Saying that refs have a conspiracy against Arsenal is ridiculous

There is No Conspiracy by Dan Smith

All gooners were frustrated on Tuesday. It’s never nice seeing your team lose, but one of the worst feelings is when you walk away with regret.

We arguably looked the best we have all season in the first half at the Molineux.

I’m not one to focus on referees. I have always disagreed with how VAR is being used and feel officiating has never been great in this country but I’m one of those who accepts things usually even themselves out.

Yet I can’t argue with those fans who suggest we only lost against Wolves due to officiating.
My own stance is I don’t see any controversy around Leno’s red card. He’s clearly handled the ball outside of his area so only has himself to blame.

Luiz is not so clear?

If he’s guilty of anything it’s slipping over but even then, I’m still not sure how much or if any contact he made with his opponent?

Arsenal’s David Luiz reacts after he fouls Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Willian Jose during the English Premier League football match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal at the Molineux stadium in Wolverhampton, central England on February 2, 2021. (Photo by Shaun Botterill / POOL / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club/league logos or ‘live’ services. Online in-match use limited to 120 images. An additional 40 images may be used in extra time. No video emulation. Social media in-match use limited to 120 images. An additional 40 images may be used in extra time. No use in betting publications, games or single club/league/player publications. / (Photo by SHAUN BOTTERILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal’s David Luiz (2R) fouls Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Willian Jose (2L) during the English Premier League football match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal at the Molineux stadium in Wolverhampton, central England on February 2, 2021. (Photo by Nick Potts / POOL / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club/league logos or ‘live’ services. Online in-match use limited to 120 images. An additional 40 images may be used in extra time. No video emulation. Social media in-match use limited to 120 images. An additional 40 images may be used in extra time. No use in betting publications, games or single club/league/player publications. / (Photo by NICK POTTS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 02: Hector Bellerin of Arsenal prepares to take a throw in during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal at Molineux on February 02, 2021 in Wolverhampton, England. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Arsenal’s Icelandic goalkeeper Runar Alex Runarsson (C) comes on after Arsenal’s German goalkeeper Bernd Leno leaves the field on being red carded during the English Premier League football match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal at the Molineux stadium. (Photo by CATHERINE IVILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Video Technology is meant to help in these moments, and I don’t understand how replays have shown 100 percent the defender clipped the players ankle?

So we as a fan base have a right to be aggrieved. Yet is there a team who feels like that every week?

Think of the mess that was the handball rule earlier in the season when it felt like pens were given every other game. Players are being routinely told they are offside based on a toe.

So all football supporters have had that feeling in their stomach of ‘what if?’.

My personal favourite is how we would have won an FA Cup against Liverpool had Henchoz been spotted handling the ball twice. I still can’t get over it. Yet I equally accept there have been moments when we have benefited from a bad decision, and that’s why I feel it’s hypocritical to ever blame refs for our failures.

I have though never questioned the integrity of the sport. If I felt in any way it was fixed what would be the point of watching it? Why invest my time and energy into a product if I felt it was predetermined?

That’s why I felt some gooners have taken things a bit far since our recent defeat. Be disappointed? Sad? Angry? Of course ….

But suggesting that those in authority might have a conspiracy against us? That’s a bit too much.

I want to use a range of sources to give you a variation of some extreme opinions. On Just Arsenal, the reader Davi felt we lost to a ‘twisting of the rules’.

Top of predictions table Dan Kit, called the football ‘corrupt’ a word repeated across social media.

Talk Sport had a caller who believed Luiz had been judged on ‘his reputation’.

AFTV’s fan cams included a ref being called a ‘cheat‘, the game being ‘rigged’ and a bizarre demand for Craig Pawson to hand in his resignation letter. Especially as Pawson is the same man who failed to send off Mane when we were at Anfield in September.

Quite strong words ….

Say it out loud and it sounds ridiculous…. The FA hate Arsenal so much that the officials on the pitch are working with those at Stockley Park to screw us out of points? Why?

That’s quite self-involved

Yet that’s what terms like ‘cheat‘, ‘conspiracy’, ‘rigged’ and ‘agenda’ means; it’s implying that when a goal is disallowed or a booking made or not made, it’s not being made impartially. That’s a serious allegation and one that needs exploring.

The first hole in the argument is the Gunners themselves have been awarded three spot kicks this season and only conceded two. If there was a nationwide agenda against us wouldn’t we have been awarded 0 and conceded more than two?

Maybe Michael Oliver, Andre Marriner and Mike Dean are not part of the conspiracy as they gave us penalties?

Here’s a good one.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the game is ‘rigged‘, that refs’ ‘cheat’ that the sport is ‘corrupt’, wouldn’t those in power do everything to stop us lifting the FA Cup?

Remember the Final? A game where we got a penalty, and Kovacic got a second yellow even though he made no contact with Xhaka. If there was a conspiracy, I would like Ty from AFTV to explain that.

By his logic, the ref that day was a ‘cheat’, as was Xhaka for pretending he was hurt.
If Chelsea said that day we only won due to a ‘rigged game’, ‘corruption’, ‘cheating’, etc, we would tell them to grow up.

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions and it’s healthy to have different points of views, but I also think the danger of social media is a younger generation of Gooner is wrongly educated by our history being rewritten.

Various fans have suggested that the reason VAR didn’t come to our rescue is because Mike Riley is the general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials (essentially in charge of officials in England).

A theory put forward by grown adults is Riley has a hatred for Arsenal so is back at Stockley Park manipulating our downfall. I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

Riley refereed the game that ended our undefeated streak at 49 games back in 2004. Did Rooney dive that day? 100 percent. Did Riley have a poor performance? You bet…

Did he have a bad day at the office 17 years ago? Yes, but I don’t think it was anymore then someone being incompetent.

This idea that a man at the top of his profession has spent the last two decades plotting our demise is arrogant of any fan to think. We are not unique. We are not special. Get out of your bubble, not everything is about Arsenal.

And again not true.

Since he done us wrong that afternoon at Old Trafford, he was in charge of another 12 Arsenal fixtures until his retirement. How many fixtures did we lose under the charge of a man with this dastardly conspiracy against us …… drum roll … 2! We won 9 and drew the other.

Since he broke our hearts that day in Manchester do you want to know how men pens this evil villain would award against us? 2.

He awarded us 4.

How many of our players did he send off as part of his mission to undermine us ……… ZER0.

