Schneiderlin drops MASSIVE Arsenal hint

It is a well-known fact that Morgan Schneiderlin wanted to leave Southampton last summer for a bigger club, with both Arsenal and Tottenham constantly repeated as probable destinations. It now seems even more certain that the French international will be moving to the Emirates after he dropped his clearest hint that he would be choosing a club in the Champions League next season.

He was quoted as saying in L’Equipe: “I don’t want to be in front of the TV on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Schneiderlin is currently with the France national team preparing to face Brazil, and he was asked if his international status had now raised the possible transfer fee, and he replied: “It is not me who sets the price. But it is a reality.

“In August, I wanted to progress my career but the club had let too many players go to sell me.

“Since then, I have had talks with the directors and I want to play at a higher level. It is important, at 25-years-old, to finally play in the Champions League.

“At the end of the season, Southampton can qualify for the Champions League and I can also stay – who knows. But I no longer want to be in front of my TV every Tuesday and Wednesday.”

This obviously points to an Arsenal move as the Gunners are currently in Third Place and in excellent form. Both Southampton and Tottenham are seven points behind with just 8 games left to play and the fact is that Schneiderlin is more likely to play Champions League football every year if he joins Arsenal, not just next season.

It seems that Wenger is seriously trying to build a title-winning squad so if he comes to Arsenal we will be one more step closer to that goal….

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  1. And how is this a massive Arsenal hint? There is only one team pretty much sure they will play EPL football next season in EPL. And yes, is not Arsenal.

    1. There’s just no hint there, very misleading title. But I’d really love to have him at Arsenal and kiss good-bye to Flamini at the end of the season.

      In other news, what’s up with Theo? I really see NOTHING SPECIAL being brought to the table by Theo (we ain’t talking 100 meters). Theo is good, but not SPECIAL. Honestly, there are better players out there that will bring more to the team than this one-dimensional guy.

      1. I don’t understand why so many people want TW14 out??? Just shows how dumb and shortsighted many of my fellow gunner fans are. The guy just got back from a major injury and because of the great form of the team at the moment and importance of each game, AW hasn’t been able to get him the game time he needs. The kid is only 26 and before his injury, the guy was on a rocket ship heading for the top. A guy Pep once said they would need a pistol to stop. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all saying he was on his way to legendary status after his 2-0 gesture to spuds in the FA. And before his stomach and ACL, wasn’t he leading the gunners in assists and goals??? Get him healthy, a full pre-season and the added relief that he doesn’t have to be our next Thierry Henry and the kid will be a huge assit next season.
        Love my gunners but hate most of our fans. Way too stupid. Too many of you play checks when football is chess .

        1. You’re choking, dude. Go take a glass of p*ss.. Players come and go, but true fans die fans.

          I’m sure you are one of those that felt the world will freeze when Robbery Van P*ssy left, but here we are and better too.

          Theo, like I said, is good (damn, not even as good as RVP), but he’s not the ultimate. If he does not wanna commit, then bye-bye it is. Trust me, there are better players out there that we can get and who will be happy to join us.

          1. You play checkers dude.

            RVP didn’t become RVP until how old?? Tho at the moment I would gladly take a healthy TW14 over an old and broken RVP, I will give you that over the last 3 years RVP has been “hands down” better, he was also in his late 20s where most would consider to be a footballers PRIME. Where Theo was in his early 20s and still developing and yet still being one of our best players and producing on the scoresheet nonetheless!

            As to these better players you speak of….
            Tho I’ll admit that there are better players out there. There isn’t many that offer the same upside at Theos age. And most importantly, what does Theo have on most of these other “better players”??? THE KID IS ENGLISH PLAYING IN ENGLISH FOOTBALL!!!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO ARSENAL RIGHT NOW ?
            I’m not even a huge TW14 fan. As a matter of fact, I think OX is a better footballer and would prefer him to start on the right. But I’m not so dumb as to not see what Theo can and does bring to the table. AW WILL FIGHT TO KEEP HIM.
            That being said……I’ll give you Theo, if they give us Sterling :))) other then that NO DEAL! Haha!

            1. That’s the problem with you English. There are far better English players out there, but you just focus on the few that play for the big clubs and even though they are average, you worship them, neglecting the better ones that can do far better if given the chance.

              BTW, you are damn spot on: Sterling over Theo for eternity.

              1. Lol not even ENGLISH bro. Just telling it like it is. Name another English kid (other then Sterling) that has put up numbers like TW14. You play checkers bro. To steal a line from a great movie….”You’re out of your element”!!! lol
                Anyone name the movie ????

        2. for a team like that is often guilty of too many passes and generally over-complicating chances, Theo brings directness.

