Saliba says Arsenal really need this winter break to “breathe a little bit”

Arsenal losing three games in a row is not the Arsenal we’ve come to know in the last few months after they regained their competitive edge at the start of the 2022–23 season.

Gooners can’t believe how unlucky they’ve been in recent weeks. The club has played well enough in some games to win, but that hasn’t been the case.

Arsenal can no longer win the treble after being ousted from the FA Cup after Liverpool beat them 2-0, but they may still dream of winning the Premier League and the Champions League.

That being said, the Gunners can’t have much chance to win the league or the Champions League if they keep playing like they have in the past few games. They need to shake off their bad form and start winning games as soon as possible.

Fortunately, after the loss to Liverpool, William Saliba, while admitting that they haven’t been at their best in recent weeks, hinted that they will stay United and do what is necessary over this winter break to recapture their competitive edge.
“We have to stick together,” Saliba said via the BBC. “We know we’re not in our best moment, but we won’t give up, and we’ll come back even stronger.

“We will work a lot during this break, and we will breathe a little bit. We will stick together and come back stronger and better.”

Arsenal’s next game will be against Crystal Palace on January 20th at the Emirates. They must easily win that game and use it as a foundation to kick off a stunning run in both the Premier League and the Champions League. The Arsenal squad is capable; all they need to do is recognize it and play to their potential once again. The ball must hit the back of the net at some time!

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  1. And practice shooting a bit.
    I think the issue is that they simply overplay it – far too many passes when they simply need to be more direct.
    They have fantastic pace throughout the team and should be utilising that.
    They need to do something because this whole season could very easily be over by February..

  2. I wonder if it’s ever entered the minds of our players that the fans might just need a break from what we’ve been watching?
    We will ALL be there come the Palace game, united as always and singing our hearts out after spending the break being laughed at by every other fanbase for, once again, starting to bottle it!!
    We need more than words and players asking for more support during a game – we need to see them working their socks off and earning the obscene money they get and that goes for Mikel Arteta as well.

  3. Well said Ken.I hope the players recharge their batteries during their warm weather break, but unless we can bring in proper full backs and get Arteta to change his obsession with inverted wingers I very much doubt if we will improve our performances to threaten City of Liverpool.

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