Sorry, but in a court of law I think that’s overwhelming evidence that we don’t get treated any differently to other teams. I deal with facts not emotion, and the facts say some just make things up. So it begs the question, why?

I think we have fans who have blamed the likes of Mr Wenger, defended Kroenke, etc, and now feel that admitting we have gone backwards would be a sign of weakness.

So if you’re a fan who was predicting a title challenge, boasting how beating Man Utd would only put us 7 points behind them, or who say we are being managed well by Mr Kroenke, they have to find a reason for our failings.

So they try to convince a newer generation of Gooners that there is a conspiracy, the game is rigged, refs are cheats, etc; anything but admit we have serious problems at our club.

We lost to Wolves partly because Luiz was shown a red card but that’s not why we are 10th.

Our League season is over in February which is embarrassing.

Not because there is a conspiracy.
Not because the game is rigged.
Not because everyone is cheating.
Because we are not good enough!

We have youngsters we overhype; we have an owner with zero ambition, our recruitment is poor, our football is boring, and the squad has a weak mentality.

I’m sorry if it’s not what you want to hear…

Be Kind In The Comments

Dan Smith

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  1. There was no conspiracy, but the referee didn’t use his common sense. Luiz obviously didn’t touch Willian Jose and it was the other way around

    Arsenal should’ve complained about that red card

    1. FYI…it’s not a refs job to use common sense. The ref is required, first and foremost, to adjudicate according to the laws stipulated to him/her. The law makers are the problem here.

      Luiz is chasing the player because he was out of position, he is 100% responsible if he gets too close to a player and clips him…are you really suggestion that a player lifting their leg backwards while running is the one initiating the contact? Come now, let logic prevail please.

    2. @gotanidea, after how many points VAR deducted unjustly 4rm us last season & the countless wrong decisions going against us you don’t believe there’s a conspiracy theory against us ?

    3. I don’t believe this
      I watched hundreds of EPL matches
      If there is anything clear it’s the clear favoritism united get seasons after season
      Even before var came we see some crazy decisions going for them. So many clear and obvious offsides neglected
      Do you think arsenal will in your life time get a call like having a panelty after the final whistle then keep dreaming…
      Do you think it’s only united players that are been fouled to receive so many no. Of penalties
      This is not a coincidence it’s a clear and obvious pattern going on for decades
      Arsenal red cards, are they red cards yes but have i seen the united players done worse at times and escape without even a caution….
      And by the few example you gave eg arsenal getting a panalty at old trafford…
      Do i need to remind you that Epl is a globally watched sports
      And sometimes they are helpless in making some decisions
      They will allow few to go to try to keep the integrity of the league…
      Just imagine man. U going a full season without conceding a single penalty and receiving 25 in same season that will raise eyebrows……
      This favoritism alo goes to the teams that they want to win the league most times…

      1. The only time i enjoy EPL big teams playing without the match been killed is in Europe when they meet each other

  2. Quick question Dan. Would a man Utd or Liverpool get the same treatment? I think not. Corruption eating deep into English FA. Little wonder why they’re not invited to the world cups and bigger tournaments. I expect English Arsenal fans to revolt against this and protest massively rather than turn on a player who saved our asses against utd because of his poor history. See how biased we can get.? We should fight this corruption in football Now. Or better yet get these refs to be accountable after the games. Get them interviewed. Let the world hear the conversations that go on between the ref and VAR officials like they do in cricket and other sports.

    Honestly it’s because of naivety of fans like this that makes them get away with it every single time. They know there’s absolutely nothing people can do about it. Till another game where we get robbed again. Xhaka was clipped by Bruno, it’s all good, if xhaka had been the one to do that to Bruno, would have been a sending off. Remember Eddie’s red card last season? How many times have opposition players done worse to our players and gone away with it. Also mane elbowing Tierney at the beginning of the season, if a xhaka or Luiz had done that, 10/10 that would have been a red card. I can bet that with my money. And you say there’s no conspiracy? Yeah right.

      1. people just love to draw the conspiracy card.. you are right dan there is no conspiracy just incompetent VAR referees

        1. For how long are they going to be incompetent ,every one must be genuinely happy of what arteta is doing at the club ,but becouse arsenal uses more of foreigners that why its hated but i think the country is going foward in soccer due to foreign players ,we can not just use English players who cant bring a difference, pple like saka, pple like Ashley cole ,so to mention but a few ,but it pains an official who u trust to officiate the game professionally make such biased decisions

          1. Don’t believe in conspiracies but do agree here from the Wenger era we are the seen as the foreign team with pretty footballers and refs take a certain stand in that. In most of the cases its not in our favour. Refs like to teach Arsenal a lesson on some good old English toughness which imo resulted in teams getting at us until the point it went wrong; Ramsey, Diaby and Eduardo where victim of that. Which wasn’t one referee at fault but Arsenal boys playing in the wrong neighborhood for years. Home fans loved to see us get bullied, which made referees feel like heros. The game is getting more global but these sentiments still hurt, which makes this harder to swallow. Grtz from Holland

      2. I have never seen it in since I started watching football. As a matter of fact and plain for all to see and even the blind to feel, all the Premier League referees shortcomings always benefit Man utd, never the other way around. Why? Please explain that. Never seen the referee mistakes cost Man utd games, only giving them wins. This has been going on for far too long to be anything other than corruption.

        The term penalty is nearly synonymous with Man utd in the PL. Scoundrels 😡!

        I agree completely with you Kstix, especially them getting away with it. Why are they not accountable and no changes are seen all these years even though the whole world knows about English referees? Are they really that bad or they know exactly what they are doing?

    1. Just tell them, if they are still defending this open conspiracy the next thing will be breaking half of Arsenal players in the pitch and they will say Arsenal players are weak. so they use many ways to fight Arsenal since no body like David Dein is there in FA to ask why on behalf of Arsenal. we can just forget about winning EPL any more until GOD will through in some spanner.

  3. I do find it strange that we have all these red cards, but I don’t think any single one of our opposition this season has got a red ..?

    Fernandes didn’t even get a tell off from the ref with his stomp.

    1. Can I ask then and let’s see if you can answer
      When we won cup and Chelsea got red card was that a conspiracy
      Also didn’t we get a pen at Old Trafford?
      Surely they wouldn’t give us a pen if there was a conspiracy?

      1. Well I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy, I’m saying certain teams and players seem to get away with things others don’t.

