Sanchez, Pedro – and the silence of (Arsenal’s) transfer window.

Pedro anyone? Enjoy the silence of the window. by KM

Good day to all of you fine Gunners round the globe. Do you miss football in the 2 months of the transfer barbeque, where stories get fried and go sour in a matter of days? Well I do.

Not a lot of football, bar a Chile win at the Copa America. To be honest I didn’t see much of the tournament, but from the highlights I saw, the hosts got some help from the refs here and there and at the end they won the cup.

So I guess Sanchez will be coming home late, like our World Cup trio last year. This time around though we’ll have a fully fit squad, coming off the back of a good end to the last season, so I expect a different start than last year where we didn’t manage 2 wins in a row till November or December was it?

No Asia tours this year, so after the players visit the beaches with their ultra-hot model girlfriends I expect some hard work on the training ground. Ozil, then Sanchez, now Cech means in 3 years in a row we’ve completed a hat-trick of world class signings.

I think we’re as close as we’ve been to a real title challenge for a while. People never expect Arsenal to win the title, but I think that some of the pundits (bar the deluded Liverpool ones like Owen) are beginning to suspect Arsenal to be title contenders.

If we add a DM to help Coquelin and a world class striker (though not many are available) we’ll be 100% contenders. The only sort of transfer news lately comes around Pedro, who’s struggling to find a place among Suarez, Neymar and Messi.

He did sign a new contract, but you could see the logic in the ‘i-don’t-like-the-bench’ statement. Still this one looks highly unlikely, like most of the transfer rumours. Still if he has to chose between us and Liverpool, we’d always be favorites. Coming from Barcelona, one of the best cities in Europe, you’d move to another one like London. Champions league football of course is a major plus and i doubt the excitement to play with Jordan Henderson and last years Southampton squad is such a delight.

Anyway, a lot of people ask if Pedro is a smart buy considering what we already have. Again you hardly need a magnifying glass to spot the theory here. But if Walcott is moved, Pedro would be a nice replacement. I think he will be ok with playing on the Wing. Considering how every Arsenal midfielder wants to play in the middle, I think it’s a bonus.

Anyways it’s still pretty silent, but it’s early. Podolski and Diaby left. I think Flamini is next through the exit door. We probably won’t make too many signings unless we somehow make a horror start to the season. The DM is a primary one, the striker is a bonus.

We’re a team on the up. Hope your week is on the up too!


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    1. We have so far let Diaby and Ryo go and sold Podolski. That’s 3 out, we still have 33 players on the roster according to, some are under 19s but still too many players on the team.

      GK: I guess its Ospina to go
      Defense: Jenkinson and Hayden to be loaned out
      Midfield: Flamini,Rosicky to be sold, Zelalem,Bieyelik to be loaned out
      Forwards: Campbell, Sanogo, to be sold and Gnabry and Akpom to be loaned out

      I’ve kept Arteta as I think Wenger wants to keep him, i would have let him go and gotten a better DM but , it’s still early days, we’ll see what happens.

        1. writing an article and not knowing arsenal is going to Singapore in Asia for the barclays tournament together with stoke and everton. who are you mate????

      1. Not really sure why Wenger is not going for Schneiderlin – he would appear to fit the bill in every way, and he is the benchmark Wenger kind of player.

        There are obviously legs in the rumour that he really doesn’t want to go to Manure, so it would seem that Wenger could negotiate a good deal for him as well, which ever way you look at it, it would be folly to think that Coq could go an entire season with no injury whatsoever.

  1. You Giroud lovers, i do like Giroud but whats frustrates me the most about him is he needs 8 chances to score just one goal. I have never seen him score a hatrick since he joined arsenal except the Pre season match against vietnam, most of u hailing Giroud has World Class will later start cursing. I believe we need to sign A 30-35 goals striker and a DM, Buzzing for pre-season

    1. we should stop all this Giroud comments we know he is average at best but don’t need to be saying it over and over

    2. I often watch Giroud with a handkerchief in my hand; his performances often leave me in tears. Good guy, but only good enough from the B-E-N-C-H!!!

    3. @ cappieee.
      I think every arsenal fan agrees with you we should sign a striker who gets 30-35 goals a season all you have to do now is name one (realistically).

