Schmeichel names the one player who’s wowed him in Arsenal’s ‘massively underperformed’ side

Peter Schmeichel claims that Arsenal have ‘massively underperformed this season’, while one player has been relentless in his performances in Bukayo Saka.

The 19 year-old has been our near-constant shining light amidst another rocky campaign in North London, showing amazing form throughout another campaign where he has been used in varying roles.

The versatile star started many matches on the left of a midfield three earlier in the season, with a couple of matches at left-wingback also, but has improved further since returning to his favoured role on the wings of the attack.

His performances have not gone unnoticed, and he is many people’s first name on the teamsheet at present, regardless of his position, and Peter Schmeichel is another of his fans.

The former Man United legend insists that while the Gunners have been well below their best in many matches, that hasn’t stopped Saka from impressing, before naming a number of his key qualities.

“It’s safe to say they (Arsenal) have massively underperformed this season, but he hasn’t,” Schmeichel told the Premier League’s official YouTube channel. “He’s 19 years of age, I can’t even remember off the top of my head how many times he’s been man of the match for Arsenal,” Schmeichel said.

“It’s a lot to put on somebody so young’s shoulders, but this guy, I mean wow. He’s an interesting player, we’ve seen with all the great teams that you can think about, you have players like that who can dribble, who are quick. He can cross a ball, he can cross a ball with quality, he’s strong and he’s physically very strong.”

It is crazy to think that Saka is the man who is central to everything we have going forward, at his young age, and I really don’t know how high to place his ceiling as he has so much potential and raw talent, with the mentality that should see him hit the top.

Can you name a youngster worthy of comparison in talent and ability at the same age? I’m thinking Anelka but he proved to lack the mentality that could have seen him become one of the game’s greats.


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  1. We are fully aware of our academy potential. Once they get a chance, they step up…

    The other hood news is crazy; season we live is absolutly nuts and can let hope to see things turn around fast.

    Weren’t reds on top minute ago? Top 3 at least?

    Did Foxes just slammed them after being doing bad few games?

    I guess Spurs slams City, Brighton kicks Aston villa would make sense in this craziest season ever as far I remember. City were as Reds few games ago… Out of top4…

    Positive news indeed be these two next results and more crazy ones this week end. Let us be the good one, win 5 games and land in CL spot….

    Come on now Arteta must stop making excuses and focus on issue: his team formation. 1 or 2 wrong players kills it, as playing right 11 but have Auba as a Left wing, switch Sala on RW where Auba is better and scored braces all career long when not in center. Saka is one of Europe top3 LW play best players in each position… …

    Stop experimenting and leave that ego. Luiz as Willan are wrong signings; to keep play Luiz after finally benching William, is all ego to show he was right to extend his hair..

    Why would William will come as sub with Gaby and all talent we have in house is way better and in need of play to develop?. Ego costing us so much; it is none if experimented .

    I feel bad fo r him, he tries; but has a lack of brain to realize he is not ready, can’t accept it then.

    Luiz back in team!

    This is not personal but about our team; he doesn’t seems to get it.

  2. “Can you name a youngster worthy of comparison in talent and ability at the same age”

    Different skill set but definitely Fabregas, and made his arsenal debut at 16, wee man was a class act for us 👌


    Unlike the admirable and humble SAKA he had no love for our club and in fact dissed us for money when it suited him and his parasite brothers. He was a lowlife, Saka quite the opposite. As a man he was not fit to lick Saka’s boots.

    But as a mercenary passing through -which was what he was – he showed talent. But no morals at all!

    To speak of him as value for money is to take no account of lack of morals as a drawback to a career. I DO take account of that, as it is of vital importance.

  4. For two months running a 19-year old is voted Arsenal “player of the month”. The money-guzzling old folks continue to flatter to deceive on a consistent basis.
    “Massively underperformed” is a massive understatement to me

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