Sanllehi confirms that Mesut Ozil is not trying as hard as the others

There has been an interesting development in the Emery/Ozil situation, with the latest news coming from the Arsenal supremo Raul Sanllehi who says that there is no rift between the German midfielder and our coach, but that Mesut Ozil is simply not performing as hard in training as the players that Emery is picking in front of him. Basically he is saying that Ozil needs to try harder to show his worth.

Sanllehi was quoted as saying in the Express: “Unai has had many good players in other teams also, and he has always followed the same policy,”

“That is to try not to make any distinctions, play the ones who work hard in training and reward the effort with playing time.

“There is nothing against Mesut on the contrary and I hope we get to see him much more in the next games because his qualities are without question.

“But he needs to contribute 24/7 and that’s what Unai expects from him.

“It’s not that he’s not working so well, but there are others who are deserving more playing time, but Unai can’t treat him differently than any other player.

“You may have read that Unai has put a barrier up, but nothing at all like this has happened.”

So what are supposed to make of that? He says there are no personal problems between the manager and Mesut Ozil, but he is not performing in training in the way that he is capable of, or else the German would be playing every week …

Does that sound like the truth?



      1. Ozil is top quality. Unai does not know what he is doing. Same way he treated Pastore, Ben Arfa, and Lucas Moura. You just have to get the best out of your players. Ozil first half performance against Watford was top notch. His precise pass to AMN to set up Aubameyang. By the way, the likes of Xhaka who do well in training screw things up in real matches. Play Ozil regularly and you will see the results. We no longer have a good midfield. Against Man United, our midfield was crap. No key passes. We were just messing around in midfield.

        1. As I have said before, now confirmed by Raul Sanheili, that the coach’s non selection of Mezut Ozil, is supported by management.
          Now both Raul Sanheili and Unai Emery are now being accused of lying, even by Admin.
          To what purpose is any body’s guess, but according to some this is the situation.
          Sanity is becoming a reducing resource on this site.

        1. Spot on RSH.
          Andrew, a true friend tells you the truth, even if you don’t like it!
          You won’t succeed if you are surrounded by sycophants.

    1. Upon being appointed manager at Barca, Guardiola (then a rookie manager) said that Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto’o were not part of his plans for the coming season. Ronaldinho’s attitude wasn’t aligning well with Guardiola’s vision and Guardiola would not accommodate that in his team regardless of the fact Ronaldinho (supremely talented he was) was already a legend and one of the all-time football greats.
      On 19 May 2008, Barcelona club president Joan Laporta stated that Ronaldinho needed a “new challenge”, claiming that he needed a new club if he were to revive his career. Ronaldinho joined Milan. The fate of Eto’o took much of the summer to unravel, with the Cameroonian linked with several clubs, but Guardiola finally declared that he would stay after his “dedication in training” and participation in the pre-season.

      My point is that there really is nothing outrageously new or criminally unprofessional about the stance Emery has taken with Ozil. Nor is the club’s handling of the situation unjust. It is what it is.

      There are certain key differences though.
      1. Pep achieved success with that team almost instantaneously and went on to create the best footballing side of the decade.
      2. He wasn’t afraid to bin Ronaldinho or Ibra -both of whom were at the top of their game at the time- because he had the future of the club in Lionel Messi who had come through from the academy.

      Emery has Willock (the future) coming through from the academy. He is no Messi. But, he is really putting in the work and showing hunger. I suspect if we rather give him the time and priority that he deserves, it just might work out really good. And the sooner Emery starts to win games consistently the less often he’d be criticized for his decisions/methods (good or bad).

      1. I get your point but I think it should have been handled in house, not aired publicly which suggests that they have an agenda here. Maybe it’s the Barca way of doing things?

      2. Hope you know there is a big difference BTW Barcelona and Arsenal in terms of Quality at the time. If we are sincere with ourselves, we have lost our identity. We struggle against teams at home in the league. Take away Aubameyang goals and you will see how badly we play. Ozil stats are there. Even last season, despite being frozen out of the team, he still scored goals. It was foolhardy to play 3 Defensive midfielders against a Man United side that has been poor all season. Ozil creates more chances than any other midfielders in the squad. Precision passes. Intelligence. Good ball distribution. He sees openings ahead. Unai has inferiority complex. We have a squad that can compete with Liverpool and Man City. But the manager does not know what he is doing.

        1. What is this obsession with 3cdm’s? Guendouzi and xhaka are naturally CM’s although xhaka is playing as the deepest lying midfielder . I don’t understand where you people get this 3CDM notion from. It’s getting rather annoying

        2. I wouldn’t bring up Ozil’s form last season in his defence personally….. Did you know that Mhki outperformed him across the board last season in the PL despite playing less minutes?
          Yes Ozil has magnificent vision but he needs to be consistent with his performances and effort to get a starting spot imo.

