Saturday Premier League review – good and bad for Arsenal

Premier League – Tottenham draw but Man City, Chelsea and Leicester City all win.

Bit of a mixed bag yesterday in terms of results and how they impact on Arsenal. Chelsea and Leicester City wins pushed them above Arsenal in the standings and of course, City winning increased the gap between them and us to four points.

Tottenham dropping two points is a bonus, Arsenal now sits three points above them with a game in hand.

If Man Utd was to lose today against Liverpool then that would be another huge boost for Arsenal.

Chelsea scraped by Newcastle United and show no signs of slowing down just yet, if anything they are now learning to win under Frank Lampard.

The Foxes came from behind to beat Burnley and once they get the momentum going it is hard to stop them. They will be in the race for a top-four spot for the long run.

Man City was comfortable 2-0 winners at Crystal Palace to get back to winning ways in the league. Pep Guardiola’s men cannot be counted out of the title race that is for sure.

Everton beat West Ham 2-0 but are probably already too far behind to get back in top-four contention. But if they put a winning run together who knows.

Wolves and Southampton drew 1-1 and a season of mid-table mediocrity looks on the cards for Wolves. Southampton looks a bit like relegation fodder and they will be struggling this season.

Bournemouth and Norwich City fans endured a goalless draw but I am sure the Canaries will be pleased with a point.

Finally, Aston Villa continues to impress grabbing a late winner against unlucky Brighton.

So, in conclusion, results could have been better for Arsenal but Spurs dropping points is huge. A win over Sheff Utd tomorrow night and that opens up a six-point gap to our North London rivals. Arsenal must take advantage of the rare opportunities that come their way and tomorrow is a huge opportunity to put a significant gap between themselves and Spurs.


  1. The spuds were so lucky! I was gutted… Chelsea winning too was a bummer!
    Leicester will be tough to beat..
    In a weird way I was glad City won, you know how I feel about Liverpool! Sterling was terrible (Zaha wasn’t much better ☹)

  2. Be realistic.
    We’re not going to be close to City by the end of the season. Our maximum is 75 – 77 points or around there, and they’ll definitely have at least 85.

    I wonder how the refs will handle ManU vs Liverpool. The team the refs designated to be champions playing at the ground where the refs usually make sure United get the breaks they need.

  3. Man U losing will be a huge boost? See level we have descended to. We are no longer aiming at the title. Liverpool should lose and we keep on winning. Aiming at the top.
    We have no option than to win, and win well too.

    1. They are being very realistic and honest in their opinions…there is no way our team will be challenging Liverpool for the title this season, we aren’t up there yet in terms of performance s thus far. So I don’t see anything wrong in measuring up with second and third place respectively because that’s the highest we might likely achieve this season

      1. Sorry. I think too much respect to Liverpool and not that they are too fantastic. Napoli showed us this.
        I just think if we have the right management (considering selection/tactics) we have personnel that can push far up.

  4. Spurs lose or draw amount to points 1 point difference, they still not far and Can quickly come back to our tail they are right by.

    Everton as well, they have a team to fight for 3rd or 4th, good defense and midfield with lots of good forward players, young team Chelsea like, a good coach.

    Man U are 2 games away from us, everyone see them lose as not many see us win, up to us to keep them behind but let’s not forget how they almost finished in top 4, way more behind when Ole came in…

    We have a squad to make it 3rd or 4th as last year because other teams do Bad, but last year’s ending showed that we can’t rely on that fact. Leicester and watcing Everton; both are teams to realisitcly consider for 3rd and 4th spot as well!

    We then 6 teams competing for 3rd and 4th spot, means we can finish 3rd or 8th. Upon Unai’s “11” pick, which is always wrong, just diferent games and season. 8 games so far, all wrong 11, makes few wins dramatic!

  5. unlike many here i don’t see any way how a non big 6 team will finish in the top 4. Leicester have a chance of finishing 5th or 6th if man utd and tott continue their horrible form. right now we have a 6 pts advantage over man utd and can create a 6 pts gap with spurs if we win our match. So even playing at 50-60% of our capacity we are creating a gap to our direct opponents for a top 4 place. I see that as a positive.

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