Santi Cazorla should be rewarded for his loyalty to Arsenal

What next for Santiago Cazorla González (the little magician)? by Precious Marho

Hello guys. A few weeks ago Santi Cazorla conducted an interview with the Madrid based outlet, Marca, where he spoke at length about the extent of the awful injury that has plagued him and kept him out of action for over a year. Our little magician had almost lost his foot to gangrene (decay around tissue because of a lack of blood flow to the area) after contracting a dangerous infection. The injury was so severe that the surgeons had to replace the lost skin around his Achilles with a section of tattooed skin from his left arm.

Being one of his more ardent fans, I felt really sad as to what he had gone through. In that interview, he also revealed that he’d be back in January, stating: ‘I do not have clearance till January, but, I will come back by then’. But he won’t be. News broke a few days ago of yet another injury setback- and operation (the NINTH) that he needed to undergo. Evidently, he wouldn’t be back in January. I love Santi Cazorla, the man and the football player. Boy, how we have missed his influence on the pitch! Prior to his injury, all of our good play went through the ambidextrous Santi. With a close control that is unrivalled in the football sphere, he was a joy to behold at times, churning out world class performances every time. I honestly cannot remember a game where Santi never tried. I also think he is one of the better players we have had in the last few years.

Whereas some players *cough* Walcott, have held the club to ransom because of salary demands amidst contract renewals, we have never had that with Santi. He has been a fantastic servant to the club since he arrived from Malaga in 2012, and it is worth stating that despite his undoubted ability, he earns roughly 90,000 British pounds per week- less than Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud. Yet, he has never once complained- ever playing with a smile on his face. That’s why with his latest setback, one truly wonders what next for Santi. He’s already 32 and at the terminus of his career, with his contract with the Arsenal due to expire next summer. Even if he does risk it all and come back, he has very limited time at the top level and with the severity of his injury; perhaps it would be better if the little magician called it a day. If anything, so that he can walk after football.

Whilst watching the game against Burnley recently, as we struggled to break down the clarets, the middle aged fan seated close to me remarked as to how a dose of Santi would have sufficed in aiding our exertions. He really is that talented. And so, if he does decide to retire, the onus is on the club to reward his fantastic service, talent and loyalty with a position in some capacity. He’s earned it. Nevertheless, for such a fighter of underrated skill set, I wouldn’t bet against him coming back from his nightmare and starring again for the Gunners. One thing is certain though, whatever you choose to do, Señor Cazorla, we; the Arsenal community, love you and support you. Get well soon.

Precious Marho


  1. You can’t be serious. I love me some Santi but he hasn’t played in like forever yet he still gets paid a full salary. I wish I had a job like that. So if anyone should be rewarded here it’s Wenger for his trust and loyalty to his players, not the other way around. Like I said before, I’m a huge admirer of Santi Cazorla but he’s done as a professional football player, and we should cut our losses sooner rather than later. For the money that we pay him, we should be able to find more than an adequate replacement.

    1. What a piece of work you are. A non-believer in loyalty.
      I assume that you do not get paid sick pay in your work (assuming you work).

      1. It’s part of the job, his body is all that matters in this sport. He has been well looked after same as Diarby and Rosicky. service has nothing to do with it they don’t give out gold watches now just play out ya contract. Having said I wish him the best as another gifted player is missed out and has to wait till end of contract, as nothing else he can do. If he does get to play next year let’s hope he gets to play in Champs lg if we get there. CB

      2. There’s sick pay, and there’s! sick pay dude.

        We need to replace him it’s as simple as that. Doesn’t mean he can’t stick around, but we need reliable numbers. He would look good coaching the youngsters into ball control, look at his kid, his kid has better ball control than allot of the capped English players and he’s about six.

  2. Arsenal FC have shown loyalty towards Santi despite his injuries. Carzola has not been in a position to show loyalty as he has been unfit and as far as I am aware another club has not sought his services. A very fine player but loyalty does not apply in this case

  3. I don’t believe some people in this forum.
    You are happy to pay £10.5 mil per year to “Le spécialiste en échec”, £90k pw to Jack Wilshire who is always injured and usually ineffective and £110k pw to Walcott who is often injured and mostly ineffective and yet the one player who has shown any spirit for the club you begrudge paying sick pay. Yes he has been out for 14 months (not as long as some like Wilshire) but of all the players that have been out for long periods, and god knows Wenger has collected them, Santi is the only one one that deserves more.

    1. In fairness, the people begrudging him that “loyalty bonus” are gonna be the same ones who often criticized our managers pay along with Walcott Sanogo and the others. Besides, giving a player a season too far, just in case, is the loyalty bonus, used to give testimonials but clubs are too greedy to allow all that gate money go to someone whom they’ve already paid very very well.

      I’d still like to see testimonials given because it’s the best way to reward someone who can have almost anything they want. Our appreciation/admiration/ovation is the best way to reward Santi, not undeserved money, he’s been a pro and earned what he earned the right way.

  4. To all people who say Santi doesn’t reserved loyalty think again. If Diarby, Wilshere, Rosicky (huge fan) got it,.. then I Santi deserves it more than anyone else! How fickle people are these days!!!

  5. You’ve gotta feel for santi..With the talent and flair he has got he is too good to warm the subs bench-let alone the fact he is not being able to get over injury problems. I would love to see him get on the fireld sooner rather than later but you’ve really got to fear the worse for our LITTLE MAGICIAN…

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