        Even if there were a conspiracy, the refs couldn’t turn a blind eye on everything though. A hypothetically speaking a conspiracy wouldn’t stay hidden for long if they go all out biased.

        And I’m fairly certain that penalty and red card of Kovasic were not argued against by us or the opposition that much, nor the by the neutral fans. However many incidents like yesterday, Mane’s elbow, stomp on Xhaka, have been argued by neutral fans to be wrong calls.

        I don’t remember blatantly wrong calls going for us in the past few years..? Maybe Koscielny’s hand ball goal vs Burnley..? That was 3-4 years ago though.

        1. Yeah so last season in cup final we got away with it because he doesn’t touch Xakha at all
          So as a fans can’t have it both ways
          Plus apart from luiz which reds have been unfair this season ?
          Pepe at Leeds was a fair red
          Xakha Burnley – fair red
          Leno fair red yesterday
          Think that’s it

      2. Ooh smith this is too much if John terry a mighty Chelsea fan and legend can confirm conspiracy of refs descision on luiz tel me has he forgot that we played them during the final. .No Mr smith its all about kicking conspiracy out of England…

  4. Totally agree GAI.

    Upon seeing BT freeze and circle the point of impact, it seemed pretty clear to me the FORWARD had initiated the contact (clever lad ?), by throwing back and jamming the sole of his boot (studs) into Luiz’s knee.

    Why was the pitch side monitor not used ?

    After all, the awarding of the penalty & subsequent red must have come under the “clear & obvious” error ( i.e. doubt) criteria.

    By the way, our defensive shape seconds before half time was criminal to be fair.

    Arteta after the match (perhaps not the best time) has indicated we intend to appeal.

    What also worries me, is the Keeper situation for the Villa game.

    What is the extent of Ryan’s injury ?

  5. You’ve done a nice patch up job for Riley & the FA there.Are you on the payroll?lets start with the most one eyed,shameful,disgraceful,corrupt refereeing performances of the premier league era.Arsenals 50th game at old Toilet.I suggest you go back & have a good long look at that match.I won’t go into detail of the hatchet jobincidents that should have had at least a MINIMUM of two red cards for Manure .But will say their are ample quotes from united players that they got away with murder that day ably abetted by that criminal Riley.You’ve conveniently overlooked that he’s the man prior to this match that had awarded them something like 7 penalties in his last eight outings with them.pure coincidence I hear u say? 😂 if you want further proof of how the PGMOL have affected us since his appt as head.Take a visit to Untold Arsenal who will be happy to provide you with the stats.They make for damning reading.

    1. Your words are music to my eyes. They failed to cheat us at that stadium (them and the referee who saw it fit to give the penalty (its impossible to talk about Man utd and avoid the penalty word) in the last minute) earlier in our invincibles season.

  6. I really hope that’s the last we see of Luiz, because that’s not the first time he’s done this. The guy is seriously a brain dead defender! Even if it was a coming together, just do not allow it in that situation.

    We were absolutely bossing that game until Luiz destroyed it all!

    1. What a fan…. Did you see the game at all? I’m guessing Rashford will be thanking Luiz by now if he’s as poor as you say

    2. You obviously didn’t watch the game. David Luiz has been solid. A leader on the pitch. Look at how Holding and other players feed of his energy. Or maybe you would like Mustafi and Sokratis back at the helm?

      1. I am talking overall. He was dreadful before picking up some form and helping us win the FA Cup. That was classic Luiz at his best again!

        I don’t want Mustafi, Sokratis or Luiz! But you want Luiz? Clearly you don’t know what a good defender looks like then!

        I wonder if Brazil miss him haha!

      2. Wow…I’m flummoxed..
        Luiz a leader ?…Holding feeding off his energy..?.
        Just when I thought I’ve heard it all..
        So the numerous clean sheets the pairing of Holding and Mari kept..Whose energy where they feeding on…?..
        Luiz is a Chelsea double agent and needs to be booted out of this club ASAP..

  7. Unfortunately, by the letter of the law, it was a definite Red Card since you can clearly see on one of the replay angles that there WAS a contact between his knee and the foot of the opponent AND that Luiz made no attempt at getting the ball in a clear goal scoring opportunity… :/

    By the SPIRIT of the game, this rule is absurd and stupid since this isn’t a case of an intentional unsportsmanlike behaviour and Luiz didn’t really know anything about the trip.
    It FEELS like penalty + yellow would be the appropriate punishment and the wording of the law really needs to be updated as its purpose is to punish players holding the arm/shirt of the opponent, NOT simply running to close to them.

    This said, I believe this is the THIRD time Luiz gets red-carded in such similar situation and a player of his experience REALLY should know that it’s BETTER to let the opponent take his shot and hope the keeper can pull out a great save or that the strike goes wide.
    Worst case scenario, the other team scores a goal and that just means you have to score again to win, with ELEVEN men on the pitch to do so.

    1. zTom.

      Point of interest.

      Looking at it time and again, who in your opinion INTIATED the contact ?

      But it’s still a pen and red regardless ?

      But hey, it’s gone – and is now “just one of those footballing talking points”.

      However, if we were to appeal would I love for the red to be overturned – purely on a point of principal.

      Moving forward, Gabriel is the future – reintegrate him now.

      1. AJ agree with your stance. I believe Arsenal is appealing Luiz’s red card on the basis that the boot hit the knee.
        Football officials under Mike Riley are incompetent, that is why they are only given limited opportunities in international matches.

      2. Both players are running and there’s contact.
        Unfortunately for us, who initiates the contact has no impact at all on the decision here. :/

        Also, this isn’t the Vardy special where the guy attacking puts himself in a position to get fouled anyway. 🙂
        The guy was just running and went to shoot when the slight contact happened.

        And yeah, we’re lucky Gabriel is more or less about to come back to a minimal fitness level to play. You can see why he didn’t start though as he looked to be struggling a bit out there. Hopefully a few more days of rest/training and he’ll be closer to where we need him to be.
        Mari isn’t far off too so we can have that security during the Luiz ban and they should lock again the CB rotation by the time Luiz is available again.

        1. TOM are you SERIOUSLY saying that “who initiates the contact has no impact at all on the decision here”? So the attacker can kick Luiz in the leg (we will concede also accidentally), causing both players to fall over and the striker to miss his kick, and it’s red card and pen? Bear in mind that Luiz was neither in front nor obstructing the guy, and if the Attacker had not slowed down then lifted his leg into Luiz no contact would have occurred.

