Saliba set for third different loan in three years since joining Arsenal

William Saliba is set to join Marseille on a season-long loan, his third loan deal since joining the club on a permanent deal three years ago.

It was announced that the defender had pulled out of the Olympics squad earlier on today, and that now appears to have been so he could concentrate on his club career, although not with us.

The Athletic claims that Saliba has now decided to join Marseille on loan after a number of offers from other clubs in both Germany, France and England, and a deal is now expected to be in easy to negotiate.

The decision is claimed to be because of Ben White’s prospective move from Brighton, which is believed to have convinced Saliba to pursue regular football elsewhere, despite initial intentions to vie for minutes within the playing squad.

Saliba has three years remaining on his playing deal, meaning that Arsenal will not have to be concerned on the youngster trying to force a permanent exit at present, but you have to be concerned that our relationship with William, who is ranked amongst the top young defenders in the world.

I hope it was a joint-decision between both Saliba and Arsenal to allow him to go out in search of more-guaranteed minutes, but I can’t help but feel he should have been given further assurances ahead of this season.


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  1. Kent says:

    Mind-boggling to go for a 50m Ben White when we have a 27m Saliba in the ranks. But I have given up trying to understand the actions of this club.

    1. Angus MacDonald says:

      Meanwhile City are stepping up interest in White and Everton are outright rivalling us according to media but Saliba is better because Marseille want him on loan (doesn’t mean he wont come good but read between the lines.)

  2. Wayne says:

    Arteta seems to be throwing away Arsenal young talents,instead of nurturing them and giving them chances to develop their potential. It is shameful our rookie coach,could not give Willock minutes in an eighth place squad,yet,under Steve Bruce,Willock proved Arteta does not have confidence in the youngsters and cannot get the best out of them.

    1. Angus MacDonald says:

      Saka and Tierney signed new contracts under him and remind me how old are is Nuno, Lokonga and White our most solid links. Just curious how that fits your narrative?

      1. PJ-SA says:

        Lets talk about your narrative angus. Yes obviously the absolute stars will keep their place and be fine but let’s talk about the majority of the youngsters that need coaching and development shall we. Most of these have been ousted or forgotten, i genuinely think MA struggles to actually coach players that aren’t naturally brilliant….

        As you mention about trying to buy these special youngsters, cheque book manager.

        1. Angus says:

          No lets talk about the stars that choose to stay despite being our only player who could of gone to top clubs elsewhere. All I am asking our fans to pay attention to is the actions and words of our best players, young and old, who are absolutely backing Arteta. It’s not a debate, they said it, they signed new contracts, the board kept him…. I shouldn’t even need to point this out. This is not an agenda, this should just be common knowledge but everyone pretends like Saka isn’t backing Arteta, he without a doubt is. He repeats it regular and he signed. How delusional do you have to be to believe he did all that because he hates Arteta?

          1. VasC says:

            Players sign a contract based on multiple factors and the manager is just one among them.

            Saka, Tierney and Auba agreed to an extension because they are getting regular game time under the manager which is the most important factor which any professional footballer considers before penning a deal.

            Though the numbers on the pay cheque is an important factor, it is next only to the promises for the future the club assure the players while negotiating a new deal. Those promises may include the possibilities of playing in Europe and the amount of investments they are going to make in the future in the playing squad.

            Arsenal are without European competition for the first time this season which Saka, Tierney and Auba may take it as a one-off blip, considering Arsenal have been in Europe regularly in the past 20+ years.

            We’ll know where their loyalties are, if Arsenal fail to qualify for Champions League at the end of this season.

            I rate Arteta’s tactical intelligence very highly because of how he turned our season around when he arrived mid-way of a campaign and delivered the FA cup with essentially the same squad that Emery laboured with to get any positive results. But, his poor player management is going to put us in further trouble in the present, short-term and long-term.

    2. Angus says:

      Further to the rookie comments I will quote Tierney “Arteta is a genius. A football genius.”

      1. MartinelliTheBench says:

        Who on earth bad mouths their boss to the world while wanting to keep their job? Are you that naive Angus?

        “Genius”…ends 8th two seasons in a row while breaking a bunch of bad records on the way.