          As for 3 ‘defensive mids’, as others have pointed out they actually include centre mids but the whole formation has been set up defensively to compensate for such a weak back line. Xhaka is the closest thing we have to a deep lying playmaker so has been included to try and help with setting the forwards going and two workhorses to run around him chasing the balk and plug gaps. Xhaka also has the reliability to drop deep and form a back 3 with the CBs when the FBs go forward, Torreira does not as he likes to chase the ball. Not saying I agree with Xhaka being included just pointing out the plan as I see it 🤷‍♂️

        3. Skills1000, please remind me how many goals did Ozil score last season? Even the much maligned Iwobi did not only score more but also had more assists.

  1. If it was just Raul saying it maybe not, but it’s not, Mertesacker has also said the same and tried everything he could think off to motivate him, Emery has said the same, Wenger said that Ozil had lost motivation since stopping international duty and admitted he let Ozil skip training in the past to keep him fit.
    The sad truth is that Ozil is 30 years old, is on a bumper pay packet and has no reason to impress anyone for a spot on his national team, his stats have been declining (Mhki outperformed him last season in less minutes), he suffers from back pain and fekk knows what else that keeps him out injured (was the same under Wenger so can’t just be an Emery excuse), he is no longer the Ozil he once was.
    Ive never been much of a fan of his and I would be happy to be wrong and he gets an opportunity and turns into prime RM or 15/16 Ozil again, but sadly I can’t see that happening and it’s probably best he move to a less demanding league where he can be himself and play his game again.
    If we are telling the youngsters, which we have a lot of in the squad right now, that they have to give 100% to fight for their spot on the team then it’s only fair that the senior members (and one of the Captains to boot) be held to the same standard imo

  2. crap!!! xhaka,Nelson, socratis,luiz are trying?..nansense!!.both him and Emery are saying nonsense…. ozil should sit his azz down till his contract ends!!!

  3. “It’s not that he’s not working so well, but there are others who are deserving more playing time, but Unai can’t treat him differently than any other player.

    so nelson,willock,xhaka are deserving more than ozil…crap!!

    1. That’s not what MadHatter is saying though is it?

      As a “fanboy” (ridiculous and childish words) of Ozil, I just can’t ignore what is now coming out on a REGULAR basis, by people we should respect within the club.
      I’ve always said that “official” news is what counts and this is quite clearly just that.

      I am sure that UE and Ozil do not see each other as soul mates and UE has said some things that should have been kept behind closed doors.

      But, as fans, we are always saying the club should be more open with the fans and this is what is happening with Ozil.

      I don’t compare Ozil with anyone else, that is counter productive.
      Nor do I bring his salary in to the discussion, another red herring.

      It’s time for Ozil to up his game, not only for us to see his undoubted talent again, but for the club and Unai, in particular, to have no footballing reason to leave him out.

      If he doesn’t/can’t then kronkie must make a decision and the club will move on regardless of the outcome.

      1. Thanks Ken…. I’m not sure if Simon was replying to me or not because that’s certainly not what I was saying lol.

        I find it a shame because I have actually defended Ozil previously (despite not being a fan of his) as I felt losing our width over the years robbed him of his outlets for his creativity, now we have a team where he could truly shine again but if he can’t give 100% everytime he’s just not gonna get the chance, the new regime just can’t afford to.

      2. That’s what i want from an ozil fan, it’s ok to defend your players you like but at some stage it becomes more denial than reason. That’s the 3rd person in a big position to say that ozil should try harder Emery, mertesaker and now sanllehi. ozil was already declining hard in wenger last 2 seasons. Left out of training, repeated mysterious back injuries and flu illness were plenty before emery took charge. Now we have more excuses for ozil not playing under emery.

    2. Yes they are trying more than ozil, they may not have ozil talent or his qualities but we all see that they are giving there all on the pitch, have said it over and over again that only a fool will believe that Emery is the only involved in this ozil issue, now a senior member have said ozil is not given his all, am still surprised though that some still think this lazy player will suddenly pick form, Wenger tried all he could to protect him always allowing him to sit out some matches, the guy is finished a player who is on that huge salary and can’t motivate himself and you call that a player, the guy is just too lazy.

      1. lenohappy, what other players are doing on the pitch, what talent they have, or what they are earning, does not make any difference to the situation regarding Ozil.

        He is the only person who can change a situation that the club have officially reported is happening.

        You believe, he will not regain his form, the club have let us, the fans know, they believe he can regain his form, but until he does the situation remains the same.

        What I can’t understand even now though, is why UE chose him as captain and to lead a very inexperienced and young side against Forest.

