Saka’s display against Liege is more proof that Arsenal’s future is bright

Saka is more proof that Arsenal have attackers to last us for ten years! by Lagos Gooner

Hello friends of Arsenal, how has your day been so far? I feel excited being a gooner today despite us only drawing against Standard Liege, I feel we are gradually getting our groove back.

Arsenal have a lot of talented young players and it would be unfair of me not to admit that they have all been impressive this season, in their own little ways. Guendouzi and Martinelli have been the young guns making waves this season in my own opinion, but just last night Bukayo Saka shot himself into the spotlight, with an excellent performance.

Bukayo Saka, the 17 year old Arsenal talent with an African background, seems to be gradually warming himself into the hearts of the Arsenal fans, with eye-popping performances in football games. Yesterday would probably be a day he won’t want to forget in a hurry. Ride on Saka!

The game last night was getting boring and it got to a stage that I nearly fell asleep while watching the game. I am so sorry to say this, but I had given up on Arsenal ever getting a result in that game, based on how we have been shaky at the defence since like forever. I even found myself telling the man who sat next to me, how we were going to lose the game by a wide margin of let’s say, 5-0! Yeah, it was that bad. But then, Saka had other plans..

Nine minutes after Liege scored their second goal, I was about ready to leave when from nowhere, I heard people screaming “Goal!” I turned around, only to realize that we had finally scored!. On watching the replay, I was amazed at how composed Saka was in whipping that cross in. I am very sure he must have felt as proud as I was in his crossing ability after Laca scored.

Our second goal was a masterpiece; it was a type of goal that a player like Messi would score effortlessly. Saka has good ball work and he also has pace. His dribbling skill is spot-on. With the likes of Saka and other young ones at Arsenal, I can only dream of a bright future for our club, spiced with sweet, attacking football. Please, don’t wake me from this dream yet. I forever remain a proud gooner from Lagos.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. We seem to have a glut of forwards that may turn out to be pretty good. Strange thing, or not strange, we have no defenders.

    1. @Reggie
      We have a couple academy guys, who can’t even get a look into the 1st team. I say use em. The senior defenders sure ain’t convincing… IJS

      1. We haven’t been great since Adams and Keown at bringing top notch defenders through at center back. Obviously cole at left back but there must be something wrong in our scouting or coaching that limits our defenders making it into the first team and actually stick down a regular spot.

    2. Wenger took defending off the menu about 10 years ago, so I guess it’s no surprise we have no quality youngsters emerging in that area. May take a fair few years the club to turn that around, if they decide to put some effort into that area.


  3. Football is full of conundrums.
    When we were in the top 4 we also had el cheapo strikers like Park Bendtner
    Inamoto Miyaichi Asano Chamakh Girvinho Podolski Perez Sanogoal Welbz.
    I know they were usually bench players but still.
    Now we have a strike force as good as any which we had to pay top coin for.
    Pepe 70m. Auba 60m Lacazette 50m
    Yet we are worse off in the league table!!!

  4. Sylvester Kwentua. It does not really matter if Saka is of African origin or an English born national of Nigerian descent. But what I think does actually matters and counts most is in this regard regarding to Saka at Arsenal FC, is the fact that he is an Arsenal player who has been playing for the club and played very well last Thursday night for them in the Europa League Cup last group stage match away to Standard Iiege and received acolades for his eyes catching performance he gave in the match for Arsenal when he assisted a goal to be scored for Arsenal in the match and capped it up by scoring another one by himself in match for Arsenal. Which enabled Arsenal to returned home to the Emirates Stadium with a 2-2 draw result.

    1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin, we already know 98% of the contents in your comments bro, just hit the nail on the head ok.

  5. Saka is indeed great! There is no doubt that our future is in safe hands as far as attack is concerned. Hope the same could have been said about our defence. The Board has to invest heavily in our defence either in January or in the summer. Saka, Martinelli, Eddie Nkitiah, Ceballos and Nelson will take care of the attack.

  6. That’s why the players have to keep crossing, whenever they can’t score themselves

    De Bruyne, Alexander-Arnold and Robertson are topping the assist chart because they made a lot of crosses

    I hope Saka can learn from Kolasinac and Tierney

  7. It depends on who plays along side him, if he plays with slow, sluggish players throwing their hands up in the air rather then focus on winning the ball back,careless, un interested, pathetic, disrespectful players, then his confidence will take a dip. Football is like an art where you express your skill, provided the environment around you is encouraging. The future is bright for AFC, we just need to get rid of the trash still on the payroll and we will be a force to reckon with. Until the trash is cleared out, we are held captive to those, our performances will take a beating like the recent past. If the board is serious, they should do a settlement and release those woeful players in the summer, I know it would be a loss, but with them we are loosing out on ECL revenue, club global ranking and could even lead to sponsorship loss.

  8. Why do some always remember what Wenger didn’t do and never remember that he put the system in place to produce the Sakas of today?

    Well done Bukayo. One day, you will become our answer to Cristiano Ronaldo.

  9. It seems to be difficult for any English top club academy to produce quality centre half’s. I guess the reason is that mistakes by a CB tend to be more serious than in other outfield positions so young CBs get fewer opportunities. It’s interesting to note that at the top of the championship, our ex academy CBs Bartley and Ajayi are doing fine for WBA and Ayling is doing well at Leeds although I think he plays full back now. Hayden does well in a DM role at Newcastle, so we can produce good defensive players from our academy, but maybe not quite good enough. Hayden would be useful for us now.

  10. Our future is “brighter” but not necessarily “bright”

    It’s rare for a Top team to be built mostly by talented youth. You need to spend big and wisely

    Also need a manager who knows what he’s doing

    I am genuinely excited about Guendouzi, Tierney, Martinelli and Saka’s future with us though

  11. Hello House. any talk of a new manager been appointed? it seems the board are not interviewing anyone at the moment. I like Ljumberg though. But i feel the club should make a decision ASAP. So there will be a focus.

  12. But honestly…. I assume PEPE would have learnt something from that goal. SAKA scored the goal with his weak right foot; so therefore why can’t he PEPE do so? He should Buckle up.

    1. Stop the comparisons bro. We could also say hope Saka has learnt how to score with his strong foot just the way Pepe does. Pepe’s goals are a beauty to watch man.

  13. To continue on from what the guys up above were saying. The defensive training needs something different in that academy. I think we geared it all to our on the ball work, almost trying for total football. We need more off the ball training, and the defence probably needs to go with another coach away from attacking players, before coming back to play as a team. I don’t know, you want ball players but you want the best defenders too. The training is going to have to change, with city and liv putting so much into each game to come out on top, others will have to follow suit with it being so effective. The best time to do this is with the academy, make it a part of the players character, if you don’t do it then ..then when they mature it’s not the same as if a player has to push himself up the gears, it just isn’t the same as a player willfully giving it his all in almost everything he does.

  14. One good performance does not make out future bright, the young guns like Guendozi n martenlli are going to be big players it’s pretty evident but I don’t think any of our Academy players will cross that avg player mark. It’s not only about talent but the attitude as well…if we are being honest n don’t favour them as they are British then I see none of them with the talent to become big player apart from Saka but he has attitude issue at this young age unless he can resolve that n can show more desire n hunger I am afraid we can not rely on our Academy players to take us any where.

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