        Seems like you have an agenda here mate

        1. Angus says:

          He signed a new contract in the last few weeks. Put his money where his mouth was. Are you suggesting Tierney could not of got quality transfer offers if he put in a transfer request instead of signing? Who has the agenda? Or are all the players in on it with me and at that point why are you here?

          1. Angus says:

            It’s unnecessary but I will further add if players wanted to false platitude their manager they would not call them football genius. They’d say I like working, we’re all working for this etc. etc. once players go further than that they aint lying. Please explain Saka/Auba contracts too? Auba in particular given he worked with Klopp/Tuchell sure he could smell a rookie a mile off? Agenda who?

          2. SueP says:

            Good on you Angus
            Sticking to your guns

          3. Ozziegunner says:

            Kieran Tierney’s current injury record would hinder his signing for most top clubs. He badly needs to play a full season of games as he did at Celtic.

  3. RFrancis says:

    Career killer, squanderer and soon-to-be club destroyer, Arteta, doesn’t seem to realize that one his main tasks as manager is to gain the respect and confidence of ticket-paying fans. Soon and very soon we will have our say (in person) at the Emirates.

    1. Angus says:

      Saka, Tierney new contracts. To quote Tierney “You can see we’re all loving working under him” Would you like Tierney to leave with Arteta?

      1. Reggie says:

        They enjoy working under him but fail to mention, out of europe for the first time in 25 years and joint worst (the worst under ummmm Arteta) position in the league for 25 years. Enjoying working and failing, dont do it for me.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    fans want an inexperience 20yo playing first team football?

    its better for him to go on a loan and build up his experience

    in fifa21 one can win the title with a team kf u21s

    1. arie82 says:

      Well, fofana is being one best young defender in premier at age 20, saliba dont need experince, since he already had 3 full seasons as first team in french league, he need play in england, either in championship or premiership

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        Have to agree with you, loan deals within England (EPL or Championship) is the best way to judje a player’s potential – Willock and AMN. While AMN thinks he is the next Pogba to play in the midfiled, Willock pulled up his socks and went to equal Alan’s record. Mikel should try him out in the EPL.Regarding Fofana, the lad is playing with LC in a well set defense, our defense was stuttering since the bleak days of Wenger, and Mikel has vastly improved it, but there are miles to go before we reach there. The foundation has been built with the exits of Mustafi, Luiz and possible exits of Kolasinac, Bellerin and the Swiss one game Ballon d’Or nominee

        1. Sue says:

          If MA had had his way, Mustafi would still be with us… it was Shkodran that turned down our contract offer!!!

          1. Joe Allysons says:

            I wonder why?

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        👍 👍

    2. PJ-SA says:

      John he’s gone on loan, yet again, outside of England.

      Quite obvious MA doesn’t rate him at all. Average manager just like he was an average player.

      1. SueP says:

        I’ve just re read the article and it appears that Saliba has turned down offers from England and Germany to further his playing time and has apparently chosen France. His call.

        1. Siamois says:

          @SueP let’s say that what you have read is true so now we have another young player making decisions Nelson turned down a loan last december (MA own words)now Saliba decides where he wants to go? does MA make any decisions concerning our players development? He is an player under contract with us his only choice should have been which English club he wanted to go?the fact that he is not going to the Olympics has to be because his head is all over the place that or injury but haven’t heard anything about injury.

          1. SueP says:

            It’s all Arteta’s fault obviously

          2. PJ-SA says:

            SueP blindly supports mediocrity. Unfortunately too many fans have just become used to it and now just accept it. I have zero problem supporting a manager through a tough spell that has a genuine track record but MA doesn’t have this.

            So I’d rather look at the facts than rely on blind hope and nothing else.

          3. Admin Pat says:

            Can we check his “track record” at the end of the forthcoming season please?

            Until then, he doesn’t have a record…

          4. SueP says:

            I suggest to you that I do not

  5. Sid says:

    Umm, is the news true yet? I dont think he would leave on loan. Lets wait and see…

    1. Angus says:

      Sensible comment but would it be the end world if he did go out loan to Marseille?

