Same old Arsenal….NOW will Wenger spend the money?

Maybe another terrible start will at least bring in some signings?‏ by KM

Well there you go. Arsene back to his usual self. I will stick with the opinion that until he goes, we can not win the title. It all looked good on the surface, but scratch pre-season and enter real life and we lose to an average West Ham side at home, without creating a 100% chance.

Roy Keane was right. We do have too many players caring about their haircuts more than football matches. The defense needs a new approach. We need a new manager, that will break out of this playing style so we actually can surprise a side when we face them.

For a team of so many midfielders the options were painfully short. Apart from Ramsey, until West Ham’s second goal, everybody else was just walking around. Ozil for me needs a warm new place on the bench. Cazorla was terrible, but then again who wasn’t?

Petr Cech had a nightmare game for a keeper that has won everything in club football. The defence was under all sorts of critique. Monreal and Debuchy were awful. Oxlade-Chamberlain thought it was the game against Monaco from last year and did exactly what he did back then, grant a free goal. Why not Alex?

This got so bad, enter Alexis to save your sorry manager like you did the last year. But the Chilean seriously out of fitness could do little to lift the spirits. We have 200 million in the bank! And what do we do? Wenger said this side is good enough to win the title.

Maybe this will calm the spirits and help us realize that signings are needed. And more than one. A striker and a DM and a magic wand that fixes a defence as weak as this are on the wish list. Chelsea lost just two games in the whole season to become Champions.

The moment you get Arsenal into a tough game you know you can win and win West Ham did. I just hope that for once we’d start with new ideas and new ways to play, but it’s always same old Arsene. Next is Crystal Palace away and I expect another tough game.

On the basis of today, we look miles off pace.


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    1. We have madman as manager, guy is totaly deluded, sensitive and lost reality.
      We gona win what? Nothing 4th place, thats it.
      Wenger puts too much pressure on players, too much!
      We need at least another profile fast striker worth at least 20milion, and another winger or atacking middlefielder, probably LW so alexis can also play false nine.

      Witout that we are deluded fools.

      1. Ha ha, so we should buy a striker and make Alexis play false 9. So basically only 2 of Alexis, Ozil, so called 20M+ striker & the new LM can play.

    2. Have a feeling we won’t win the league under Wenger when he ignores a quality addition upfront…
      OT: I’m beginning to think Rosicky will do a better job than Ozil if given the AM role behind the least if Giroud does not score, then he will with a thunder bolt

    3. Correction,£200 million in kroeke’s bank account.
      Yesterday’s result was the best thing to happen to arsenal.
      I cannot believe how many arsenal fans came to believe that we are title contenders.As bad as our goal keepers were in the past , it was hardly the position that needed to be filled. We’ we’re not Even addressing the main problem despite buying sanchez and Ozil .
      Our problem was and still remain a lack of power and stamina in the spine of the team .
      Meertesacker ………. Lack pace and strength
      Our midfielders……. Lack stamina and strength
      Giroud………. Lack pace , movement , accuracy and skill variety

      Of all , the striking position is the most crucial. Barcelona have never had a great defense but their attack is ultra deadly . If you score 2 , they will score 6 . Simple.

      Barcelona have small midfielders but they make up for it with skill , good ball control ,hardwork, stamina , fantastic ball winning skill and excellent possession.
      They’ve always had 3 or so star players or prima -Donna but those 3 are backed up by 7 garbage boys on the pitch .
      Those 7 work their socks off to make Messi , Ronaldinho, rivaldo, figo and co to claim the glory .
      Just compare Sachez’s and Kolcieny ‘s work rate to others in the team
      But at arsenal , everyone behaves like a superstar which they are not . It is not uncommon to see wilshere ,Ramsey ,Walcott ,szczeny ( gone ) and co to talk a good game on TV
      ,which they hardly perform on the pitch .

      Needs no explanation
      Giroud,welbeck ,Walcott
      Costa ,falcoa ,Aguero, lewandowski,muller, Rooney ,Martinez,messi , ronaldo,ibrahimnovic,benzema ,neyma etc

      Yeah right we are competing indeed.
      4th place trophy that is

      1. You are right. I am afraid of what this present team can achieve under wenger Bcos he thinks he knows it all. I don’t see wenger as a coach who takes opponent tactics into consideration before setting his team for games. He is the most stuborn manager I have ever heard of, if we fail to add star striker to our team, we should just forget about winning EPL

    4. Just been reading through some of the articles and comments and i noticed that Giroud seems to be taking a lot of stick for drifting out wide. Trouble is if you watched the game he was the only player willing to put in the effort bar maybe OX. If your target man ends up the one putting in cross after cross then what are your team mates doing? They werent on the wings and they werent getting into the box for the crosses either. Not a great performance from anyone but at least Giroud tried to make things happen when those around him were standing still.