          1. In this situation, of course.
            The guy runs normally, can’t see where Luiz is at all and the Brazilian in essence barges into him by misjudging the distance between them. They’re both moving forward, the attacker isn’t reducing the distance between him and Luiz and it’s the latter that accelerates too much.
            By the letter of the law, that’s a penalty and a red.
            Is that stupid? Does it fell unjust? Completely!
            Is that a correct judgement? Apparently so. That’s the issue with the wording of that rule as it is at the moment.
            I only have a very faint hope that the FA will reduce the ban’s length because it’d be admitting that they haven’t written that rule in an intelligent manner.

          2. Guy.

            Far more succinctly and eloquently put than I could manage, although the generally the point I was trying to make.

            “After the dust has settled” repeated examination of the incident has the “diving” opinion gaining traction;

            “Wolves player trips on air in penalty box, Arsenal’s David Luiz gets sent off. Arsenal are having quite a nightmare against Wolves during their Tuesday Premier League match, but supporters can at least take solace in the fact that it’s not entirely because of incompetence from the players”.

      3. Luiz is chasing therefore he is responsible for the contact, it’s that simple.

        Lifting your leg backward while running is not initiating contact…come now be reasonable.

        Chasing back from out of position and accidentally clipping the player is initiating contact…it’s not difficult

        1. “Chasing back from out of position and accidentally clipping the player is initiating contact…it’s not difficult”

          Don’t need a lesson from you mate – been coaching at ALL levels all my life.

          YOUR words above are not where I’m coming from – IN MY OPINION !

          Centre back chasing back (yes, from hopelessly out of position) forward goes down must be a penalty – simplistic naïve rubbish – played they game at any level PJ-SA ?

          1. So because you coached at all levels your opinion count more than his? Then we can just stop discussing and say that we dont need to lesson the referee and VAR as they have been refereeing all their life.. now what a wonderful world that would be where nobody can say anything

          2. Hi Krish.

            Good point my friend, and I apologise for the ill advised wording.

            You did however miss ;

            ” IN MY OPINION !”

            Note to self – must try harder.

          3. A J
            all good mate and your responded very mature and kindly, i like to talk with people like you and yes you are right you did say in your opinion, cheers mate

      4. The Centre back pairing is the most important partnership on the pitch…They from the last wall of defence..Players in that position need to have near telepathic understanding of each others’ movements..
        They get this way by playing regularly together…I don’t mind if Gabriel gives away a penalty or scores an on goal every game..I want him back in the squad forming a partnership with holding that may see us return to elite status in England in the years to come

  8. And what’s this rubbish you keep harping on about us not being good enough, on current form with all our players fit, we can compete with City and Liverpool on the pitch, yes we started the season poorly (injury to one of our key players in Partey didn’t help), but nobody will tell me in the last seven games or so we’ve not been better than our opponents.

    We had a dip in form, every club in the league did this season, ours was just a tad bit longer but we’re playing excellent football again, we have the second best defensive record in the league after City, we are creating chances and scoring goals, we got rid of many of our deadwood or players surplus to requirement.

    I’ve been critical of Arteta and the club’s ambition earlier this season but right now I can see a clear path to success, we may not finish in the top 4 or even top 6,but there is a clear path and these look like people with a plan not just winging it. We crashed out of the FA Cup, so what? On another day we would have beaten Southampton with that same lineup even if that was the B team. I do not blame Arteta for that. Get over this broken record level of moaning Dan. I’m a big admirer of your articles but seems you’re quickly running out of ideas.

    1. We were really, really good yesterday IMO.

      But goddammit, we’ve got a clear cut chance inside the first 60 seconds 2 matches in a row now. We need to be more clinical dammit!

      1. Yes I agree we need to be more clinical. But right before that red card, that game had 3-0 written all over it. The betting companies sponsored PGMOL saw this and needed to do something fast about it. Luckily for them, the player involved(Luiz) had a bad record of penalties and red cards so that decision wasn’t hard and will not get so much kick backs. Seems it worked as we have actual arsenal fans blaming Luiz for the red card.

        1. Whatever happened yesterday, we have move on, no ills toward anyone looking forward to our next game

    2. Well thought out Kstix. Dan’s articles are nice but lately it seems he’s now got an agenda against the club or something. Because if anyone fails to see that this team has a clear plan then it’s just a joke

      1. It’s really starting to be exhausting tbh. Yapping on about we’re 10th. When everyone can see we’re making actual progress.

        1. Unless your really young I apologise
          But to say we can compete with Man City is the most naieve statement I have read
          You ask me not to mention Leauge position but surely that’s a good measurement that we are no where near city

        2. No you say we are making progress
          Lots of fans trust me do not think we have made progress
          Tell you want , going to go back to summer and see your comments and see if you predicted 10th

          1. Dan that’s your prerogative to keep saying we’ve not made progress. Remove the blinders a bit mate. I’m not saying we are winning the league or making top 4 but the epl has got tougher since Arsene left. We’re working our way back to the top gradually. Might take us a couple of years but we’d get there. I said on current form, we can compete with City and Liverpool. We drew and almost beat arguably one of the most in form teams in the league in Utd who beat Liverpool a few days earlier.

      2. Dude said this before
        Yes my articles are negative
        If we keep losing games my response Wil be negative
        There is nothing positive to write about our current position.
        I’m not going to write we are amazing just to be popular
        E.g. If we finish top 4 I’ll be positive
        We finish 8th I won’t be

        1. I dont know if others asked you for positive articles, mine own is that at least when criticizing make sure the point of criticism is within the grasp of the person you’re gonna criticize..just like you criticizing Arteta over matters beyond his control…it’s pointless…Sir

          1. But my point of criticism is aimed at the correct peeps
            You have exception that I said arsenal have not been good enough this season
            Let’s say we lose at villa and drop to 12th for example
            Im not going to write next day , we are making strides and obvious improvement

      3. Dan clearly doesn’t like the Manager. He just couldn’t find enough in yesterday’s game to blame the manager. So next best thing he could come up with? “We not good enough”. This is a shame really considering how we performed even with 9 men those lads looked like they weren’t going to just roll over.

        1. I like arteta
          But overall this season we havn t been good enough ?
          Do you think we have been good enough
          Are you happy where we are ?

        2. Yes…I’ve said it on here before.. some fans already hate the idea that Arteta is the manager talkless of it being a reality. If Arteta wins 25 champions league trophies, they will still criticize him for wearing black shoes or a bow tie or whatever

          1. So at start of season if i said where can arsenal finish
            You would honesty say
            ‘ If we 10th in Feb that’s progress ?