      1. Pepe says:

        Arteta was not even close to Been as good as Saliba when he was a player yet Wenger played him…
        No body is asking him to make him(saliba) a starter week in week out all we asked was to give the young man a chance to play and or I he afraid Saliba will put him to shame
        He was at arsenal and we played Europa,,(with many shot teams to face) Carling cup, fa cup yet he didn’t get a sniff of action and someone is trying to justify that, the only thing that can justify such is injury and he isn’t injured
        And for your information saka and Tierney easily signed a contract extension because they know that they are first team players regardless of what others say they are getting the minutes and for the Tierney quote it will make more sense to me if a player like Martineli,saliba,Nelson or willock will make such comments not a young man who was happy to be given a new contract with pay rise and guaranteed first team football
        Why did it take Balogun months to extend?
        Why is Smith role not signing
        Why has Nelson not been able to extend
        We are craving about Saliba after this season he will have 2 years left and I hope he performs for arsenal after this season and let’s see how his contract will go
        And for the players that are been signed you amazed me with such a terrible comment it is not like we are signing kids from real Madrid or Barcelona this are kids from where exactly. Arsenal name is big enough to attract players please don’t come here to make everything about Arteta when he had done nothing

        1. Angus says:

          Saka/Tierney signed contract extensions to play under Arteta despite being pretty much the only players in our squad that could have got top transfers for themselves. They had options, stop pretending they didn’t sign for Arteta, they did. Doesn’t fit your narrative but it’s still true. Balgoun also extenfed with literally 10+ offers on the table so why would you bring that up? Arteta won, believe Liverpool were on that table too. Smith is about to sign and when he does what will say then? I know the exact same bs you say now, you’ll pretend he did despite the manager that he’ll have to play under because that makes sense. Nelson has an offer so we can loan him out he might decide against and we’ll sell in that case to a much lower team? That is up to him but Foden stayed at City when behind Sancho. Sancho left, Foden won the BPL and played for England at a potentially winning Euro’s. Grass isn’t always greener. Do want White?

          1. Pepe says:

            Funny you
            Saka and Tierney signed because they wanted to play for Arteta wht a daft comment. They wanted to play for arsenal not Arteta my dear
            Those players would have extended their contract even without a manager at arsenal…
            What you fell to understand is that arsenal is a big name in football world and arsenal as a brand will attract players far more easily than a rookie like Arteta would ever attract
            Stop equating arsenal for Arteta as it stands arsenal are the one doing all the favours for Arteta not the other way around.
            I have not seen big names in football world demanding to leave their clubs (eg real Madrid or Juventus) to play under Arteta. It is not like a foden or grealish is handing/wanting a transfer to join Arteta
            If you think players extend their contract to play under Arteta then you are delusional. They extend because they are paid word class wages and playing for a big brand like Arsenal

          2. Reggie says:

            Dont talk daft Angus, they want to play for Arsenal and get loadsa money as well. We pay more than most. They will worry about their careers when they are older.

          3. MartinelliTheBench says:

            Angus I believe players first and foremost are loyal to their club. You seem to be under the assumption that players are signing for one man and not the Arsenal legacy.

            You think MA is bigger than Arsenal, that’s just sad.

      2. Sid says:

        Another year of not utilizing a 6ft4in defensive asset, who is faster than all our cbs and is a good ball player as well, does not sit right with me. It feels like wastage of resources. Rather than loaning, it is better to sell at this point if his 2021 season is indeed away from us. That said, lets wait for official confirmation.

  6. SueP says:

    I believe is that paying 27 million for an 18 year old with promise was a risk. Some come off and others don’t but it was a lot of money

    As many of our better academy players have been off on loans here, there and everywhere then Saliba is no different. There are quite a few young ones vying to get into the first team and not all will make it on a regular basis. Not all are like Saka and ESR

    It is fair to say that Arteta by his own admission didn’t handle his development well at the outset ( that is what you get from someone learning on the job). Further into his career, Arteta has to make the right call – in every way – for the team and for WS

    1. Durand says:

      Fair enough SueP.
      I wonder based on £27 million for 18 year old with 1 year playing experience, how do you feel about £50 million for White?

      Many clubs were in for Saliba like they are for White.

      I merely question Arteta’s decision making. For example,
      He brought in Mari, spent £27 million on Gabriel thinking both were ready. They aren’t”perfect” so now he’s wanting YET ANOTHER CB and offering nearly £50 million, according to rumors.

