This season could be brilliant for English football but not necessarily for Arsenal

This season offers a great chance for unheralded clubs to shine at the expense of teams like Arsenal.

There is a good chance that only two of the so-called top-six qualify for next seasons Champion League and that would be brilliant for English football. Though for Arsenal it could be disastrous.

Obviously, I hope from the depth of my soul that Arsenal somehow manage to claim a top-four spot but I do accept it is unlikely.

But that does not mean that it would not be good for the English game if the likes of Wolves or Sheffield United grab a spot in Europe’s premier competition.

The same old teams always finishing in the top spots gets boring, we all remember what it was like when Leicester City won the title, it was refreshing and a breath of fresh air.

I know some will say it will weaken English clubs chances in the champions league next season but would it really?

How many years on the bounce did Arsenal fail to get beyond the last 16 before losing their place in the competition? I will answer that, it was seven years.

Man Utd has done no better over the last eight years and despite all their spending Man City have yet to reach a final.

Tottenham did freakishly reach the final last season but I think we can all agree that will remain a one off.

The point I am making is that English clubs do not have the best of records in recent years in the Champions League, well, apart from Liverpool.

Would Leicester City, Wolves etc actually do any worse? In fact, one can argue that those teams are better equipped for Europe than the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal.

No one likes a boring predictable league if you want that go watch French football. If you want excitement in a league where every single matchup is impossible to call, again apart from Liverpool, then watch English football.

Wolves beating Man City away, Brighton beating Arsenal at the Emirates, West Ham turning over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Newcastle winning at Tottenham and Crystal Palace humbling Man Utd at Old Trafford are just a few examples of what we have seen this season.

Could that list of results happen in the other major leagues against the very top teams? I do not think so.

So, this may not be the best season for Arsenal but for football fans, in general, this season has been brilliant from an entertaining point of view and for me, that is a good thing.


  1. Arsenal still have a chance to win EL and they have been pretty convincing under Arteta so far

    If we can get one towering target man and Adama Traore or Wilfried Zaha, I believe we would win all remaining games

  2. Whether people take it in a different direction or not but that’s the truth about this season’s premier league. And if care is not taken by big clubs to upgrade their playing standards, you will actually see one or even two mid table clubs to get champions league positions.

  3. OT.. I downloaded the match against Leeds and watched it again yesterday morning. Torturous listening to Danny Murphy commentating! He slated Xhaka time and time again… and this morning he’s popped up and said Xhaka would be a hell of a player at Liverpool!

  4. Sue, I had to laugh at the main commentator ( can’t be bothered to find out his name) who seemed to be having a love-in with the leeds fans.

    Even before the kick off, he was waxing lyrical about them…never once mentioning the hooligan element that has plagued the club for years.

    He didn’t stop until well into the second half, when he suddenly realized The Arsenal was the other team playing in the match!!!
    The agony in his voice when we scored was wonderful to hear, but then the two of them dissected it and commented on how lucky we were versus leeds and their chances.

    They thought there was going to be only one outcome, one set of fans and one club playing with any history…they got all three wrong of course!!!

    Complete muppets, the pair of them!!

    1. I love it when they’re proved wrong, Ken… it’s brilliant! I knew they’d all be for Leeds and expect them to beat us! Soon shut them up hey?!

      With certain commentators, I have to turn the sound down, especially as you know before it’s even started all the garbage they’ll spew!! 😂

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