          2. lol i can assure you i will love arteta if he wins 25 champions league trophie its just that i dont like mediocrity and Dan is right if he thinks that 10. place is not enough, but he didnt say arteta is useless, we are getting better and better

          3. Your never find an article where I say arteta out
            Just think to say we have improved and can compete with city is too much

  9. Luiz nonexistent contact yesterday.

    Gabriel’s very soft yellow cards.

    Fernandes studs on Xhaka.

    Mane’s elbow on Tierney’s face.

    ESR’s red card vs Newcastle, which was luckily overturned (although I argue if it even was a yellow).

    Can someone remember more? These are match-defining calamities by the refs. I hate to be a moaner but I can’t but to think that some other teams get these calls their way but we don’t.

      1. @ Dan, So…. just that once, makes up for all those that have gone against us?…. you didn’t even include the clear handball in the box against S’oton in the FA cup loss. @ McLovin 😀

  10. We lack discipline. All red cards are genuine. Stop the fuss because we lost the game on our own accord. How can experienced players make this kind of decisions? We should not shift the blame from our players to the referees

      1. The guy is clearly blind to see anything positive despite the forward strides made by the team. He’s always on the player’s and managers back…I hope he tells us which club he really supports cos I’m not sure it’s Arsenal

        1. Baba sagna
          Say that outloud
          ‘ Arsenal are on course for worst ever prem finish but dans not an Arsenal fan because he can’t see strides we are making ‘

          1. Hahahah…funny Sir, it’s true we are in a bad position on the table but if you won’t lie to yourself,this was expected from the way the club was being run for the past 10 years, if not worse. I am seeing the basic skeleton of a serious team in Arteta’s players,no more small and weak defenders where we fans all panic as crosses are rained into our 18yard box by the opposition as they know we cannot defend crosses, no more pint sized midfielders who can’t inspire confidence(I exempt Cazorla from this category), it’s clear that Arteta is working on the team’s spine, if that is sorted the rest will fall in (Magalhaes,Partey,Mari even Cedric is better physically than Bellerin) you might not see from my perspective but I know improvement when I see it.

          2. No sorry I didn’t expect it
            I didn’t expect villa to beat us 3-0 at home
            Or Leicester , wolves , Burnley to win at emiraites
            I didn’t expect 9 defeats by Feb
            I didn’t expect to be below West Ham in the table
            I didn’t expect to be out of cup
            And you can be as rude as you like but that’s not progress

          3. Lol,,,I’m not rude to you,I respect and like your articles@dan Smith, meanwhile I don’t think Liverpool also expect to be beaten 7-2 as title defender,man u also didn’t expect 6-1, heck even Barca didn’t expect 8-2. There’s nothing to expect, it’s what we witness, there is no stability in football for now and even the world generally, so many crazy results, kudos to Arteta for slowly getting it right.we know Arsenal’s standard but let’s not pretend to forget how bad things had gotten previously.

      2. Mate I contribute to this site allot
        Lots of people like my work and compliment me for not getting personal but having a debate based on facts
        I give you facts why I feel we have gone backwards
        You saying we are on man city’s level doesn’t make you a better fan
        A few articles now instead of a debate , where I give you chance to give me facts or knowledge , you don’t
        But i will not work as hard as I do just to be told to bug off and pretending to be a fan
        Am i pretending to be a fan when every week I count everyone scores and add them up
        Am I not a fan when out of my own !money I will buy an Arsenal shirt for the winner ?
        So I will bug off but you will no longer be apart of predictions Leauge nor will I be responding

        1. Bravo DAN and how true. You and I have often disagreed, which is perfectly normal and natural for fellow fans to do. But I hugely respect YOU personally as a true fan and as a proper grown up, as fearless, and for your much appreciated articles on this site.
          Personally, whenever I first log on daily, I immediately look , hopefully , to see if there is a new DAN SMITH article and when there is, my heart leaps!

          Just wanted to tell you that, as you have been so unfairly attacked by many biased “children”(of all ages) on here!

        2. Dan i want to give my support to you in this horrendous attacks on your integrity! You are a wonderful fan who does much more for Arsenal and Justarsenal Forum through writing informed and good articles and providing us with an article to discuss our wondeful club so dont be insulted if some talk rubbish, there are a lot of people who are supporting and acknowledging you, COYG

    1. Not a dig at Arteta as the high press game applied by players who potentially don’t always have the skill to do it properly is likely to create more cards until they get better at it/better players are signed but we’re apparently SMASHING IT in the the “Red Card League” since he took over, with NINE Red cards in total, SIX above all our followers!

      I guess it’s nice to be the VERY BEST at something. :p

  11. Can’t agree Dan ,do t know how it’s a penalty when there is no contact ,I’ve watched it countless times ,even Arteta as said he’s watched it form different angles and as seen no contact .
    Why was the ref not called over to the tv screen ?why did it only take 20 secs to decide on the decision ?
    Why is Jon Moss a Bellend ?
    All these questions need answering

    1. Dan will unfortunately not be able to answer these and once again they get away with ruining a good game of football as long as there are fans who agree blindly with all their decisions.

    2. There’s one replay angle showed where the contact is clearly visible unfortunately…

      It’s definitely not much but enough for a penalty. The opponent still tries to shoot before tumbling down.

      I hate this penalty being given but I’d hate it even more if it hadn’t been given against us! 🙂

      1. That’s what I thought at first but this turned out to be factually incorrect since you can see in one of the replays Luiz’s knee in contact with one of the legs of the other guy when he’s running?

        He definitely didn’t MEAN to, barely even knew anything about it but the contact was undeniably there… : /

    3. Clear and obvious error. That’s the key phrase, or at least should be. I submit that if you have to watch something countless times to determine that there was no contact then there is no ‘clear and obvious error”

      If Pawson had not given the penalty and instead booked the Wolves player for diving then, by the same “clear and obvious error test”, I’d like to think it wouldn’t be overturned.

      The rule is the daft culprit in this. And the FA’s determination to take pragmatism out of refereeing decisions runs a close second.

      No conspiracy (although at times like this I can see why it feels like that – doesn’t feel we are getting many decisions go our way, but that will change).

