Arsenal loanee William Saliba’s superb impact for Saint-Etienne shown by impressive stat

Arsenal fans will be counting down the days to William Saliba’s full arrival to the Gunners, this unbelievable stat show’s the ace’s solid impact at Saint-Etienne.

It seems as though William Saliba will have the talents needed to tighten up Arsenal’s lacklustre defence, some fans will be amazed to learn of the ace’s changing impact to Saint-Etienne once they see this stat.

The 18-year-old missed the start of the season with injury but has firmly silenced any doubts by performing magnificently for boyhood club Saint-Etienne since his return.

The ace has made 5 appearances in Ligue 1 so far this season, as well making two outings in the Europa League for the French outfit.

An incredible statistic has revealed that during this calendar year, Saint-Etienne have managed to win 11 games out of a possible 13 – conceding just 4 goals.

Without the ace’s presence at the heart of defence, Saint-Etienne have a dismal record of 4 wins from 17 games. In these matches, the side also conceded 28 goals.

Take a look at the youngster’s sensational contribution to Saint-Etienne’s success:

BBC Sport revealed that we parted with a handsome amount of £27m to sign the starlet this summer before loaning him back to his boyhood club for the season.

There aren’t many young defenders in the world that are as composed as Saliba.

While you’re here why don’t you take a look at our deep dive into the positives at the club, amidst all the hysterical headlines that are surrounding us.

The Gunners look like they’ll have an exceptional talent on their hands for the future. Will William Saliba prove to be the man that we’ve been looking for to shore up our defence in recent years?

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  1. Starring in French league and being star in PL two different things. He has bags of talent, intelligent, and only getting better with time.

    Lets not expect him to be Tony Adams from day 1, let’s temper our expectations with patience and understanding. I’m excited tho, and eager to see how he’ll perform with the pressure of the PL and the Emirates.

      1. Well innit that’s my opinion however stupid it is tell me one player Emery has improved since he came to afc.look at torreira…

    1. At least that boy is taller, faster and younger than Luiz/ Sokratis/ Mustafi

      Luiz’s and Mustafi’s physiques are still good enough to challenge the attackers in EPL, but Sokratis has been aging badly. Sokratis must be sold as soon as possible, before his condition worsened

      A defender’s performance would also depend on his adaptability, the manager’s system, the work ethics of the players in front of him and his focus

      1. But Mavropanos has the best physique I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal defender (tall, fast, strong, fantastic jumper), but isn’t even playing in the early stages of the Europa or League cup when he should be regularly tested to improve his only deficit – really bad decision making.

        He was improving so fast under Wenger, but Emery has given up without even playing him even though he’s been injury free for some time now. From what I’m reading he’s totally bossing the U23 defence, but that level is not the right arena for him to be regularly tested.

        Another seeming failure of Emery. Unless it’s a long-term plan??

          1. I don’t think you read my entire post.

            Mavropanos has been injury-free for slightly longer than Holding yet he is still not considered for even early stages League Cup. The same guy who bossed Lukaku and Fellaini before his injury. He’s physically fit now, but maybe Emery’s right in playing him at U23 despite the low quality of the competition because he can play full matches every week…

    2. RSH, instant success and gratification is the prime requirement to some. Patience is no longer a virtue.

      1. Are you throwing a digs at those of us who want Emery out with that instant success and gratification comment. In the other tread my friend you said he has already lost from day one with some fans because he isn’t a Wenger, that is wrong absolutely because Emery started losing fans faith in him 6 matches into the end of last season when he put all our hope of cl qualifying in el final. By instant success or gratification I hope you ain’t limiting it to cl qualification and trophies alone, I hope you include correct tactics, right team selection and substitution and good result. Emery brought this upon himself. Can you please explain the logic in substituting an 18 year old attacker for a DM when we have a lead to protect and substituting a defender for a defender when we need a goal. It is really difficult to support such tactically inept and confused coach. And if Saliba is with us now he won’t be receiving such raving and glorious adulation he is getting now as Kenya said because under Emery coaching it will be hard to see the boy qualities.

    1. For now it looks more likely Laca than Auba due to contract issues.

      Also, we need a better starter than Holding who’s too wooden in his movements.

  2. I feel some fans are not true arsenal fans. I feel Emery brought them from sevilla and PSG. Because I don’t see why a So called Fans will see an obviously bad coaching but will still continue to defend him. Hopefully Emery take you all with him to unemployment when he eventually gets fired. Is not a matter of if Emery will be fired. He definitely will. He has proven to be a serial loser. So be ready to move with him to the next club he will bring down

  3. Great but we already knew this, he should be helping us today not St Etienne to make it to CL but us. Look at us now!

  4. From what little I’ve seen of him he looks quality, he makes things look easier and he uses his pace and strength very well. He looks like a genuine French national cadet, they always have a few top top hopefuls and I’m glad that we finally got one of them. Everyone looks at France’s midfielders the attackers and such, but France’s power is always from back to front, no point trying to look for cheap options to make do, you need to look for the future, and this lad has that look. Madrid want him before he’s even kicked a ball for us. Next up, his ideal partner, maybe that’ll be Mavro, but whoever it is, it’ll make a great deal of difference to us if we can find the right guy. I already like Tierney, and young Martinelli looks a great talent. Rumours about an Isco bid too, we aren’t that far away from having a quality bunch of players, some still needed of course, but playing time together (before gelling) will still require patience no matter who the manager is.

    I’m looking forward to the Leic game because he’ll (Rodgers) be on most folks lips to replace Emery if needed. I used to believe he was a poor man’s Wenger, with similar philosophy on attack, but I look forward to seeing if he’s gotten better with the extra years.

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