      Perhaps he isn’t a good judge of talent?

      Wrong on Ceballos 2 years running, Odegaard underwhelming, Willian disaster, and both Saliba and Willock had excellent results away from him.

      Makes one wonder, is it more likely the players fault or the manager?

      He seems to prefer the checkbook over a coaches whistle.

  7. Sue says:

    So much for being given the chance to impress during pre-season!! Unbelievable…

    1. Siamois says:

      It is Sue!as they say actions speak louder than words and MA’s towards Saliba tell their own story how can anyone justify a 3rd loan in 3 years in Ligue 1 is beyond me Newcastle Southampton..wanted him heck even a loan to the championship would have been much more beneficial for both parites( playing and living in England) and as for Saliba not taking part in the Olympics if not for injuries his head must be fried!

      1. Sue says:

        As I said in a previous article, he could’ve cemented his place in a team by now, just like Fofana has, but he’s been pushed from pillar to post! By the time we’re told he’s ready for the PL, his contract will have ended 😄 We should sell him, it’s been a waste of everyone’s time (& money). Let him move on…

        1. Siamois says:

          😁true we have another MG situation in our hands.

          1. Sue says:

            Looks like they’ll link up at Marseille, Siamois. Marseille will have done well out of us 👍

        2. Ozziegunner says:

          Exactly right Sue, Arsenal should put William Saliba (and us) out of his misery and sell him to pursue his career elsewhere. Another Serge Gnabry after his loan deal beckons.
          Why is Fofana good enough for Leicester City, yet Saliba isn’t good enough for Arsenal?

      2. Angus says:

        Can you explain why no larger team want him on loan surely Madrid would take him to replace Ramos no? Genuinely intrigued or are Marseille a top team now? Thats before we get into the fact this new rumour from nowhere so he might be staying. SMH

        1. Pepe says:

          How many top teams want Ben white That arsenal want to pay more than 50 million for?
          How many Top teams in Europe wanted gnary when he was leaving arsenal
          It amazes me the length people can go to make their point valid

          1. Durand says:

            Don’t bother arguing logic with someone emotionally invested in Arteta.

            When someone is defending decisons Arteta clearly said he made a mistake on, reason, logic, and facts won’t win over an emotionally invested fan of Arteta.

            2 8th place finish and out of Europe for first time in decades and they still defend Arteta. Says it all really

        2. VasC says:

          Funny you should bring Real Madrid into this discussion.

          Unlike Real Madrid who where inches away from clinching the league title last season, Arsenal were closer to the relegation zone at one point.

          Compared to Arsenal’s 8th place finish, Marseille finished at a respectable fifth place in the French league. OM play in the UEL next season while we haven’t even qualify for the Conference League. Yeah, OM is a top team compared to us, right now.

  8. Simon says:

    Arteta is terrible in player Management, this won’t happen under Wenger or Ferguson

    1. Loose Cannon says:

      Oh My! Did you read what what you wrote?
      Wenger single handedly destroyed Ismael Bennacer, Jeff Rene, Sergei Gnarby, Donyell etc and trusted the likes of Ramsey, Walcot, Ox, Wilshire and they took us nowhere to the title or European glory. And he carressed the likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Elneny and the list of the muppets he signed before them save Santi Carzola and Alexis Sanchez. Mikel is disciplined, that is the reason the indisciplined lot like Guendozi, AMN, Saliba are stuggling for gametime at Arsenal. Mikel is right or else these lads would follow in the footsteps of their mentor cliches indicipline (everyone knows who the trouble makers were)

  9. Rhussy omo naija says:

    Why are we working so hard to get ben white for 50milli when we had a certain saliba who is yet to get a playing time in a competitive match..why are we wasting our little fund on the wrong player(pardon me for saying that)why should we gamble on ben white when we are still recovering from pepe deal nt living up to expectation of a 72 milli player..i think arteta should give this guy a chance and if he didnt impress he can send him on loan in january…with the way arteta is treating this young lad willock amn nelson balogun i pray we dnt regret at the end

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  10. Grandad says:

