Saka signing brings some positivity back to Arsenal

Theres finally some positivity to come out of our beloved club. by Shenel

Arsenal have finally managed to tie down a player on a new long-term contract. No not Aubameyang, but our very own Bukayo Saka.

A young talented prospect who plays as both a winger and a left back who will no doubt help bolster the Arsenal team for many years to come. Bukayo has been with the club since the age of 7 and had progressed and progressed, and finally won his right for a place in the first team when he made his debut in November 2018 in the Europa league. He has now reached the age of 18 and it can be seen from his performances that he is a very intelligent and exciting young prospect for our team.

Mikel Arteta seems to have high praise for Bukayo indeed, stating on Arsenal’s website that “He has impressed me with his work ethic and attitude to learn and adapt, and it has paid off in his performances. I am excited to continue working with him to develop him further, and for him to help us achieve our goals.”

Technical director Edu has mirrored that by saying “He’s making great progress and is one of a number of young players who have developed through our academy. This is so important for us as we move forward as a club.”

This is such a positive move for the club and I hope we don’t nurture him and make him grow into something so much bigger and better and then sell him off to other rival clubs in the world.

What remains to be seen though is whether this positivity will continue for our club and whether we can catch the signature we have all been wishing and waiting for- Aubameyang’s. Then on top of that add some even more stronger and experienced players to the squad ready to fight bigger and better next season.

As Bukayo has shown loyalty at the age of only 18, here’s hoping players much older and experienced will take him as an example and follow suit. What do you think Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. He’s utility; he also plays midfield. He can easily replace Ozil with a little tweak. So much talent and versatility.

  2. Fantastic news!! 😁

    Seems to be good vibrations coming from Auba’s corner as well? Bits of positive chatter going on. We REALLY need him to stay after getting his 50 goal record yesterday. I can’t imagine this team without him (getting us out of the s**t). He’s worth every penny!

    Also looks like our interest in Partey is hotting up too!!

    Oh today feels much better than yesterday 😄 😄 😄

    1. What a day for the Arsenal!!
      Now for Auba…. he looked so happy yesterday and the fastest player to reach 50 pl goals…. what a player!! 😍
      Waking up with that winning feeling 😉 you can’t beat it?!

      1. Auba did look happy Sue. And that goal from Cedric too!

        If that is a sign of things to come from him then I’m even happier than I was (and I was very happy) 🙂

        Us Gooners need something to cheer about right now..

  3. Hopefully Abu will sign if not sell him.
    Preferably to Europe . You can be sure MU will be sniffing around. With him in the team their odds for winning the epl could shorten.
    Arsenal have been unable to keep with the elite.
    Unless this changes,you can bet top players will give the gunners amiss.
    You wont find any player staying at one club five years let alone his lifetime like some in the past.
    Its all about money .Loyalty has been thrown out of the window

  4. I will take Duocoure of Watford over partey any day.

    Sell Xhaka and get Duocoure .
    Sell Ozil and get Cantwel from Nowrish city.
    Sell mustafi, that unused defender (forgot his name) and get dunk.
    Sell Lacazeth and upgrade Folarin balogun
    Get Auba to sign new 3yrs deal by all means.
    Sell our dead wood loaned players at give away/cut price.

    Problem solved

  5. If Auba insist on leaving, sell him to Europe and buy Raul from wolves.
    He is good and much younger. He may not come cheap though.

    We can woo him with a better wage.

    We can always get good players within the epl.
    Most abroad players we purchased are gamble.

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