Santi Cazorla has high hopes for this Arsenal team…

Cazorla staying put! by SB

Santi Cazorla was one of the best players for Arsenal last season. His performances helped the Gunners retain the FA cup and made Arsene Wenger choose Cazorla as the Gunners’ player of the season. The Spanish international thrived in a deep-lying midfield role and his performances didn’t go unnoticed. Interest from foreign shores was a natural outcome. And hence when rumors linked Cazorla with Atletico Madrid, it didn’t create a flutter.

But, the ‘magician’ went ahead to clear the air and commit himself to Arsenal. Cazorla feels that he is very happy with Arsenal in the Premier league and feels wanted and valued by the team and supporters. The jury is still out if last year was Cazorla’s best year in Arsenal colours but it undoubtedly was an important one. The midfielder now wants to take the next step and challenge for the Premier League crown.

Talking to Goal at the launch of Arsenal’s new Puma home kit, Cazorla told that the philosophy of Arsenal and Barcelona is the same and wants to dominate the EPL.

Cazorla said: If Arsenal can in the future reach the level of Barcelona, that’s the goal,”

“Barcelona are the reference point for the football world and all of us want to be closer to them.

“All teams want to win and to do it like Barcelona. We at Arsenal like that philosophy too.”

The Gunners are without a Premier league title since 2004. Though the FA cup victory in the last two seasons is a welcome boon, it still doesn’t soothe the long standing pain of not winning the league. Cazorla believes that Arsenal has the same footballing philosophy as the hugely successfully Barcelona. He wants the club to replicate the dominance of the Spanish giants.

The criticism of the Gunners has always been that, in the past decade, the club gets satisfied with a Champions League qualification place. After two successive FA cup wins, it is a chance for Wenger to build on that success.
Cazorla has confidence in the gaffer and his methods. He thinks that Arsenal will soon be the Barcelona of the Premier League. This could be the reason he chose to dispel fears on his transfer….


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  1. With Cazorla at the top of his game, now is the time to ca$h in. #SellHigh #WarChest

    1. I wouldn’t want to let a player like Santi Carzola go if you intend on pushing for honors, Cashing in on players like him means we haven’t learnt a single thing from the past, Are we Argos or a Football Team?

      1. We are in the business to succeed. And in business, you have to be aware of your depreciating assets, because they all have a limited shelf life. Maybe this lesson, will provide you a new lease on life. #IvanKnowsBest

        1. Have a “Shelf Life” Well let me give you a bit of a lesson, Ibrahimovic is 33 still managed to score 20+ goals last season, Andrea Pirlo 36 Still considered one of the best midfielders in the world. Sometimes its worthwhile utilizing experience because more often than you think it pays off….

        2. Cazorla is our best number 10. he is just 30 years old and you want to sell him? Look at Milan releasing Prilo and calling him old? pirlo is still playing champions league finals in 2015. When you have the talent of cazorla 30 years old is like 24.

          1. Can you stop with your agenda against ozil. @Galen I respect your opinions and your posts are always on point but you just have this goal to make everyone believe cazorla is better than ozil and I’m sorry it’s wrong.

            Ozil sees and does things not many players are capable of, if it was my choice id choose ozil over cazorla as the #10 anyday and I am a HUGE fan of our little Spanish wizard

            1. Cazorla is not only the best #10 at Arsenal but in the EPL. Has most assists in the past 2 seasons. And this is despite playing in a wide role (2013/14) and deep playmaking (2014/15). Galen was bang on the money.

              1. I never want to bring this debate up but I may have to because the disrespect on cazorla is going to far. What has ozil done at Arsenal that makes him better than Cazorla? how is ozil better than cazorla? What does ozil do that makes him to stand out morethan cazorla.

                cazorla should not be sold. What cazorla needs is a new contract with similar wages to ozil and sanchez. Thump me down all you want but there is no way ozil is better than cazorla in real life. may be ozil is better on Play station 4 but not on the pitch.