    Not one person who contributes to this site has any idea of what is going on in the discussions between Edu and Saliba.From the outside it would appear that all is not well between Saliba and Arteta, but that is pure speculation and they may have agreed on the course of action involving a loan to Marseilles.Apart from the usual vitriol spouted by the anti Arteta brigade who have never been involved in professional football,the most worrying aspect of this whole affair is the scant regard for the investment in a very young player at a time of severe economic crisis when every type of business is under severe pressure. Not having seen Saliba, other than in video clips, which can turn an average player into a star, is he currently worth the 27m we paid for him ,in which case why on earth are we pursuing Ben White, who , fine player that he is, is not worth more than 30m in my opinion.In essence ,if we want to buy White, we should try to sell Saliba.If White is out of our financial range we should give Saliva an opportunity to prove himself in an Arsenal shirt.The prospect of another loan arrangement does not make sense to me and is likely to widen the relationship between Saliba and Arsenal.To sum up, we should either sell him, or use him.

    1. SueP says:

      Agree Grandad
      I’m getting vibes that Saliba by choosing France over England as a loan destination is not convinced his future lies in England. Nothing to substantiate it though but continuing his development in his own home league won’t help his integration in England at all

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        👍 Grandad and Sue, I am sure Saliba is spitting “saliva”, if not chips, at his treatment so far at Arsenal.

    2. angua says:

      Agree pointless speculation but I do enjoy picking apart certain peoples pointless speculation because it’s absurd. Personally I thought we’d keep Saliba, also don’t believe it’s impossible we’ll loan him and then he’ll still come back with 2 years left. Don’t get the panic. Can see problems if there is a rift but what if there is no rift but all agree he needs to play regular? Is it a bad loan then? Confused. Also why didn’t Liverpool bid for him instead of signing Konate, hes that good right? Doubly confused.

      1. Durand says:

        Ok so using your standard of ” big clubs being in for players as a measure of their worth”

        How many clubs wanted Arteta as manager? Multiple years under Pep and only Arsenal bought the hype.

        Interesting when your standard is applied to Arteta. Still think it’s an adequate gauge? Maybe it’s diffent when applied to your opinion?

        Perhaps go back and read how many big clubs were in for Saliba at the time.

        1. Imp says:

          And what about, what Arteta wanted?

          Do you honestly believe that at the point where Arsenal are offering him a job, he will go somewhere else?

          Well surely he will not go to Tottenham when Arsenal are offering him a job eh?

          Also just to point out the failing logical attempt:

          big clubs interest in someone => he is good

          Does NOT implicate

          big clubs not interested in someone => he is not good

          Just because from a => b does not mean from !a => !b

          And again just to clarify I am not saying whether either of these statements is true or not true, I am simply saying that what you used as an argument, does not have any actual weight.

    3. VasC says:

      Ben White is worth 50+ million quids ONLY in England. Simply because he’s HOMEGROWN. The same thing that makes our discarded academy prospects to be 20+ million quids worth in the eyes of our naive fans that selling a few among them is going to raise a couple hundred millions for the rebuild project. COYG!!!

    4. VasC says:

      No need to worry about Edu here. He’s comfortably lounging in a jacuzzi, sipping pina colada with Sergio Ramos’s agent and working on a double-your-salary, three year contract to sign the free agent.

      No one is criticizing the huge investment made by Arsenal to bring Saliba here. Everyone is baffled by the lack of game time he’s getting here. Why Arsenal went all the way to stump up 27 million quid to bring a player, who is yet to represent the club in a competitive fixture, when the club needed to borrow a 120+ million to cover their everyday business activities and neck deep in debt?

      I’ve never seen any video clips of Saliba and I don’t know what his best qualities are. Yet, I wish to see him play in Arsenal colours regularly for at least a dozen games, before I make up my mind. Not to mention, he was signed only after extensive scouting by Arsenal.

      Even if White is worth just 30 million in your opinion, there’s no guarantee he’ll slot in seamlessly in Arsenal’s starting eleven and start delivering the goods?

      Just because people are questioning Arteta’s man management skills, they can’t be termed “Anti-Arteta”.

  11. Siamois says:

    Your comment makes complete sense !

  12. Herbz says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee….

    This was a bad deal from the off,,, and I told you guys….