      1. Too narrow. Right down the middle. Too many turn overs. We needed Bellerin to bomb down the side. We made it easy for them. I hope Bellerin, Gabriel, Walcott will start some games. Ot: We shouldnt loan out Martinez, he should be our starter at this point. Ha

      2. Exactly! Why does our team’s target man deliver the crosses from the wing anyway? Who is gonna head it in, Santi!?!!!!! Shouldn’t he be the one getting on the end of a cross?


    5. Hey Guys come on !!! we are still First !!! but unfortunately from the other end.
      With Arsene this is the way it is no change. Only one signing of 10M, while the top 4 close to 100 M.
      No tactical change, plan B is the same as Plan A, and there is no Plan C.
      Same old Wenger, Stubburn, Cheap, and never take any blames. He blamed players for the loss not himself and his old outdated tactics.
      We had 62% of possession, yet the other team scored 2 goals.
      Arsenal as usual when Giroud is playing, played with 10 man. I watched the Chelsea game with 10 man, and they were much better than us with 11.
      Get use to it, no complains and live with it. Pay the highest price ticket in the world and receive the lowest level of Football.
      With Wenger in charge this is the order of the day.

    6. I do agree that Wenger is at fault for that game. Don’t know if gibbs was available but if he was, he should’ve started. that would’ve given us the width we dearly lacked. But if you remember, the last time we lost the opening match, we were leading the PL in January. This might just be a fluke result. I won’t lose sleep over it.
      After saying that, I’m a little confused about Wenger’s plans and tactics. his refusal to get up from his chair and give instructions to the players, and his continuous bugging of the 4th official is ridiculous.

  1. fed up… fed up… fed up…………. I hurts like anything… Seeing liverpool, United and Chelsea(draw) hurts like anything…. We were title contenders but suddenly one game made us an average team struggling to beat West Ham.. how come we lose at home.. Damn there is no excuse but we have to blame players laziness and positioning in the game… Why on this earth you drop walcott and bring in Giroud.. Why you have changed the place for Santi playing in a deeper role.. Why on this earth Ramsey being rested… Why not play Rosicky instead of Ramsey. Atleast he will realize he will not have permanent position… How many times you give chance to BFG… See Chelski they are recruiting Stones(English core).. What happened to our Old man… Why he trust too much on 30+ guys now… Why dont he bid for Stones, Benzema and Rues… Why dont he offload Flamini, BFG and Rosicky… Why cant we have swap deal for Rosicky and Rues… BVB will happily take Rosicky… Why cant we do those deals… I would rather make our defense strong then offensive side of play…. how are we struggling to beat an average side. I fear for 11th season on trot without EPL trophy…. I am very annoyed .. Playing good against Chelski then losing to an average side is ridiculous.. Hope everything gets to normal before we are kicked out of Title contenders or even from Top 4….. Gunner forever…

    1. when the fans say swap deal Rosicky for Reus….BVB will definitely accept the swap deal straight away…

      no hesitant no negotiation

      Get it done Wenger

  2. I am very very sure, if Benzema comes in he would not be scoring 20+ goals this season. If we are to win this season, our main players would be Alexis, Ox and Theo. We would be winning most of the games when these three start as our front three.

    Wenger would not let these players go on so easily now, even if they have big reputations. Either of Cazorla/Ramsey is not starting the next game. BFG also is doubtful.

    1. We need tactics to match. It’s not only about buying players. We still don’t know our best XI or best formation. That needs to be fixed…

      1. Twig, I’ve often said it here; my problem with Wenger is not just about not buying when necessary, but he also doesn’t use the right tactics often. His team selection is often biased.

      2. you can do as much tactics as you want , without buying the quality players , you will still get done by quality team even on their bad days.
        It happens in real life as well. Better guns mean greater chance of winning .simple

  3. Typical Wenger he collapse before He starts or before he finishes hence the wenger in and wenger out cycle.I dont see us beating palace on sunday but maybe this will force wenger to buy,he learns through beating.Its Wenger who is delusional not fans.haha Its arsenal year again if you know what i mean!

