Sanogo tells Arsenal fans to relax! Goals WILL come!

With the arrival of Danny Welbeck at Arsenal on transfer deadline day, the chances for Yaya Sanogo to play in his favoured centre forward role were reduced dramatically, but with Olivier Giroud being out of action for the next four months or so, the young French striker should still get some chances.

The Gunners do have options like Podolski, Alexis and Walcott, but it seems as though Arsene Wenger has plenty of faith in Sanogo, as the 21-year old explains in a Daily Express report, and that only adds to his own strong self-belief.

Sanogo is well aware that he needs to get that first senior Arsenal goal under his belt, but he is confident that it will come and that it will lead to plenty more. He feels that he has already improved a lot after making the move from Auxerre in the French Ligue 2 and you would have to agree that his performances have surprised us at times after such a big step up.

Sanogo said, “Football is football, but it’s a bit like going from sixth to third all at once.

“It takes time to adapt. When you come out of Ligue 2 and you end up in a duel with [Man City’s Vincent] Kompany, it is not an easy task.

“In every aspect of my game I’ve evolved. When you train with great players every day, you progress. When you play big teams, it helps you gain experience.

“The fans expect me to score more, but once the first one goes in they’ll come.

“At 21, it’s not easy to play striker at Arsenal. You have to fight every day to prove his worth.

“But Wenger just pushes me to continue my work will eventually pay off.

“They [pundits] criticise me. But I’m always there, I’ll play, improve and score.

“Sooner or later, it’s going to happen.”

The young Gunner has not had any problems scoring goals in general, with a good record for Auxerre and at various underage levels of the France national team. He bagged a brace for the under 21s last week and should be in action for them again tonight against Iceland, so hopefully he can score again and return to north London and start doing it for us.

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  1. gooner4ever says:

    Can anybody tell me why Wilshere is playing more defensively than Henderson?!?!?!
    Wilshere is much better offensively!!!!

    1. Dan.M says:

      Happy for welbeck ! However he would never score a goal like that at arsenal because Wenger don’t like counter attack .. Instead wel play wieth boring pass side to side football possesion

  2. Welbeck out says:

    You guys see Welbecks cross to Sterling, abysmal.
    Is that what Arsene bought for 16mil

    1. jobho says:

      @Welbeck out

      I had no electricity so I didn’t see cross but if I had seen it, I wouldn’t care much about it.


  3. henry12 says:

    Sanogo, Welbeck and Akpom for the future.

  4. I am laughing Wilshire not readyin his two weeks

  5. Cartman says:

    Welbeck’s performance so far isn’t filling me with great confidence, but at the moment I still prefer him to Sanogo

    I want Sanogo to score more goals BUT I want to see it in the Carling Cup. I don’t want to see him in Premier League or Champions League starting lineup any time soon. I still prefer Sanchez, Welbeck and Giroud

    1. Sumo says:

      A week a go Danny was shown the door from his boyhood club and deemed not good enough.

      Of course he is low on confidence, that too playing with Shriek who sucks the living life out of you.

      5 games embedding time. Than we can judge for ourselves. Keep the faith.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      He lookin good enough for ya now?????

  6. Sumo says:

    I slept through half the game.
    Wilshere is piss poor today. Dont remember him even touching the ball.
    Danny boy could have had a assist, but easier said than done.
    Bring on the Ox and play Chambers instead of Cahill. Give our boys some game time Woy.

  7. Twig says:


  8. mark says:

    That’s what we need….Welbeck scoring for England and coming to his first arsenal game with confidence…!! Everyone’s a winner..

    1. almostawinner says:

      except man city

  9. gunner4life07 says:

    Sonogoal must be worried bécause Danny chance goalllll

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Why should he be when he just banged in one himself… Go YaYa!!!

  10. Greg says:

    I pray that they do son!

  11. Cartman says:

    Ok, Wenger. If you start Sanogo on the weekend, your nuts.

    Welbeck just scored so put him up front. Let Welbeck and Giroud fight for striker. Give Sanogo Carling Cup and ball boy duties.

  12. Gigi2 says:

    “When you come out of Ligue 2 and you end up in a duel with [Man City’s Vincent] Kompany, it is not an easy task.”
    Yeah…I knew that, did AW? LOL

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Thats the only way to get used to the big game pressure. Play in big games, not by goin out on loan to some lower league backwater club…

  13. LoCkAy says:

    Well, we cannot just count on “promises”, we have been “taken” for a ride with your boss long enough… Time for results… We basically don’t have time for your ass to find the way between the post.

