Saliba, Tierney, Zaha and Koscielny, what do we actually know right now?

Despite there being a multitude of rumours and speculation about a variety of players there are only four Arsenal stories that we can track with any real credibility.

They involve William Saliba, Kieran Tierney, Wilfried Zaha and Laurent Koscielny, everything else is basically guesswork. That does not mean that some of the other rumours will not turn out to be true. But we cannot say with any credibility what we know to be true or fake.

This is what we believe to be accurate as of today.

William Saliba

We know that Arsenal has agreed on a fee and personal terms with the player but that Tottenham has moved in with a last minute offer of their own.

It was reported that Tottenham was due to meet St Etienne on Sunday but there is no credible confirmation of that and no further updates since Mohamed Bouhafsi broke the story.

Kieran Tierney

Arsenal has placed a second bid of £25 Million, as confirmed by David Ornstein but the proposed payment instalments are an issue and SkySports are reporting that Celtic have turned down that second bid.

Wilfried Zaha

Arsenal tabled a bid for £40 Million but Crystal Palace have rejected the offer and according to Ornstein that will not change unless something major changes, which up to now, has not.

Laurent Koscielny

The Arsenal captain has refused to travel with the team to the USA and the club has opened up disciplinary proceedings.

Sources have told ESPN he will meet with the club this week but there is no way back for him.

Now, we are not saying that Bouhafsi, Ornstein, Skysports and ESPN are 100% correct and not prone to errors, however, on the balance of credibility we believe that what we have stated above is correct and everything else being reported cannot be confirmed with the same degree.


  1. If we get saliba, terney and everton, thats a good peace of business…defense could be resist with mustafi, socratis, holding, mavropanos, chambers and bielik…is not the best scenario but i cant see arsenal going for an experience defender plus saliba…and i dont want lichsteiner solutions eather

    1. Saliba has to be loaned back and Tierney is still recovering, therefore we still have to rely on the old players for the defense

      I wish Arsenal buy players that can play on the first match day, but they simply don’t have the capabilities to do that

    2. There are reasonably priced CB’s out there to replace Koscielny.
      Players such as those mentioned by Lugdush would be good but the defense should be the priority.
      It will be interesting to see how the Academy players shape up in the USA.

    3. The manager has supposedly indicated to have no space in his future plans for Bielik and I doubt he thinks much of Chambers (who I like) and is concerned about the development of Mavro (who he rarely played last season despite a shortage of CDs).

      This leaves the losing pair of Mustafi and Socratis (holding is not ready to start the season)

      We are the only team that is supposedly in a rebuilding phase without actually or apparently rebuilding.

  2. I strongly feel we’ll get a deal or two done within this week.Likely Everton and Tierney or Saliba. we’ll have a reason to smile this summer by the weekend I hope. I’m actually buzzing with Edu’s Arrival coz he’ll be the only “up there” guy who indeed knows football on the pitch not on the financial pages who knows and was indeed a part of the Glory days of the Wenger era.
    I believe it’s going to be gradual but we’ll be back to the proud days soon. I strongly believe one free transfer will come in and a loan deal for another. Elneny, koscielny will leave.Personaly I’m not too bothered we haven’t completed any deal as yet and completely disbelief in the 45m transfer kitty b.s.

    1. I agreee… Most likely we will have a signing this week. Not because these a**holes care about us but coz there is an away kit release this week. So to fool us fans and promote shirt sales they will for sure announce one of either tierney or saliba.

      And the other signing which might be out last signing in this window will be announced in 1st week of aug. Coz that is when the 3rd kit will be announced.

      I dont blame arsenal for adopting such stupid tactic in announcing players coz us arsenal fans are shit. We are gullible.

      All the big clubs have moved on from this age old tactic. They announce whemever they sign the player without waiting for the new kit releases. By dping this the mood of fans stays positive and happy, hence when a kit releases yhe shirt sales go up.

      Lets ruin this club together. #Togetherwelosegunners.

