Schneiderlin snubs contract to move closer to Arsenal transfer!!

There is some very good news for Arsenal fans who are hoping that Morgan Schneiderlin is the player that Arsene Wenger signs in the January transfer window to shore up our fragile midfield. The France international, who was keen to move to a bigger club in the summer, seems to be no keener to remain at St. Mary’s despite their excellent start to the season.

According to a Daily Star report, Ronald Koeman has suffered a major blow in his hopes of holding on to his star player, as the 25-year old has rejected the offer of a new contract with his current club. While this does not put the Saints under massive pressure to sell him quickly, as Schneiderlin’s current deal will still have two years to run at the end of this season, it does increase the chances that they will decide to cash in as his value will continue to fall.

It will still take a hefty fee to prise the central midfielder from the south coast club, as his value to them has only become more obvious in the last couple of weeks. When Schneiderlin picked up his current injury, Southampton were at 0-0 and coping quite well with Man City. Three games later they have no more points on the board and twice the amount of Premier League goals conceded.

But that should also make it clear to Wenger that this player could have a huge and beneficial effect on the Gunners as well. And with Tottenham also apparently preparing to bid for him in January, it could be now or never. Do you think Schneiderlin will become an Arsenal player in the next month or so?

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    1. a wc Player like who, which WC player will leave a Club in January most will be cup tied, Scneiderlin is not tied to a serious cup right now, i think he will be okay for us.

      1. Khedira is set to leave RM when his contract ends by the end of this season, he doesnt get much time on the pitch – perfect choice for us. Wouldnt care too much about the cup tie anyway, because chances are we’ll pick Bayern (25% to be exact), and we’ll lose by one goal like we’ve done for the past years now.

        Additionally, I read a silly rumor about Wenger being willing to put £50M for Pogba in january. Pogba is surely world class, but he’s at the moment more like a strong ramsey. Not the pure DM we need, but if moulded right (Vieira to be our midfield coach please!), he can become our new Vieira.

        W. Carvalho – Too much hype, too much money required to activate his buy out clause. He might be worth £36M in 4 years, but not now.

        Krychowiak (Sevilla) is availeable for £20M, he’s been amazing for his new club so far. Should be one of our transfer targets. Only 24 years old as well, perfect age.

        As for centre backs? My heart says that we should bring Jenkinson back and put Chambers full time CB, but neither Jenkinson nor Chambers are close to being the world class players we should be bringing in to those roles.
        What if: Flamini, Arteta, Mertesacker and Debuchy are all 30+ (Debuchy is 29, anyway)… These we will have to replace within the next seasons – so… Jenkinson replaces Debuchy with time, Chambers replaces Flamini with time, someone new replaces Arteta and lets say someone like Laporte or Varane replaces Mertesacker.

        This reasons the bringing of two DM’s and at least one CB in the nearest future.

        1. Jesus not Kheidra again.
          what rock have you been hiding under?
          The guy missed 68 games for Real, how long do you think he would stay fit with us???

          1. Khedira isn’t a def mid he is an aggressive box to box midfielder but he would add great personality to our team and add steel.

            Krychowiak or schnederlin would be perfect. Krychowiak is having a fantastic season statistically out performing any other central midfielder in euroepes top 5 leagues .schnedrlin as prem Xp but krychowiak would also be helped to settle in from our polish decent players(kos,poldi,szez)

  1. But is he a box-to-box or Defensive midfielder? Let’s establish that first.

    Hope we have a nice January window.

    1. Good question. He is on of those players that are truly capable of playing both roles really well.
      I saw him play as a deep-seating DM with the France team, spraying clean short passes from deep. His positioning was impressive.
      However -as I have seen this season- he has often played for Southhampton as a box-to-box.
      Key for me is that he is a defensively-solid midfielder with a good engine and physicality to go with his impressive technique.
      That is type of player we need.

      “Hope we have a nice January window”

      Good for you then!

    2. IMO, I’ve watched this guy play this season, he has got a good passing range and speed and height but he is more of a Ramsey type of player. He relies on his speed to intercept passes but he does not dig his boot in. I would like a player who can kick some ass in the midfield. Wanyama is underrated but he would a good signing. He does most of the donkey work. Another guy i would want to see in our DM is Gustavo.
      Rumors are that we are in for Pogba is that true?

  2. OT…… So wenger thinks POLDI doesn’t track back to defend …… Does he say why mertesacker Tracks up to score? Don’t we need the defenders to do their job?

    1. In WENGERS world seems that way, Can’t understand why WELBECK and GIROUD are defending our posts playing defense, cutting our chances for a successful counterattack with our strikers out of position, while mertesaker drags himself to the front for every corner, failing to even touch the ball 99% of the times and then having to run back to position with his natural and more evident now slowness.

      1. @MIA GUNNER FAN……. We may never understand Arsene “Mystery” Wenger…… His world is so abstract

      2. I can see why he would want Giroud and Welbz defending set pieces… they are two of our best at heading. Our entire midf are lacking and our fullbacks are not the tallest either.

    2. Tracking back is very important in this league. Unless you have an outstanding Team like Real/Munich then you need to track back.

