Schneiderlin to SNUB Arsenal for Man Utd after Saints star’s advice?

I am sure that Matt Le Tissier would much rather that the Arsenal transfer target Morgan Schneiderlin changed his mind about leaving altogether, because the former England international was a true one club man and still clearly has the best interests of that club Southampton at heart.

Schneiderlin has made it clear that he wants to play for a bigger club though, with Arsenal and our Premier League rivals Man United the most likely destinations. Le Tissier has not helped the Gunners in our pursuit of the Frenchman though, as he has pointed Schneiderlin towards Old Trafford, for the benefit of his own career.

As reported by Metro, Le Tissier has advised the central midfield star that his chances of being a fixture in the first team would be much higher with Man United than us.

He said, “Out of the the top four clubs, I think Manchester United are more in need of him than Arsenal.

“Arsenal have got a lot of midfield players. Would he be that much better than what they have already got? Possible a little better, yes, but in terms of needing somebody in that position and being light in that position – I think United are more in need of him than Arsenal are.

“He can play for a top four team comfortably. He’s very accomplished in that [defensive midfield] position.”

Le Tissier’s words are actually a big compliment to Arsenal and especially the likes of Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta and perhaps our manager Arsene Wenger is thinking along the same lines. I know that the Arsenal fans are desperate for us to get Schneiderlin or someone else to strengthen the spine of the team, but if you were him, would you not agree that you were more likely to force your way into the United side?

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  1. He’s more likely to go to Man U because they are desperate and will overpay for him.

    1. Give credit to Arsenal, the fact that he chose United for playing time shows how good our midfield has been

      1. Just because utd are more in need should not sway him. The truth is that utd needed him more so last season and probably the next but this is utd we are talking about, it wont be long before they are well stocked with some of the most expensive players out there. Schneiderlin should not forget this, and he should realise that Arsene loves even from his defenders players who are comfortable in possession. MS has the upper hand on Coq, might not want to admit it but he does. He has leadership qualities to go with his passing range and this from a defensive midfielder, in my opinion he should be confident in his game time at Arsenal with Arsene wanting him for such a long period and Arsene being the type of manager he is.

    2. Even if ManUre will meet any of Soton valuation and Schneiderlin get 100K per week, things won’t go easier for him. They’ve got Fellaini, Blind, Carrick, and Jones as DM.
      As for us, Le Tessier might have done wrong observation. We are surplus of B2B, short of bad ass DM, and even shorter of deep lying playmaker. Coquelin and Santi qualities that’s what we need to make it deep. If Schneiderlin gone, there’s still many option. No Morgan No Problem.

    3. That’s the usual narrative a fan gives when a player seemingly chooses to go elsewhere. Wenger said United were in contact with everyone they have an interest in so I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses them. I wouldn’t be bitter as you seem to be either, if we can’t get a French midfielder to sign that says more about our wishy washy recruitment than anything.

      Of course this is all speculative, whether we have a desire to get him or not who knows. Still no need to surmise the only reason United would get him is “overpaying”. Maybe Arsenal should get off the high horse a little and overpay once or twice to land an important piece of the puzzle. Last time we pinched some pennies we got scolded by Liverpool and missed out on Suarez.

      All well and good if we don’t get schneiderlin so long as we get someone of equal/better ability. Completely redundant however to baulk at 25mil for a DM and spend 18/19mil on someone inferior like Bender who’d replace Diaby in the treatment room.

      1. Completely agreed with you up until the Bender comment, i dont think hes inferior well not defensively especially and the lad has had some tough luck beginning at WC, am not altogether up on his entire injury history but id find it hard to believe or imagine a German National over in Germany to have Diaby like setbacks. The Doctors in that country being the best the world over is why i find it hard to believe.

        1. Afraid I think he’s inferior, fans have a tough time with the concept a brilliant player plays for a team below us in the same league. If schneiderlin was being scouted after producing the numbers/displays at somewhere like Napoli everyone would say he’s an absolute must for this window etc etc.

          Bender, however good he is, cannot handle a full season and that is a massive concern given the Prems obvious high physical demands.