        He wasn’t lazy in that game, UE didn’t select him because he was lazy and he was earning the same reported salary before that game and after.

        The ball is certainly in his court and, as it’s now in the open officially, we might hear from current players as well.

        1. Ken I find it odd too that he was made captain, even more so if the rumours that Emery threw it in Ozil’s favour are true.

          My best guess is its been an attempt at motivating him.
          He no longer has to impress for his country so maybe giving him some responsibility and making him realise what a role model he is to our youth by putting him as Captain of a young squad in the cup would give him the kick up the ar*e to put in the effort 🤷‍♂️
          Of course I could be speaking utter pish but just my personal opinion on it bud

          1. MadHatter, a sensible point and one I hadn’t thought about, having been pleased to see him on the pitch again!!!

            But then, if that was the case, why did UE, in the next game drop him from the squad, where he has been banished ever since?
            No-one said he had a bad game, in fact he was given a good write up on here and other places.

            All I can say is that it is such a sorry and weird situation for the club, player and the fans.

          2. The PL squad hasn’t been able to cope with the possibility of him not turning up in games imo, not with the backline so poor.

            As for why he didn’t make the UEL squad, I don’t know – the only thing I can think is lack of effort in training. Lot of youngsters looking for game time and not all can fit into the PL so they need the game time in UEL/Cup and if like reports suggest he isn’t putting in the same effort I can’t see Emery having a choice without pissing off all the youngsters 🤷‍♂️

            Come what may I hope the situation gets resolved one way or another soon as its just another bit of bad atmosphere around the club, players and fan base.

        2. Ken1955, I believe the coach made him captain to motivate him, the talent is their no doubt about that, but he need to work hard, unlike what some think I don’t dislike ozil I just dislike his attitude and he is talented have loved him since the 2010 World Cup but I gave up on him 3 seasons ago not because he’s not quality but because of his attitude.

      2. i think ozil took advantage of wenger devotion to protect his players and love them like a father. If the soft way under wenger and now the hard way under emery cannot get this player to bother to work his ass like every other player in the squad does then apart from banishing/seperating from the squad i don’t see any other end. i won’t even put him in reserve because he will spread his negative approach in our youth(just look at AMN doing his best to imitate ozil mentality). i hope emery won’t buckle under the pressure of ozil lovers and give him a free pass like wenger did.

        p.s before i am called emery lover i would state that emery deserve most of the blame for that end of season implosion and his love of xhaka and messing up the midfield to accommodate him makes me rage EVERY SINGLE MATCH, you can’t even begin to imagine the amount of insults hurled at the tv.

        1. Ackshay, before we all start running away with starting to blame Wenger yet again for everything, let’s try and keep to the subject on Ozil at this moment in time.

          If we don’t, then the other divisions will cloud the issue and points like those that Madhatter is making will be lost.

          Your last paragraph would not then be needed, even though your passion shines through!!! Hope you see what I am getting at sir!!

    3. What has Ozil done that will warrant him an automatic spot in the team?
      I love Ozil, no doubt but he has not been at his best so it will be criminal of Unai to ditch Willock, Guendouzi or even Ceballos at this stage.

      lastly, Ozil and Xhaka play two different positions, it will be very bias of any true fan to say Ozil deserves to be starting instead of Xhaka.

      Rather it should be Torreira for Xhaka not Ozil for Xhaka

  4. Ozil has ,sadly,been a flop…His talent is without question but we havn’t seen the genius that he was at Madrid

    1. Dont let some people hear that on Herr that there best arsenal player has been a flop.. I agree with you though.

  5. Three members of management have said this now, so the Ozil mystery should not longer be a mystery. He’s not satisfying Emery, nor Sanllehi, and it is noted by Mertesacker as well that he needs to work harder. If there are more deserving players that that settles the matter. There is no disrespect within the club which many people have been shouting about. It is Ozil that is not respecting the level of commitment that Emery desires. And for Unai’s flaws, it is very apparent that he does want player that are committed to the team. Ozil not in the squad shouldn’t be controversial anymore if he’s not applying himself.

    1. Some will still find a way to blame emery for what Raul said, ozil has been finished for 3 seasons now but Wenger being the generous and caring man he is tried to cover up for ozil, he should try and work harder to prove to the board and the coach that he can do better.

  6. It’s definitely up to Ozil to perform. If he can find the magic he has, then he should play. However there is a bit of confusion still I believe.

    Xhaka isn’t playing his best in games, yet starts. How does that make sense?
    Chambers been top shelf when he plays, yet still rides bench behind error prone Sokratis?

    With a fit squad Emery should be trying different combinations with our back 4. If Kola starts ahead of Tierney, or Holding is behind Luiz and Sokratis it’s very very hard for Emery to justify.

