Santi Cazorla staying at Arsenal and expects new signings

There have been numerous Arsenal transfer rumors predicting that our Super-Spaniard Santiago Cazorla would be moving back to his homeland this summer, but the exceptional midfielder has now made it clear that he intends to stay and fight for more trophies with the Gunners next season.

Cazorla fully expects Arsene Wenger to be investing in the squad this summer, and Arsenal to go on to challenge,not only for the Premier League, but for the Champions League as well. He was directly asked on ArsenalFanTV if he would be still at the Emirates next season and Santi seemed reasonably confident going into the next campaign. “Yes, we want to improve in the Premier League and the Champions League,”

“I think if we play how we’ve been playing in the last 10 games then we have a great opportunity.

“I think we’ll sign new players, the team will be very strong and of course we want to win the Premier League and the Champions League.”

Santi is the first Arsenal player this year to predict that Arsenal will be bringing in new arrivals, after Arsene Wenger made his usual statement about NOT needing to add to the squad unless some top, top, top players become available. But I guess we are now becoming used to Wenger telling us absolutely nothing until at least a week after it has been announced on SkySports!

One other question that often comes up for debate about Cazorla is whether he is right or left-footed. This was his reply: “For me, I always say I’m right-footed.

“Now maybe the left foot is good because last year I had a problem with my ankle on my right foot. But for me I’m better with my right foot.”

So now you know!

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  1. yes we should be making more signings…this way Carzola will not be over played and get burned out…

  2. Wenger never said he would not be adding to the squad. He actually said the opposite, that he would be adding one or two high profile players.

  3. I tink santi is one of the most under rated midfilders in d world…anyway he stays we make good signings win champions n premier league n our players wud get d recognition d deserve…cos personally i tink ozil sanchez, carzola, kosielny r all world class

  4. Pirlo says he wanna play in a different league nxt season, hw about we sign him for cheap n he plays as a deep lying midfielder as wel as increasin d belief among our young stars n squad
    Just a suggestion tho

      1. He covered more ground than everyone on the pitch v’s Real Madrid, in the semi final of the CL, with the exception of Vidal.

        You might want to re-think your inks, ma man!!

        1. Are you insinuating nhe would be a good signing?!! bro, youre fukkin crazy if you think pirlo has the legs for the EPL. Just cause he covers alot of ground doesnt mean he has the PACE or STRENGTH to cope. Big Pirlo fan but come on man. When Ozil wasnt performing he was still covering more ground then most but clearly thats not enough

  5. What will need is another DM and a pacy fox in the box striker- a la aguero or suarez type,to compliment Giroud. This summer lets release Ajayi,Arteta,Flamini,Diaby,Rosicky,Wellington,Campbell,Ryo.
    Send on loan Chambers,hayden,Crowley,Gnebry,Zelalem,Akpom,Sanogo.
    Buy Scheniderlin,Dybala or lacazette.
    Retain Jenkinson- dis allow Debuchy to be our emergency 4th CB,which he did excellently earlier dis season

    1. Jenkinson will not want to return and warm the bench…hes playing regularly at WH…..

      4th choice rarely get games….he will prob leave at end of season if he doesnt hit at least 20 games…..

  6. Last season Wenger said
    one or two yet brought in
    Ospina debuchy Chambers
    Gabriel Campbell Wellbeck
    and Sanchez. Seven additions?
    No doubt some will say but they
    were 6 replacements for
    Fabianski Sagna Vermaelen Bendtner and Park
    one injury enforced Wellbeck
    so really only one addition 🙂
    Mind games. Word play. Interpretation 🙂
    Nevertheless 7 new faces.
    I think we will lose at least 5 players
    Flamini Diaby Podolski Ryo Rosicky the prime candidates
    Szcz Campbell Wallcott Arteta Sanogo maybe’s.
    I think we will bring in at least 4 new faces
    DM, STR, for sure.
    GK CB B2B AM the other possibilities.
    But which ones?
    Any of the 97 names linked to us 🙂

  7. After watching the Barca-Bayern,i saw how far we are from becuming a great team…personally i think we need just 2additions 4 d next season…Snerderlin and Reus..i want wenger to play Sanchez in the CF role..the guy can deliver 30goals a season,a foward line of Reus-Sanchez-Walcott is pure class and can put any defence unda pressure including dat of Terry’s…when we play Chelsea,we wil leave them tinking of our tactics cuz a small,pacy,agile technical playa is playing tru the middle..MILDFIELD-Wenger shld make the most of the intelligence of cazorla and Ozil b4 they bcum 2old..Coq shld be behind them or rather schnerderlin..Lets face it,Giroud and Mertersacker are nt gud enuf fr a European Elite team,xo wenger shld nt include them in his plans..Kos and Gab shld b 1st choice..Tank u all.

  8. Yesssss keep Santi, the guy is a f*cking monster. And I might be alone on this one, but I love when he plays that deep lying role. I feel confident when he’s back there with the Coq.

    I just hope he find his goal scoring momentum soon. You know how they say the posts are a goalie’s best friend? Well they’re Santi’s best friends too. Every single time he hits that damn post.

    1. I agree with you I love Carzola’s new role in the team.

      He compliments Coq so well (Coq is not the best passer around and still lacks a bit of composure on the ball to add to his ball winning strengths) and this is where Carzola comes in. Watch the games closely each time Coq wins the ball or is given the ball he immediately looks for Carzola.

      Ooooooh Santi Carzola!!!! Our own Pirlo

    2. Yeah that deep lying role suits fro him suits us well…he gets more of the ball and is able to influence the game much better…plus he never looses the ball, a real awesome player.

  9. Full Team Next Season
    Attack-Reus,Walcott,Sanchez,Ox,Poldi,Giroud…………………….,…,Welbeck should sold..dat guy is total crab..he’s nt intelligent,he cant make intelligent moves,poor first touch,poor finishing,running like a headless chicken dosent make u a gud playa..this season,he has just 7goals to his name.POOR!

  10. Campbell + cash for Carvalho is a good deal..
    Loan Wellington to an epl side to see how good is he.
    Release Flamini

  11. I’d like to see a bit more ruthlessness by Wenger and his backroom staff regarding the players that are continually injury prone.
    My argument is that the wages the players receive nowadays can hold up buying new players because of the wages bill as a whole.
    You all know the players I’m referring about.
    I know injuries are a big part of running a football club but a charity organisation we ain’t.
    Contracs can give players and clubs security but they can also be a help when they end.

  12. I really want Rosický to retire at Arsenal.
    I just love him that much. My legend.

  13. Cazorla saved us last season while Ozil was out
    To have Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky is awesome
    We are sorted with creative/attacking midfielders
    I am happy he is staying and happy he believes we will strengthen during the summer

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