Sanogo double gives Arsenal awesome attacking options!

Even though he may not have played all that much football for Arsenal so far this season, mainly due to the excellent form and understanding showed by Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, Yaya Sanogo has clearly not been wasting his time. The young French striker has obviously been working hard with his Arsenal team mates and learning the art of being a centre forward.

And the France under 21 team has felt the benefits of that work. In both of their games during this international break, the Arsenal forward has captained the team and played the whole 90 minutes. And last night his efforts were rewarded with two more goals, taken in typical goal poachers style, to take his tally to five in just nine games for the under 21s.

It is great news for Arsenal as well, because Sanogo needed the time on the pitch and the confidence as he is still looking for his first senior Arsenal goal. He did score a fantastic four in one game at the pre-season Emirates Cup and had a goal incorrectly disallowed last season, but until he does register that first goal, Sanogo needs all the confidence boosts he can get.

His all round play for France was good, showing strength, speed and a good touch as he held up play and linked up well with the team mates around him. And the England side he was playing against are a very strong side that had not lost in 11 games prior to last night.

So if Arsene Wenger is looking for attacking options when Arsenal resume the serious business of the season, Sanogo’s goals and performances for France will certainly have given him food for thought.

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  1. 5 goals in 9 games? for under 21’s?

    no wonder he keeps world cup smashing champions league scoring joel campbell out the team

    1. @muffdiver.
      “5 goals in 9 games? for under
      no wonder he keeps world cup
      smashing champions league scoring joel campbell out the team.”

      Word, man! Word.
      9th wonder of the world- I shall call it.
      And I’m sure as sure that there is a “brilliant” explanation for that.

      1. Off topic….

        Guys, I really don’t know but this is the thought that suddenly struck me like a punch from Klitschko: what if Messi suddenly feels his time is up at Barcelona and decides to push his way to Arsenal? What if one thing leads to another and Messi signs for us?

        OMG!!! OMG!!! I guess there’s too much alcohol in this my doughnut.

    2. No he doesn’t. They don’t at the same position. You’re kinda dumb. Sabot would be keeping Akpom out maybe. You can argue that. There’s guys called Walcott, Sanchez, Ox, Cazorla and Podski keeping Joel Campbell out of the team. For being so critical you don’t seem to know anything about our team.

      You guys really overrate Campbell anyway. He was less than stellar for Olympiakos. Everyone saw that one great goal and thought he was our saving grace. Mainly because people who post on this site don’t really watch Football I’m convinced. He is an exciting young player but all year last year and even in Spain he holds up the ball too much and is a ridiculous diver. There are a LOT of flaws in his game. Chill out on him a bit. All that being said I am very excited about him, he can be great. You guys are talking like he’s some great talent that is being held hostage on the bench when I promise you have only seen him play like 3 times haha

    1. OG, DW, TW, AS, YS, JC, LP, All Strikers and more to come Cuba Akpom and Afobe i think we should send Sanogo on loan so he can get game time and come back a full striker.

  2. What was “fantastic” about the 4 goals he scored in preseason? If you want to see fantastic 4 goals scored by one player in one match then check out Arshavin versus Liverpool or ….. Messi, coughs, versus Arsenal.

    1. mess who? u must be thinking of someone else…
      that liverpool game – i even remember the commentary (sad i know)…
      “an now walcott, an the roadrunner is on his way, alonso last man back, releases it…arshavin….FOUURRRRRRR”

  3. Any article not worth reading, i will laugh over it like this……. Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. How many of the players on the pitch in the U21 competition are good enough to start in Premier League? 0 goals in 20 appearances for Arsenal is the only stat that matters.

    And Sanogo’s opportunities have not been limited by the fine form of Welbeck and Sanchez. They have been limited by Sanogo’s injuries. Wenger will surely give him (undeserved) opportunities until his next injury.

          1. so that’s great..
            against teams that park the bus (and dont give space for our speedsters)
            we play giroud , and against the rest we play welbeck.

            i’m also thinking letting wilshire playing deeper might work out for us,
            but since wenger’s already said he thinks hodgson is wrong, he’ll probably
            dig in and never admit he’s wrong or take input from anyone else.
            stubborn & stuck in his ways.

      1. You have clearly never played football in your life. You need a striker who can hold up play when you have fast attacking midfielder’s and wingers, obviously if we are breaking with 3/4 players we don’t want to hold that up. However more times than not we will have a striker who is furthest forward who will need to hold it up to bring our other players into the attack, we can’t simply attack with 4 or 5 players every time because we will get torn a new hole. I think that’s partly why we’ve been struggling a bit because Welbeck rarely stays in a central position and he can’t really hold it up and find a pass. Obviously he is better in other areas but he would be more suited in a 4-2-2.

        1. @seatofthesoul you know nothing about me and my footballing history if you did you would show more respect, there is playing football, managing a team and owning a team which i have done all three (amateur) can you say the same? i gave it up because of young foolish footballers who thought they know it all just like you,

          1. i’m just sick and tired of ordinary teams drawing us in deep in to their half with our defense and then catching us on the counter attack, we should play like Chelsea now that we have TW DW OX and Sanchez we can beet any team and the offside trap with that pace.

  5. It’s nice to see that we are good in attack this season. A huge difference from the joke that was last season. Now we have a potential 30 goal striker in Sanchez and potential 20 goal strikers in Welbeck, in Giroud and in Walcott.
    This gives me hope that we will improve on our defensive options next summer.

  6. 1. He scored 4 goals against an average team in summer friendly

    2. He has been scoring in u21 games

    3. It would be nuts to play him as striker over Giroud, Podolski or even Sanchez and Walcott

    4. He should be on loan for experience and to prove his worth and improve

    1. I’m not anti-Sanogo but don’t understand why he is not playing on loan. Also, don’t understand why Podolski and Campbell have had very few minutes. It’s ridiculous management to be honest, because you make talented players upset and they get rusty too. Podolski scored an important goal recently when Wenger brought him in.

  7. sanogo and gnabry should be loaned out to gain first team experience. Campbell/rosicky/poldi should be regulars against bottom half teams and cup games. There’s no reason we shouldn’t win the FA cup again.

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