Saka reacts to Arsenal’s controversial draw against Bayern Munich

Bukayo Saka found himself at the centre of controversy during Arsenal’s 2-2 draw against Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night.

The young attacker had a significant impact on the match, opening the scoring and later having a crucial opportunity to secure victory for the Gunners in the closing moments.

Saka received a perfectly weighted through ball and found himself in a one-on-one situation with Bayern’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer. Despite having a clear chance to score, Saka opted to go around Neuer. However, when he felt a slight touch from the goalkeeper, Saka went down in the penalty area.

To Saka’s dismay, the referee did not award a penalty, and VAR upheld the decision after review, leaving the Arsenal attacker frustrated and disappointed at the end of the game.

Saka continued to protest the decision, adamant that he should have been awarded a penalty, but ultimately, his efforts were in vain.

He is in the news for that incident in the game, and Saka took to his Instagram account to post a story with two angry emojis, clearly showing he remains disappointed with that decision.

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Most Gooners will wish Saka had gone on to take the shot and try to score instead of looking for a spot-kick.

However, it will remain debatable whether he was denied a spot-kick or not.

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  1. That was embarrassing from our star boy, how he opted for a penalty instead of simply scoring. Hope he has learnt his lesson

  2. Saka, needs to not highlight that decision, because his decision to do what he did, probably cost us the game. Just keep quiet and not draw attention to yourself.

  3. My thought on the play is Saka was looking to dive/penalty first, score and finish the play second.

    Disappointing that his instinct is not scoring first, but rather looking to draw the penalty.

    You need your players fighting through the contact and looking to finish off the play, not looking of a penalty like Saka, or diving like Kai when he got booked last week.

    1. Trouble is it is becoming more and more evident with Arsenal and other teams in the PL, it is a blot on the landscape and I hate it

      1. Same
        Slightest touch and down they go ,it’s pathetic to watch and the football I grew up watching .
        Soon it will be no contact that’s our ridiculous this game is going .
        That white tackle had me cheering the loudest last night ,that’s how Rare it’s becoming .

    2. I disagree.
      Saka was trying to change direction whilst running at speed. Havertz’s situation was very different.

  4. Being unable to access Saka’s Instagram Account, what did he actually say, apart from leaving the emojis?

  5. The worse part it seems to be creeping more and more into our game, Havertz has dived on three occasions, White with his over the top reaction against Brighton and the worst was Saka trying to con the ref and in my opinion making himself look very stupid indeed, Saka is better than that and I think he bottled it, he had the pace and skill to go around the keeper and score, but he already made his mind it was embarrassing for him and the fans. I hope he redeems himself next week, I would love to see Kane go out and win nothing at BM, he has brought the spursy to Bayern with Dier another fool who thinks he should be in the England squad. Lets beat Villa on Saturday then focus on Bayern and if we score an early goal I would like to see us do to them what we did to City, stifle them and maybe catch them on the break

    1. I disagree.
      There is no reason why Saka would not have wanted to go around Neuer if he could have. It is also frankly disrespectful to suggest that Saka had intended to con the referee.

      1. It appears Saka has been criticized by the whole world for yesterday’s attempt. How unsurprising the names on JA who insist its otherwise since yesterday.

        Curious, has the boss complained about the penalty decision in his post match interviews?

        1. Spot on HH
          The just Arsenal 6?(or the Arteta 6 )they know who they are
          Like the Adam sandler film the Ridiculous 6 ,quite fitting really .
          Quite frankly to suggest other than Saka dived is beyond comprehension IMO
          And ridiculous.

          1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

            I like the Adam Sandler’s reference. Now I know what I will be calling them privately.

            Publicly they are the magnificent 6. One more and it will be a perfect team.

            1. The penalty decision has been debated by a lot of people and it is quite clear that there are different views on it. On this my view remains the same.

  6. I cannot belive there are fans still trying to convince themselves it was a penalty .
    It was poor from saka and could potentially cost us a place in the semis

  7. If Saka’s going to be a diver, then he needs to put some work in on it, starting with not trying it on someone as skilled as Neuer.

  8. Arteta should watch out and not erode Arsenal’s tradition of playing honorably. Diving has never been part of our game and should be. Saka should have just scored instead of kicking Neur and expecting a penalty. Shame

      1. This is what I’m talking about ☝️,absolutely ridiculous comment ,but that does not surprise me .

    1. SS, Pires, one of my favourite players from the Wenger days, liked a dive. The penalty he got in the game against Portsmouth in the Invincible season was a dive. Unlike Saka last night, Pires never lifted his leg, he just put his right foot in between the defenders legs and went over.

  9. It’s no use crying over spilt milk, best we just forget about getting past the Quarter finals or even winning the CL this season, for dissapointment’s sake. The PL should be our sole priority at this stage of our development. whatever you witnessed last night and next week has been destined to happen, nothing the players could’ve done to alter it for the better. we pick up where we stopped next season.

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