    If we don’t see a change in back 4 after the break, then Emery should be questioned.

    It’s not “anti-Emery” but reasoned criticism when Chambers has been better when played, and Holding clearly better than Sokratis.

    Mustafi should get a chance since he’s been better than Sokratis lately.

    1. I’d also add Torreria had a good game with national side as a DM, but not sure why Emery wants him as a CM when we have Ceballos and Willock.

      Emery now has healthy players and a good selection for matches. We’ll see how he uses the squad, and hopefully no more automatic starters.

  7. I have made this point on several occasions in the past. Emery’s style of frantic football just does not suit him and I don’t think he will ever adapt to it. I’m sure UE knows this and the ‘official’ announcement that he does not train hard enough is a red herring designed to support the manager’s view. All these public announcements and not a single reply from Ozil so who is being classy here?

    Irrespective of what one thinks of Ozil as a player, I believe there is something deeper going on here fairly similar to what’s happening at Real with Gareth Bale. Highly paid player not getting on with Zidane let’s make up a few stories, disruptive element in the dressing room, still doesn’t speak Spanish (both false) and hope that we p..s him off enough so that he asks for a transfer.

    Our club has always dealt with these issues ‘in house’ as it should be but on this occasion I think they have been less than classy and giving the player no right of reply. Conversely if Ozil was to criticise Emery publicly he would probably be classed as disrespectful.

    It’s quite obvious that they don’t want him at the club, so instead of crying to the media loan him out for free and pay half his salary until the end of his contract. Better than him sitting on his backside (not even on the bench) and paying his full salary. We then won’t have to put up with with some of the pathetic excuses for not playing him.

    1. But again Andrew,, the club are not accusing him of being a bad influence or trying to divide the dressing room, they are saying he has a future at the club, he just needs to show he wants it in training.

      Take UE out of the equation and we still have too many people that have no axe to grind, actually saying the same thing…that he is not fit and does not train to improve that situation.

      Now, like you, I think Ozil has handled the pr side of this in a sensible and diplomatic way, becuase he feels he is doing nothing wrong.
      He hasn’t publically slagged UE, the club or fans who have been OTT in their criticism of him.
      He has just let the fans know, via his twitter blog that (in his opinion) he is fit and ready to play.

      UE, on the other hand, has tried to discredit him, via the media, on quite a few occasions, when what he said about Ozil should have been kept behind closed doors.
      It’s because of this and the growing unrest with the fanbase, that Sanllehi has had to come out and make this statement in my opinion.

      That doesn’t change my personal view that Ozil is by far the most productive player we have at present, nor do I think that he cannot force his way back into the first team squad.
      UE needs a player with genuine flair, if he is to improve the garbage we watched last week!! There is no style of play and Ozil can create that, if he is at his best.

      But if Mesut wants to prove himself, he has got to get others to back him up at the club and, at present, that isn’t happening and fans like you and I should be asking why?

      As the old saying goes – There’s no smoke without fire”.

      1. Ken, I would like to ask you one question, would David Dein or Arsene Wenger in a similar situation publicly criticise one of their players? I think not because it is counter productive.

        That’s the main point I was making and their actions certainly won’t have helped his self confidence.

        They have publicly labelled him a lazy player which is just as bad as Real saying Bale was a disruptive element in the dressing room. Mertesacker said he had lost motivation which doesn’t surprise me, he’s used to playing not sitting on the bench or in the stands. I say again, he will never be happy playing Emery or Klopp’s style of pressing football or tracking back so don’t play the blame game, loan him out for the rest of his contract by subsidising his salary. I think a club like Juve or Milan would suit his style, remember Pirlo did you ever see him in a sweat?

        So on this rare occasion we will have to agree to disagree.

        1. Maybe they tried every other ways to motivate Ozil and the constant questions from the media, pundits and fans regarding his non selection had to be answered?

        2. guardiola did the same thing to a much recognized and much talented Ronaldinho, it’s not about talent alone it’s about working hard and setting example for the young players, David Silvia has played under 3 different coaches at city and the guy has always played to the coach instruction so why can’t ozil do the same thing, or are you saying he’s too big to play to the coach instruction? The club have come out to say he still have a future at the club but he should work harder but you still think what’s happening it’s the club fault.

        3. Andrew, of course David Dein and Arsene Wenger would not have acted in this way and I agree with your assesment of the reason why.

          This is the new regime however, like ot or not, the ball game has changed at our club, as has the attacking, flowing football.

          You are also correct that Ozil doesn’t have what Ue wants…he is to talented by half!!!

          All Ozil has to do now, is to put his head down, prove his fitness, not just to UE, to everyone at the club and then he puts the pressure back on UE to play him.