  12. I forgot to add.Trying to dot on the fence & be seen as “ fair minded” doesn’t cut the mustard with us as fans & the FA will simply laugh they’re socks off another Arsenal fan has been mugged.Personally would love an independent investigation into the PGMOL cartel.just a quick thought.How come Atkinson one of the very worst offenders gets an excessive amount Of Arsenal matches to stitch us up? Way above the norm allocated to refs refereeing individual clubs?maybe u can answer that? Maybe he lives around the corner from the Emirates? Lol!

    1. So this is better UWot
      Now give facts to make your argument
      So how many games has Atkinson took charge of for us
      What bad decisions did he give ?

    2. Here is an example Uwot
      The reff you named has officiated 4 out of our 22 Leauge games and 0 in cups
      Those games were losing 3-0 to Villa and 2-0 to spurs
      Then our 1-0 win at Brighton and 4-0 at West brom
      Zero red cards or pens in those 4 games
      Yet you claim he gets excessive games to stitch us up
      Classic example of a fan just making things up
      So simple question where has that reff stitched us up this season ?

  13. Agree with Kstix. Mu given record no of penalties. Thats why they cant win the cl and why rf retired

    1. If you honesty think that officials cant be biased against any team then you are either a fool or a liar imo as we see it week in and week out that we dont get our fair share of the decisions. No every foul is a yellow card but it seems to me that when an arsenal player fouls someone the yellow or red cards cant come out quickly enough

      1. Going to keep saying it till someone can counter it
        FA Cup final
        If there was a conspiracy or biased would we get a pen and Chelsea red card ?

        1. Lol,,, stonewall penalty for azpilicueta foul on Aubameyang and judging by Luiz red card yesterday, should also have been sent off. Kovacic should have gone off earlier for numerous fouls, but the foul the ref choose to send him out for wasn’t a foul on Xhaka. So it’s just karma on kovacic😁😁😁😁

          1. @Dan I never said anything about a conspiracy, but it’s clearly obvious that officials seem to brush off Arsenal players plea and recheck several times when arsenal players do anything. And for the Aubameyang penalty, they can’t screw an obvious incident..they need dodgy ones for that…

  14. Arsène Wenger in April 2019: “We lost our status as Invincibles against Man Utd in a game where referees shared some of the responsibility. It wasn’t deserved. When I die, I’m going to ask God where the referees are before I choose between heaven & hell”.

  15. If that was deemed a penalty then Boly clear contact on Saka in penalty area when we were 1 0 and bossing the game.

  16. In the Mc vs Mu game, Owen scored the winning goal in the 7th min of aet.
    The aet was 4 min.
    Can anyone explain how 4 minbecome
    7 min. 5plus min acceptable.
    So can anyone explain.
    Is it to help Mu win all the time?

    1. Didn’t city win title in extra time ?
      By your logic they wouldn’t of added so much extra time on as at point United were champions

  17. I am 70 years of age so I regard myself as a grown up. Dan is far younger than I but is also agrown up. Some fans, in fact a particular one I have in mind is older than I but on the issue of calling refs cheats is NOT a grown up, though he is in many other ways.

    To seriously allege cheating and bias against our team by refs is so ludicrous as to be laughed at by we grown ups. Being grown up means to be able to look at something soberly, seriously and to put aside any feelings of personal bias(which as fooball fans we all naturally have, myself included) when we are trying to reach the truth about any subject.
    Consider this: do you think for a moment that WE are the only club that alleges ref bias against us? Do you honestly? REALLY? If you really think that, then irrespective of your physical age, you are not a grown up.

    The truth is that many fans of all clubs cannot stand facing up to the truth of their own clubs inadeqacies and thus prefer to find SOMETHING ELSE OR SOMEONE ELSE, to blame.
    That is known as lack of moral courage , lack of character or in plain speak, moral cowardice. They seem to take their own teams inadequaciesas a persoanal insult to them and will just not admit it, even to themselves.
    Just as socially inadequate trolls use online hatred to disguise their own inadequacies as people, so do those who lack courage to see the REALITY of the fact that refs are NOT bent, corrupt, biased and do not have a vendetta against their own team, also show their own social inadequacy in this area.

    I do not like debating with “children”(of all ages) as they are not grown ups. Reading DANS cathartic article reassures me that there are at least SOME fellow grown ups on JA.
    So bravo DAN SMITH, a fellow truth seeker and NON conspiracy theory merchant!

    1. You know as a 70-year old man, going to work every day, did you always put in a 100% shift? Or were there days when you felt you can do a little less?

      Maybe the refs are like that. Yesterday the referee didn’t feel like doing his job with the effiency he is supposed to. I mean, he did look at the VAR screen for what, 5 seconds? It took me at least 10 times to watch to see if there is a clip and be certain of it. How did he see it in such a short time? Maybe he felt like not being a professional, slack a bit, whistle it and be done with it. They are humans after all.

      Question is, when games are determined by calls like that, maybe the refs should be 100% at the top of their game every match?

      I do findt the whole level of Premier League refereeing appalling.

      1. McLovin On ” appalling”, in general, much agreement. On biased, none at all! I have always believed that all refs do their best under almost impossible circumstances and huge unfair fan pressure from fans and players of ALL clubs, who are very rarely fair or unbiased themselves , ironically!

        I also think that were all refs properly supported by the authorities and VAR was abolished, as I have long called for, then refs would have the proper support they deserve and would not be undermined byconstant bolshy players reaction to honestly made decisions and by VAR itself!

        Both those actions would restore much authority already lost and relieve unwanted and unnecessary pressure on refs.

    2. I agree 100% with you..
      i wanted to make the same point that if you ask the fans of all the PL teams the majority will say that the referee is always biased against THEIR team.. thats just the human nature of weak people.. they dont accept the truth and blame others..
      Its not a matter of conspiracy but a matter of Competence of VAR / VAR referees as I dont think that referees on the field can get everything right

      1. We can agree that refereeing is appalling but as it is incompetent overall, everyone will suffer. But its likely that some will suffer more than others. There’s no way to “even” out the calls, some teams will benefit from it.

        Refereeing needs to be governed better. I feel like they are way too, untouchable. They RARELY get any retrospective action against them. Players get bans after matches, but referees dont have anything to worry about. After all, their actions can decide games, and thats huge.

        That being said, I really dislike the hounding of referees DURING matches.