    Club paying for bad recruitment.

  13. VasC says:

    Surprise to see that nobody mentions our alleged interest in Sergio Ramos that’s doing the rounds in the last 12 hours. Ben White for 50 million quids plus 35 year old Ramos on a FAT two year contract similar to Willian. Our defence is all set for the next two years. We’re gonna win the Champions League in the next two season. Willian’s prophecy is gonna come true. COYG!!!

  14. Joe Allysons says:

    I sort of understand the club and player’s position.
    The club want him to play a full season as a starter and even last season, he never would have been a starter. Certainly not with Luiz and Holding in that right CB spot.

    If white is as good as they say he is, then similarly this season, he stands very little chance of being a starter. With that in mind, rather than stunt his development, I see how trying to get him to play a full season as a starter could help him.

    1. Siamois says:

      But you’re still not answering why he is being loaned to a French club for a 3rd time when he had several English suitors he could have played a full season as a starter over here there is no doubt about that and if it is the player’s choice it doesn’t look good either now young players are calling the shots at the club great and how do you explain his decision to withdraw from the Olympics?

  15. Sims says:

    I’m sure fans can’t wait to get in that Emirates stadium! Arteta seems hellbent on burning whatever fan capital he still has left. He better hope his “ruthlessness” pays off as soon as the season kicks off.

    1. Sue says:

      Going by comments I’ve seen from a few s/t holders elsewhere, MA is in for a rough time when we return….

      1. Admin Pat says:

        Unless we have a fantastic window after all…

        1. Sue says:

          Maybe, Pat, but you know some people – particularly gooners – are never satisfied!

          1. VasC says:

            The same Gooners were satisfied when Arteta first arrived and won the FA cup with scarcely any addition to the squad and cleared some dead-woods in the squad in a very short duration.

            Arteta lost his credibility among the same Gooners when he failed to improve upon the league standing last season after he agreed to bring in Willian on a three year contract and boasting to them about conquering Europe in three years time. He further took some beating when he failed to improve some young players under his watch and moaning about the need for huge investment from the owners for a complete squad overhaul.

            I’ll be very much satisfied, if we don’t sign any players in the summer and winter transfer window and work our socks off to improve the existing squad and fight to finish as high as possible in the league table and to see that every player is given a fair chance to prove himself before deciding on his future.

        2. Sims says:

          True that Pat, if he turns it around we’ll be behind him again as it’s not really about him but our club. But I seem to recall Arsenal “winning” the transfer window last season and still imploding in the first half. It’s not always about what you have, but what you can do with it. Time will tell I guess…

  16. ParTai says:

    With no European games, game time is going to minimum so you cannot go into games with a 20 year old with no experience of English football. Yes he had 3 good years in French football, but that is not EPL. Saliba needs to get experience in EPL or even championship to understand how football is played here as it is completely different. Kos took a few years to settle in and he was older. Does Saliba want to learn the trade or just want home comfort? Maybe this is why MA is not convinced yet on him, as the commitment to learn is missing?

    1. Deachamp says:

      How many epl experience does Gabriel has pls?
      Or epl experience is only vital for some specific ppl?😏😏

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      ParTai, so now he will have 4 seasons in Ligue 1, so what? Why not loan William Saliba to Newcastle United, who wanted him, so that he could adapt to the EPL?
      Folarin at Leicester City had no trouble, after playing with Saliba at St Ettienne the previous season.

  17. Sean Williams says:

    Sad to see how Edu and Arteta are treating Saliba. It is not the way Arsenal treats players or should. I thought we would treat players fairly. There is some grudge going on against Saliba, Torreira and Guendouzi. We all know why.

    1. Grandad says:

      I for one do not know why, so perhaps you could enlighten us all?

      1. Sean Williams says:

        Yes for you Grandad

        Because Arteta does not want to have Emery’s main work around him. Arteta has a dark side….to me and is trying to clear much of Emery’s presence from around him. I do not expect you to agree in any way. But that is what I see and don’t like. Your positive, or hopeful, or accepting view of where the club is going with Arteta is different to mine, but your view is in no way more valid. We are all different Grandad, not just holding your opinion. We are so lucky we are not all the same.
        I wish you well.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Sean, although these players were coached by Emery, as head coach, he had little say in their transfers to Arsenal. He didn’t get the players he wanted. Arteta as manager has got the players he wants.