  3. This is not a good time to be an arsenal fan, transfer issues and unwillingness to do business ASAP.

  4. What’s very worrying is that we need a CB right now, yet there doesn’t seem to be any strong links to any CBs for this season, and a RB is needed.

    1. Center backs are needed but we don’t have the money to spend on quality buy at the moment. Hence we have make do with Chambers, Holding, Sokratis Mustafi and Mavropanos.

  5. We can’t sell any players because the three stooges, Kroenke, Sanllehi, and Venkateshambles have no idea how to. They also don’t know how to sign players. Liverpool, City, Utd, Leicester, Aston Villa and even the Spuds,with Daniel Levy, have ‘know how’. We have ‘know not’. I am not joking. We actually can’t sign players since Sven Mislintat ran for his life. How proactive Sven was. How useless are the three stooges are.

    1. No Sven = No transfer policy. Is there anyone with enough clout and/or footballing nous to conclude business at our club? Sven was doing well until he left, David Dein was just as good. Arsenal’s real problems apparebtly reside at the boardroom level.

    1. i totally agree if we get him for around 55m and he puts in a good shift for a season and a half get in to CL then his price could go over 100m and with CL income plus sale of Zaha plus any profits from that season we could be looking at around 180m to spend on rebuild

  6. Center backs are needed but we don’t have the money to spend on quality buy at the moment. Hence we have make do with Chambers, Holding, Sokratis Mustafi and Mavropanos.

    1. Centre backs are needed more than wingers but we don’t have money to spend on quality centre backs yet we have money for quality wingers.
      I can’t think far

      1. No, a CB is only urgent if we manage to sell Mustafi. Otherwise we’ll have to make do.

        We do not, however, have a single proper already developed winger.
        – mkhitaryan – not really a winger
        – ozil – the same
        – iwobi – mediocre and not a natural winger
        – reiss nelson – promising, but needs at least 1 more year to complete development
        – saka – promising, but needs at least 2 more years of development to be top quality
        – aubameyang – can play there, but better up front

  7. If we don’t get a competent CB our season is over before it begins

    Sokratis, Monreal and Koscielny (will probably leave anyway) are in their 30s so can’t play every match probably and may deteriorate in quality. Holding is decent, Chambers is inexperienced. Mavrapanos isn’t good enough

    We MUST strengthen our defensive line and play 4 at the back instead of 3 average cb and two wing backs

    1. Chambers inexperienced?

      125 premier league appearances 167 total appearances
      3 full international caps

      Apparently he has been impressing Emery in midfield and with his versatility, playing at right back, centre back and defensive midfield in training matches

  8. I read Celtic reject Arsenal offer for Tierney, where is this club even heading to, we can’t even sign a 25m player with ease, there are things going on with this club which we fans don’t know, They are jess scamming us with endless rumors.
    God please bring us back our Dear Club

        1. Same every window ,I don’t get my hopes up anymore,club seems to go backwards every season .look on the bright side though ,Iwobis out the AFCON so we get to see his skills in preseason .??

          1. Haha Dan… he’ll have a longer break now, won’t he? He’ll certainly need it from all that tearing up he’s done ? so don’t be too gutted that you’ll have to wait until the Newcastle game to see him ? Moving on, we’re after Dani Alves (he’s thirty bloody six!!!) Yes that’s as good as it gets these days ?

  9. Twenty three days and counting.
    And we blamed Wenger for poor transfer business dealings.
    Its Arsenal who are to blame, always looking to save a few pennies here and there and paying the price for that tight fistedness every single season.
    Too stupid to learn…

    1. Leon, whilst agreeing 100% with your AW comment, let’s just take a stp back for a minute.

      As admin says, the only corete evidence we have is on the four players he mentions…the other 150 plus names are all media rumours.
      There is nothing coming out of the club officially on anything else, either players coming in or going out.

      Of course it’s really frustrating, especially the Tierney situation, where it seems that Celtic (quite rightly) are playing hardball.

