Sam Allardyce says what some of us are ashamed to say

Sam Allardyce has just made a return to the Premier League with a managerial role at West Brom, and one of his first acts is to tell Arsenal to stop kidding themselves because they are truly in a relegation scrap.

The Gunners are currently 15th on the league table with 14 points from the same number of games.

Only 4 points separate them from the relegation zone and a defeat against Chelsea this weekend may push them even further down the league table.

Arsenal fans would like to think that their team is simply struggling for form at the moment and things aren’t that bad.

But the truth remains that Arsenal are in a relegation battle and Allardyce believes that they are fighting for survival like his Baggies team.

He also said that the loss to Manchester City will not have helped their confidence.

Asked if Arsenal were the West Midlands side’s rivals at the bottom, Allardyce, told Mail Sport: ‘Absolutely. They haven’t won a Premier League game for almost double figures.

‘Getting beaten last night [Tuesday], even though not in the Premier League drains the confidence of Arsenal’s players. They will be wondering what has hit them.’

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  1. Isn’t he stating the obvious? Over the last few weeks many have rightfully mentioned the possibility of relegation.

    I am confident we won’t get relegated but admit this based on nothing, pure gut influenced by hope Arteta will come good. Should we fail to win two of our next 4 PL games, as much as I like Arteta, I would have to see that as a sign his time is up.

    The big question would be who replaces him?

  2. There speaks the man who succumbed to corruption after on game as the England team Manager.With these credentials, why should I waste my time listening to anything he has to say.

  3. I am surprised big Sam would seek to wind up Arsenal. The Chelsea game could be the beginning of the end for Arteta or Lampard. Chelsea lost 2 on the spin recently and are losing touch with the leaders while Arsenal are flirting with the relegation zone. With Tuchel getting the sack despite being only a point off the top who knows what’s in store for the losing manager on boxing day.

  4. He’s done us a favour. If he answered the question with “no of course not, Arsenal are too big to go down” then he would be perpetuating what many Gooners on this site and others have been saying.

    There is no such thing as too good to go down.

  5. JUST TO POINT OUT TO THE FANTASISTS WHO WANT TUCHEL or Allegri, or any other well established top name manager, that NONE of then would even take our job while Kroenke is there.
    Allegri was widely known to have been approached prior to Emery coming and turned us down flat. And why? Kroenke and no real money to spend!
    Do get real, as there is NO vacancy nor will there be one anytime in the foreseeable future. The club are wedded to MA, whether people like it or not.
    I am 100% behind MA but even I would have rather had a top established name when MA first arrived. But as a realist, I always know it would not be possible. Hence my “get real”!
    If MA went, we would end up with the standard of manager like Curbishley,(not him but THAT standard). And if you think Rodgers would leave LEICESTER to work under Kroenke, then you have really lost all touch with reality!

    Finally, have a great Christmas and keep the faith. Next year will be better for Arsenal and for mankind, at least in free world countries. The REAL unfortunates are in China North Korea, UAE and other tyrant controlled countries. Even USA will be free again after JAN 20TH.

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