Saliba confirmed to be joining Marseille on loan

Edu: We will be keeping contact with Saliba next season

Arsenal fans always wanted William Saliba to stay at Arsenal, but the club clearly had other plans.

It was apparent from the center back links that the Gunners hierarchy’s minds were pretty much made up many months before the current transfer window kicked on in early June.

Although Saliba has looked arguably ready for the biggest challenge in the world that is Premier League football, it is not that big of a deal that he’s being loaned out for yet another season.

The Frenchman has still three years left on his current deal and is just 20 years old. Even though young attacking players of Saliba’s age start emerging onto the scene at first team picture, it’s usually not the case with defenders, and even goalkeepers.

To play on those two positions, one should have the thickest skin possible because of the amount of pressure the players are in. One mistake at the back can lead to thousands of abuses. And that’s even difficult when you are in your early 20s.

Technical Director Edu, following the departure of their highly coveted defender, said that Saliba is developing “all the time.”

“Together with William, we have decided it will be good for his continued development to spend another season on loan. William joined us as an 18-year-old, and he is still only 20, so he is still developing all the time.“

The Brazilian continued, “William is a player with strong natural ability and next season has the potential to be really beneficial for him at Marseille, a good club. To play another season in Ligue 1 will be very important for his development. We will of course be keeping in close contact with William during the season and wish him all the best in France with Marseille.”

That’s a strange way to announce a player…

There is no doubt that the Arsenal board and the fans will be keeping a close eye on the ‘Mbappe of center backs’ next season. With French club Marseille, Saliba will be on heavy spotlight due to the stature of the club. The Les Olympiens are one of the favourites for Ligue 1 on the Olybet official website, and are one of the most successful clubs in French football, having won the Ligue title nine-times while also lifting the illustrious Champions League once in 1993.

Maybe that’s the reason why the young defender chose Marseille over suitors from the Premier League. Maybe he had a plan for himself. Maybe he will be ready for the Premier League challenge next season.

While the previous two statements had a doubt factor in them, it’s apparent that Saliba does not have that word in his dictionary.

The Arsenal fans will be waiting for him, and he will be waiting for them too. And neither of them would have any doubts of Saliba being successful in England.

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  1. Sue says:

    Good luck to him! Will be keeping a close eye on Marseille

  2. Dan kit says:

    Can not ever seeing him
    Playing for Arsenal again .
    All of the reports I have read about him in the last 18 months have been nothing but positive verging on him being a wonder kid.
    Problem being we are being run into the ground by a used car salesman and a wannabe manager using the club as his experiment .
    But hey let’s all stay super positive ,2 8th place finishes tell us we are heading in the right direction👍 ,no European football can only be a good thing this season👍 , no top rated players wanting to join us means all the under 15s can push for a first team spot (if Arteta hasn’t loaned them all out )👍
    All in all a great time to be an Arsenal supporter .

    1. speedy says:

      yay go Dan is that all. Phew quick one for you Dan, do you want arsenal to perform better and arteta to still get the sack ? And i am an arteta fan boy incase you need to know.

      1. Dan kit says:

        I want Arsenal to challenge for the PL and who ever is in charge to be able to do the job he is payed to do ,hope that answered your question buddy

        1. speedy says:

          sure did and that prove you are not a spuds.

          1. VasC says:

            Come on speedy. Can we please respect our neighbors? It’s not that hard.

    2. GoonersRule says:

      Hoping he has an outstanding year this year and tells Arteta and company to get lost when he goes back and demands a transfer. This lad is golden and will be world class. Guaranteed.
      To suffer and be demeaned by Arsenal and Arteta is unacceptable. Just because of Arteta’s ego and stubbornness.
      In any case, I think Arteta will be gone sometime this season and hopefully Edu. Terrible managrment and tactics on the pitch.
      Hopefully, I am wrong and Arsenal have a bang on year…but can’t see it .

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Maybe Edu and Arteta should cast an eye over the progress of Folarin at Leicester City. They could talk to Brendan Rodgers at the same time to get advice on introducing young CB’s into the EPL. Last time I looked Leicester City finished ahead of Arsenal last season with Folarin at CB.

    1. speedy says:

      or you mean fofana

    2. GoonersRule says:

      Spot on. Just demonstrates Arteta’s incompetence. They have all the tools right there and he’s missing the picture.

  4. gunnerforlife says:

    Best of luck to you Saliba. Sad you are not with us although we would have loved to have you with us this season, the powers that be think otherwise. Hope you are happy in France.

  5. Tuk says:

    I just googled Wesley forfana at Leicester’ age now – 20 yrs old. Enough said.

  6. Classic says:

    Premier league Biggest challenge in the world.
    You can say it’s the most interesting but biggest challenge this is the kind of hype that makes most English average players think that they are world class
    I have seen players from various so called average league come here and dominate the league

    1. GoonersRule says:

      Clueless. PREMIER League is biggest challenge in the world.
      Agree on English players. Except for a handful most are vastly overrated, although they have a bright future ahead of them based on youngsters performances in Euro Cup if they are utilized right. Southgate has done a bang up job.

  7. Reggie says:

    What an absolute sham and shame. Arteta is an idiot and a scoundrel. Saliba should be in the Arsenal squad, there is no good reason why he is not. Some idiotic decisions being made at our club by a manager that has no idea what he is doing.

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