  2. So am I the only one who feels like he’s holding all these clubs for ransom based on who makes the Champions League? I know our club is consistent with being in the UCL, but he obviously said he would stay at Soton if they somehow made it up there

    1. Is he? Check the trend: whenever we are linked with a player on a major basis, we never get him.

      1. But this seems different to me at least. He checks all the boxes wenger looks for in a player. And with him and Le coq our team can be taken to the next level

  3. I would like kondogbia but I will take schneidelin , and I think we only need one more to challenge
    Lacazette he reminds me of Ian Wright , oh how I would love an Ian Wright at the club
    We have 4 /5 cb Kos/gabby/mert ( he’s an ok 3 rd choice)/Chambers/ Hayden

    1. That is really weird because I thought exactly the same thing of Lacazette! It’ so true – a real poacher and also has that ability to chip keepers anywhere on the pitch just like Wrighty!
      He would be a great buy, he is young and would become even better under Wenger and the quality players around him – A GREAT invesment in my eyes. Either Schneiderlin or Bender would do for the DM role to rotate/play next to le Coq Block.

  4. Over the years as an Arsenal Supporter I’ve learn never to get excited about an Arsenal Transfer Rumour/Hint/Article until the player has had a Medical at Arsenal.
    We had links with Hazard, Mata, Cahill, Di Maria, Higuan, Saurez, Gustavo……..
    The OZIL transfer did Shock every1 though…

      1. Oh, come on! It was even rumoured that he was soon gonna fly in for medicals on was spotted leaving for London.

  5. I’m still very sceptical about Wenger getting a DM. I honestly think he won’t get one especially if Diaby recovers this summer

    In Wenger’s eyes he will see Coquelin, Arteta, Diaby, Chambers, Wilshere and Bielik. He will think we have too many candidates. And also Wenger is an attacking minded manager.

    I think he will more likely get another CD and a LB.

    I HOPE I’m WRONG. I want a top DM
    I’d be happy with any of the following-
    1. Schneiderlin
    2. Kondogbia
    3. Gustavo
    4. Carvalho
    5. Sven Bender

    I’m also scared if Wenger gets a DM it will be like Alex Song or someone cheaper

    Anyway lets hope I’m wrong and Wenger does the sensible thing.

    1. 4 and 5 aren’t “top” dm’s and Gustavo is on a very good Wolfsburg team so I can’t see him leaving at all.

      I’m with you on schneiderlin or kondogbia they’ve been my pick of the bunch for a while

  6. Wenger’s full of suprises,lets just hope he pulls a rabbit (kondobia & dybala) out of his hat

  7. This means he wants Champions League and will force a summer move to a Champions League side if they come in for him. It does mean Wenger has a good bargaining chip if we finish up the season in 2nd/3rd/4th. BUT it’s by no means a done deal and it doesn’t mean Wenger will go in for him (or shell out the money Southampton ask for). That said…it would be awesome if he we did get him!

  8. My reasonable dream summer would be:

    1. Lacazette or Dybala
    2. Kondogbia or Schneiderlin or Carvalho or Gustavo or Sven Bender
    3. Howedes or Subiotic or Baines or any quality CD
    4. Young LB

    I will be more than happy with

    My impossible dream summer would be
    1. All of the above
    2. Cech or other top quality GK
    3. Reus or Greizmann or other top forward
    4. Box to box: Vidal, Pogba, Khedira, Lars Bender, Gundogan

    Most realistic:
    1. Song
    2. Smalling
    3. Mandzucic
    Just kidding

  9. We don’t know if he will buy any1 in that position because he is so stubborn in his thinking. Yes we no who would be good or who we want but end of the day it’s down to him. We need 1 defender for and tbh three midfielders we need these as I think he will clear a lot out we have one particular player who just can’t do it he’s always enjoyed great talent but just cannot play but I would like to see and have a coaching role of the club as a say is very very talented and we all know who is.

  10. Wenger will do what ‘HE’ wants to do at the end of the day. Always has. You gotta admire his single mindedness even though IMO it has a negative impact. But he sticks by his guns..

    Re: theo. He is a good player that offers more pace and goals (when on form with a run of games) than lets say the Ox. HOWEVER, considering the boy has had a long term sick note and is asking for MORE money when he has already been collecting £100,000 a WEEK! I feel he is trying his luck a bit. IMO wenger and the board won’t suffer being held to ransom as we do have other options. So I can seriously see him taking the gravy train to City or Liverpool.

    I think it’s true to say there are other players that would be playing in less cash rich leagues with equal if not superior talent who would jump at the chance to earn anywhere near £50K. And they would give it there all!

    The Ox (who I love for his pace, strength, directness and ability to commit players) just needs to learn how to produce an end result be it the sensible pass, a quality cross or the correct decision or cunning finish in front of goal. He can be a class act, no doubt though.

  11. Am i the only fan that thinks we don’t need this guy? maybe as a last resort but i think a club like arsenal should be offloading the likes of arteta, Flamini & maybe Rosicky and buying Pogba. Although i think Rosicky is great cover, he is just a bit old and he is still worth a little. Sorry business side of my brain talking there. Anyway like i was saying we are good enough for Pogba, Rues, Another top quality defender. Now is the time for us to invest in top talent. Yes it will cost money but if we buy 3 or 4 world class players we will win more trophies. sometimes i just wish the board and Wenger would treat it like fifa 15 career mode….

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