Sanchez is unhappy at Arsenal? Mikel Arteta disagrees!

I have just read one of the most ridiculous Anti-Arsenal articles of all time! According to a report in today’s Star, they report: “The £35m summer signing from Barcelona, according to Chilean newspaper La Tercera, has already fallen out with some of his team-mates, including the Gunners’ record signing Mesut Ozil.

It is a sensational claim from Sanchez’s homeland given that he has enjoyed a blistering start to life at the club following his move from the Nou Camp.

Despite Arsenal’s mixed beginning to the new season, the 25-year-old Chile star has netted an impressive eight goals in 15 appearances and received huge praise from manager Arsene Wenger for his performances.”

This is absolute gutrot and is aimed at destabilising the Gunners dressing room as usual. So someone in Chile has made up a story about Sanchez despite him spending all his time in London right now.

And how can he have “fallen out” with anyone when he has clicked on the pitch impressively, and can hardly speak with any of the other players until his English improves? Not to mention that Ozil hasn’t been able to train with the team since his injury sustained against Chelsea three weeks ago. Listen instead to Mikel Arteta, who must spend as much time with Alexis than anyone else in the world.

Arteta said on “Alexis is one of the best,”

“He’s very committed. Even in recovery sessions he wants to go outside and train to keep improving.

“It’s a different culture and language for him so he doesn’t necessarily understand what we are saying at some times but he wants to play football and I think he feels comfortable as well.”

So who are you more likely to believe? An unsubstantiated report from a rag, or a comment from an Arsenal team-mate?

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  1. He’s fallen out with Özil huh? Well according to the media, Özil wants to leave too. All rubbish.

      1. SERIOUSLY!!! I was wondering that too, as if an Arsenal rep did something foul in the past and everyone is forever pissed… People fear what they don’t understand and don’t understand why they even fear…

      2. I think it has something to do with the fact that Wenger is so unreadable. Every other club seems to announce far and wide who they will be signing – but not Wenger. It annoys the sh!t out of them.

  2. When exactly could they do that? Did sanchrz go to sick bay/ rehab to yell at ozil for not giving 110% at the game he wasnt even playing?

  3. This is just showing that people are still upset that we got sanchez and he is doing so well in just a few months, they will d anything to disrupt the chilean tiger from continuing to progress.

    I think his main pain at the moment is communication with is team mates and this will become better as the season go on and the media only seems to capture pics of him in anguish or disappointed about something.

    Well media most arsenal fans are disappointed and disgust, why, the team is not playing to its potential, yes we know arsenal can play better and we feel strongly that the team is about two players away from being champions, which seems to be a telltale problem over many years now, but due to the foolishness, stubbornness and bouts of favoritism by the RIDICULOUS MANAGER we are being denied this chance.

    So yes media, the fans and Sanchez may be unhappy with arsenal, but we are quite happy to be arsenal fans and arsenal players

  4. Sanchez has what it takes to have a statue next to Henry. He has quality, passion and works like a maniac on the field. He is a great example to other players on how to play. hope he is with us for a LONG time and lifts many trophies.

  5. Most likely the papers are just drawing inference from facial expressions (like the one after his second Sunderland goal when it seemed like his teammates were TOO tired to celebrate with him, or the shaking of his after the Anderletch game).

    In cases like this, I don’t jump into conclusions. I will only believe what I have eye-witnessed first-hand. So until then, neither the paper’s story nor Arteta’s statement will make me conclude.

    Alexis is playing the game of his life though! I LUVVVVVV HIM!!!!!!!

  6. The way everyone is praising Sanchez for his training sessions says the way the others are training.

    It seems as if Sanchez is training more or everyone are training less.

    Work Hard Play Hard.

    1. Probably where pers “we don’t train hard enough” came from. Alexis probably doesnt believe we train hard enough either hence why he stays behind and does extra training himself.

  7. @juhislihis.
    Maybe he’ll become stronger in the tackle like Sanchez and become absolute beast.
    #Pace and Power

  8. Papers like to create controversy where there isn’t any. It sells papers I guess. No need to worry about Ozil or Sanchez unless they vocally express discontent, which hasn’t happened. To me they look fine. I think Ozil only looks down because Wenger isn’t using him as number 10.

  9. Anyone else seen the Canal+ interview of Iker? It’s in Spanish though but you get a English transcript.

    He talks about the recent whistling(booing) on him whenever he touches the ball in the 5-1 win over Basel in Champions League.

