Schick is proving a top star and may move to the Premier League, should Arsenal return for him?

The Czech Republic exited Euro 2020 at the hands of Denmark at the quarter-final stage.

They may have left the competition, but we cannot forget the performances and capabilities of Patrik Schick.

The Bayer Leverkusen striker was a transfer target of Arsenal when he was on the books of AS Roma last summer (Teamtalk).

But the deal never materialised and he moved to Germany where he has continued to impress.

His performance at the Euros has made him the subject of transfer interest from Tottenham and Everton, according to Calciomercato.

One of these clubs could bring him to the Premier League this summer and it would be frustrating if he joins a rival club and shines in the competition especially if Arsenal continues to struggle for goals.

This summer offers the Gunners the chance to sell and buy some strikers and Schick could be a valuable addition to Mikel Arteta’s squad.

He scored 5 goals from 5 Euro 2020 matches after bagging 9 league goals in the 2020/2021 season.

Arsenal needs goals to help them get back inside the top four next season. They could sell Alexandre Lacazette, do you think they should return for Schick?

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    1. Our club (Arsenal) is not serious. Therefore, let serious clubs, who means well for their supportive fans, go for serious minded players like Patrik Schick.

  1. Arsenal should monitor this. If Everton got him, we should immediately move for DCL!

  2. He is a fantastic striker, we must go for him. We should raise the funds by the sales of Laca and Nketiah. We need goals because our defence did very well, we were third in the league in terms of best defence. He can score as well as create and we must act fast to get him or else we will lose him.

    1. Past two season stats for the record.

      Schick – 23 goals and 5 assists in Germany.
      Laca – 27 goals and 10 assists.

      How much of an improvement is Schick compared to Laca?

      Contrary to the stats, I’m impressed by Schick’s performance in the Euros. He is more like Giroud-like with better mobility. He is the kind of player Arsenal need as a fall-back plan B, if possession / passing-out-from-the-back based plan A doesn’t work against certain teams.

      If Arteta can clear Willian from our current wage-bill completely, I’ll be ok with signing Schick. Arteta must correct the mistake of signing Willian, he willingly made with the full knowledge of the pros and cons of after struggling with Ozil for the same reason.

  3. I don’t believe Arsenal’s forward line (including “strikers”) is the problem. The issue is the transition/progression of the ball from defense to attack through the midfield and a ball playing CAM/#10 to take the pressure off ESR.
    We surely don’t want to see ESR, a young developing player, with an injury record, played into the ground. The addition of a deep lying playmaker/DM along side Thomas Partey will allow him to reach his full potential as a box to box midfielder at Arsenal. Joe Willock will hopefully given an opportunity, particularly if Partey is unavailable.
    There are any number of quality options to fill these two midfield positions available at fair prices, who would upgrade Arsenal’s midfield. However CB’s, centre forwards and wingers appear to be the priority for the current management. What is the issue with DM’s at Arsenal FC, given the Club hasn’t had a decent one since Gilberto Silva departed?

    1. Another solution or shall I say my preferred solution would be to have a deep laying playmaker because for me Partey is not a play maker. He is more of B2B, move Partey to DM role the playmaker should be in the mould that he can dictate the play and shield the back four with Partey when required. In short we need player like Santi, Xavi, Alonso, Pirlo mould. Then we need a good DM as well just if Partey is unable to do the job as DM or is injured/away. I don’t think our defence to attack transition will be solved by playing Partey in middle as creater or transition starter. Camavinga is the perfect candidate for this role, young & skillfull. We should snap him up and look for a decent no 10 as well to give us another option to ESR if required. We might have different views on this but we and most fans agree we need to invest in middle of park not on CBs that too so much. I mean even if we play white in DM role I don’t think that would work as he is not that technically good, its a complete next level to play a role in a new big team in a league where you have only had 1 year experience. I am not even convinced he thrive as CB let alone DM. Ppl forget he is coming from Brighton with only one year in EPL that also he was not the stand out player in Brighton forget about EPL.

      1. Why nobody consider AMN for the role of the DM at Arsenal is still a mystery?

        AMN has the engine and defensive discipline to play that role. Else, he wouldn’t have flourished in his full-back duties. Kante has proved beyond doubt that a player needn’t be physically imposing to succeed as a DM in the EPL.

        AMN craves to play in the middle of the park. Why not give this lad a shot instead of rooting for some unknown, superstar in the making like Sambi and Cama?

      2. Logic, unfortunately Camavinga is on his way to Manchester United apparently for only around £23 million. They are in talks with the player. The issue of no European football is coming back to bite Arsenal hard.

        1. They are going for Sancho and Varane as well if they land all three that would be an amazing window for them. Actually this can make them into real title challengers next season. What are we doing chasing Ben White when it’s clear where our priority lies.

    2. The problem is not just lack of ball carrying attacking players. One of the problem is the tactics employed in utilizing the forward line.

      How can the forward players score goals when one of their primary responsibility is helping out the defence? It’s acceptable , if this tactic is employed against big opponents where the importance is keeping a clean-sheet and nicking a goal or two on the break. But, this has become a standard template, even while playing teams in the bottom half of the table.

      Another tactical failure is how the ball is played into the final third. Last season, Arteta made a funny statement quoting the number of crosses we made in that game to showcase out attacking threat. When our lone striker is capable of being muscled-out of the imposing opposition CBs, the wide players must focus on cutting inside than to drift wide and cross the ball. Pepe and Saka did some serious damage when they were able to cut inside.

      And the lack of plan B was a huge handicap when trying to grind out results. The manager must have known the need for that and addressed it in the transfer window.

      Unless the tactical wrongs are corrected, the team won’t improve simply by signing players.

  4. Like I keep saying we’re not going to sign anyone big ie white to much money 3 rd bid if we wanted him we would pay up but we or just a mid table team with a mid table manager and players .we will get the scraps like normal and finish 10th or new trophy 8th

  5. He’s extremely inconsistent. Apart from good record for national team, he’s very ordinary.

    Guess who also had tremendous record for national team? Nicklas Bendtner.

    1. You’re right… I’ve really enjoyed watching him in the Euros though. That goal (which will win goal of the tournament) 👌

  6. I have not seen enough from him to judge, but one of the comments here described him as a mobile Giroud. If that is true, I would sign him, as simple as that.

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