Saka upsetting his neighbours with his building project

Bukayo Saka is reportedly upsetting his neighbours as he adds more features to his new house.

The Arsenal teenager has been one of the club’s important players and signed a new long-term deal not so long ago.

Having broken through the ranks at the club, he will expect to continue being relevant at the Emirates and earn more money as his career progresses.

After landing his latest Arsenal deal, Sun Sports says he bought a £2.3million mansion last year and has been trying to remodel it.

It claims that he is getting a football pitch with a changing room installed on the property.

The 19-year-old’s project has forced him to leave piles of earth outside his property and it is upsetting his neighbours.

He had a bulldozer level up the back garden, but they didn’t do the best of jobs after leaving a pile of mud outside the house.

The report quotes one complaining neighbour who says: “The building work is causing a real eyesore.

“It’s a horrendous sight and a lot of the neighbours aren’t at all happy.

“The area has a lot of very well-to-do people who don’t expect this sort of thing.”

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  1. Where I came from and coincidentally where saka came from; forget the British born thing, it is a well known adage that a child who decides to cook his food himself will definitely get a large part of it burnt if no one guides him or her through the process. The so called well to do nieghbours should be happy for a 19 years old boy, guide him and encourage him with plenty of advise and not anger.

    1. Good point, Felix. Rather than going to the press, a good neighbour would pop in, have a cup of tea or a beer and tell Bukayo the name of a truck and loader contractor to haul the earth away. Hopefully Bukayo didn’t expect to just leave it there! They could ask for his autograph at the same time.
      The problem with some neighbours is they forget that “what goes around, comes around.” They may in the future need to inconvenience their neighbours to do renovations.

      1. Surely they would have just called him and advice him on the matter. Bringing it to the press doesn’t help.congrats saka

  2. I HAVE NO WORRIES ABOUT SAKA NOT GETTING ON WITH PEOPLE . He is a special young man with an admirable life attitude and will charm people, whether football people or not, his whole future life to come. I only wish we had a club FULL of SAKA’S. IF ONLY we had!!

  3. the amount of money in this game is insane to think about. A 19 year old can afford a mansion with a football pitch 😂

  4. Thank you Jon for appreciating the young man’s industrious nature instead of complaining about the crazy money which he is deservedly earning. When will some of our people learn to give credit where it is due?: When he plays well none of those jealousy characters raise the issue of his young age. It is a nasty world!

    1. DAVID thanks for your supportive comment about Saka. But on the money aspect, I am a prominent fan who all the years I have been on JA, has been constantly calling for a salary cap.

      I see no other workable way for football to pay its way and keep fans without going under financially, in the longer term, UNLESS the football authorities and governments, working in tandem, bring in new laws to stop the obscenity of players receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds a week.

      Even a “mere” £50 k a week is an obscenity when people who do dangerous, vital and unpleasant jobs struggle by on a relative pittance. Like nurses, for just one of many examples.
      That is a monstrosity and Saka is included , even though I do NOT hold the players themselves as MAINLY responsible.

      1. John, do you realize a nurse can work till their 60 years old? 99% of footballers can’t even play till 40.

        Talking about the Money, we shouldn’t be looking at few top players who earns this big money. 75% of footballers in the world earned less than 40k weekly.

        They also employes other people out of those wages. They pay big tax as well.

        I don’t see the reason why people should complain about footballers wages.

      2. Jon a salary cap would be ideal but who is going to enforce it when clubs are owned by people like Roman Abrahmovic, Sheik Mansour and others who believe in buying success? No single team can arbitrarily do it because it would risk going farther away from competing! Either you play along or risk becoming irrelevant. Such is the environment we are living in. Nasty yes but what choice do we have?

  5. The neighbors must know that any project goes through such a stage. They must learn to accommodate it as it is not a permanent thing. Look at things from a social lense not from a well to do lenses.

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