    Than he says he wants to MAYBE finish his career in another country so he can appreciate Real Madrid more.

    I would love to have him any day. Yes, he is down the pecking order but I want him for Szczesny. His transfer fee will be very less as will his wages. But Szczesny – who has the potential to be the world best- will learn from the world best albeit not at the moment. Imagine our Szczesny getting mentored by San Iker.


    One can dream, can’t they?

    1. @Sumo
      I’ve always rated Iker as one of the worlds best. Don’t know the reason for his dip in form and don’t care to speculate. Still got mad respect for him though and wouldn’t mind havin him at AFC.

  10. meanwhile in arsenal’s hospital:´

    “on Serge Gnabry and Abou Diaby…
    They are not quite ready yet. Gnabry is closer than Diaby fitness-wise. He is a couple of weeks away.”
    sorry diaby, you must go…

    1. Arsenal lacks a proper Lw. He would be fantastic for us. Sanchez is a good runner but we kinda miss a player who can beat players and hold the ball longer just like Hazard at Chelsea. He could be also later be mold into a shadow striker. The price tag though is to high. 30m

      1. So if Sanchez doesn’t beat players and holds the ball like Hazrard what RW do we have that does it then on the right side?

      2. Hello my fellow gunner . I honestly think there is no much differences btn Sanchez and Hazzard. They can both take defenders, quick feet,good goal sights, can score goals,play many roles in the team. I feel Sanchez’s work rate is higher than Hazzard and he hold the ball for pretty long which isnt necessary for his team. If you remember even Mourihno criticized him in public. Sanchez is a machine and i just hope he doesnt change.

  11. So Suarez is gone and the papers do need new targets to pick on. Simple as that. Sanchez was beloved at Barcelona, at Arsenal he is a god. He need to continue to play his game as sooner or later we might become a force again.

  12. Even though the Alexis rumour is shite, I was wondering why no one celebrated his second goal against Sunderland with him and the look on his face. They probably never thought that players like Alexis exhisted with that type of energy every game. Man I now wish we could have a squad full of Alexis’ to turn teams over week in week out…

    1. He was aware of Sunderland losing to 8 goals before. It was only bec Sunderland made 2 mistakes we could score these 2 goals. Kinda poor.

  13. Sanchez has already realised he is a main player for the club… I am sorry, I should have said, “The main player” in the team… Clearly!

    I don’t think he is unhappy (unless he understood he will win f*ck all in here… Just a fact) as it is his first season, but he also needs to realise that this is not Barcelona…!

    I think, we will see the full extent of his talent when our best players are in mode (with Ozil as number10).

  14. Not sure if he’s unhappy but no doubt he’s making the other players look poor due to his high work rate, quality, speed, etc. The other players dont always seem happy when he scores. I think he’s suprised and frustrated with how poor we’ve been this year and if not for the language barrier he may feel inclined to tell them. Let’s hope the others raise their games before his English improves!

  15. Sanchez is already the best player at the club. He is playing more like Arsenal the Arsenal way than some other players who have been here 3 or more seasons in the first team now. Chamberlain, Wilshere and Ramsey have been poor for us this season (overall), they should not be in the first team. But these players are always considered first team material in Wengers mind, so what do you expect.

    Sanchez works hard on the left side, then sees a lazy chamberlain on the right side of the pitch, ofcourse he won’t be happy. Then Ramsey has gone back to casual Ramsey (flicks, bakcheel), and Wilshere, who is trying but needs to know when to pass the ball, and not do 2 yard passes in opposition bos, to walk it into the net.

    Then there is the defence, and that is 100% down again to Wenger. Poor defending at set piece, poor at attacking set pieces, and always getting caught in counter attack. Scszesny is not making enough saves, Mertesacker is giving up on challenges, No cover in defence, Chambers (1 season pl experience) playing in fullback when Jenksinson (2 season pl experience) could’ve played there this season, even Bellerin is better than Chambers at RB. At least try Coquelin at RB or DMF in some games. Wenger goes ‘Monreal can play in CB’ after only two preseason games in that position.

  16. These are fabricated stories . This isn’t a good thing. The players should be friendly and work together as a team. No chance for quarreling to each other. Hope we keep our spirit up and enjoy every moment together. Thus why we call it a team. Make us enjoying good and entertaining football.

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