Saliba puts in Man of The Match display in his second Nice game

William Saliba recovered from a poor first game against Brest to win the Man of the Match as Nice played out a 1-1 draw against Metz.

Saliba didn’t play senior competitive football at Arsenal in the first half of this season, but he was put straight into the action in Nice’s first game after signing for them on loan.

The match ended in a 2-0 loss against Brest with Saliba earning a yellow card in the 12th minute.

However, he played better in the game against Metz, impressing as the middleman in a back three.

Nice were on their way to a win after opening the scoring very early in the game. However, John Boye equalized for their opponents in the second half of the match.

Saliba was in fine form throughout even though Sun Sports claim that he was culpable for the equalising goal as he lost his man too easily.

He recovered well from that error to make an important block which denied Thierry Ambrose a goal that would have been the winner for Metz.

His performance will have earned him the right to play in the club’s next game against Bordeaux.

If he continues getting better, then he can be confident of breaking into the Arsenal first-team when he returns.

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  1. But yet he wasn’t deemed ready for Europa league. Clearly a mistake on our club’s part, and hopefully Arteta gets onboard.

    Gabriel and Saliba can anchor us for the next decade. Hopefully club wakes up and gives him a chance next year.

  2. I note with interest that, despite all the other reports, Martin is still saying he had a poor first game!!!
    Well, MOTM award for this game, I believe, has got everyone on the club’s back again.
    One thing seems certain, at least we should get our money back if MA decides to let him go.

    1. Ken and its only “the Sun” rag again.
      If Saliba is let go before his 20th birthday, before being given a chance at the Club, it could be as big a mistake as Arsenal not going for Virgil Van Djik when he left Celtic for Southampton.

  3. Saliba had a very good first game and now motm for his second game but I think our established centre backs now are Mari and Holding.

  4. Why would he ever want to come back to this clown show…this club has the audacity to adopt a holier than thou approach when it comes to personnel decisions, yet they can’t seem to get it right when it comes time to set the standard…it’s clear now that Saliba’s mistreatment and subsequent loan had very little to do with his ability to play and far more to do with his displeasure with not being included on Arteta’s list of favourites…not matter what the case, it’s another amateur hour showcase at the Emirates

  5. The same league that Pepe dominated? Lol

    Maybe, just maybe we should let his loan spell play
    out just a little and see if he’s willing to fight for his
    place when he returns this summer.

    1. I wasn’t suggesting he was the greatest defender ever, but can you see Holding or Mari ever winning the MOTM in any European League…plus it’s the same League we got Gabriel from and he looks like he’s got a bright future…besides this organization hasn’t earned the right to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to personnel decisions

    2. Everyone cannot be Pepe and Pepe dominating Ligue 1 and fluttering to deceive with Arsenal in Premiership doesn’t define the league. Eden Harzard, Kante, Evra, Droga and our ever loving Robert Pires are all from Ligue 1. not forgetting Gabriel.

    3. Calm down.. Dont use pepes inability

      Same league of hazard, lecesiters up and coming good defender cant recall his name, who was deputy to saliba in France..

      Pepes confidence is gone.. Recall his first game against Liverpool.. We saw glimpse.. He has it in him, but he seems to lack confidence.

      Yes French league where arsenal is begging for Aour, yes that’s the league

  6. ‘If he continues getting better, then he can be confident of breaking into the Arsenal first-team when he returns.’
    Or he would be more than happy to jump ship to another, bigger club after what has happened with him not being included and all. We might have to search for a replacement.

  7. So a good game and a bad one. Just proves he has talent but is still in need of game time to iron out the inconsistencies. The odd europ or cup game wouldn’t do this but a loan where he plays every game would. Great decision if you ask me. Most of you guys just hating for the sake of it. Saliba didnt get much game time last season and what he needs is game time. Loan=more game time. Catching on yet people

    1. My sentiments exactly GunnerDev,
      let the young man refind his form
      and love for the game in familiar
      surroundings. He will.have his
      opportunities to impress MA and
      a chance to seriously compete with
      Mari, Gab and Rob H for that starting
      CB spot next season.

      It is rocket science.

  8. Having a 12th minute yellow card doesn’t translate to having a bad game, he was very okay even in his first match at Nice, stop justifying the poor reportage of his performance in his first match at Nice. He only built on the impressive first match.

    1. To be fair i never saw the match only what i heard. Did you watch? My point still stands, after so long of little football a loan where he plays every game is idea. Its really simple 👍

  9. Saliba never had the chance to prove himself. Arteta never gave him any.
    AFC at one point went after Opermencano, Kanute ibrahima all in their youthful age bc someone had given them chance.
    Arteta is fixated. He love those he wants to love and hates others ib nitio

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