        1. I agree completely with you, I also dont like that their mistakes dont get punished as much and that they seem to be untouchable OFF the field but like you I really hate it that players and fans try to influence the referee ON the field during the game and some do it better than others (Lacazette too for example simulates a LOT and goes down really easily) and I HATE it that players round up the referee trying to influence him and yes you are right mistakes wont get evened out perfectly, every season there will be some who profitted overall but thats never a conspiracy

  18. This article was just sad to read. “We just not good enough”. Really?? We seem to have forgotten how bad our defense really was. We were all over Wolves in that first half. But that goes out the window because we had some unfortunate decisions come our way. And not to mention the goalkeeper making a bad decision. But these things happen in football. Everything happens fast and players have to make splitsecon decision. Sometimes you can’t really blame them. It’s happened so we just have to pick ourselves up and learn from this. Be more ruthless in front of goal.

    1. No we havnt been good enough this season
      Break my heart fans are justifying 10th
      Isn t this our worst ever start in prem ?
      Yet I can’t say we have not been good enough
      Okay .. We been fantastic ?

  19. A single wrong decision is capable of ruining a team’s season if you don’t know. What is the essence of introducing VAR in the sport? When a ref is not sure of an incident, he should consult var. To say that some English refs are cheats is an understatement. They are inconsistent. How do you think that Riley would continue undermining Arsenal since he had achieved his 😈 evil aim to end their unbeaten run. As for Tuesday arsenal /wolves game, the red targeted arsenal. MY ADVICE =IF English refs do not know how to officiate matches, they should go for training in Italy, France or Germany. They are by bad officiating, braking the heart of football fans.

  20. ” It was a decision which baffled the Arsenal boss, who felt if there was contact, it was by the Wolves player on Luiz.”

    “If there’s any contact it’s him with David,” said Arteta.

    Oh no Mikel Premiership manager, apparently;

    “Chasing back from out of position and accidentally clipping the player is initiating contact…it’s not difficult”

    Come on, the guy was simply “running”
    (oh dear me).

    Hey Mikel, we’ve got it all wrong mate.

    1. AJ agree onWHAT you say, but please consider WHY managers always tend to publicly back their own players! Whereas many fans allege refs show bias, ironically, most bias is shown by fans everywhere, players and managers too. It is the refs job and career to be impartial and they are.


      Were I prosecuting this common fan/ player/ manager allegation of bias against refs in a court of law, it would be simple thing – using mountains of video evidence and social media posts across many years – to show the exact reverse is ACTUALLY the case!

      Virtually the whole football world – at least a firm majority – EXCEPT refs are biased!

  21. Dan your seeing exactly what biased journalism does to people. The love for Arteta is such that you dare not criticize him and one by one he will be taking players under his wings of love. I am appalled to now see fans defending leno’s actions while luiz continues making a mockery of the Arsenal. Arteta is making gains but trust me try telling fans
    He was for 3-4-3
    Forced to play Smith-Rowe
    Forced to put Pepe on left
    Forced to play Saka on right
    Forced to drop luiz on all accusations
    But you dare not complain otherwise your not a fan boy

    1. Yeah I’m stunned mate
      It’s like at school where fans take it so serious that if you say !maybe man city are better , your not a fan lol

      1. its really getting ridiculous.. to be acknowledged as an arsenal fan one has to lie and be biased towards arsenal if not one gets insulted as a fake fan.. its really a sad affair

    2. Leno is a great Keeper, so glad he’s between our sticks – long may it continue.

      One very controversial defeat at Wolves ,and out come the A A (Anti-Arteta) brigade.

      Prior to Wolves, the record of W5 D2 L0
      GF14 GA2

      in the league since boxing day must have been a hellish period for the A A !

      Do I agree with everything M A does – no, do I think he deserves time to build the squad in his image (if backed) – yes.

      1. Who in this article has been anti arteta?
        But again it’s the other extreme. Like unless we say Arsenal are back based on an standard run of form since boxing day it means we are picking on arteta
        Since boxing day he beat Chelsea great result
        Drew with Man u , standard
        Beat saints , good
        A few teams at the bottom we should be beating we did
        Drew at home to palace , poor result
        Lost at saints in cup , terrible result
        Lost to wolves
        So we won 6 out of 10 games , that’s nothing to be boasting about
        We are Arsenal, we should be winning those games

  22. I don’t think there’s a conspiracy against Arsenal by the rule makers and their officials. But I do think that the administrative side are doing their level best to try and hide their own inadequacies in the rules they make and, of the officials that have to implement them on the day. Since as long as I can remember, referees have constantly messed up with badly judged decisions they have made during a game which has then les to them coming under fire, mainly by the fans. Because they made (and still do) such errors in judgment, even when they’ve supposedly had a strict set of guidelines to follow, their individual reputations along with the reputation and credibility their governing body has come under scrutiny. Even when referees have made outrageous blunders, they are never undermined by any type of penalty or admonishment from their employers. So, what they’ve done in order to stop the sideline barracking and post match slaughter and as a measure of self protection to their own self importance, is to redifne the rules of the game so that bad refereeing can be excused. By embellishing the rules of the game and adding additional clauses to cover any on field eventualities, now gives the actual referees scope to say that the decision is out of my hands and open to interpretation.

    In the case of Luiz yesterday this was one such incident where real time common sense refereeing had to give way to vague embellishment of rules. This sort if accidental collision occurs all the time in football, I’ve even seen it in track and field events. Whereby, the front runner makes some minor change to their position and pace, based on something that’s happening in front of them. As a result, the kickback in their stride causes their heel to come into contact with the leg of the runner behind which leads to a fall. Totally accidental and only due to proximity and rapid change of events. Everyone could see that it was not malicious or contrived on Luiz’ part. The referees also saw this but also had the latitude to not make the correct determination and leave it to the interpretation of the written law. Again, these are now so padded out to cover every eventuality it provides the refs with immunity from bad decision making. Which, can be used as subterfuge if they are inclined to be biased! The rules are now so inconsistent, that even blatant and obvious attempts to impede and obstruct a player or passage of play can be construed as legitmate.

    I think by attempting to excuse themselves from the responsibility of making real-time and common sense on field decisions, they’ve created a monster. Okay, referees are now protected against their human fallibility but at what cost!

  23. Can we please all stop this stupid habit of insulting one as a fake arsenal fan or questioning if he is really an arsenal fan just because somebody is going against the norm and criticising anything or popular people of arsenal? Its getting really toxic now!

    Saying that man city is better than arsenal does not make somebody less of a fan!
    Criticising Partey does not make somebody less of an arsenal fan than somebody who criticises Xhaka!
    Supporting a referee decision against arsenal does not make somebody a fake fan!

