Saka stunned by supportive messages from Arsenal fans

Bukayo Saka has been stunned by a wall of supportive messages left behind by Arsenal fans as he returned for preseason.

The English attacker was the subject of serious online abuse after he missed the decisive penalty in England’s Euro 2020 Final loss to Italy.

He had been one of his country’s most important players in the competition as they nearly ended their long wait for a new trophy.

However, penalty misses from the likes of Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Saka saw racist abuse from some English fans.

Saka had missed the final kick in his first senior international competition for England, but the Arsenal youngster was praised for his bravery to even take the spot-kick ahead of the likes of Raheem Sterling.

Amidst the abuse, some fans have shown him and the other stars support and he returned to the Arsenal training ground to messages of encouragement from some of the club’s fans.

Arsenal posted a video of the attacker finding the messages when he walked in and he said:

‘Oh my God. It’s getting bigger as I get closer.’

One young Arsenal fan offered to buy him ice cream with his pocket money. Saka read his letter and said: ‘He said we would play football in the park and he would let me in.’

When he finished reading the messages, Saka said: ‘How do I even say thank you for all this? Can I just pick it all up and take it home? Can you help me though?’

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    Luke Shaw said he was like a brother, so close did he feel, during the Euros and he is our shining star both on and off the field. I have rarely liked a modern player as much as I DO HIM.

  2. You are really great Saka, honest, modest, humble, talented and a shining light and inspiration to millions of youngsters wanting to make it big in football. You are also a wonderful human being. We all love you Saka. Upwards and onwards!

  3. Emotionally beautiful, giving me goosebumps.
    Hold your head up high young man.
    All that has happened was basically preparing you for better days.
    Looking forward to many more exciting moments in your career.
    Wishing you and our team a fabulous season ahead.

  4. Glad he already overcame the pathetic racial abuse. Love how awesome and important Arsenal and the fans worldwide made him feel, hope he would start his season with this wonderful mood and kick racism out of football

  5. That got me a bit emotional which rarely happens to be honest great to see all the love & support for the boy well deserved!

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