelli, Tierny, Rowe, Saka, Elneny even Holding preserved, all rested.

    Bellerin mustafi Mari Kolas
    Niles xhaka
    Nelson Auba Pepe.

    Fresh legs, hungry players, 4-1 win. Auba 2, Nelson 1, Niles, Willock 1 each.

    Stop play Auba on LW and he will be prolific he has been playing in center or RW all career long. How many games or injured players we need to realise this?

    We need a coach with senses, not play right team forced to do so or reconduct same team 2 days later because they won.

    This is all guessing and why we almost lost Saka instead to rest the boy.

    West brom coming right up is a tuff game, rotation is key and more so in such boxing period playing 3 games in 5 days.

    What we need is to not repeat huge mistake of missing Klopp when free.

    A bigger one will be to miss on Tuchel who is perfect coach for transition we are in since Wenger.

    He has experience, an attacking football, good manager and in tac tic, loves young players, good spitit and laid back focused team progress, demanding and hard working.

    He is a coach for a long run allowing to grow and have these young players on constant check making sure they progress.

    1. Can you stop already,have never seen you support the team,only one complaint or another,always making unnecessary argument.JUST STOP&be supportive for once

      1. We are 14th spot pall, to not be happy to get buried bellow 10th half season long finishing 8th can’t make me happy.

        Looking forward to see a drastic change and finish top4!.
        Bring Tuchel!

  4. Arteta should start looking for a club to loan Nketia and willock to come January. I have said it several times and am saying it again these two are not arsenal qualities.

    1. Adega Olatunji Nelson should also go on loan, I really don’t get the hype around that boy. He may later come good but for now we should loan him out, if we can loan him to attacking teams like Southampton or Leeds he will come good.

      1. Disagree. Nelson always does his job, attacks fullbacks and can score goals. I think now is the perfect time to get him on the field as he plays with the energy we need and he’d link well with ESR and Saka.

    2. 100% correct! They are both young and may come good but right now at arsenal they are not playing at the level they need to be at!
      And Pepe needs to be told that he’s playing in the last chance saloon! He may come good also if he can up his work rate and make things happen on the pitch! He should feel ashamed that as soon as martenilli returned to the team we look like a much better attacking side! Aubameyang needs also to pay attention.
      It’s funny pro footballers should alway play for how ever long they are on the pitch with the intensity and desire he show the whole game!!!.

  5. Saka is amazingly outstanding and my only worry is that MA should not overplay him and Martinelli and give them rest and breaks. I agree that they should both be awarded with new long term contracts and also hoping that Balogun signs his new contract asap, as he will be the next young gem.

  6. The good thing is that Saka seems to me a well grounded young man who does not appear to be arrogant and disrespectful towards the opposition.Self confidence is part of his make up but so is respect and both are equally important.

    1. What an elderly man sees sitting down..the young don’t see it, even if they climb a tree..

      Spot on observation grandad..

      The boy just seems to be and wants to catch fun

  7. Saka and Tierny should be rested against West Brom. I can imagin Partey, Elnerny, Saka Smith Rowel and Martinelli combination

  8. What stupidity? @Mogunna. What the hell are you saying,where’s the correlations with your write up and the subject matter? Must you always moan? We loose you moan,we wins you moan,who are you?

    1. Happy new year bro’. I will answer as best I can.

      Did not use word stupidity and not sure what is your question about.

      Now, in term or article, writer is spot on and I’m pointing what I think will help team: Tuchel as a coach, not miss him as we did on Klopp!

      Your last question is also hard to reply, I’m Mogunna; I want more for my gunnaz and club.

      We 14th at mid season and no way to go above 10 in such a debacle.

      To win Chelsea because forced to play a better team can’t be securing but hope we don’t see same Luiz ceballos William bench all our great young players!

  9. Buksyo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe. Gabriel Martinelli. Ainsley Maitland Niles, Eddie Nkethia. Joe Willock, Reese Nelson, Folarin Balogun, Migel Azeez and many other youngsters, there are very few clubs that could boast of a better tomorrow than Arsenal Football Club. With Mikel Arteta as their manager, we may have the best very soon.

    1. I’m not mad mate, nor excited over a win, Team is top notch because we have a role to play on top of table today and for years to come.

      We need a coach matching these players, a mix if top guys, experience and both in our young players who should be on pitch all last year already.

      Arteta is still in first year in his learning process as a coach, has to make mistakes in order to grow,.

      Why being William Ceballos & extend Luiz? If he plays them again and we lose or draw again, will it be enough for you personally or more of these 3? Can’t play young players then.

      Play Rowe and Martinelli forced to, first time happening in a year, covid issues,

      I wish he gets it right but so far he never did, but forced to by covid.

      I’m sure many wish to have Tuchel and not see Man U snatch him as we missed Klopp available to Reds…

      Arsenal, fans, club and players deserve a coach with experience. Arteta should be elsewhere and grow learn from all his mistakes before he coach a top club, as any coach in history or football players grow through a process, just nature and common sense.

      I will be excited when we are top 4 and really kiss you all over your cheeks because I believe we have team to fight for title today and years to come.

      Not play Saka in middle to accommodate Willian, burry Auba on LW and no spot for Rowe as need to strength defending midfield with elneny and Xhaka, which precisely allows Rowe to provide transition and player we need in attack..

      If he tries to bring WillianLuiz Ceballos to show he was right to sign him, egotrip on us and team; he must go with his 3musketers elsewhere and take all tim e they all need, extend Luuiz to match Willian 3 years monster deal.

      You are my witness and agree, if he does that non sense again, must end before total collapse.

      Looking above us even with team and coach doing well, we can’t land to EL not even top 10….

  10. Our way forward should be quality as opposed to quantity, one very accomplished midfielder like Jack Grielish or Houssen Aouar etc

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