    1. What would buying do? I just don’t understand. Would buying make all these players who did nothing yesterday start playing? Buying a player would not change anything in this squad

      1. We have always had a talisman striker who can find the back of the net. Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and van Traitor. We don’t have that now. I remember when Tony Adams was captain. He never did anything physically great, but he commanded the team, and when he wasn’t playing results were always more in doubt than when he was.

        1. You have contradicted yourself by saying we need a talisman striker and we need someone like Tony Adams. Personally buying a striker would not change anything until we do not have a leader like Adams. Mertesacker and Arteta are leaders but we all know how they perform. A leader has to be one of the best players on the pitch almost every game and there is only one player who warrants that status at Arsenal and that is Koscielny. He should be given the armband and be allowed to control things. I bet things would be different.

          1. The only leader that will make any difference to our teams progress is the one who sits in the technical area and at press conferences if you know what I mean.

            We could buy some of the best players in the world but without a strategist/tactician of the modern game at the helm then I suspect we would not be far off the current predicament.


            1. Sir, do you know who all were touted as the best tacticians of the modern game to replace Wenger when his contract was expiring? Martinez, Klopp, Simone, Guardiola!!! Do you know how did they fair last season??? Martinez after keeping hold of the whole team and making Everton’s biggest signing in Lukaku finished at 11th. Klopp got Dortmund out of the CL with the same team and more signings. Simone also after such an impressive run the previous year won nothing.

              1. So Dortmund didn’t set the world alight the second season. But Klopp/pep et al have proven they can win at the highest level (CL and league) for that they are above Wenger.

                I personally would prefer the odd drought season interspersed with glory rather than season after season of mundane, ineffective, over complicated and badly formed and managed strategy.

  4. Have so many thoughts flying in my head, let me let them out…

    – Yesterday’s game clearly shows the OX is not a central midfielder. He’s a winger/ No 10/ second striker and he should stay there. He’s not doing bad in attacking roles, so what’s the motivation to take him into midfield? He loses the ball far too easily in CM and this has cost us many avoidable goals in recent times.

    – It was great to have Sanchez back… but I was upset to see the same wayward passes and lost possession still remain in his game. I wonder if this is a flaw that the coaches can ever fix at all. I still insist Welbeck gives us better balance on the LW than Sanchez does. Step up Welbeck!

    – I would really like to see the OX play behind the main striker. It’ll be an intriguing tactic and I see him having the same success as Coutinho in the number 10 role…

    – The manager will need to make an urgent decision between Cazorla and Ramsey. He can’t have them both…

    – … That said, I thought Ramsey disrupted our game too much. Holds the ball for too long, doesn’t stay in position, and shoots when they’re better placed players.

    – What’s wrong with fielding Walcott on the right and the OX on the left? That seems the obvious choice for yesterday no? We had little or no width yesterday. Bellerin’s energy and pace were a big miss yesterday…

    – I was actually impressed with Giroud trying to give us some width from the flanks. He actually made many good crosses that deserved an end product. It’s a shame our central midfielders didn’t read his mind. Poor communication? Monreal impressed me as well.

    – Weirdly, it seems Arteta was more suited to yesterday’s game than Coquelin. Needs to step up his passing game or else…

    1. Agree with all apart from Giroud. He looked disoriented the moment he stepped on the field, and apart from some decent hold up play, he didn’t look fit.

    2. Great points. Perfect.

      I just don’t think Ox would do good at AM as he would not get as much space as he gets on the wings to dribble past defenders (almost similar to why Hazard/Sanchez would not do very well there).

      I also was very impressed with a few deliveries by Giroud from the left but none of Ramsey/Ozil/Ox got to them quickly enough.

    3. We’re on the same wavelength. Completely agree with you. Especially about Giroud and Monreal. Them and Ox (error aside) were our most positive players.

    4. Ramsey and co think they are shareholders at Arsenal and can walk into the team anytime, since Arsene is their mother’s husband. Once again, nobody should be considered too big to drop or substitute!!!

    5. Completely agree with everything you have said. I feel for Giroud as if any of our midfielders had made runs from deep they could of been on the end of his crosses. You have uour position but surely as a winger or midfielder if you see your striker playing down the wing you should be thonking about getting in the danger area. If our other players were playing like they should of been Giroud wouldnt of had to keep drifting out wide in the first place.

  5. Wenger has sold / loaned a lot players, amongst them goalscorers. He must have space and money to recruit now, simply on the savings he will make.

