Saka’s World Cup exploits will be a boost to Arsenal’s season (Now what about that contract?)

There was concern among many clubs, especially among Arsenal fans, in how much having a World Cup bang in the middle of a season would impact on domestic campaigns.

Would it disrupt momentum?

Will players come back impacted physically and mentally?

The likes of Jürgen Klopp are actually not correct when they complain about the hectic schedule.

Premiership players playing every few days in Qatar would only have been doing exactly the same in England.

If anything, it’s allowed those that are not on international duty to get a mini break they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

What have some sides done with that break?

Chosen to play friendlies around the world.?

I’m sure Arsenal facing Lyon and AC Milan in Dubai is to help fitness and nothing to do with commercial revenue?

Arsenal have been unlucky regarding Jesus’ injury but that could have happened just as much in the Premier League.

Not many Gunners who have exited the World Cup have done so in a manner where emotionally you would worry about there being a knock of effect, carrying over to our League fixtures?

Xhaka, Turner and Partey didn’t disgrace themselves, Martinelli, Ramsdale, White and Tomiyasu didn’t play enough to be judged either way, while Saliba might still yet return to North London a World Champion.

There is one player though who’s experience In the last month could yet benefit the Gunners and help our title bid… in the form of Bukayo Saka.

Saka hasn’t faced any turmoil like Harry Kane missing a penalty, where Spurs might wonder if their captain will be in the right frame of mind for Boxing Day?

He hasn’t had to deal with criticism from the media like KDB.

The opposite, Saka’s reputation has only increased thanks to his time away with the Three Lions.

Next to Jude Bellingham you could argue the 21-year-old was Southgate’s best player?

He played with a smile on his face and was fearless against France, constantly taking on his man.

English men and women of a certain age won’t take that for granted. For decades England have struggled to see their talent play at the same level they do for their club.

We have seen famous names crippled by the shirt, weighted down by a fear of failure.

Here was an England player going toe to toe with the World Champions.

Saka’s presence on social media shows how laid back he has been about the occasion. More concerned at beating his teammates at spelling then doubting himself.

Some have made a big deal about him being subbed on Saturday, but I can understand, regarding the options his manager has, why you would try a fresh Jack Grealish and Sterling.

I would rather focus on the names Saka is keeping out and consider the consistency he has to maintain in order to do so.

He’s been just as good, if not better, in the last month, than at any point this season, with his end product and decision making was more clinical.

What’s exciting is that he’s at an age where he’s only going to get better. With the intelligence to avoid the pitfalls that impact other youngsters, we may only be getting a glimpse of how good Saka could be.

That’s why we need to do something about his contract because the whole world would have noticed him now.

As things stand rivals know that, come the summer, they can offer a take it or leave it cut price fee or wait for the player to become a free agent 12 months later.

We were promised players wouldn’t hold us to ransom once they entered the last 24 months of their contract

If Arsenal fail to tie down their best assets to long term deals this ‘process’ will just be the same as before.

In the short term though, Saka may have caught fire at the perfect time, which could decide how much our title bid is genuine, and if we can last the distance.

I can’t imagine him asking Arteta for a rest. Instead, I assume he will be excited to play during the festive period, wanting to increase our gap over Man City.

Saka went to the Qatar World Cup and stole the show, captured imaginations, and won new hearts.

No, he didn’t lift the World Cup and the manner of that defeat to France will be hard to shrug off.

You sense for England and Saka though; we might look back on the tournament as the start of something.

That he can’t wait to start the process for Euro 2024 and that he reckons that’s his to win.

Saka returns to Arsenal, wiser, better, hungrier …….all grown up

Dan Smith


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  1. France vs Morocco is a match where defenses of both teams will stand tall and goals will prove very difficult. It will fast be counter attacks from both sides. The Morocco defense should be wary of the speedy attacks that will be coming from France. Morocco only stand a chance on penalties but at the end of it all France will carry the day. The African dream will end today.

    1. The lousy prophet has come again with his lousy comments about Africa having their dreams ended. Same way he gave a lousy prophesy about Portugal beating Morocco. Same way he posts lousy comments about Nketiah being the best striker we have. Very lousy indeed

  2. The club and the agents of Saka, Martinelli and Saliba are in talks about extending those players contracts.

    1. Yes they are or were but what is the betting, they string it out and wont sign anytime soon. My info is, Arsenal are worried Saliba wont sign at all.

