Score more and Ozil can eclipse BOTH Arsenal legends

After stealing the show for Arsenal yet again last night with another Premier League assist before scoring himself, Mesut Ozil was quite rightly the hot topic of conversation in Arsene Wenger’s post match press conference. As reported by, the boss was originally reluctant to compare the German play maker to other great Gunners.

Wenger said, “I have not seen many of that quality but I was quite lucky in my career. For me I don’t like to compare players and he is an exceptional player. I think you have to give me credit that I defended that point of view even when you were sceptical about it. What is very important is that he comes as good as he can be and he is on his way. Is there a lot left? I don’t know, but what he is doing at the moment is fantastic.”

But when the Frenchman was pushed and asked specifically whether Ozil could be compared to the club legend that is Dennis Bergkamp, he could not deny it.

The boss replied, “Yes. Bergkamp was more of a goalscorer and Mesut was more of an assist [player] but now he becomes more of a goalscorer. They are really comparable.”

Another top Gunner from the past, Thierry Henry, took up the comparison in a Sky Sports report and while he agrees that Ozil is in the same class as his former team mate, Henry has challenged the king of the assists to get his own name on the score sheet more.

Henry said, “The guy is just amazing. Finally we’re starting to see what type of player he can be and what type of player he actually is. He didn’t perform in his first seasons but he is definitely doing it at the moment.

“It’s his vision, he always puts the ball where you need it. He sees everything, and when you play with a player like that, anything can happen at any time. People were having a go at him, and rightly so because he wasn’t performing.

“The only thing maybe you can say is that in some games he is going to have to score, and if he gets into the habit of doing it, it will come naturally.

“Dennis is the best player I’ve ever played with but Ozil reminds me of Dennis too. He always does what the game wants him to do. He loves to share the ball, and that’s the best thing you can have on the field. But sometimes you are going against the game if you do not shoot when you need to shoot.”

To be fair to Ozil though, Bergkamp was a more natural striker and his game was more as a second striker than a play maker, although he was heavily involved in our creative play. And Bergkamp´s goal tally was not always great with less than 10 in five of his 11 seasons with Arsenal.

Ozil is just four assists shy of Henry’s EPL record so barring a disaster he is on course to eclipse the great man in that respect. And if he listen’s to the Frenchman’s advice on shooting more he could well score more goals than Dennis did in five of his campaigns.

So will Ozil eclipse both of these club legends this season?

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  1. all the best to our assist king mesut ozil may he continue to go from strength to strength and remain injury free as the season progress! Coyg!

  2. Ozil is the truth. I dnt understand why many (especially our own fans) think he’s flopped his first couple of seasons at the club when our trophy drought ended with his arrival. His influence on this team can’t be measured with statistics alone. I’ve said it before and still believe our play is horrible without him on the field. This year the sheep are surely jumping on his wagon because his game has been nothing but astonishing. I think it’s now or never for arsenal. We have a player on the verge of shattering the assist record and nothing but an epl medal around his neck will do at the end of the season.

  3. I feel so sorry for oil absolutely outstanding player best in his position in the world without doubt, is he as good as Bergkamp and I’m a massive Dutch n Bergkamp fan hell yes he is.

    But then ppl will compare medals etc and say Bergkamp miles better bl bla, it’s very simple

    Bergkamp to Wright, Henry Goals = Titles
    Bergkamp loses ball – Bang Viera,Petit, Gilberto regain possession = Titles

    I think u get where I’m going with this Bergkamp had not a little but I’d say players who were miles better then what ozil has at his disposal. Bergkamp team had finesse, strength both physical and mental & pure quality. Now I don’t even need to mention which of them the current team has or doesn’t have were all clued up enough.

    Get a wanyama alongside coquelin and a Aguerro type profilic striker and ozil never mind premier league he will win u the Treble (domestic lol ) not champs league wnt get carried away 😉

  4. Ozil needs an EPL
    title, probably two for
    Legendary status.
    Then there is the small matter of
    the unbeaten EPL season to equal.
    Don’t forget the need to take the club to the ECL final again.
    There’s a reason players become legends at Arsenal
    and it usually involves winning titles.

  5. Ozil was really serious about winning the Baloon d’Or, he’s been fantastical so far.
    At least, we could say that he’ll probably win as the best player of the EPL this season.

    1. Imo Ballon D’Or nominees should be the ones that make it into team of the year in their respective leagues. Tired of biased journos and briberies influencing opinion. How Suarez wasn’t nominated is beyond me, how Ramos and Pique are always chosen is European TOTY is also beyond me…

  6. Ozil was getting bad treatment on here
    a while back lol class he’s finally showed
    What a fantastic player he is !!

    Hope he beats the assist record this year !!

  7. I like the way he is. Just the way he is. I don’t mind if he only scores few goals as long as he provides many. Even twenty or 25 more assist is seem realistic for him now. If he stay fit he’ll eclipse Titi record by a mile. We’ve to make sure that his outrages run (it means lot of goals) is protect with solid defensive line. Still fresh in my mind when RVP (may he R.I.H) scored 30 goals for nothing (3rd spot). Can’t wait to see another wizard of OZ!

  8. if wenger doesn’t fXXk transfers up again and get the right playes this jan, Ozil definitely is gunner do marvelous things this season.

  9. Remember some months ago, Michael SLowen came out and said that Sterling was better than Ozil…. What a laugh…

    Shame, Owen really hates us…

    I always knew our wizard of OZil would be the catalyst like Bergkamp was when he came all those years ago,

    Come on take us to Dreamland Ozil.


  10. It is now written, “ozil is not class, He is the whole educational system.” He will be a legend at the end of this season….watch it.

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