    We could’ve certainly used Schneiderlin in that game, the way we were being pushed off the ball. Fed up with Wenger acting like a man with deep pockets and short arms.

  6. Obviously a top class striker would strengthen us, and the fact we’re still talking about this when you consider that RVP’s been gone a long time now, just speaks volumes about our manager.

    But getting a top class striker doesn’t actually change much. We’ll still have the same manager, which means the same problems, over, and over, and over again. In the past AKB’s would defend when Wenger saying he needs star players and money. Well he’s got huge funds and he’s is still clueless in the transfer window, he’s got star players, and even with almost no injuries against West Ham or the back end of last season, we still had the exact same problems. The fact we have less injuries, huge funds, and star players actually highlights Wengers flaws even more so. It was embarrassing watching our midfield getting owned by an inexperienced teenager.

    Fans will say, one game gone, no need to panic! But Wenger made so many errors against West Ham, that do fans actually believe that these errors won’t occur again through out the season? Of course they will. What scares me is that we barely created a decent scoring chance against West Ham at home and with virtually our first choice starting line-up. Can’t wait for the likes of Stoke away, Liverpool, ManC, ManU and Chelsea.

    We have no chance for the league and Champions League with Wenger in charge.

    1. Schooled by billic in his first day as a coach in the PL!

      Says it all.

      Like has been said before, He is running out of excuses for our continued failure.

      It is early days, and the window is still open but based on past years and the same recurring problems and general incompetence he displays with his selection, strategy and procurement that he never seems to learn from I suspect we may well struggle this season to reach top four.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I feel a lot must change for Wenger to bring us any success and I can’t see that happening now.

  7. Relax folks!! – we win – you complain – we lose – you complain.. Though the boys were pretty below average yesterday & yes losing to west ham at home with that margin is a clear signal for wenger to buckle up & make high profile signings if possible – but I still believe in the boys…they will come good against CP.

    1. That’s just silly. Apart from Payet, who was clearly their best player, what top players do/did West Ham have? They played with a 16 year old in midfield, who looked very accomplished on his debut I must say. Arsenal should be beating teams like West Ham with the calibre of players they have at their disposal, and a manager with more experience than most.

      There is absolutely no excuse for Arsenal losing at home to West Ham.

      1. They had stamina and good ball winning which has been lacking at arsenal for a long time .
        Apart from the defenders ,coq ,Sanchez and welbeck , the rest of the team are very bad at winning the ball back shoulder to shoulder , man for man.

  8. You will not. Win the league with Wenger in charge.
    Old hat system. Why do 1 pass when 20 will get you to the same spot. Oh and by the way I sweated more watching the game than Walcott did playing in it. 140 grand a wk, your having a laugh.

  9. At this point, it would be prudent safeguarding/stockpiling our financial resources upon the arrival of a new manager. That way the new manager can start anew with considerable revenue to accomplish the task of replacing the bunch of rejects in the team. That’s the more sound approach to me. As I see it, making more funds available to a clownish and incompetent pretender for a manager is unwise decision. Whatever painful pill we have to swallow in the immediate time would all be worth it when the opportunity comes for a competent manager to re-establish/produce a competitive arsenal team.

  10. If only I could thumb down this Article ??
    I bet you were all snug as a bug,
    whilst hiding under your rock when we beat Chelsea last week?

    I’m sure that Roy Keane mentioned something about
    selfie’s and six pack’s…. whilst munching on a prawn sandwich ?
    There’s only one player at Arsenal that really loves his hair,
    No prizes for guessing who either ?

    How you seem to think that Ramsey was the best Arsenal player on the pitch, makes me wonder if you are actually Wenger in disguise ?

  11. As much as i like the energy and skill of Oxlade Chamberlain, but he has to be more sensible. He cant just lose possession at such critical places.
    It happened in pre season against everton, when barkley scored. And now yesterday…

  12. The game could have gone differently had it stayed 1-0, and we didnt concede the second one.
    It just killed our belief.
    There was no tempo in the second half which was shocking to see from a side 2 goals down.

  13. In perspective, it’s one game, it’s the first game, it’s not all doom and gloom….We have the players and the ability to bounce back….Any other excuse you want to use

    The long term fear is that when Arsenal should do well – as many have projected us to win the league….which means nothing by the way – Arsene finds a way to beat himself and mess up the team. Removing the Santi and Mesut partnership out of the middle seems to completely upset the rhythm of the team when teams are very organized in the middle of the field, as West Ham were.