      The one glimmer of hope regarding Saliba is the report that the spuds were going out Saturday to finalise the deal and that hasn’t happened.

      Asfor mavs at CB, it is being reported that UE doesn’t have any faith in him whatsever, so the need for a top class CB is even more important it seems.

      1. ? There are value CB’s out there ken, but Raul et al first can’t find them and if they do, then they can’t close the deal.

  10. It’s very frustrating, I think the Zaha thing is dead personally, we cant afford him and he isn’t worth it anyhow, Tierney is the only one that may happen if the news that he want’s to come is genuine.
    I have grave doubts about the Saliba deal especially as another club is in for him because we don’t know how to close a deal and I know nothing about Everton Suares so it really is looking a bit bleak at the moment, I will keep everything crossed that we make a signing soon though.

  11. We want to sell shirts, tickets, prawn sandwiches, and matchday programmes. Everything else is a distant second. Long live the revenue at the cost of footballing success!

  12. I know there’s still time in the window yet.. being desperate for players though, I really thought we would have signed 1 or 2 players by now! Who knows maybe Raul etc are happy with conceding 51 goals!
    Holding won’t be ready for the start of the season (?) Koscielny wants out, we still have Mustafi & the only talk of a CB is a young one, I’ve never heard of & intend to loan him back for a season!! Where’s the logic in that??
    Now we’re after Dani Alves, at 36!! Bloody hell… I bet all these old/out of contract players are loving it now, thinking it’s alright Arsenal will come in with an offer for me!
    ???? #shambles

    1. That’s the thing sue ,Man City won the league and they go out and replace what they need to make them competitive again they signed Rodri in about 3 days ,no messing about ,straight in ,make an offer get their man ,we on the other hand try and save 250 quid and make ourselves look incompetent once again.
      I would look at our squad form last season and think we need 3 players a winger ,central midfielder and a central defender,and I would say most on here would agree they are the positions that need new players ,so why the fck can’t our manager and board see the same as us .
      Zaha , a Diaby type midfielder and Lewis dunk from Brighton (who a few on here have mentioned ) what would that cost 100 mil?is that to
      Much to ask of the board to spend .
      I’m goer predict we finish 5th-6th once agin this season the way things are going .

        1. Sue, you are spot on with your assessment.
          There is a very interesting interview on YouTube by Robbie Lyle in Denver of a professional journalist who comments on the American Soccer League. He is also an Arsenal fan and gives insight into Kroenke’s ownership philosphy;interesting but nothing most of us didn’t know.

    2. You’re spot on Sue. If you’re over 30, out of contract and preferably injured, get your agent to contact Arsenal FC. But one problem, your salary will have to be paid in installments. What a farce, the laughing stock of North London!!!!

    3. Dani Alves recently became the first player in history to win 40 major trophies. He won the double this season with PSG, copa America with Brazil and also won player of the tournament. His energy levels, success and enthusiasm would be infectious and he would be a fantastic influence for Bellerin and Martinelli. I say go get him, he likes to wear his lucky no.13 shirt and guess what it’s available.

  13. Even Villa will have spent 100M by the time the season starts and we can’t pay 25M cash for a player, just when you think things can’t get any worse guess what?they actually can!

  14. A big club? And offering to pay for Tierney in installments?

    Embarrassing, maybe we should borrow the money from the players and pay it back in installments?

    What the hell has happened to our club?

    1. It’s working its way deep into the middle of the table. Kroenke has to try it to see if the same/similar revenue will be flowing in if the club gets even shyttier. Because a mid-table team can spend way less for transfers and way more for ranches and Wallmart expansions.

    2. If Arsenal pay the whole money upfront and player turns out to be a flop , users like you will start attacking Arsenal for buying another Mustafi ,it seems business insight is not a common quality between our supporters.

      By the way i’m #KroenkeOut so i’m not defending him im just trying to stay in the middle ground.

      1. Don’t get your logic FutureMan. If you pay in installments and the player is a flop you still have to pay the balance. And it’s not business insight (to quote you) to offer installments if you are competing with clubs who are willing to pay upfront. We do have a history of making stupid offers, remember Luis Suarez and the £40m
        plus £1?