          But we would be silly, in my opinion, to ignore the views of those who know Mesut and have no beef with him, unlike UE who I believe cannot handle his talents within his ideas of how to play football.

          A sad day for our club and it’s public personna.

    2. Andrew, this is a classic method of freezing out someone from a set-up. He was on the pitch for two matches for 70mins and played his game despite being rusty and I wish they have his Opta stats to slate him for not trying. I watched both the games and he did well, so now for them not to put him on the pitch and yet make all these statements of “not trying hard enough” is weird. And condemnable.

      1. Actually viju I would say that Ozil’s 2 appearances sum him up quite aptly…. In the PL (71 mins) he may have looked lively at times but he literally created nothing even though the 4312 setup was relying on him to set Auba and Pepe going. In the cup game (71 mins) he created 6 chances and gave a decent performance 🤷‍♂️
        For me personally this is the problem with Ozil, inconsistency, but even if people don’t agree with me it is at least evident that he does not fit into the PL setup currently – that does not mean I think he is useless but it is on Ozil himself to put in the extra effort to prove people wrong.
        I remember many complaining that Wenger made excuses for him, now people are complaining because the management team have been a bit more blunt (after much media harassment on the issue) and honest 🤷‍♂️

        1. In the PL game he played quite well, with one pre-assist too. It was his first game and players like him need game time on the pitch. I’m not an expert but I heard the same from a few pundits too, and his budding partnership with Ceballos would have benefited the team. I think Ozil’s post match “annoying” tweet was loaded and hence he is being frozen out. Guys like him need just two or three moments to turn the game on its head, even during an insipid display. AMN ran on to his pass as they have played together, while Pepe overran a similar pass.
          In any case it’s all water under the bridge now.

          1. I agree that it wasn’t his worst performance but 71 mins and not even a single through ball from him? That’s disappointing regardless of the setup 🤷‍♂️

            I also agree that he has the vision to create moments of magic out of nothing but I either expect those moments to be more regular or for him to help out more in other aspects of the game.

            He could slot into the team easily – once Holding, Bellerin and KT are part of the backline and the midfield isn’t built to compensate then a lot of the pressure is off him to help out defensively as much.
            The problem for me is – is his moments of occasional magic worth more to the squad than say playing a 442, letting Auba stay in his best position with Laca dropping deep to link the midfield? Or worth enough to the squad to stop Willock/ ESR/ Ceballos etc getting that all important game time for their development?
            Sadly it’s my opinion that it’s too high a price to pay for some luxury moments of magic – there needs to be some consistency 🤷‍♂️

  8. I think I will have to agree with you Andrew. Ozil has not even said anything in response to all these talk of he being a lazy fart in training. That should count for something, shouldn’t it?

    If the club is not satisfied with his output, then he should better go on loan somewhere. The sticky point however is that which club will want to shell out that kind of money weekly.

    The answer is still blowing in the wind, I think.

    1. The answer has been given by Emery, Sanllehi and Mertsacker

      Ozil may not have spoken out because he’s indeed lazy and enjoying £375,000 per week. He doesn’t need to prove Germany head coach because he’s retired from Internationals.

      He actually could be happy not playing

      But what’s certain is that the reason he’s not starting is because of past poor performance and now from 3 sources in the club that he’s not giving enough effort

      1. Most coaches do this ..,,,,Wenger did it to
        Podolski……Campbell…….and others ……in this case Ozil does not need to go anywhere …..he will get paid …….some of the thirties guys have chosen to go down a bit in the intensity…….he is going nowhere unless they buy him out……no one play his brand of football ……I always figure this things out from Mertz…….paraphrasing he said it takes more than talent alone to play the game now and Arsenal is following that philosophy……it’s hard work as team defending and attacking…….

  9. Maybe Wenger has told us all (Ozil inclusive) the truth. Leaving the national team has come back to bite his arse. The lack of motivation to impress someone has left and there is no replacement. Now he can’t undo that.

    Maybe we have seen the last of the Ozil we used to know. That would be sad indeed. Very sad.

  10. This is a political statement simple the management is throwing support behind the manager whilst keeping the fanbase together. Why play the player to convenience last January when we were losing bad he went for guess who Ozil and I can name other times kmt.

  11. So what was the excuse when Neymar and Demaria and other stars like Julian didn’t play. Man just doesn’t like the player issue is he’s the best he’s got.

  12. It’s great the club are being more open with the fans, and now dealing with the players properly. The vindication is great to see for all of those who dared to state the obvious when it came to Ozil. All the big names at the club are finally calling out Ozil, just as the rational part of the fan base have been doing for years.

    Maybe myself, and many others will now get an apology for the abuse we recieved for what we said? Probably not. I guess Raul, Emery, and Per haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about either. Haha!