    LeCoq kept giving the ball away trying to spray long balls out wide, when if the two normal people are underneath him he just plays it easy and let’s them work. Ramsey kept giving the ball away and once again tried to do more than he was capable of (like shooting when he should’ve played Debuchy who then had two guys to pick out in the box for tap-ins).

    Next week it has to be Winger has to play Wingers wide – Alexis & Ox/theo – and Santi and Ozil back in the middle. Proper balance will lead to success.

    1. I ll start just to get it out of my system haha
      – I was 100% sure we were goin to beat WHU…as far as I remember as an Arsenal fan I ve never been so I ll go back to never be hahaha
      – I am paranoid about Cech..doublé agent!
      – I still believe in this team, after I read two authorities of Arsenal I feel better and keep the fait.
      – I dont want to think if we get like 6 games like this….
      – I truly believe the team got shocked yesterday.
      – I think Wenger, as French as e is, can very well cnvince people to join, but is losuy at motivational speeches…I studied in France and that was the way back then

      1. Another one, which is kind of a conclusión.

        – Once Cech was signed media, players, pundits, fans, staff, all sort of agreed that it was a so wonderful signing that he was going to sabe us crucial points (fool Terry even went to say 12 pts saved but he def IS a doublé agent).

        So, my guess is that Cech actually never felt like this, he got a Little overwhelmed. Players never felt the sensation of having a Wall in goal, so they got a Little loose.

  14. Just been reading through some of the articles and comments and i noticed that Giroud seems to be taking a lot of stick for drifting out wide. Trouble is if you watched the game he was the only player willing to put in the effort bar maybe OX. If your target man ends up the one putting in cross after cross then what are your team mates doing? They werent on the wings and they werent getting into the box for the crosses either. Not a great performance from anyone but at least Giroud tried to make things happen when those around him were standing still.

    1. ah great to see people being objective here..
      beware Gavis…lot of Girpud haters will come thumb you down and call you names…they just hate Giroud for whatever reason 🙂 he does good bad or the least…all the ssame they will slate him and slate all objective thoughts.

  15. Game starting line up.

    Ramsey has no place in it as we need winger on the flanks and not middlefield players. ( This lad is a fans favorit and Wenger personal love child, but he is simple nowhere good enough).

    Giroud has no place in it aswell, as he is to slow and wastefull. ( Misses and bad games can be excused, but having to endure him for 3 years is simple to much).

    Paulista needs to play more to make Mertesacker see the bench. ( Merti as a captain is like Giraffe facing hunters in the savannah).

    3 Problem. 1 is already to much but we have many which do damage our game flow. Without fixing them we wont win nothing.

  16. One match and people are saying Wenger Out. I understand Hafiz saying it because he always does, but lets at least see who he signs before storming the Emirates like the peasants storming Frankenstein’s castle.

    It was a combination of poor tactics and poor performance. This can easily be sorted out before the next match. Remember we beat Chelsea only a week ago

    If rumours about Benzema ate true that would make us serious contenders

    IF the rumors of Draxler and Goetze are true that would still help our cause. Draxler would be a very good back up to Alexis.
    RW- Walcott, Oxlade
    LW- Alexis, Draxler

    Goetze is an attacking midfielder/winger and False 9. However, excellent player.

    If I were Wenger, I would make some bids on Reus, Greizmann and Lewandowski. I know it’s highly probable that it won’t work, but who knows

    Anyway, lets not get a knee jerk reaction to this.

    I hate losing, let alone losing at home. It makes me sick but we can easily turn this around next week

    1. You where right all alone when you said Giroud is better then Rooney. Have you seen him occupying defenders, and drag them on the wings, i though he was Ronaldinhio for a moment, ahahah. What an useless player he is.

      All the player you have listet are good enough for us but wont come as we have past the chance at one time to bring them in.

      This is no knee Jerk reaction but pure Bs for the past 10 years. If you fail to understand this, then i am srry for you all.

  17. Whats the story on Benzema, surely someone would have spotted him if he was in London. There really is a shortage of strikers, years gone by you would have options in England playing on some team outside the top four but there is nobody. Benteke would have been the only real option but it wouldn’t be long before Gooners start calling for a world class striker. If we are willing to spend over forty mil on Benz well then I think we should offer the same for Higuain. Then target Bender and Id be over the moon.

