Santi Cazorla to get a great send off with one last Arsenal appearance

Santi himself is aware there is lots of work to do to reach peak fitness, and at “I’ve still got some way to go,” Cazorla said. “Because after being sidelined for 18 months, everything has to be done in its own time.

“But the sensations I have keep getting better and I’m feeling optimist about the future.

“The objective is to play some part with the team before the season ends, but we have to take things carefully.”

“After being out for so long it will take a while to get back into form, it’s a real struggle, but when you have been out like I have, you also notice pains elsewhere – apart from what I’ve had with my tendon.

“But all of that must mean that I am doing things right, and I hope to be back as soon as possible.”

The gunners are lining up a spectacular farewell to Wenger in his last game against Burnley next week, and I am predicting that Wenger will include Cazorla in that by putting him on for the last couple of minutes of the game to give Arsenal fans the the opportunity to give a last ovation to the 33 year-old who has been one of wenger’s stand out players in his final years at the club. I am sure Cazorla will get an even warmer send off than Wenger himself!

Darren N


  1. well no matter whos the manager is we will still finish top 6 or at least 6th place….with the international players we have….
    the gap between the big 6 and the rest are still wide

    1. So John Ibrahim are you now admitting that given the quality of the squad your beloved Arsene did the WORST possible job by finishing 6th?
      Since you claim that we cant go any lower with pretty much anyone in charge – we have wasted 8M because I would have done the job for free.

      1. Really? And how many cups have you won? Have you ever coached anything? Have you even played football? The endless arrogance and stupidity of the negative Arsenal “fan” never ceases to amaze.

        Next year depends on the fans, and idiots like you. If you insist once again on abusing your own players and attacking your own club as you have in the past–in effect helping the opposition, then you as a fan deserve nothing but relegation. You people are an embarrassment.

        Too bad so few of the fans have the class or solidarity Wenger and the players around him do. The arrogance of you people, who know next to nothing and who believe you know better than the players themselves, is truly astonishing. No wonder the club is doing so bad, it has haters and saboteurs for “fans”. I can only hope the fans spend at least 1 full season supporting their club wholeheartedly instead of imploding like a bunch of defeatist hysterics as always.

        My guess is, you’ll all collapse into hysterics at the first loss, abuse your players and club in social media, fly banners that say “you’re not good enough” before matches, sabotage your team morale and then blame the team for losses despite the fact that it is clearly you sabotaging and demoralizing the team. The concept of supporting your club and actually cheering them on towards victory is completely lost on you people.

        Sad to see the stupidest, loudest people get what they want, while the majority of fans worldwide, who are too polite to troll like these mindless twats do, have to endure a self-inflicted, stupidity-fueled implosion. You people better grow a spine and a brain next year, otherwise you WILL get exactly what you deserve–a club that reflects your personality and intelligence perfectly.

        1. Spare me this rubbish. You should be thankful to the Arsenal fans who fought for our club, flew banners and made protests to remove AW. They’re HEROES. Fans like you settle for mediocrity. Arsenal is top club for goodness sake. Even if you give AW another 10 years he won’t change anything. Liverpool is in the UCL final today with so many average players, how come? Look at the way they play, it has Klopp written all of it. That should have been Arsenal but instead we chose to stick with AW and look at the results, we’re 6th

          1. @NAIJA….TEL them,this mediocre fans.whoever was happy with how club was going either is wenger or other clubs fans…these r the guys that sing’ wenger we want you to stay.’
            wats the purpose of a futbal club,to win.if you u r not doing that that other busnes.
            ppl shld style up…….we have 0 win in away games this yr.
            i support u 100 percent naija

    2. International players LOL.

      There are dozens of brilliant Spaniards who have no chance of being in the national team, and loads of mediocre internationals from smaller countries. For example, Mkhitaryan would still be an international for Armenia even if he were West Ham level (or worse).