                No Player has got more assist in the premier league than cazorla has in the past 3 years since he came to england. And Nobody defends cazorla saying he plays with Giroud or he plays LW. Put cazorla even at RB and the magician will play well. We are lucky to have cazorla at Arsenal.

            2. And how is that related to ozil. How is that meant to be an Agenda? It is my poinion that Cazorla is the best midfielder at the club. Cazorla is the best number 10 at Arsenal. That is just my opinion. Its has nothing to do with Ozil Rambo Jack or Rosisky. cazorla is just from another planet.

              Check your stats he has the heighest assist in the premier league since he came to England. Play him LW or AM or CM he gives 100%. Most of you don’t respect cazorla because we didn’t pay £40m for him.

              The funny thing is that I didn’t even mention ozil. Just Silly

              1. Every time cazorla is brought up you explicitly bring up that he’s better than ozil or you imply it. And talk about not mentioning anything who in there right mind would disrespect cazorla? Seriously where do you see people disrespecting him? He’s a world class footballer and a fan favorite I don’t care if he cost £13m or £130m he is quality and delivers for us. Yes he has the most premier league assists for the last 3 years no1 is denying that but I just think ozil is better we are a much stronger and fluid team with ozil as the #10

        3. Have you heard the term ‘peak?’ Honest question. It’s usually when players perform at the best of their abilities. Now… Judging by the fact that Cazorla’s game is based on intelligence and technique, not physicality, speed or athleticism. I’m under the impression that his best football is still ahead of him.
          I’m aware of ‘assets,’ but the funny thing, the way ‘assets’ usually work in sports and players is that their value correlates to their likely production. The reason he would be worth so much money is due to the fact that he is such an important player for us and is likely to have a vital role this coming season. So call me crazy, but ‘cashing in’ on that seems like it would be a massive step backwards….

  2. Looking at the Home Grown Rule, would that prove to be a hindrance or a benefit if we still intend on winning the league, there is a lot of talk about who we are gonna sign this window but the thing that troubles me is 12 of the 25 players in next season squad have to be home grown, meaning the other 13 will be of different nationalities, If we sign Kongdogbia, Cech and Martinez, who leaves?

    1. Easy Son. Thats a story for 2016/2017. Lets forcus on winning the league and getting all the players we need to win the league. When we get to that bridge we shall cross it. For now lets buy the players we need and go forward. It is just fustrating that Arsenal don’t seem to be in the market. Our rivals will be very strong. That 4th place position is something i don’t want anymore. We should not be proud of that.

    1. Looks like Fenerbahce. If Cech is on board then someone has to go. Feel sorry for the guy tbh.

      1. I can’t balme ospina for leaving. Sczseney is home grown. And he is young so the manager believes in him. If Cech comes Ospina may just have to go. There is no way you can make Sczseney cech and ospina happy. Its a shame beacuse ospina has done nothing wrong. But cech is worldclass and when you want to win titles you have to be ruthless. Arsenal has been crying for a worldclass keeper since the days of a certain Almunia. lol

        1. @galen
          While we’re being “ruthless”, why not we sell those injury prone players for the top money being offered for them…

          1. Not when the potential is as great as that of jack and Ox. Its not about them been English. I don’t care about where players come from. But jack and Ox have got huge potentials so we can’t go and strengthen Chelsea and City. That would be madness.
            Where will you find homegrown players better than Jack and Ox? Just look at the England under 21 players today? that team was crying our for jack and ox. lol

            1. @galen
              Look at Afobe. He got injured and never got a look into the 1st squad after being with AFC since he was a kid. Would hate to see him come back to haunt us.
              I could honestly care less about potential when a player is out injured several months a season for numerous seasons in a row. Then the supposed potential is wasted on the physio table.
              Just ask Diaby…

              1. But i’d bet my bottom dollar that you were calling for Wenger’s head when RVP’s contract wasn’t renewed sooner… smh

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