  13. Not been involved in all this rubbish but I do have a couple of questions:

    1) Does Sanllehi attend training sessions? If not where does he get his info from about whether Ozil is ‘trying hard’ or not? Please don’t tell me it’s from Emery!

    2) It seems to me that to get into the Arsenal team all you have to do is ‘train hard’. It goes like this:

    a) train hard i.e. run around a lot
    b) get selected by Emery
    c) play well, average or poorly. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH because all you have to do next is:
    a) train hard i.e. run around a lot
    b) get selected by Emery
    c) play well, average or poorly. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH because all you have to do next is:
    a) train hard i.e. run around a lot
    b) get selected by Emery
    c) play well, average or poorly. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH because all you have to do next is:
    a) train hard i.e. run around a lot
    b) get selected by Emery
    c) play well, average or poorly. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH because all you have to do next is: ad infinitum

    This I assume is the path well trodden by Sokratis, Kola and Xhaka.

    No point bringing the small matter of skill into the equation then eh?

    1. Gunnerjack
      I don’t think that what there saying is he doesn’t run around enough in training
      It will be a multitude of different things
      I.e. In general maybe he’s just not turning up ,, mind body soul
      His attitude will be as big part as the rest
      I hope he makes a u turn and finds his love and desire of playing again we will see

      1. Emery’s a muppet ,the bloke needs someone else to come out and do his dirty work .
        He needs to grow some balls and tell us straight what’s going on instead of these pathetic excuses he keeps coming out with .
        Sooner he’s gone the better ,he’s dragging this club down to his sh1tty standards .

        1. You see Goonster, it’s comments like yours that causes division in the ranks.

          Name me one, just one, fan on here who has ever said “No Ozil then no football”.

          That is complete and utter BS, that makes you look like those you are trying to discredit.

          I suggest that you actually read what has been said, before handing out the anti depressants…the club has said there is a place for Ozil at the club and they want him to succeed – as anyone who supports the club should also want.

          So before you start preaching about cults, anti depressants, steriods and reality checks, try learning to read and digest what has been said – not what you want it to say.

          Dan kit at least gives reasons for his dislike of UE and his views make comolete sense – try coming up with some sensible thoughts yourself, not BS like the tirade that a ten year might struggle to put together.

  14. “Emery is a colossal pesado (pain in the arse). The players hate him.

    “Training sessions are long and unbelievably boring. Team talks go on forever – he makes you watch videos for hours, with endless replays of corners and free kicks, even goal kicks. It’s so dull I’ve seen people fall asleep.

    “He tells you the same things every week, like you’re a little kid, ramming home his point – like the one about an open hand only delivering a slap but a fist, with everyone tightly packed together, being capable of doing real damage.

    “He goes on forever, you get bored stiff, you think it’s all bollocks … but it works. It’s so relentless that in the end every single player knows exactly what he wants.”
    This is what one player had to say about Emery

    1. Dan kit, when Emery goes your life will have no meaning.
      Players like Mezut Ozil can no wrong and it is always the coach’s fault – Joachem Lowe, Arsene Wenger and now Unai Emery.

      1. “My life will have no meaning”
        That’s abit much mate dont you think
        Anyway regarding Emery the reason I want him replaced is because his football is depressing ,I saw enough last season and we were told that was his bedding in season ,now here we are 12 months later with the same pathetic football,how many. Edging in seasons do you want him to have .
        Don’t know how any football fan could enjoy watching his football teams .

      2. @ozzie
        Can’t really be too harsh on the likes of Dan kit.
        They have been avid / loyal followers of the shirt selling genius since 2010 when he burst on to the scene. Followed him at Madrid and when he moved to Arsenal their fanboyism went into overdrive / on steroids. Lol
        He has become some sort of Cult Hero for them. The supreme leader.

        I keep asking this question; “What are they all going to do with themselves or with their lives once he retires from football all together? Because to me they have drawn a line “No Ozil, then No football”.

        It’s gonna be such a a reality check for them once they wake up and he is not at Arsenal or playing football anymore. I bet Some people lose their mind and end up on anti-depressants for the rest of their lives.

        1. Oh come on Goonster, anti-depressants.. really?? It’s hardly a matter of life or death is it?? He plays for Arsenal, the team we all support, remember??? 🙄 If he does end up leaving, I’ll be gutted I won’t lie.. but I support the team, not just one player

      3. ozziegunner, with all due respect my friend, the same could be said of you where UE is concerned.

        I am yet to read of any criticism from you of our coach, despite the awful, mistake ridden, boring, classless football we are enduring at the moment.

        All you keep saying is wait until his contract runs out, or who else is there?

        I,for one, want to see attractive football,played with tactics and using in form players, not favourite players who between them cost us goals in every game.

