Saka reveals Arteta’s message after Villa loss

Arsenal suffered a 3-0 loss to Aston Villa at the weekend just before they released their players for the international break.

The Gunners have had an up and down season so far and they will be hoping to end it well despite the setbacks that they are suffering now.

Their loss to Villa followed a fine 1-0 win over Manchester United in the previous round of league matches.

While the Gunners will feel that didn’t do well enough in that game and that the scoreline was embarrassing, for Mikel Arteta it just showed how there are highs and lows in the game.

This is the message that the Spaniard sent to the players at the end of the game against Villa.

The former Manchester City assistant manager told his players that that loss is the beauty of the sport and Saka also recalled how Arsenal started the Premier League restart poorly, yet they won the FA Cup and Community Shield.

He said via Standard Sports:

“After the game the boss did say to us that this is the beauty of this sport, that we will experience many highs and lows,” Saka added.

“Last season when we came back from lockdown we lost two games in a row and things were looking really difficult for us. But if you look at how we finished the season, we won the FA Cup so we went from low to high really quick, we just have to keep going, keep our heads down.

“I’m here with England now so just want to focus on that and we will take the games in our stride when we get back with Arsenal, but I’m sure we will do, 100 per cent.”

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  1. Losing is one thing, getting played off the pitch at home is another. Rather he spoke on issues the players can control; mainly their lack of intensity and effort. You can’t win every game, but you can give 100% effort, and I didn’t see that on the pitch.
    One of the worst performances I’ve seen from Arsenal and was an unacceptable performance from professionals who didn’t earn their checks.
    Players have off games, fans understand this, but too many were off and proper changes were not made, especially after Arteta himself said it was bad after 46 seconds.
    Arteta needs an assistant who can help offensively and challenge him; lacking any plan B was glaringly apparent a a bit concerning going forward.

    1. Also our collapse nay capitulation after Partey came off was shocking. Grealish given free reign to rampage on the pitch was surprising to see. SMFH why no one marked him out or even tried. Maybe AMN could have done something, because Holding and Bellerin did sweet FA and were on toast for 90 minutes.

      1. Durand, just as with UE, I agree with regards to all your post… especially the need for MA to have proper and professionally proven assistance.
        We saw this happening with both AW and UE, too much responsibility on one man and it just doesn’t work.

        OT Durand my friend, what the heck is going on with Donald and Joe?
        What’s your take on the situation, as it seems a complete mess over here?!

        1. Honestly depends who you ask & their politics. Dems cried when Clinton didn’t win, Repubs cry when Trump didn’t. I’m a Libertarian; not Democrat or Republican, so no one accuse me of bias. Big problem is news and “reporting” being done. Example, one man signed affidavit (sworn legal statement) he saw fraud of changing ballot dates in Pennsylvania or Michigan. Washington post said he recanted, but the guy was on Australian tv saying no, he didn’t washington post lied. Australia reported this not American news!
          The mail in ballots have made a shambles, states changed laws 90 days ago, and a Supreme Court Justice stepped in regarding Pennsylvania. Georgia doing a total recount by hand, it’s really amateur hour & embarrassing.
          Bottom line is if Republicans control the Senate Biden will get no big changes. A stalemate for a year or 2 as politics rip the country in half.
          One side will always call foul. Sorry for long post, but I could write a book on this mess.

          1. Here is the fact; media doesn’t decide election, appointed electors do. They HAVE to wait until Dec. 8th or 12th to announce winner, AS STATED IN CONSTITUTION; article 24 I believe not sure on the section. Contesting is permissible and was accounted for over 200 years ago.
            That’s the law, anyone saying otherwise doesn’t know the law or the Constitution, so be aware.
            I’ll do my best to answer any other questions with facts like these

              1. Durand, as usual precise and factual.
                We often moan about our election and it’s quirks, but at least we have a result the next day!!!

                I think eveetobe is just amazed at the whole situation and what is being claimed and being counterclaimed.
                Don’t envy your country over the next couple of months, that’s for sure – take care regarding the corona virus and thanks again.

  2. …arsenal was horrible and there shldn’t be any excuses.This team had unai emry and he played 22games no loses but when he started to loose it was free fall…has Arteta’s reign started the downward spiraling…?
    The team now lacs sharpness, hunger and bite.They lack desire,pace connection especially when attacking.,.no penetration or creativity
    This team can’t win the Europa or reach top four in EPL with shambolic
    Performances like this….

  3. You can be playing well for 90 minutes only to concede in injury time. Do that in most matches over a season and you’re relegated. Does it say anything about how good your team played in those games? No!

  4. I read with some interest George Graham’s views on the current situation with Ozil at Arsenal. He went on to explain how Ozil can only play in a Good team. So is his exclusion from Arsenal reads to me as an admission from Arteta that under his managerial tenure Arsenal are a poor team, and very unlikely to get better under him.

  5. I guess Arsenal is still knocking itself together to find its fit and click for good, I believe that defeats like the one by Aston Villa is a wake up call that exposes weaknesses and deflates egos and I feel that should happen in another 3 or 4 games… However, whatever the case may be, the team needs real hard work, burning desire, relentless persistence and total war to bring out their best!

  6. I understand we can lose games but to lose without putting up a fight is unforgivable, that was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from an Arsenal team, at least try to play well even if we do lose, at least lose with dignity, unless we turn it around against Leeds next weekend we could end up in the relegation zone. It’s totally unacceptable for a club as big as Arsenal to be performing like this, we have good players so let’s start playing football & quickly !!

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