Saliba tipped for another loan spell away from Arsenal on one condition

Arsenal loanee William Saliba is being tipped to leave on another loan deal for next season, but only if he signs a new contract in north London first.

The defender was signed from St Etienne back in the summer of 2019 before being loaned back to the same club for the season that followed. After the Coronavirus outbreak, the French division ended early that year and the youngster trained with his parent club, but was unable to make waves.

Despite staying with the club from the start of the 202-21 season, he remained with the reserves until being allowed to return to France with Nice for the second-half of the campaign, before following Matteo Guendouzi to Marseille to play out the entirety of this term, playing almost every minute of their season.

While many are tipping next season to be his chance to challenge for a place in the Arsenal team, Jeunes Footeux claims that he could well be allowed to leave again. The report claims that he would need to sign a new contract in order to be allowed to leave however, with just two years remaining on his current deal come the summer.

Personally, a new contract should be on the horizon regardless of whether he is leaving on another loan deal or not. Allowing players to enter into the final 24 months of his deal isn’t good practice, especially for a young player with as much potential as Saliba.

As for keeping him or allowing him to leave once again is concerned, I’m dreading that every year that goes by, he will grow unattached to our club, and with many believing he is good enough for a first-team role now, it makes little sense to send him away again without at least giving him the pre-season to stake his claim for a role.

Do you think we should allow Saliba to continue enjoying his football elsewhere or will we end up damaging our relationship with the defender?


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  1. Yes allow him to play elsewhere

    Once he sign a new deal allow him to play another year elsewhere as that may allow him time to get over his horrific ordeal he went through with us.

    A keep saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he opted to play elsewhere.
    Born with natural talent and raw in his physical capabilities he wasn’t manage properly.

    Am still hoping the commadre and togetherness bond he has with Smith Rowe and others young players, is enough to do the trick

    The same thing should have been done to Guendouzi and Mavropanos another young defender, extend there contract and allow them to play at a team of there choice, while the loaning club pays their salary.

    Chelsea, City does it, Edu should be held responsible not Arteta.

    These three kids are very talented, Van Persie use to give problem as a kid Wenger took him and the rest is history

  2. Yeah, if a player is not being selected to play, let blame the football director that signed him in the first place. I wonder why Wenger was used to back van persie but the same couldn’t be said about the current coach now?? You should have gave the football director back then the credit for van persie and not Wenger. Everyone take blames except the person who coach and manage the team. This guy going on loan is not even the issue here, it’s the fact that he hasn’t kick a football for us in an official games. And he’s 21 already and signed for like 30m. The likes of sanches and odergard were signed by a more bigger team than us and they still gave those kids chances to have their debut even though it didn’t turn out well. Yeah none of those two had gone through what Saliba has been through but the guy has played 40games in this season alone and play for nice half of last season and we are still here dictating how long he should be mourning so he can stay out of football.

  3. All my instincts shreik out to me that this articles message about him going on another loan is COMPLETE NONSENSE.

    Just engage your brains and ask yourself why it makes any sense, before believing it.

    IT DOES NOT. It is absolute nonsense obviously!

    Personally, I rarely if ever believe anything I ever hear until I have thoroughly thought it through and without fan bias. I make uo my own mind , always have, always will!
    I freely admoit I was sometimes gullible when a child and very youing adult. But life has taught me the sense to think everything through BEFORE believing anything.
    As an example of that thinking I easily see this site , JA, needs to constantly print articles about players “coming in rumours”. In this case it is a slightly rarer article about one of our players not YET coming in.

    I also see that were those constant rumours true, then our current squad would ALREADY be hundreds strong.

    But, as it is NOT, then that tells me something! I hope it tells YOU the same thing!

    1. I agree with you Jon Fox.

      Why extend his contract (possibly on higher wages) just to loan him out again?

      I would understand if we had a 30-something year old in-form defender who was blocking his path for game time so Saliba would have to wait until we sell or demote the old bloke. But both Gabriel & Ben White are only 23 and 24 years old respectively and haven’t reached their peak.

      At the end of the day, we need not just squad depth but QUALITY squad depth to compete in the league, Europe, FA Cup and league cup.

      I always use the example of Man City who have Dias, Laporte, Stones and Nathan Ake as their CBs.

      As for Saliba, either give him a new contract and put him in the squad or sell him. Simple. Let’s not forget that his shirt number was taken away from him.
      Bellerin, who we all know definitely has no future at the club, kept his shirt number when Tomiyasu or Cedric could have been given it. All signs point towards selling and it’s unfortunate.

  4. It’s time to welcome the prodigal son back to the family. He’s served his time on loan and shown he is ready to compete.

    IMHO He’s a better CB than Holding and can compete with White and Gabriel for a starting spot.

    Love to see Gabriel & Saliba in the back and White as DM. Too much Talent with those 3 to have one sitting on the bench.

    That option solves our DM issue, cheaper to find a 4th choice CB, and maintains the chemistry we built this year.

    Danilo can be a backup midfielder, and funds can be focused on Strikers and a winger

  5. It is said great men make major blunder

    Wrote before in a separate article, this is the only blunder had seen from the gaffer as I continue to give him a solid 8 on a scale of 1 – 10.

    Was hoping during all that time Wenger would pick up the phone as a French man and an eye for natural talent, to call and speak on behalf of the kid, (Guendouzi) say something like the kid has lost his way give him a chance, may even talk to the kid personally him self (football connection is real)
    Why the rush to off load these players, Wenger predicted this kid will be a massive defender one, he could walk in half of the English team right now.

    Lock of Empathy
    Just imagine at Arsenal and seing Mustafi way ahead of you, while you weren’t even in the squad.

    Am making another bold prediction all three players will be marquee players within a next year to two years, a strongly suspect two are way ahead of schedule.

    Am seing Chelsea with a young midfielder name Gallagher. Another name Giliimore at Norwich, they are in no rush to off load them.

    But honestly with these little blunders, they are far more positives at Arsenal right now,

    We must never repeat these mistakes, and I have reason to believe plan afoot to correct same

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