  2. We may have not bid fo him, maybe we have. But if it takes him this long to decide, I wouldn’t want him anymore. Alexis were so decisive when he picked us, we need players like that

  3. Schneiderlin is not
    snubbing Arsenal. He
    desperately wanted to
    play for Arsenal last season
    but Arsenal snubbed him then
    and are doing so again.

    1. It’s cool we don’t need him there is better out there and Wenger knows. United have not had transfers that do any better than us,enough now about him I am looking forward to the Gooners starting on the front foot with a full squad with quality on bench and by end of August we will have bought well CB

    1. Yes Kondogbia Vidal
      Schneiderlin Krychowiak
      Plenty available.
      Imbula off to Inter for 15 mill?
      So if we let him go we must
      have someone even better
      in the pipeline surely.

  4. Chelsea 73 for 32 aga
    Arsenal 71 for 36 aga.
    Cech Kondogbia New striker.
    Fit Walcott + Chamberlain
    Lets get ready to rumble 🙂

  5. Forget Schneiderlin if you you saw today’s match, Vidal is awesome. if Wenger can sign him then Vidal and Sanchez will form terrific pair.

  6. Surely LVG’s transfers this season have sent a few alarm bells to potential incoming players….
    If we are talking about evaluating Arsenal vs United as possible destinations then the only possible transfers I’d class as anywhere near successful would be Herrera and Blind…

    Luke Shaw – previous player in team of the season, barely made an appearance in a far from elite defence…
    Di Maria – best player on the pitch in the mothaflipping CL final who looked a shell of his previous self, uninspired and used primarily as an impact substitute.
    Falcao – Used to be regarded as a top-3 striker in the world, 4 goals…. We got a higher goal return from Ddubs, the player he was supposed to replace.
    Rojo – Meh… Could go either way, had some good games and some shockers.

    A lot of fans are acting as though United should be feared next season… But LVG had every possible luxury afforded to him, and inherited a pretty decent squad, but IMO has shown tactical stubbornness that would make Wenger blush. The many occasions I looked at the team sheet there was a bare minimum of three players being played out of position and as many as six!! A lot of fans complain on here about Ramsey on the wing despite the fact that he was either scoring or assisting a goal the majority of times he was out there…
    I’m under no delusion that United won’t improve.. Or that they’ll make a few signings that our fans will be truly jealous of (as they did last year!). But LVG hasn’t exactly shown prowess in integrating superstars into his squad.. Far from it.
    But surely there must be more alarm bells ringing for Schneiderlin when looking at United and Arsenal. Shaw was by far regarded the more promising prospect than Chambers. But have a look how the two were treated over the course of the year, not to mention the praise Wenger has heaped on him and already talking of his plans for him for next year. To quote Hleb ‘no player gets worse under Wenger.’
    I’m aware that I’m writing this assuming that all parties are interested in the potential moves, when it’s a very real possibility it’s all just stories made up by the papers and we could be prioritizing someone completely different. But though he would be trying to break into a superior midfield, surely there’s more things to consider than the fact that he may get more time on the pitch initially at United.

    1. LVG will spend entire season to make ManUre gel each other. They don’t really have playmaker there. Juan Mata is more like B2B for me. Their productivity is even worst. Looks like we’re still going to see a lot of rumble in the bar attacks from them. LOL!!

      1. Mata b2b? Lol in what world? Mourinho sold him for being a strictly attacking midfielder with no defensive appetite.

  7. well…its true.
    He would play there more yeah.
    If he wants to play more then yeah…if he wants to be in the better team then he s wrong. Manu were not better, hell IMO they dont even deserve hat 4 place.
    (man that feels good to say)

  8. I was never that bothered about Schneiderlin (although a very good player) as I remember last year he was in favour of joining Spurs because Pochettino had gone there, f*#*king Spurs!

    Plenty of other good proper DMs’ out there, I like the look of Kondogbia, a proper unit.

    1. I Agree! Last year after playing beach beach with the Brazilian Babes – He made the wisest decision to get Sanchez on board. We need him to do the same this year so he makes the wise decision to get Vidal on board now!

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