    The Leicester performance was off disgraceful proportion Yaya “Bambi” Sanogo and you might not even have time to progress because you will get injured (just a fact based on your career curriculum).

    The board (not Wenger… Like they did for Arshavin) bought Welbeck and we can, may be, have some hope of a poacher clinically finishing the incredible amount of chances we are creating…! (As long as Wenger does not play him out of position like he does with most of our players… Deluded!)

    1. jonestown1 says:

      You say “finishing the incredible amount of chances we are creating”. We came 7th in the PL for chances created last season – behind Swansea, Newcastle and the four other usual suspects. If we lazily kid ourselves that we create countless chances then it is not surprising we give some of our strikers such a hard time. I remember people banging on about Bony and Remy saying if they played behind Arsenal’s midfield they would p*ss all over OG’s 16 goal tally. Looks like Remy and Bony had better service than OG last season.

  14. Twig says:


  15. NY_Gunner says:

    Go Danny… Number 2 in the back of the net…

  16. Budd says:

    Ha! Welbz two!

  17. Tayla says:

    Let’s see a few of them in an arsenal shirt Danny! Top finish

  18. muffdiver says:

    well done danny , did us proud, we’re gonna need you for saturday.

  19. Cartman says:

    Welbeck could turn out better than Sturridge, who knows, maybe even Rooney

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Cartman at 8.46pm: Welbeck’s performance so far isn’t filling me with great confidence.
      Cartman at 9.39pm: Welbeck could turn out better than Sturridge, who knows, maybe even Rooney.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Bang on…lmfao

        1. jonestown1 says:

          I wasn’t having a dig at Cartman – there are plenty of see-saw merchants among us, this one caught my eye just for the speed of the 180 turnaround. 53 minutes has to be a record.

        2. Goonsquad8 says:

          Hahah well done @jonestown1.
          But unfortunately that is the norm for our “fans”, to bash and put down our players at first instead of being positive.

  20. gunner4life07 says:

    Class finished !!!

  21. RWRW says:


    Put him in the middle, he scores!!

    1. th14 says:

      Its gonna be banter when wenger starts welbeck wide left and saNOgoals upfront on the weekend.

  22. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Thank you for being so awesome, Wellbeck

  23. Greg says:

    Give us a repeat performance against man city on saturday danny boy!!!!! Coyg!

  24. Andrew AFC says:

    At the start of the transfer window, I said anyone for Wellbeck and I got a lot of thumbs down. He can do it at international level so he can do it for us. GO ON DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      PS Any striker needs confidence and we have given it to him already. Keep the injured traitor and spend your money on a broken down has been.

  25. kays says:

    woooow DANNY 2-1 YAYA . let the game begin

  26. Tommy-Gunner says:

    Anyone else see Wellbeck run over to the Ox and Chambers to celebrate? Great to see them supporting their new colleague. COYG!!!!

  27. Andrew AFC says:


  28. ruelando says:

    Very good for england and welbeck confidence, he has been on a lean spell, good time to break that spell. Hope to see some goals like that in the near near future from danny.

    I think england midfield still looked weak , the players were marking the space and not the man, shaqri was the only creative player for the swiss and any time the swiss attack he was the one orchestrating, strange england did not try to shut him down.

    The attack looked great, especially with the inter-changing ,, probably will beat a lot of teams but when they meet a more formidable midfield i think they will be trouble, without any adjustment to the midfield.

    It would be nice to see wenger try this interchanging forward line , with welbeck, sanchez and sanogo, i this that would give manchester defense line too much to deal with and stop the left and right backs from attacking

  29. Andrew AFC says:

    Knowing Man United supporters they will be shouting Gaal out by the end of the season. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. Andrew AFC says:

    Sanogo tells Arsenal fans to relax! Goals will come from Wellbeck it’s time to step up mate.

  31. keresh says:

    Arsene may have finally found a reason to drop Giroud.. To Welbeck, Welcome! Wanna see your first hattrick in our colours.

  32. GunningSoulman says:

    That second finish from Welbeck! Class.
    How Wilshere gets game time is beyond me…he needs to be dropped….just not showing it atm. Let him fight for his place with quality performances.

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