  15. Here`s what I know for a fact !…………………
    Just seen a photo on facebook with Josh(wearing a Rams shirt), Edu, VV and Raul having a laugh and joke on tour in the good old US of A……………………….obviously they have Doris the tea lady and Ethel the cleaner in deep negotiations for Saha, Tierney and Saliba !

    Kev would do a better job !

  16. IMO, I feel the deal is done. It’s just the press doing guess work and click baits.
    If the press are to be believed, it’s the structure of payment that’s been rejected other than that the £25m meets their valuation.

  17. Bloody advert on here with Ozil/Adidas and ‘this is home’!

    How about getting rid of him and investing in our ability to win on the field and stop asking us to give you more money AFC!

    You aren’t getting a penny more of me until I see a change in this club.

  18. Raul said they are planning their business early in that open interview on Arsenal channel…… seems NOT!!!!

  19. When see how much City spent in 3 years and how Barca/Madrid build teams, makes you think. They are aggressive clubs. We laughing stocks.

    A true shame…. Why doesn’t Wenger and Co. come out and talk about our current state…. he knows what happened in the past decade is a mess.

    He wont admit it. We fell down the football ladder flat on our faces.

    We not the club we use to be.

    We can recover but have absent owners.

    Where to now?

    The club only talks around the issues and don’t speak directly about a plan.

    Year 1 = such and such

    Year 2 = such and such

    You get my point…. all I hear is we need to qualify for Champions League. Why? To do what the next year? Get knocked out the round 16? We cant even win a Europa final, how do you expect us to win or be successful in the UCL? So basically its about money then.

    But he wont spend a cent of his own money on the team.

    FFP my ass.

    Arsenal is like a pension fund. You put your money there, not a cent more, don’t follow up until you retire.

    Kroenke family should be a shame of themselves.

  20. Sanlehi is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I was wanting to give him a chance but he has told us porkies I cant trust him.

  21. Media are reporting that Everton is set for a medical.
    It all appears the same news, just a different player.

    It seems no one wants to sell to arsenal. If anyone gets a chance to read some recent comments from Dick Law you will be intrigued to gain an insight into how arsenal is run.

    Although it all makes practical sense, we still lack the right approach. At the moment, are our new management dealing with the old way in which others deal with us?

    The 40m offer for zaha, 15m for tierney seems like it’s the old approach from us thou! I guess with Stan still in the background, things haven’t changed too much!

  22. Kos done nothing wrong, turned down a shaddy contract extension. Asking to take a lower wage and Hope for CL to get more. It is shaddy and mainly shameful to treat our brave Captain. Try to dell him for 10M instead of actually pay his wage and a well deserved bonus for putting up with this non sense for years, showing no ambition as this market’s window. No one to play next to him must be hell. Instead to sign Koulibaly and make a scary CD we need badly. That’s why before season starts, we are already dead meat…

    Would you blame Saliba to pick tothenam and Sainte to get paid with no BS? Shouldnt he be scared to see Kos treated that way After all he gave to this club? Cet real mates, it is no pick but obvious Spurs is best for his carreer, Can play Europa with Sainte, Spurs are and will be in CL next year too; while we wont
    even see Europa at all…

    Who cares for Celtic LB when we need a beast at CB to protect goalkeeper.Maybe Everton may get him, or Spurs…They pay cash money, we on some jive turkey, trying to get cheaper or do 4 payements. Nuts!

  23. I did not even mentioned Zaha…A total joke !

    No business whatsoever, same squad without Ramsey… Improving team!

    We are ruining this club by buying shirts and tickets for owners who keep all of it. I was happy in a way for us to fall off between 9th and 12th spot, less money for owners, obliged to put a real budget. But they actually shrank budget for losing money.

    If WE dont react, then WE should not complain because we only can obligé Kroenke to put the money and please everyone, not jerk us and team…

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