      1. The beautiful thing about our team now is you have guys willing to stay because they can see the upward path. They realize Arsenal is now getting back to the old exciting fast paced yet family club.
        Nelson is an example, he contract is running down but he wants to stay…
        If any player is more interested in huge salary that will break this team unity, I don’t care how good that player is, he should be sold.

        I hope Saliba, Zaka, Martineli all sing an extension but at the right salary.

        Recall what happened to Hodson Odoi at Chelsea, he was as exciting until the $200/wk deal.

        Hopefully we will get it right with these players, but the Arsenal we now have is the dream of ambitious players.

    2. Saka could create much havoc on his return to his old stomping ground, he would be better for the experience and his confidence.

      But Arsenal would have done its self a great deal by atleast signing two marquee players one in midfield and a striker in January.

      It would not only be a statement of intent, it could very well influence the decision of the three lads currently in negotiations with their contract, eg just imagine an Osimhen signing..

        1. Reggie we should not and cannot wait until the league to finished before renewing the three lads contract, Arsenal already error in sending such a talent of Saliba on loan without extending his contract..

          Not just Arsenal that is worried, I do get nervous when am seeing these Saliba link rumors.

          Edu must do everything possible to renew these three lads contract and that means making influential signings, signings that attract other signings that’s what big clubs do.

          Now the perfect time to make those signings is January

            1. If the three kids wants to wait until the end of the league before having their contract renew, that wouldn’t be a good sign but I doubt that is the case.
              Remember Martinelli just wants a pen to sign on the dotted line.

              In a worst case scenario say Saliba wants to wait, we would have to seriously consider selling him in January and I tell you why.

              1) At the end of the season with one year remaining on his contract the dynamic shift, and he could just wait another season and leave for free.

              2)Its not in the club’s intrest to runs down the contract of a kid as talented as William Saliba, such mistake don’t happen to smart sporting director like lady Marina Granovskaia, which I have as the smartest in the business.

              But Edu would have learned from his pass mistake with the kid why we are here in the first place.

              I was screaming like a lone wolf, for all the lads contract to renew before they went on loan not just Saliba, Gwedousi and a young Greek defender Arsne Wenger once said will be a monster one day.

  3. If Arsenal can’t fulfill his demands, they’d better sell him in the summer. Nobody is irreplaceable

    1. would you apply the same rule to Saliba and Martinelli as well? (selling our young world cup stars if they choose not to accept pittance).

      1. Yes, because getting some sales money is better than losing the players for free. Remember about Sanchez

        1. Still can’t believe you would be prepared to rip apart or destroy Project Youth and start all over again…when we are top of the league and on course for UEFA qualification.

            1. We have no choice but to pay them at market value PLUS add other quality players as well to convince them we are serious about winning. I know there is FFP, but as far as I’m concerned it is toothless (waste of time).

              1. Maybe, it has nothing to do with market value? Why do you think its ALL about money? It maybe more than that, it may not, we dont know fully. So it may be the best thing to do the right thing, not bury our heads.

    1. OUNAHI looks great…

      In fact all the Moroccan players looked good on the ball…just lacked the quality in the Final 3rd.

      Abramat could be a great back up for Partey !

  4. No any fears for Saka leaving Arsenal next summer. Or even thereafter later to join another club side. For. as long as he remains in his current top form, and playing very well for Arsenal consistently. Leading up to them winning the Epl title and others. Like the Europa League Cup including that of the FA Cup all this season.
    With this in mind, I believe Arsenal will most certainly extend Saka’s current contract with them to run for another term. But save, if a money bag rich top club side didn’t turn up with a very big money offer to Arsenal this winger to sign Saka. But which Arsenal finds it difficult to refuse but collect it. Say £120m to sign Saka next winter transfer window. Then will I think, Arsenal could allow Saka to leave them.
    And use part of the money they received for for his sales to sign the Ukrainian winger Mykhayio Mudryk at Shakhata Doneskt for say £38m, the Brazilian Dmf Danilo from Palmeiras for say £18m. And maybe striker Mathues Gunha from Ateletico Madrid for say £17m signing fee. All in the next winter window..
    Even if Arsenal didn’t sell Saka next January window. The club can still get the money from Kroenke the club owner to sign all the 3 new players I’ve mentioned above. And with Saka still at Arsenal playing.

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