        Time will tell regarding Ozil an Emery – meanwhile blow football is more entertaining than what the Emirates is serving up…hence the stadium being roughly a quarter empty during this season…empty seats even for the visit of the spuds.

  15. Okey guys that is settled now. Ozil doesn’t deserve to be in the team because he is not training hard and impressed the coach in the training. That is understandable and if he so desire to get into the team he now knows he must training so hard and running around to make the team and to just stroll around on the pitch on the match day like every of our players. What hard work had PEA or Xhaka, Kola etc putting on match day. What the fcuk is working hard in training no wonder we play shitty football because Emery told his players in training to work hard instead of coaching them tactics and positional play. Has our defensive play improved since Ozil has not made the team. Has our marketing improved, has our players stopped shadow marking and ball watching. I don’t care if Ozil plays or not Emery should just makes us play better than we are doing currently. Even without Ozil we have players who can make that team ticks and perform better but why is that not the case.

    1. Bit harsh Mobella.
      Xhaka, Kola etc may make errors on the pitch but they all give their all on the pitch in both attack and defence, whereas unfortunately Ozil does not.
      As for including Auba in that statement – really? The guy is our striker and I’ve still seen him haul his arse back to help defend more than Ozil 🤷‍♂️
      As for the comments about no improvement in our defence – how is it meant to have improved with the same players making the same mistakes? And before you say it’s on Emery to make changes to fix it, how can he do that with the same players to pick from?
      Whatever way you look at it a backline consisting of any out of AMN, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis and Kola is going to be among the weakest in the league – too many errors rolled up into one backline imo. It needs at one decent FB and one stable CB at the very least to improve – luckily we have 2 FBs and multiple CBs who can make a difference coming back soon.

      1. mate he plays8 defensive players every match and we are still atrocious at defending ,I would understand if we set up defensive and it worked but it doesn’t .
        He’s signed 12 players since he’s been here 9 have been defensive
        So you would think that we would have improved.
        All in all it’s depressing watching us play ATM and with him in charge there is no way it’s going to get better

          1. Meaningless tournaments
            Why does he not set up the same in PL matches .
            I get some fans are happy with this depressing football but I’m not one ,I’ve seen no positives since he’s been here if anything we are going backwards .
            The way he’s treated Ozil is disgraceful tbh .

          2. OK well if its meaningless tournaments then Ozil has no place in our squad as it was only during the 71 mins in the Cup that he did anything, but wait no Ozil performing in that competition is why he should be used more right? Can’t have it both ways bud 🤷‍♂️

            As for why he hasn’t set up the same in the PL – maybe because AMN, Kola, Luiz and Sok is not the same as having Bellerin, Tierney, Holding as part of that back line 🤷‍♂️

            My point is you can’t say he is incapable of playing decent football, when he has shown that when he has the FBs and wide players available to play his style he does so and it’s pretty nice on the eye – just needs a little more patience. If still same timid football when everyone is fit I’ll admit I was wrong until then he has my support like everyone else in the team 🤷‍♂️
            I may not like how we’ve played in the PL so far but I can’t deny that it has been effective at what it’s aimed to do which is for us to not lose.

  16. I understand what is coming out from inside the Arsenal house. ‘It is not that Ozil is not working so well but that there are others that are more deserving of playing time’ ummmmm Ozil’s work rate is not so bad? (1) but he does not deserve to make the bench against man united (2) his work rate doesn’t deserve to make the bench in Europa League (3) but it was good enough to make Forest (where he played well, and I sincerely believe that the work rate he showed at Forest is good enough to help us with some of the game where we performed quite badly. I hate when people try to bury honesty and totality in hypocrisy. It is totally clear Emery dose not like Ozil. I am not supporting anyone but the statement is buried in hypocrisy. Based on the way we perform and the kind of players Emery puts on the bench Ozil deserves to make the bench if not the starting lineup. Emery is scapegoating the player like he did with many players he had in the past because that is his way (precedents). Good luck to everyone!!!!! Our performances are not better than the average so Emery can keep is BS. Give me a better performance and we can all stop talking about a particular player. Emery isn’t a good coach so I have no respect for his criticism of any player.

    1. Pat, “scapegoating the player like he did with many players he had in the past”; please provide examples?

      1. Ozziegunner, I believe you are a true Arsenal fan, please leave all biases aside and answer this question sincerely and so should anyone who loves Arsenal. DO YOU THINK OZIL’S (not enough training) (performances this season so far) DOSE NOT DESERVE TO MAKE THE BENCH???? I want everyone that is honest with our performances so far, the guy’s quality that can be beneficial to our football on the pitch say YES OR NO!!!!! Is Ozil so bad he can not make the bench????

