Saka needs to take Tavares under his wing after Liverpool nightmare

Poor old Tavares should take a cue from Saka By Sylvester Kwentua

Good day friends. Nuno Tavares is surely not enjoying the best of times at Arsenal right now. His defensive error that led to a goal against Liverpool, and his numerous misplaced passes in the second half, has surely thrown him up for scrutiny, and at his age, I don’t know how well he can handle this, but I sure can give him a piece of advice.

I actually fear for Nuno, because if not properly managed, his error against Liverpool might hunt him for a long time, and it may affect his development as a player.

Bought by Arsenal in the summer as an understudy to Tierney, the young Portuguese has shown in several games that he is ready to take over from Tierney if the need arises; but his mistakes against Liverpool may have humbled him and given his coach a different thought pattern.

So, should his mistake against Liverpool stop his development? I don’t think so, but what I know is that Nuno has made a mistake, and it is up to him to either allow the mistake define his career or not. And If he was to look for any inspiration on how to handle this dark patch of his career, then he should ask his fellow teammate, Bukayo Saka how he managed the backlashes he got after missing a penalty for England in the Euros.

Playing in the final of a major competition is what every young player aspires for; and in the case of Saka, he got to represent England in the tournament and even got heavily involved in their final match against Italy. In that game, he hardly put a foot wrong until it was time for penalties.

Bukayo Saka missed his penalty kick against Italy, England lost the game, and Saka was one of those who took lots of stick from English fans. They sent uncomplimentary messages to him, threatened him, and even racially abused him. At that moment, it seemed his whole world was crumbling and there were fears in some quarters that Saka may not recover from all the bashings. But guess what? He actually recovered and several months later, he is playing an important role for Arsenal. How he did it, nobody can really say, but somehow he dusted himself off, and right now he is doing greater things.

Nuno Tavares is facing his own baptism of fire right now, and all I ask is for him to be level headed, calm and patient. He needs to strive to perform better when next given an opportunity. With a good performance, he will win back the love of a few fans who feel he did them wrong. Hopefully, Tavares gets back to enjoying football and making better impact at Arsenal but if he needs a shoulder to cry on, I suggest he gives Saka a phone call.

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. Arsenal has played exactly the same every game this season. The quality of the opposition has determined all our results. Arsenal played well against Liverpool but lost to a better team. Every team has a bad day at Anfield. Tierney would have looked just as bad. We need to just turn the page. The Newcastle game is the real test because this is a game we are supposed to win. Everyone will look good against Newcastle not because we will play any better but because Newcastle is much weaker than Liverpool. Expecting a win.

    1. Every team in the premier league gives a fight.There are no easy game.Whoever wins a game in EPL was better on the day.The target is to get better with every game.We need a CM..Someone that can hold possession and control the game and also carry the ball from midfield…

    2. I agree with fairfan. Alot of people failed to remember that we’ve only been lucky to avoid defeat, before that liverpool game. Our performance this season hasn’t been that…….. And even against smaller teams, we committed errors. I remembered vividly the Watsford game, where miscommunication betwixt Ramsdale and White almost led to a goal. Imagine making such against Liverpool😂, Ramsdale will definitely be picking the ball in the net. Lets keep fighting 💪

  2. The point is an astute manager knows how to change tactics and personnel depending on the strengths of the opposition. Against Liverpool, one cannot expect to play the same line up and tactics employed against say Watford and we got soundly beaten. I expected Arteta to either start with AMN instead of ASL or play a 4-3-3 system to nullify the marauding Liverpool attack. Also whatever said, Tierney is a better defender than Tavares and has more big match experience so Arteta should have started with Tierney instead of throwing Tavares into the cauldron. Not that Nuno was terrible, nobody except Ramsdale played well, but Tierney would have surely done a better job. It is upto the manager to decide on team tactics and selection depending on the opposition. Finally, we should have atleast given a proper fight to Liverpool, considering how WestHam, Brenford and Brighton tackled Liverpools high press.

    1. Before Tierney got injured, he has not been great.We lost to a better team, we have lost at Anfield with better teams and more experienced team than this.WestHam, Brighton have more experienced players than we do and have been together for a while..Let’s forget the game and focus on the next

    2. Remember this same Tierney played against them last season, and we got beaten. I love Tierney more than any other arsenal player but still thinks Tavares betters him, game all-rounder.

  3. I know our fanbase has its share of overreacting episodes, but I’ve seen no one attacking or bashing Tavares for his display. Even on Twitter, and everywhere I know I read the opinions of our fanbase, you’re the one cooking up this narration that he’s going through some baptism of fire.
    For the first time in years I’ve actually seen our fanbase together protect a performance such as that.
    Perhaps because we Al know the boys were all immense and it was Tavares first cock up against a great Liverpool team.
    Everybody kept insisting he needed to start saying he doesn’t deserves to be dropped for Tierney.
    We all know he’s young and he’ll bounce back, even the manager defended him and said mistakes were bound to happen and it’ll only help the kid learn.
    Give it a break, nobody’s making a big deal out of his performance.
    We all recognized his mistakes and that he was poor. We’re focused on the next game now.

    1. About time someone bought a realistic and balanced answer to this and possibly a few other articles slagging our players off. Well said Eddie.

      1. Why was it slagg8ng him off, he was just saying that sake could help to get over his disappointment.
        A bit harsh Declan…

  4. Talka about making afulblown crisis out of a minor setback!

    ADMIN Jon, can’t you just disagree without insulting the writer????

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