Saliba hints again at Marseille stay to ensure his World Cup place

The French youngster William Saliba has been the source of much contention amongst Arsenal fans, ever since Mikel Arteta sent him back to france on loan without kicking a ball with the Gunners.

He has been impressive at all his loan clubs, but this season he has helped Marseille into second place in Ligue 1 behind PSG, and his performances have earned him a place in the France squad, with the hope of going to the World Cup next season. This has maybe tipped his thoughts of carrying on playing weekly in France to stay in the thoughts of the French boss Didier Deschamps.

This week he was asked again if he thought he could remain at Marseille for next season. ‘There is always a chance,’ Saliba told Le Parisien. ‘I do not hide that I am very happy in Marseille.

‘I have developed, I have passed a milestone. If I make it into France’s squad it’s thanks to Marseille, because there is a lot of visibility.

‘They are a very big club with a lot of pressure, but when you’re good there are a lot of good things that happen to you.

‘We will see in May or June depending on the discussions. Today, my future, I don’t know what it is.’

The fact is that with Ben White and Gabriel cemented as Arteta’s first choice centre-back pairing, Saliba could find himself as being a backup in the Arsenal side next season, which could surely damage his chances of going to Qatar.

What would you do in that situation?

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  1. If Arteta manages to avoid the sack this summer, either via CL qualifying or under achieving, Saliba will do all he can to avoid coming back, that is obvious. A new manager with good management skills and a new start, may change Salibas mind but he has his future to consider and the fact he is appreciated by his present manager.

  2. Get rid of Arteta and Saliba will be welcomed back with open arms

    OT: MOTM display for Dinos Mavropanos yesterday. Good thing that we’re selling him for an amazing fee of £3 million.

    1. Absolutely. So much wasted money last summer.samewitg nletiah.10/15m lost for a few minutes here and there. Mavtopanos is a real real lost. Same with guendouzi. His value now as an onternational might be 30/35 easy… Awful

  3. It was very clear that mavropanos was a gladiator style defender from the few games we saw him play. Big, strong imposing defender that fought hard for every ball. I’m just an armchair fan but he’s young and as day follows night he was only going to get better and better. I said it at the time we were crazy not to keep and incorporate into the team. Ben white as good as he’s played for us was an unnecessary purchase when we had gab mav saliba holding and Mc Guinness.
    I don’t like the idea of changing managers every couple season but I think arteta has to go and be gone for sure if we don’t make top 4. We can look at some of the good stuff arteta has done, there has been positives but the negative far outweigh the positives in my opinion.

  4. The fact that White and Gabriel has cemented the first choice pairing of Arteta doesn’t mean they are the best Arsenal can get. They both have been conceding goals every match. Though I won’t blame that on them alone but White with all the fuss has not filled me with any confidence and is far inferior to Mustafi is my own opinion.

  5. If he is keen to continue with marseille,he should be sold for nothing less than 50 million pounds then use the money for something lack no loss.

  6. Arteta won’t bring him back into the fold because he will look like a fool. We have literally thrown away the top 4 buying Ben White. If we would have Brough Saliba back and brought in Bissouma at 35 million instead of White we wouldn’t be where we are now. Furthermore the money saved and the money not spent on Lokonga could have been used to buy Abraham from Chelsea.

  7. Saliba my brother, stay back and secure your world cup place. Arteta will kill your talent by dumping you at the bench. Be wise

  8. He’s coming home, make no mistake, if he’s not back here playing for us next season I will eat my pants!

  9. He is under contract with Arsenal Football club
    whatever Arsenal decide to do with him for next season is up to them, not the player!

    People need to get this into their heads before making such silly comments about him doing what he wants to do, its that simple.

    1. Really!!! Im not sure it works like that. So Arteta or whoever wants a player here who doesn’t want to be here and after one season, his value will be low due to his contract situation.

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