Saliba doubted he could work with Mikel Arteta while on loan at Marseille

William Saliba emerged as one of the standout performers for Arsenal in the previous Premier League season, despite joining the club back in 2019. Initially, Mikel Arteta did not deem him ready to feature in the first team, leading to loan spells at Nice and Olympique Marseille, where Saliba was able to showcase his abilities.

In his debut season at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal came close to clinching the Premier League title, which speaks volumes about Saliba’s quality as a player. The club now sees him as a key figure to build their future around, especially considering his status as a World Cup finalist.

However, Saliba himself had doubts about his prospects under Mikel Arteta, even after performing well during his loan spell at Marseille.

Saliba’s former youth team coach at Saint Etienne, Philippe Guillemet, expands on this saying to The Athletic:

“He loved Marseille. It was a fantastic year.

“Speaking to people close to him, he had doubts about Arsenal because there were some issues between him and the coach. Now he is happy in London.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba had many doubters and the number one was Arteta, as the Spanish gaffer probably did not see him as a player he could trust.

However, the defender has gradually developed into one of our squad’s finest players, and we expect him to keep improving.

He now has his manager’s trust, which will build their relationship as long as he is happy.

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    1. Well done to the writer for writing about what’s being reported and not being put off by some who don’t want to hear certain things

      1. I hope Dan that was a general point, rather than one aimed at me
        Your article attracted a great deal of posts so why was it necessary for another?

        1. I’ll be honest Sue , It’s called an agenda ….
          I write something , people get personal ….eg it’s implied I made up the story just to be negative
          Someone writes something similar … how they are left alone

          Truth is for years there were quotes to support that Saliba disagreed with his treatment at Arsenal and was happy to stay at Marseille

          I wrote for a while now that people are happy for you to have free speech until they say something you dont agree with .
          It’s okay to mock Bellerain , Xakha , Mustafi , Giroud …….but anyone questions Arteta handling of Saliba ….that’s not allowed

  1. Dan, it does confirm that there was differences of opinions between the two of them and that’s what your article was saying wasn’t it?

    Then the bandwagon of “anti Arteta” turned it into something completely different.

    I did learn about WS’s personal tragedy and it put the whole debate into focus for me.
    I didn’t delve into it myself, as it wasn’t football related, but it just shows what an incredible character he is to come back from such a tragedy.

    I think Martin’s article IS important, as it shows, just as MA ‘s own words did, that there were problems, so why do some fans want to cover it up?

    Once William has officially signed his new contract, we will know that all the problems are behind them and THAT’S when we need an article congratulating both of them for achieving the best possible outcome for The Arsenal…. isn’t that what it’s all about?

    1. Ken it was reported in the Mirror lol
      I simply read online relevant Arsenal news and give my opinion
      Nothing more , nothing less
      If tomorrow its confirmed we got Rice , I then give my opinion ( which is positive by the way )
      If I read that we are open to releasing Pepe I give my views on that ( negative )

  2. Yet another article about “friction” between Saliba and Arteta. Perhaps there was and perhaps there wasn’t, all’s happy now so let’s move on from these as the subject has been done to death.

  3. This oft repeated topic HAS, and will again, attract many opoinions across the spectrum on SALIBAS apparent decision to extend his stay here.

    But exactly HOW anyone can know for CERTAIN how Saliba truly feels, except SALIBA personally and possibly his nearest and dearest, seems to me to be a fools errand..

    Opinions are fine and are the bedrock of debate, but when headlines are written as if they purport to be definitely FACT, which cannot possibly be known one way or another in this case, I find my sense of fair play and truth seeking intent thwarted, and so I PUSH BACK AT THAT UNFAIRNESS.

    1. Jon, the ONLY facts we know, are as follows :

      MA said he made a mistake.
      WS had a problem with MA over said mistake.

      That’s it, nothing to do with antiArteta or proArteta.

      They seem to have sorted it out and we go forward – what has fair play and truthfulness got to do with it?
      Both Dan’s and Martin’s articles are based on those facts.

  4. I reckon Saliba choosing to train on his own was a bad decision by the young man, he meant well by it but I think both he and Arteta had polarising views on the tactic. I don’t think it had done him any favors because Arteta expects them to come around to his philosophy and rightly so

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