Sanogo can still have BIG effect on Arsenal’s season

The Arsenal and France under 21 international striker Yaya Sanogo has completed his transfer move to the Premier League club Crystal Palace, on loan until the end of the season. I do not know if there is any sort of clause to allow Arsene Wenger to recall the tall striker in an emergency but I assume that Sanogo will be staying at Selhurst Park for the rest of the campaign.

However, as well as hoping that Sanogo gets plenty of game time under Alan Pardew and really starts to find his form in the Premier League, Arsenal fans can still hope that the young Frenchman can have a positive effect on the season for the Gunners.

It is looking like we will have a very tight and close run finish to the EPL season, after the stuttering and injury hit first half. So Arsenal need all the help we can get to make sure that we finish in the Champions League places again and Sanogo will have a chance to provide it when Crystal Palace take on our rivals.

They have home games against Man City and Man United near the end of the season, as well as away clashes with Southampton, Chelsea and Liverpool. You never know, but Palace taking points off our rivals in any of those games could prove crucial for Arsenal at the end of the season and Sanogo might just make the difference in those games. Come on Yaya, get stuck in for the Gunners!

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    1. He’s been playing at this level 10 minutes. Give the lad a loan spell to see what he’s got in the locker before you start that nonsense. He’s 21 which isn’t young by todays standards, but he’s a baby in terms of experience at this level.

      Also, I imagine you’d give your left nut to be in his shoes so don’t hate too much.

      1. LOL! I wish I could pop your round Champagne head!!!

        What do you mean by “He’s been playing at this level 10 minutes.”???

        If he’s really got anything in his “locker”, there wouldn’t have been a need for him going out on loan.

        1. Riiiight……Wilshere was loaned, Sturridge was loaned. Complete nonsense to say he shouldn’t need a loan. And I mean exactly that, he was plucked from Ligue 2 in France and has played a handful of games. It’s like United picking up a guy from Wrexham and saying he’s shit after a half dozen appearances.

          1. Well, Wenger actually thought the guy was some sort of Messiah. We were all crying out for a top striker and this guy was unveiled as the real deal.

            On a very serious note, I hope he does well at Crystal Palace, but I would pick Afobe ahead of him, for now.

            1. You’d pick a Wolves player over an Arsenal player? Odd.

              On a more serious note, I don’t think at any stage Wenger said he was a messiah. Don’t let the fact Wenger didn’t buy a star striker somehow convince you that Sanogo was supposed to be that guy, that’s unfair to the lad again. If you’re aggrieved we don’t have a star striker then have a moan Wengers way, but don’t chastise Sanogo for not being on Diego Costas bloody level.

    1. I just want a win at Man City… winless since 2010 in Manchester! What a top class manager we have!

    1. @AntiWenger (nice name), sorry Arsene doesn’t do “top, top”. Actually he does three “tops”.

  1. No way Wenger can let 3 forwards leave and not have atleast 1 player in a position we need come in. Of all the things Wenger gets slated for, I just can’t see him doing nothing this time around when he himself is trying to correct the error from the summer (DM,CB,ST)… We could actually go from the position we’re at now to a 1st place team in 1 window with the right purchases…

    1. Don’t do too much of analysis …. it ain’t gonna happen … One or max two cheap and very cheap signings or maybe loans …

    1. I wouldn’t quite put it like that. Bielik isn’t better than what we have, but than again we don’t have what he has got. His states…height and weight is similar to Matic Chelsea but the kids younger.
      I see he the ability to spread the play which Sanchez and Walcott would love. I see he passes and moves forward which is an option if Ramsay/Wilshire want to rest from constant forward runs (in return Lessing injury potential). I see he likes to tackle wholeheartedly which his defensive will enjoy. The question is, is he ready for now? Are the polish tuff? Is that what the Germans have seen?

      Once Wenger couldn’t hold back a young Fabregas, I think maybe Wenger sees another Fabgregas to mold..his latest project…maybe one of his final pieces to his jigsaw. The opposite version but just as big an impact at Arsenal

    1. What a legend!!! Instead of bringing in the likes of Wanyama, Sneidelin, SiSsoko, Gundogan, etc., why don’t we go for a more realistic target??? Heskey, for me!!!

  2. Jenkinson is having a nightmare against Everton. His weaknesses are still evident.. He is panic station in possession when facing his own goal…

  3. No surprise Pardew has taken Yaya Sanogo on loan, I swear Pardew has a thing for signing the French Africans, probably some weird fetish.

  4. @nygooner. Mirallas could test the best on a good day though. On sanogo who knows he may help take the odd point or two away from our 4th place competitors.

  5. @jamerican. ‘No way wenger could let three strikers go and not buy anyone’. Really? This is wenger we are talking about. Hell list the following names come feb 2nd when no strikers been signed: walcott, sanchez, akpom, campbell, giroud, welbeck. 6!

    1. And gnabry.

      With chamberlain cazorla ozil and rosicky all capable of playing wide I think 11 options for the front 3 is well enough.

      Wilshire ramsey coquelin arteta flamini ozil cazorla rosicky chamberlain plus a new signing or two is also plenty of options for the middle 3. Ok 4 of those players feature in both pots but we clearly have enough bodies, it’s really a matter of fitness and quality that has always concerned me the most.

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