          1. Sean Williams says:

            Yep that is true, but it seems to me Arteta is trying to erase that era. To me there is something being lost at Arsenal. Something hard to define but meaningful, something I have never before, at any time, seen happen at Arsenal. This Arteta version of Arsenal disturbs me.

        2. Grandad says:

          Cheers Sean.On this topic we can agree to differ but more importantly your good wishes are reciprocated.At our age keeping fit and we’ll is even more important than our beloved Arsenal.

    2. Reggie says:

      Yes Sean, there is definitely something wrong going on and Saliba said so himself last year.

  18. FingersFurnell says:

    Emery’s main work in the transfer market was to bring in Luiz, Pepe, Tierney and Ceballos in the 2019 window, all to play straight away, they did and they have also played quite a bit for Arteta

    Geundouzi was brought in during the 18 window, I believe as one for the future, he played earlier than expected and it went well initially but has now imploded for reasons we don’t know

    Saliba and Martinelli were brought in during the 19 window, again I believe as players for the future, Martinelli broke through early, looked good, started his first Premier League match under Freddie after Emery had left and played a few games for Arteta before unfortunately sustaining a bad injury that led to surgery that he is now being cautiously brought back from. I believe the caution is fully justified but hopefully he will have recovered sufficiently for the season coming, if he does I think he will get his opportunities to show us what he can do

    The approach with Saliba has had different circumstances and from the start appeared to be more cautious than the other two, although he was acquired on Emery’s watch he immediately went back on loan, stayed in France and quite reasonably stayed there during the pandemic

    Ideally I think the Club would want him to go on loan to a Championship team to ease him into England and English football but there may be a reluctance to do so by Saliba himself on the basis that if he is going to leave his native country, a bigger step for a young guy than we can probably imagine, it would be to play for Arsenal only

    It appears that he is not for sale, in some ways it might seem he is being treated too sensitively by the Club rather than badly but if he is not for sale then hopefully both parties are still believing he has a future at Arsenal

    It could be of course that he is not for sale because there are no Clubs interested in buying him, that again might suggest problems that we couldn’t be aware of

    It would seem perfect for example for us as outsiders for Brendan Rogers to want to take him to Leicester to partner Forfana, but there appears to be no rumors to that effect in this ridiculous rumour fest of a period

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      FF, William Saliba went straight back on loan to St Ettienne the first season, because that was one of the conditions for the transfer to be agreed. This was difficult for Emery at the time due to long term injuries to Koscielny and Holding.

  19. Durand says:

    At least Arteta keeps his word about “2nd chances” and opportunities for players to prove themselves.

    Just ask Guendouzi, Nelson, Saliba, Martinelli, Soares, etc….

    How Willian got endless chances to display his lazy, drifting in and out attitude is a mystery to science.

    Amazed how people place so much trust in a checkbook manager who has got so much wrong.

    If he wants to spend £50 million on a CB, then at least get one with experience. As far as defense, wasn’t Bissouma near the top of league in tackles, interceptions, etc…?

    Not only does Bissouma improve our defense, but midfield as well.

    Isn’t Bissouma cheaper and a better defender overall?

    1. Grandad says:

      Agree wholeheartedly with regard to Bissouma.He has proved himself in the EPL and as our midfield needs to be rejuvenated ,I would certainly prioritise him ahead of White , who I accept is also a fine player.

  20. Nadiz says:

    I quite frankly agree with you @Fingersfurnell on your point of a possibility that Saliba himself may be reluctant to test himself in the EPL or Championship under another team & I share same feeling TBH.

    How come a young player we bought 2years ago with the intention to play for Arsenal sometime in future decide not to pick an English club to further his learning/integration process in England from the options he had before him? Must it be a French club? Are the no teams from Germany vying to have him on loan so to say?

    Believe me fellow gooners, there are things going on between the Arteta & Saliba camp that we are not privy to & no one wants to come out clean & this will remain a mystery until they decide to let the cat out of the bag, which will soon happen with time.

    Fingers crossed 🤞

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