  2. John Ibrahim,
    Not sure what your point is, but if Burnley beat us on Sunday, that gap will not be as wide as you think it is.
    Santi Cazorla…what a player he has been ( and still might be).
    I wonder how the fortunes of our club might have been different had he been around?
    His strike against Hull City in the cup final was so important in the final outcome of that game.
    His touch and vision was superb and how I wish he could be playing Thursday night.
    What an incredible atmosphere there will be on Sunday for Wengers last home game and to have Santi there will make the day even better, especially if he does come on!!!
    I feel so sorry for the gooners who will not experience this, but hope that there will at least be a recording for those unlucky ones to purchase.

    1. we have been very poor and inconsistent this season especially with our defense

      with Mustafic and Cech taking turns to concede goals and the Sanchez Saga, we have lost at least 15 points…..

      not to mention during this period we are focusing on the Europa…hence resting players for league games…

      with players like Auba, Laca, Mikhi, Ramsay, Wilshere, Bellerin and incoming Meyer….

      its very very hard to finish outside the 6th position…..

        1. my bad….

          Santi a very quality player….he truly deserves some farewell minutes in our final game

          im pretty sure he can at least play 15mins

  3. Santi to score the winner in the Europa League final. Can you imagine Santi and Wenger lifting the trophy together ? man that would be beautiful ?

    1. Gooner Craig,
      I was told that it was adream to imagine Santi coming back to play in an Arsenal shirt.
      But isn’t that what football is all about?

  4. Would have loved to see him get one more year with the club but I can imagine some overhauling will be needed before next season starts. Center mid isn’t really our issue at the moment but having a player of Santi’s caliber wouldn’t hurt. For now, let’s focus on the Atleti clash and fight for that UCL qualification. It’s the only way to make recruiting top quality players easier. COYG.

    1. I would say CM is an issue, especially from a defensive point of view. Mustafi, kos and Cech. Have been so exposed at times. 3 factors have caused this, the full backs both attacking together, the dm not sitting when they do and this insistence on using zonal marking, oh make it 4 playing such a high line. Hopefully the new manager will address these errors with some proper knowledge of the art of defending.

    2. at his age of 33 yo he can still play on….

      he will make a good sub….a 2nd choice CM….

      he may not last 90mins every game….

      but 20-30mins every game he will come good

  5. Hi All,Cazola was a great Player for us ,, But time has taken over and at 33 most fit guys are thinking about retiring, we can ill afford him getting injured again and he knows his time is up get him a testimonial and say farewell.
    I want to see a strong manager who isnt afraid to berate the players if they fall by the wayside , and not be a puppet he has the say and the balls to hire and fire, who is out there with the qualifications , not many and maybe they dont like the setup at Arsenal
    Get rid of the dross Czech wi;tshire awobi and Mustafi and get some quality to bolster our ranks and dont forget the youngsters who are our future they played a great game against man U

  6. Much respect to Santi, a fantastic player who worked hard for the club. Truly tragic that his career was ended by this misfortune with the doctors. Best of luck to you Santi!

  7. Cazorla has been sorely missed.
    Francis Coquelin became a top DM
    when Cazorla was fit.
    They were dynamic together.
    But then disaster when Santi became injured.
    The whole teams defensive frailties have been
    exposed time and again ever since this quality partnership was broken.
    After Santi became injured Francis’s form suffered and he was sold in January.
    Hoping Elneny and Xhaka can become the DM axis we need.

  8. Oh how I have missed our little magician. He was the most important player on the pitch & I have seen none like him in a long time. He controlled that midfield & most of our attacking players & Coquelin flourished coz of him. He would walk into that midfield at the moment & boss it more than Xhaka & Wilshire combined. He deserves a great send off.

  9. I’ll miss his magical football. It’s always joyful to watch Santi dancing around. That lying defensive midfielder was too hard for his legs, I feel sad for him.

    1. If there is any Gooner at all, even one, who does not like and admire Santi as a man and player , I will be amazed. You can put your house on the fact I will therefore NOT be amazed.

  10. santi and rosicky are legends.. I would want a one more year for santi to just train with the team as a leader and experience. just as we have done with Arteta and mertesacker in the past

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