      2. @ozziegunner, in PSG things came to a head not just with Neymar, but with several players like Di Maria, Daxler, Cavani…

  17. If I were to jog all our memories to a couple of weeks ago, when a leaked training session video showed Ozil as not trying hard enough and his detractors went to town slagging him off. It was a small matter that Ozil had finished his drills and others were doing theirs, which came out after the damage was done. Our training sessions are out of bounds for public, so the question must be asked as to who leaked the video.
    I feel it’s all a part of the plan to freeze him out, which is very un-Arsenal in my view. Without putting him on the pitch, all this vilifying is pure evil.
    Coming to working hard in training, the basic need is to work well on the pitch and only on the pitch we can win games, so this “working hard in training” is just pipsqueak for an excuse. I guess Ozil is expected to really preen into the screen extra hard during the video analysis sessions.
    Shane Warne the Australian cricketer famously dissed endless coaching sessions as he said only the performance on the pitch matters. Small matter that he said the coach is what the team travels in.
    Now that things have come to a pass, I just hope they will move Ozil on and let the of carry on with his life, minus all the toxicity.

    1. Stop with your bias viju, we can as well just let ozil take over the team and coach his creativeness as that’s all what we need. Ozil is one big player who I dont think have been the same quality wise.. What more do you guys want from the board,you criticized them of being silent on the ozil situation,which I think has never been blind to the fans.. Okay u finally got your official statesmen and here you are still biased to what is right in front of you. I hope soon you can see pass your emotional bias of this situation.. Ozil is one player in the team,I support the club.

      1. Munster, you understand English, right? Read my last paragraph and don’t tell me what I must opine, can you do me that favour? Talking of bias, I can vouch for you being very balanced in your opinion. NOT.

  18. Ozil played in Emery’s most important match last season in the uel finals and he was woeful. The useless Xhaka even played better. Ozil is past his best, we need our own De bruyne, even if he’s a poor man’s De bruyne

    1. Tell me one player who played well in that final .
      That’s right you can’t because they were all sh1t,but fans scapegoat Ozil just because he earns the most money .

        1. Lol 😂, describe dead? As in the goal keeper who let in 4 goals was alive, and defenders who should keep the defence were alive, we still had creative which was the guy’s responsibility, the coach who took a whole team against Chelsea to final and lost woefully was alive, and the goal scorers that didn’t score a single goal was alive? The same coach who messed up our top 4 chances with stupid senseless selection was alive? With stupid defensive tactics and senseless coaching was very much alive. How gracious of some fans to kill players they don’t like.

      1. Iwobi , Willock did play well in that match even for cameos .
        I like Ozil as a person but we need to understand that he lacks motivation and doesn’t have any interest in replicating a 19 assist season .
        Either way every manager has the right to field whoever they like .So i don’t see the problem . Wenger treated Joel Campbell like crap nobody cried over it , Podolski was played out of position no one complained .
        In the case of OZil i have heard every excuse under the sun . Iwobi and Miki where played on the wings to accommodate the Ozil when they clearly prefered to play in the middle . The still outperformed him .
        We still have a lot of gabbage in this team and Ozil and Xhaka are rightfully that.I read someone here say Ozil gave a pre-assist . When that word was used for a certain player we where told it never exists . I have never known a footballer quite as protected as Mesut . Sigurdsson has been ore productive in the last 3 seasons that should sum things up . People like Viju say he was not played enough last season if you play more than 25 games and have 2 assists on a 350k then there is a problem . What is truly sad is Ozil still feels comfortable . Look at Sanchez even on a kings ransom he still wanted to prove himself as a footballer hence why he left to Inter can Ozil do the same .
        I said last season they are more deserving players in the academy than in the first 11 . I still maintain that till now . Call me bias but i rather see an Emile smith Rowe ,Willock,Olayinka ,Nelson given a run in the AM berth rather than our favored son.

  19. IMO fans are not so stupid to read the rift between Ozil and Emery.Some players are not performing and are still in the team.Why Ozil?we lack creativity.Ronald cursed when ozil was sold to us from Real Madrid describing him as “the player who clearly understood my movements on the pitch”so we wont buy that line of thought that he is not working hard.He could be slow yes but football sometimes requires a player who calms down the game….IMO its a an equivalent of a boss who dismisses you not coz of your capabilities but he just doesnt like you…Morinho dumped Sala,lukaku, victor Moses citing them incorrigible footballwise….they all proved him wrong…

  20. Finally someone comes out and says it…… you know what emery has a problem with Ozil and it’s clear! Every week there’s a different squad playing and I don’t even know if there is an A team or B team. When will emery synchronise team mates to become more confident… Ozil deserves the no.10 jrsy, mikr..wat wat must fokoff so that new kid deserves the no.7 jrsy and the rest is history

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