      1. If he saw the match v West Ham he may well climb back over it and head in the opposite direction ‘toute suite’!

  18. I agree that we need to stregthen, but how can everyone blame Arsene for yesterday?!?

    He has assembled an excellent squad, and fielded a very strong 11, they should have beaten West Ham with consumate ease, however we didn’t.

    Perhaps you think Wenger sent them out there with instructions to lose 2-0, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case.

    I blame the players for yesterday, point an accusing finger at Wenger on September 1st!

  19. Bayern in for benzema now …

    Hilarious how wenger thinks he’s got time to negotiate HIS best price for top players ….. there are top teams all round the world that are willing to pay more than us when these type of players become available, I can’t see him ending up at us !

    I’m concerned for wenger this season , he can talk nonsense in press conferences about “not panic buying” if he wants to , but the league won’t lie at the end of the season …. And if he doesn’t get the players we needed with 200 mil in the bank , questions will be raised !

    We’ve been patient enough , nobody buying a ticket for a game at the Emirates took the decision to ‘penny pinch’ that day ! …..where is our money going ?

    No more excuses !!! …. Genuinely challenge or get out !!!

  20. Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed wenger if not for his silly sentiments in player selection ( he had no other choice but to play Debuchy though) but is it a must Ramsey starts? The guy offered nothing, all he was after was self glory, shooting everything when he could have made things easier by passing. He offered no width, and Ozil had to do all that. And for Debuchy, I just hope Bellerin is available for Crystal Palace if he’s not, then that’s a big problem because Debuchy isn’t offering width and defensively, he was bad yesterday and he doesn’t look like one with so much experience (he could improve though). As well as we might just blame the keeper for the first goal, but that was the fault of we not being organized at the back, what were the players doing? They could done something and maybe head the ball out or block it, but the got carried away thinking they got Cech and he’s going to save it. I think there’s more problem to this team than just signing players. With the way things are (wenger’s sentiment) the only players can get into that team is if they’re purchased for high fees, without that, I can’t see Ramsey on the bench. And for Ozil, I just pity the lad, the team are making him look average even though we all know he is world class. He thrives on fast/pacy wingers e.g Ronaldo and Sanchez, but instead Wenger won’t see that. If I were Ozil, I’d call the manager and talk to him about it.

    Opinions divided.. What do y’all think?

  21. Its ridiculous how some our team performed against Westham, but its even more ridiculous how some of our fans behave towards our striker who was one of our best players on the field on the day which there were only few.

    Because we are in need of a new striker does not mean we have to shift the blame to an individual who has been trying is best, (he is not the speedy built forward that we keep crying for) but we have the speedy outlets around him.

    For the many that keep asking for benzema, i guarantee it will be you same fans who will be saying why we bought him in a matter of weeks (that is if that deal actually happens)

    I was more concerned with playing ramsay wide again, Which Wenger continues to do, i was concern with Ozils attitude in the game it was poor a lot of cussing and fussing when he lost the ball and complaining to referee, i was concern about our defense line, taking our goalkeeper for granted, not knowing to step forward to block shots and marking individuals properly. i was concerned for our keeper’s timing and attention span for both goals and last but not least i was concern about our midfielders frailty, easily moved of the ball except for ox or giroud there was no other outlet for the ball.

    So all those wonderful fans take a check of yourself, BENZEMA would not have won us that match.
    I am still confident this team and its title challenge, they just simply need to putin the work required and stop hyping on their recent success

  22. I think the most frustrating thing about the loss yesterday is that, they knew Chelsea dropped points the day before, and yet they still came out with a lacklustre game style, Especailly Cazorla, Ozil and Ramsey trying to accommodate the AMF position at the same time. It would’ve been better to put Joel and Ox on flanks yesterday instead of Cazorla on the left.

    The only time there was urgency was right at the death when Sanchez came on, his presence alone seemed to have got everyone move up a gear, but it was too late

    I don’t think yesterday was about signing top top top striker, since Kouyate and Zarate scored, it was more of our players maybe partying or relaxing too much after winning community shield. Most of them gone into hiding on twitter today.

    If he won’t sign anyone before the next game then might as well give Joel a chance on the wing to proove himself and Paulista at CB.

  23. I don’t see Wenger spending big at this time. Its unfortunate because I think that with two good signings this team could take the EPL. I do hope that next weekend he starts a different lineup.
    Bellerin – Kos-Per-Monreal
    Coq, Carzola
    Chamberlin -Ozil- Sanchez

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