Sanchez staying at Arsenal – but no move for Lacazette

So Arsenal fan’s continued wish for a new first class striker to provide competition for Olivier Giroud continues, as we learned today from the Lyon director Jean-Michel Aulas that Arsene Wenger, despite having lots of opportunities, has not even mentioned the possibility of Alexandre Lacazette moving to the Emirates this summer.

Aulas told L’Equipe: “I’ve met Arsene Wenger quite often during France games (at the Euros) but he has not spoken to me about this (an offer for Lacazette). So I don’t think there is something in it and it seems to that Lacazette wants to play with Lyon in the new stadium.

“He wants a Champions League adventure that is far better than the previous one. I think he will stay with us and we are very happy.”

So that is yet another striker we can cross off our wishlist, and it was quite a popular wish as well. Out of all the Arsenal rumours doing the rounds I did feel that this was the most likely to happen. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Meanwhile, on a happier note, it appears that Juventus have now given up hope of luring Alexis Sanchez to Italy, as the Gunners have categorically insisted he is not for sale.

The Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta has told the world that Wenger has no intention of letting our star player leave so easily. “Sanchez is a great player, but Arsenal told us they have no intention of selling,” he said.

“Arsenal said that the Chilean attacker is non-transferable and that he is not on the market.”

So we may not have any good news on a new striker coming in, but at least we are not going to lose any of our existing ones either!



  1. We have enough strikers to achieve our annual CL qualification trophy

    Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Akpom, Sanogo

    That should be enough for any side.

    1. Twig, I agree
      Akpom, three goals in championship at 600 minutes per goal.
      Sanogo, hat trick for brentford against reading, but not much else for several years.
      Welbeck, now fully injured and not firing on all cylinders.
      Walcott, probably fit but firing on one cylinder and paranoid about getting injured again.
      Giroud, currently firing on four cylinders but due for a long rest and probable relapse.

      So we are good to go, 38 PL games plus long runs in league cup, FA Cup and Champions League. Those forwards will be firing in the goals, they will make MSN look ordinary.

      1. Well, then play them at once!

        Giroud Sanogo
        Welbeck Ozil Walcott
        Monreal Koscielny Kapitän Bellerin

    2. Twig, judging by all the thumbs down your ironic comment has been misunderstood. Either that or a lot on here actually believe that giroud, walcott, Welbeck, akpom, and sanogo are actually enough.

  2. Wenger is gonna come out and tell the world that keeping Ozil and Sanchez is like two singings. …thee return of Welbeck is another singing and Theo has found his former again and is looking extra sharp in training. …so that’s 4 singings for the new season…..This transfer window is depressing. ….If it wasn’t for the signing of Granit Xhaka I think all he’ll would break loose on this site

  3. Still quite concerned about Alexis. Why would Arsenal say he’s worth £35m before rejecting that offer? Why not just straight up say he’s not for sale at any price?

    Juventus aren’t a very rich club, but if they sell Pogba for £100m as is being said, then suddenly they’ll have the money to test Arsenal with some big bids for Sanchez.

    Still concerned.

    1. I can’t believe we would only rate Sanchez at 35 million. If you look at the prices quoted for Lukaku, Morata and Lacazette I would slap a price tag of 60 million on Sanchez (minimum). He is better than all three of those guys in my book.

  4. Xhaka is Arsenals one big big signing, they do this every year, they go get one good player early on whether we need them or not, we fans get excited like more are to come, but sadly no. Wenger is weird about spending money…end of discussion until next year.

  5. If someone could guarantee that Wenger leaving next year, I will stop moaning this transfer window, I will take it as it is now …

  6. It needs someone at Arsenal to tell that gimp to buy some players we need a left back coz NM can’t do a full season and we need some class to come on for him and we no of a player who wants to come in tben 2 CB end of and get rid CC on loan and BFG sell him and we still need a DM and 2 wingers and 2 CD that’s what we need. Tbe squad is poor but he just won’t spend and it needs to stop. We have Liverpool very soon and his team will be all over us. Teams have come in and want to buy O-G man let him go

  7. Well if your striking off Lacazette’s name from our strikers option list is based on the statement of the Lyon Director then you maybe wrong. Management members of clubs are not known to be honest when it comes to transfer stories. They most of the time outrightly deny knowledge about the transfer of a certain player only for you to hear breaking news about the players transfer the next day.

  8. Xhaka will be it. He is looking to promote some players to first team and won’t want to hold them back. We will not be getting a striker that’s for sure. Adelaide will be promoted on the wing perhaps but we won’t get a striker.

    The Japanese player was for shirt sales.

    Let’s face it, we should consider ourselves lucky if we hold onto Alexi and Ozil. They must see Arsene seems to lack ambition, the board are tight and the fan base divided and tetchy. Those pathetic banners and daft actions last season can’t impress the players much. Our fan base thinks they have problems….go tell that to Villa and Newcastle fans. When players see that it must give them second thoughts about playing for this club.

    Let’s just hope for the best and see what happens.

  9. Get rid of AW simple no man is bigger then our club and get new fresh faces on tbe board. It’s sickening this

  10. we all know what to expect at the end of the summer… “we couldn’t find the right players, blah blah blah, the same BS every year. Titleless season coming yet again. Please take the England job and leave us alone Arsene. You’ve done great for the club in the past but it’s over…. Time for us to evolve.

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