    Its all depending on the context, its possible that criticism of a player, manager or referee is right or wrong, discuss about that but DONT question the loyalty or integrity of the person its just ridiculous

    Bias towards arsenal does not make people into better fans, be honest and truthful, blind support is not better than realism and truth

    1. Let’s just wait until Saturday when grelish will be rolling all over the place and see if the officials give him a yellow or will they give xhaka a yellow for his first foul. I dont believe refs cheat but I do believe that they are either biased against us or aren’t really any good to officiate in the premier league. Again only my opinion. Just a thought is that maybe if they had played the game they might make better referees

  24. There is not a conspiracy against our Club and never has been.We have become victims of our own failings.Failings which have taken us to mid table mediocrity, which will not change until we rid ourselves of over paid, aging players who are well past their sell buy date.In the case of Luis, while he was very harshly treated yesterday his record of red cards/penalties speaks for itself and what has occurred during his 45 games for Arsenal merely confirms the fears of those of us who were totally opposed to his signing.In the same way the recruitment of William made no sense to me, and so it has proved.As a team we really need to become more professional and our players must learn the damage they do by being sent off in what is a very tough League.Basically we have to keep eleven players on the pitch if we hope to win.This is a season where we realign our playing staff but the next transfer window is a crucial one if we are revive our fortunes, and with the utmost respect to Luis and Willian we will not improve if they are considered essential to our future.

  25. “We have youngsters we over hype” are you kidding me, which youngsters are we over hyping would like to know Admin Pat

      1. I know Admin , im getting a kicking today lol
        I was told in the summer Niles was better then Kante , I would say that’s overhped
        Reiss Nelson and Wilock I still think have to prove they belong at our level
        Eddie is not good enough

        Obviously I like Saka and Smith Rowe but don’t want to out too much pressure on them
        For example i think older saka gets his final ball and finishing will improve but at moment our midfield in genral lacks goals

    1. Every big club boasts that it has the next generation to continue bringing in trophies. Arsenal definitely overhyped it’s 2005 – 8 group, probably as an excuse to not spend money as in,” we don’t want to destroy the careers of so and so”, a popular Wegner line. Probably no club hypes it’s youth teams more than Manure. I remember one edition of Shoot magazine back when,which had three pages dedicated to the next generation of “Busby Babes.” Surprise surprise not one of the lads made it into the first team. Then again, a bit later they did have Beckham, Scholes and Co. to bring back the glory years. At the moment Arsenal has some very good kids, but these do not unfortunately include Willock and Nketien. Unfortunately also there are no promising defenders ever mentioned,and if there are they are never given any opportunities.

  26. There is something called perverted logic and I see it written all over the above article. If as Dan argues Luiz did knock down a Wolves player why then would anyone say that it should at least have been only a penalty and not a penalty and sending off? This is like punishing an innocent person to appease an unhappy big brother! Does it make any sense?

  27. The article does speak of a general truth, that the governing body in principle does not have a negative bias against Arsenal. There however seem to be certain personal biases. I have seen plenty of calls go either way. And it is not just English refs. remember Van Persie’s red against Barcelona away? That said, I think in earlier times, big clubs like Barcelona and ManU influenced the Refs to make decisions for them with the help of player and fan pressure. The singular incident of Luiz is very sad, but if the rule has been worded in a particular way, then the ref really has no choice. That said I hope we appeal the decision, at least to reduce the ban if not completely overturn it.

  28. i dont have much to say but why do we get cards for offenses other teams get away with,how do u explain that

    1. So you think in history of football arsenal never got away with a dody decision ? Some famous ones
      Last season fa cup final red card
      Sanchez handball against Chelsea
      Eboue dive to win free kick against Barcelona
      Semi final with city when they say cross was out of play before setting scores
      3 late goals against Burnley to this day Sean dyche can’t believe
      Untouchables pires famous dive against Portsmouth
      Viera was famous for jumping with hands in the air at set pieces but no pen
      Here’s one go watch Ian Wright tackle on schmicheal?
      Again if there was a conspiracy or agenda these decisions wouldn’t happen

      1. Mr Dan Smith, not many football and Arsenal bfans will remember those instances you put down..😒😒
        But we remember Van Persie against Barcelona@ the Nou camp in 2011..
        We remember Rooney’s dive against Sol Campbell to win a penalty In 2004!!
        Truth is Arsenal is not liked much by a totality of English Fans n football administrators in the country..
        Brain Clough said it himself that’ people don’t like Arsenal..
        We haven’t won d Champions league multiple times like Liverpool n Man utd..
        Also, we don’t field enough English players like Leicester and Spurs of season back..
        Also, our inability to spend good money on quality players cast us as a Stingy and unambitious club!!
        These re some reason why our Club is not Liked!!😒😒😕🙁

  29. May be the reef is his best secret friend that is why he is defending him other wise such open mistakes should not be supported because they can even damage the whole EPL image in world of sports. so reefs should know that these games are watched all over the world.

    1. Defending him ?
      In my opinion david luiz card was terrible decision
      But can you tell me the other red cards this season we have got which you think were harsh ?
      So again …back it up
      GGuve me an example

  30. Sorry Dan, for the first time I have to critique (not criticize) your article. I am afraid it underestimates the actor. Conspirators can give you a trinket and take a jewel. That is how this needs to be seen or analyzed. So do not take favour. You have to weight the context and value of the ‘bad luck’. Here is a good example that should intrigue you. A crime boss once burnt a house down belonging to the only family he could not control. He then rebuilt it twice as good and control the family. So getting free penalties do not guarantee that you are being treated fairly, and that cases cancel out themselves – if the blow exceed the reward.

    Why watch the EPL if we think it has some degree of deliberate tinkering? Think about it: why do people stay in abusive relationships? Most abused persons who leave do so because of the severity and because of better options. Now make the link to the EPL and you will see that it is not as simple.


    1. Can I ask apart from David luiz red card which red cards we got this season , your choices are
      Pepe putting head against leeds player
      Xakha hand around burnleys players throat
      Gabriel second yellow for pulling down Theo
      Or Leno punching the ball outside of area
      Our manager said they were all.deserved red cards
      So where is the conspiracy ?

  31. Not sure about that. While I’m not Tye from AFT, Arsenal often struggle to get even the 50 – 50 calls let alone the game changers the way Man.

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