    4. you must be like 15.
      otherwise you would have seen our great Titi miss some chances too, and some 1-0 scores back in the day….

      1. Rubbish,i’ve been supporting Arsenal since the 80’s an i agree with him wholeheartedly on Giroud,to even try an compare him to Henry is stupid,thats the point this guy does not fit in with the greats that have gone b4 him(wright,Bergkamp,Henry etc)and to try an argue that he does is barmy

    1. Well Arteta has signed a new deal purely as a player (thought he may venture into coaching). I think it would take a very good deal for us to see a new DM this window now.

      On the upside (take note those who call me negative), the remainder of our budget can and likely will be put to an attacking player of considerable pedigree. Just a sneaking suspicion Wenger is lurking around waiting for any hint of encouragement from the Benzema camp, but who knows.

      1. you could be right about Benzema,but this would be a late signing,thats no good for us we need early signings.If we don’t get him im not sure we’ll sign any1.And if this is the case we won’t win anything big(league or Champions league) this year.

  2. We need another defensive midfielder and a world class striker. With giroud we can’t compete at d highest level

  3. Barca have signed Turan. Would’ve thought that’s Pedro gone. Also, Barca are after Pogba. If they pick up Pogba that would make Busquets available. Could be one of our little last minute world class signings.

  4. I often watch Giroud with a handkerchief in my hand; his performances often leave me in tears. Good guy, but only good enough from the B-E-N-C-H!!!

  5. OFFICIAL!!!

    Arsenal have officially completed the signing of BARRY SOLAN
    An experinced strength & conditioning coach.

    1. we need an injury free team. Hope this man brings his skills to add up with the impressive one Forsythe had started

  6. we need an injury free team. Hope this man brings his skills to add up with the impressive one Forsythe had started

  7. I think Wenger’s silence in the window speaks volume about the quality of players he is searching for. Top clubs shortlist players to target and spend the summer trying to get them at a price that makes sense. If the price is not right or if the player is not available, the club will move to the next player on the list. Clubs that do not have the allure, either due to their lack of Champions League football or lack of footballing identity, are pressured into making signings quickly to avoid having their move hijacked. However, as seen by the recent transfers of Ozil, Alexis, and Cech, players that would grace most starting XI’s, Arsenal is now a premier destination for players. This allows Arsenal to have more bargaining power and compete for the top players with Europe’s elite.

    While Liverpool have made multiple signings already, the players brought in so far are not even close to the quality needed to be inserted into Arsenal’s starting XI (or even the bench!). They have made 9 signings so far, including a youth player they have supposedly filched from us, yet most of them resemble transfers of a lower table team. They spent ~£25 million on Firmino, when they already have a similar player in Coutinho and signed Danny Ings and Adam Bogdan, players who likely will make little impact for a supposedly “big” club. The only transfers that make sense are of the English defenders Joe Gomez and Nathaniel Clyne, but those transfers hardly strike fear in most opponents. For a team that finished 2nd just two years ago, it has been a swift decline to mediocrity. Considering the dead weight they have from their £100 million outlay last summer (Balotelli, Lambert, Lovren), Liverpool will struggle to make the Champions League and likely be mired in the Europa League with the Swanseas and Southamptons of the world.

    Meanwhile, Arsenal are simply waiting for the right moment to strike and pick a player that would truly add to the team and help with the 2015/16 PL title challenge and onwards.

    1. What I believe Arsenal’s shortlist looks like currently:

      DMs: Morgan Schneiderlin, William Carvalho, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Arturo Vidal (not a DM, but his arrival would preclude the arrival of a strict DM)

      Backup Striker: Munir El Haddadi, Eduardo Vargas, Pedro

      The Bona Fide Star *: Karim Benzema, Mario Gotze, [Insert Star Here]

      * While Arsenal do not really need another bona fide superstar on the level of Ozil or Sanchez, adding another luxury player would make them a force in the UCL along with the Premier League.

      It will be interesting to see who Wenger pursues, now that the purse strings have been loosened. He may just have a surprise or two still in his sleeve for this window.

  8. Arsenal is coming to town. Counting down to meet them in my country, the Barclays Asia Trophy. Sad thing is don’t know sanchez will be joining the team here.

