Sanchez transfer demands secure Arsenal hero status

It will be a hugely disappointing summer for Arsenal fans and everyone connected with the club, except maybe silent Stan Kroenke and his bean counters, if we do not end this current campaign as Premier League title winners. But at least it will not mean that Arsenal lose our superstar striker Alexis Sanchez.

Well as long as the powers that be at the Emirates stadium listen to his contract demands in the summer. And if they do it will be great news for everyone. As reported by The Sun, Arsenal are set to sit down with the Chile international to thrash out the terms of a new long term contract and the dynamic forward is supposedly happy to stay with the Gunners, with a couple of conditions.

One is a pay rise, although it is not a massive one as his current wages are not far off the £160,000 a week the paper claims he is asking for. The most important of his demands are the assurances he wants about the direction of the club.

Alexis is apparently asking for the club to confirm that it shares his ambition to compete at the highest level. In essence he wants promises about the future transfer plans. So it seems as though Sanchez is about as impressed as the rest of us with Arsene Wenger spending less than £20 million on just two new players over the last couple of transfer windows and telling us that there is just nobody out there while all our EPL rivals seem to be having no trouble tracking down transfer targets.

You tell em Alexis. Don’t you just love him even more now?

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  1. If this is all true then Alexis wants to become our hero..he wants trophies he wants us to challenge for the league and the Champions league every season..he wants us to sign equability players like himself and fill out the weak gaps…

    Sanchez is sounding like a die hard Arsenal Support who plays for the club which we need….

    All the things he is requesting so are we and the size of the club we should be…..

  2. Good to see we are spending money at last. . . Oh got that wrong, Stan just splashed $750 million on a new ranch!

      1. Not surprised, Id say gullible. Except for Leicester, you could name any of the other sides top star player and write the exact same thing. Why, because every body of fans wants always more, can always be more ambitious, always better players for certain positions.

    1. @bob
      Does anyone tell you how to spend your money? Beside your
      Stan was a “billionaire” long before he invested in AFC. Find something of substance to be pizz’d off about next time.

  3. Wow……If the club don’t match Alexis ambition, then He’ll leave.

    Seems like we have been here before with ‘RVP’. I just hope the little boy in Alexis Sanchez will choose Arsenal but the club has to play her own part…

  4. Wow that’s about £500 million.
    Could have got Neymar, Bale, Ibra and at last a decent DM for that!

    1. Because we have a history of players leaving us due to our pathetic ambitions. So yeah, if we don’t buy more world class players we can say goodbye to Ozil and Alexis next year.

      1. That is the objective of this story, so to have fans worry about losing their darling. They expect us to believe they know exactly what is going through Alexis’s head before Alexis has even sat down for the conversation, yeah, I find that easy to believe ..or not. They can never tell who we are targeting even though the scouts would be a big hint, if the media were right about us at least five percent of the time we would have a squad of globetrotters on our books.

        Nice try media mongers but Alexis loves Arsenal and Arsenal loves Alexis, he knew the managers reputation when he arrived and we knew we were getting a player who doesn’t like to make waves/noise because he does all his talking on the pitch.

        1. RVP also loved Arsenal but look what happened as soon as he got ambitious. His ambition is no different to Alexis.

  5. Kroenke just bought a ranch in America the size of LA for $725 million

    That could buy:
    1, 7 Bales and 1 Isco
    2. 14 Aubemeyangs and 1 Isco
    3. 29 Iscos
    4. 145 Eleneys


  6. come end season

    wenger will retire
    board will show zero ambition..and Sanchez will join Psg or Bayern..

    watch this space

  7. Hope the report is true. Good for Sanchez to show ambition and start a fire. Hopefully we can hear about Cech, Kos, Bellerin, and Ozil being on board.

    Hate to imagine fans response if Sanchez leaves b/c clubs lack of ambition.

  8. It’s the Sun reporting this, so take it with a pinch of salt,
    The Mirror are more reliable, as their sports writer has closer ties with the club. (Johnathan cross? )

    I also doubt that the club will bring in the kind of quality signings that will keep Sanchez happy,
    It’s more than likely that Man City and Chelsea will bid for Sanchez in the summer, Especially if Chelsea hire the Chilean coach.

    And if we fail to win the premier league this season,
    It wouldn’t surprise me if both Sanchez and Ozil were to both leave in the summer.

  9. Can one explain to me why city is predicted by delloite to be the richest club in the world in the next 5yrs yet they spend money like hell with their stadium now bigger than ours(scapegoat for not spending for a damn decade)…this wengernomics is the real problem…

    1. They can’t even fill their own stadium and their fan base is smaller than all of the traditional top 4 clubs. The media assume because Guardiola is there City will all of a sudden be on Barca’s level, but the fact is City need rebuilding and still don’t have the same appeal as any of the European giants. The big English clubs have had their reputation built over the course of a decade, having Guardiola for 3 years won’t change much in terms of City’s status as a top club. Just look at Chelsea, they brought Mourinho twice and they still aren’t the biggest club in London.

    2. Because man city are owned by sheikh mansour of abu dhabi. The purpose of the ownership is to advertise and promote abu dhabi and abu dhabi companies. Abu dhabi intends to transform from an oil dependant state to an international centre for business, tourism etc.

      Man City are heavily subsidised by abu dhabi, for example between 2008 and 2011 over £1 billion was poured in to man city by sheik mansour. These payments have continued with varous accounting mechanisms to get around the financial fair play rules, like £400m to call the stadium etihad etc.

  10. This is RVP all over again if this is true, which im happy enough with, as Alexis Sanchez is a WC talent that wants to win and by that means he wants to challenge for everything not just be init for the money like Arsenal tend to do each season. If he asks to leave for the reason that we are stagnating and not showing ambition that he, and the fans want also i may add, wants and desires then THE FANS need to back our lil red hot chilli superstar and get the club to where he wants it to be and thats sweet beautiful music to Arsenal fans ears as we believe we should be there also by now!


  11. I think what Sanchez meant to say is…I hope your going to bring 1 or 2 marquee players this summer even if we win the league this season: I want a UCL medal!! Money is there just spend it not out of control (look at Man U…) but savvy spending with potential game changer players with little to no injury records

  12. How does The Sun know this. Is Alexis briefing them, I doubt it. Is the club briefing them, almost definately not.

    The Sun knows that us fans want the team strengthening and that Sanchez is a favorite. What better way to get our attention, if we do not strengthen the team we end up weaker because Alexis will leave, and take other with him.

    Unless the sun has bugged Alexis and his agents telephone home and office then they cannot know this. It is a made up story like most of the transfer/contract articles in the media.

  13. If Sun did actually report this, rather than assumed it happened, Sanchez will leave in the summer that’s for sure. This transfer window we will find out what does FC in Arsenal FC stands for, a Football Club, or a Feeder Club.
    The fact that Ben Wrigglesworth joined Arsenal just goes to show the clubs intent on that matter.

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