Sam Allardyce expresses shock at Mikel Arteta’s decision

Former Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has expressed his surprise at Mikel Arteta’s decision to bench Aaron Ramsdale in favour of David Raya.

Raya, who joined Arsenal in the summer transfer window, generated controversy among some pundits, especially considering that Ramsdale had earned a reputation as one of the country’s top goalkeepers.

However, Arteta has remained steadfast in his decision, emphasising that he is not concerned about the opinions of others and believes in his choices.

Raya has been the starting goalkeeper in Arsenal’s last two matches, both of which resulted in clean sheets for the team. Nonetheless, the decision to bench Ramsdale remains unexpected, especially since Ramsdale has not shown a tendency for errors.

“I was shocked on Ramsdale getting left out to be honest with you,” Allardyce told No Tippy Tappy Football

“I don’t know where the logic is in that. Maybe cup games you always give your goalie a game.

“You’ve got plenty of cup games at Arsenal, haven’t you, get through the rounds quite far. So you keep the goalie sharp and let him have a game or two. Switching around in the league, I don’t know whether it’s still the right thing to do.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have trusted the decision-making of Arteta since he joined the club as its manager and we cannot stop trusting him now.

The gaffer knows why he is replacing Ramsdale, who seems to be one of the best goalies in Europe, but time will tell if it is the right decision or not.

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  1. The only anomaly is that Ramsdale has been benched for doing very little wrong and Haverz is played for doing very little. As long as Arsenal doesn’t suffer, it is what it is but a little bizarre.

  2. Just to point out a truism; that lesser brains are often shocked at how superior brains work so much better than their own.
    No surprise therefore that Big Dinosaur Sam is shocked by the grandmaster that is MA.

    1. A little bit OTT 😇Jon with the “grandmaster” boast, as MA hasn’t won anything with his own squad of players as yet.

      But, unlike Sam, he hasn’t been relegated and I cannot EVER see that happening.

      Can’t wait for the NL derby!!

      1. Just to correct you KEN, it is not correct to use “boast” when praising someone other than oneself.

        It is of course my personal opinion, all the same.

        I will also take issue on your “not with his own squad” as though I obviously see your point, as manager, even managing a squad made up of players bought by predecessors, they are technically his squad at that time. Nit picking I accept, but still true, technically.
        I too cannot wait for the game to start.

        1. 😇Jon, “The city of Genoa boasts a fine cathedral” – not boasting about myself there old bean, but expressing my opinion!!
          Care to explain?

          1. No explanation necessary KEN!

            Just look in the dictionary and then, when you find I am right, come back to me.
            YOU SEEM TO THINK IT IS YOU , NOT I, who have that first class English degree.
            BTW, the Genoa example you quote IS using the word “boast” in the CORRECT way, as. the City in fact can boast, as it is boasting for itself.

            Which is precisely as I said. Which is that one can boast only for oneself. In this case the City of Genoa is “oneself” . Just be told KEN AND STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF.

            1. 😇Jon, one could “boast” about having a first class English degree, as you have so patently done above, using the singular “oneself” as you correctly described.

              One could also “boast” about having something to be proud of as a general , hence “the city has a cathedral to be proud of” as is the example in my Concise Collins Dictionary….unless you’re going to tell me that I, personally, own said cathedral in Genoa!!

              Now I know that you get REALLY confused about using words such as “corrupt” and “boast” in different scenarios (and please don’t take this personally) just accept that fact, don’t embarrass YOURSELF as you did with the “corrupt” episode and please try and put that wonderful first class English degree that you boast about to work in the correct manner.

              Trying to belittle others is nothing to boast about, especially when it backfires in such a spectacular manner.

              Let’s hope that the millions of Gooners around the world can boast together and individually about beating the spuds on Sunday EH 😇Jon?

    1. ??? Wish I understood what you are trying to explain!

      Unless you know something about Big SAM personally, which I DONT KNOW AND THAT HE LITERALLY STRUGGLES TO EAT HIS FOOD, because of some ailment.
      Hope that is not the case.

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