  9. I agree giroud does seem like a nice guy. Good team player but just not good enough to be number 1 cf and can not get 20 prem goals we need to win the league.

    1. Theo is not a winger. He is a striker although he has played as a winger after he came to arsenal.
      I can bet if Walcott plays as a striker fully fit he will score more than Giroud.

      1. But when Theo plays on the right he doesn’t play as a winger. He plays as a supporting forward who drifts into the channels. Arsenal doesn’t play traditional wingers

  10. Thank god Arda Turan has joined Barca. I was tired of those rumours about Cazorla- Turan swap deal.

  11. As things stand we have a squad that has moved from challenging for fourth to challenging for third spot and hoping that this year we just might make cl quarters …. Other managers can see their first team weaknesses and try to fill them …doesn’t work all the time but at least an honest admission that their team is short … We have lacked power in midfield and serious strike options for years … Sanchez was a partial solution in latter coquellin an even more partial solution in former… I am yet to be convinced that the frog is taking this seriously

    1. We will be third at best and only win FA cup with current team even after including Cech.

  12. Acc to Wenger, Flamini + Arteta = No DM needed.
    Giroud = Best striker in the world No striker needed.

  13. It would be easy to go out and buy all sorts like Liverpool but we are after players who could improve the team. Those kind of signings take money and time.

    Be patient.

    1. Time and money?
      Arsenal has had time
      and money.
      Arsenal has spent a hundred
      million in fees and wages
      on Girvinho Bendtner Arshavin
      Park Sanogo Giroud Campbell Ryo
      Chamakh Podolski and Wellbeck.
      Only Giroud has been a success.
      Time? Be patient?
      Ten years 11 strikers 10 failures
      100 mill down the drain.
      Ten years of mismanagement.
      Last chance. Win the EPL Wenger or Fu#k off.

      1. The money wasted at Arsenal has been minimal compared to the major losses of other clubs. Torres transfer fee was £50m, add his wages onto that. Falcao at United, Spurs wasted £100m in one transfer window, as did Liverpool – not to mention £35m on Carroll. Man City have been big spenders, but when’s the last time they bought anyone half decent? Years ago… By comparison, that’s great management…

  14. A lot of Wenger hate on this page. Fitting that Sky Sports just published a study of the best premier league managers of all time, and Wenger is 2nd on the list, behind Feeguson, ahead of Mourinho.

    1. Mourinho has 3 EPLs
      in 5 years
      Wenger 3 EPL’s
      in 18 years.
      Mou is way ahead of Wenger.
      Only an idiot would think otherwise.

      1. Yep, and Tony Pulis has never won the premier league. He’s awful too, clearly. Circumstances mean everything.

  15. So giroud was not better than anelka, Ian Wright david suker Henry bergkemp kanu rvp wiltord ade.
    Giroud is a very nice guy and it ent his fault he ent better than harry kane wayne rooney aguero Costa sturridge. Last season we only did what we did because sanchez carried arsenal on his back

    1. Logic is not a plentiful commodity on here – what the hell wrong is there with having a player that makes a difference – or to use your speak “carried arsenal on his back”?????!! The glass half full people will say “good signing”. Everyone bellyaching for a “30-35” goal striker (be amazed if it isn’t the “35-40 goal striker in a month or so) to do what exactly – not to carry the team with his goals? And if you watched Arsenal between Jan and March you will know Alexis carried nothing for 3 months.

      1. I know OG received player of the month in March while we were trying to obtain CL status. He was just an ok player though not good enough. I laugh JT1 at the comments here.

      2. I think what we really need is a 105-110 goal a season striker. Plenty of ’em out there!

  16. Giroud always pokes goals when we are comfortable winning. He don’t score crucial winners and he can’t score prem hatrick. Why don’t he score a winner when we need those points. Jose laughs at welbeck and giroud like every other top manager. Wenger was great but he is dated . I will always respect he has done but when his contract finish it would be time for him to go back to France and retire

  17. Oh I forgot Middlesborough…… what a bully. Yet he still couldn’t score a hatrick against them

  18. Fa cup is a nice tea cup… let’s move on to prem and CL this year. We got enough tea cups now

  19. this year i am putting my money on Walcott to be the main striker. i have a feeling he is coming to age.

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