      Look at Chelsea and Athletico and Dortmund last year its the bread and butter of football – attack as a team defend as a team.

      If wingers didn’t track back our fullbacks would have a 2 on 1 situation everytime!

  3. Schneiderlin? Lucas Silva?

    I’d rather wait till next summer transfer window’s ending to see if Arsene even buys what the team truly needs.

    1. Yes that’s what Wenger thinks.
      Why spend 20 mill on a youger Arteta?
      Sign a 21 y old 6′ 2′ CAM for 5 mill.
      He might succeed at CB, DM or BxB or all 3.
      Spead the risk. Can see the reasoning.

  4. This is the problem with you fans.

    You just want any crap player now, then when they don’t perform as expect you want Wenger out.

    All you crying for Morgan remember those words

    1. Khedira not answer – terrible injury record. Krychowiak better DM option.
      Assume you mean Schneiderlin not Piers!!
      Pay the money for Reid he knows EPL + Mings as added back-up

  5. Lars Bender?
    Carvahlo ? – might just have been a one season wonder.
    Kramer – would be a summer purchase.

    Need some one in Jan even if its a Average player just provide steel and grit to a slight midfield.

    Would like Chambers / Hayden long term both big lads and comfortable in possession.

    Need this winter DM – 2x CB’s, one experienced and one like Schar

  6. Wenger says there is no value
    out there because he wants
    a Patrick Vieira and a Matic for 5 quid
    + a Varane and Vertonghen for 2 quid each.
    Arsenal need 3 CB’s and 3 DM’s
    and a LB. 7 players in total .
    Wenger’s plans to sign just one. Cheapie Mings for 10 mill.
    Chambers will replace Jenkinson, Koscielny and Arteta.
    Mings is to replace Flamini Vermaelen Mertesacker and cover LB .
    Yet Wenger threw 42 mill at Ozil a player we did not need
    who has been out injured half his Arsenal career
    and hates being at the club.
    Wilshere Walcott and Ox have joined
    Sanogo as Diaby, Marks 2-3-4 + 5.
    And it’s 4th-anal 4th-anal FC
    We’re by far the greatest team
    at always getting 4th
    and its 4th-anal 4th-anal FC …

    1. Too much speculation. First of all, Ozil in his first season at Arsenal out performed every other midfielder in our team. He created 88 chances, the next highest being Cazorla in the 70’s. Ramsey and Wilshere were in the 40′ and 50’s. Ozil also had highest assists last season. So Wenger’s 42 million spent was well justified and he will only do better now that we have some decent pace up font. His injury is a major pity, but to say he is ‘unhappy’ at Arsenal is going to far. Did he phone you last night and tell you so? Don’t believe everything the media throw out there please.

  7. I can’t see Koeman selling him this winter transfer. Maybe he can be a summer target. However I expect him to cost about £20 mil, so not cheap.

    Don’t we love Allardyce saying Reid will cost £20 mil to price away, with only 6 months left on his contract. I am sure Westham will sell him for 8-9 mil. It is all part of the negotiating process. They are already looking for backup alternatives.

    1. Ha ha.
      Ask for 20 get 12 when you expected 9.
      Mind you Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal
      are all desperate for defenders and
      Reid is not Cup tied.

  8. Geoffrey Kondogbia would be the perfect
    buy for Arsenal…. and of course a proper, faster and less injury prone LCB.

  9. Not long now before I bored my first flight on way home from Thailand.
    Should be home in time for next Gunner game.
    Can’t wait to watch at reasonable hour.

  10. There is something that really bugs me about the situation at Arsenal.

    When any of our competitors are struggling badly and their fans are calling for the managers head it is generally accepted as “par for the course” – you don’t deliver so you lose your job.

    Yet at Arsenal if their fans protest against poor results and even worse performances they are described as “ungrateful” or “fickle” or even more amusingly “plastic” (whatever that means).

    And what makes this even more annoying is that the media punditry having criticised Wenger in the past (Ian Wright a perfect example of this) has now jumped on the bandwagon and gone on to verbally abuse fans (calling them a bunch of w@#kers).

    Lineker is even worse, openly mocking Wenger on live television.

    Arsenal fans have as much right to criticise as anyone – was the hounding of each successive Liverpool manager worse than Arsenal’s fans treatment of Wenger ? or the way Moyes was treated at United ? Or Scolari/Ancelotti/Ranieri/Di Mateo’s treatment at Chelsea?

    Wenger deserves criticism and Arsenal fans have the right to demand that he be replaced.

    Wenger achieved great things but its not about what happened ten years ago, its about what is happening now and what is happening now is not very good at all.

    Wenger has to go…

    1. Wacker off men. Do you have to abuse the most successful manager the Arsenal ever had, in a bid to voicing your frustration. 18 yrs is not easy to come by, it’s a milestone. Are you up to that yet, btw?

      1. I don’t think he should be abused – thats out of order.

        But criticised ?

        I see nothing wrong in that at all..

  11. Do you think there is any chance !!!!! we could get Paul Podga?

    Please nice Father Christmas…we will ALL be good children …PROMISE

  12. Wenger won’t sign him. That would stop the development of *insert random 14 year olds name here that plays in the youth team* and that is not how this club operates.

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