Scott Parker highlights the big decision Arteta made and claims it has paid off

Former Bournemouth manager Scott Parker has defended Mikel Arteta’s decision to ditch Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from his squad following several breaches of team rules by the striker.

Auba was Arsenal’s captain and top earner, but he broke a club rule and Arteta was forced to sideline him.

He eventually left to join Barcelona in the final hours of the January transfer window.

The striker’s departure has not affected Arsenal negatively, instead, they seem to be thriving because he left.

Speaking about the decision today, Parker says managers are paid to make the tough calls and Arsenal’s form justifies what Arteta did.

He said via The Daily Mail:

‘I don’t think anything in football is ever personal, these decisions are happening constantly on how you see best to fit the team 

‘Mikel made a decision, at this moment in time is proven that it was the right one, he’s gone on and they’ve kicked on a little bit.’

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Offloading Auba was a tough decision for Arteta because he handed the striker his last contract at the club.

That was a clear show of confidence and it means the Spaniard certainly saw the striker as a part of his team’s future.

But Auba did not make reasonable choices as an experienced player and the leader of the team.

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  1. Honestly am not sure Auba was the right fit for how the gaffer wanted to play and his off field antics didn’t help.

    Though some of his off field issues maybe just unfortunate circumstances, but I want to wish him well

  2. Great decision at the most vulnerable moment creates strong leadership… Arteta is rewriting a football history in the most humble way. Especially if Arsenal can pull a fast one and win the EPL.

  3. Mikel is a former player who behaved with ethics and morals, groomed by the Moyes in his playing career and Pep in his coaching career, he blends the best of both managers, a humble and good human being and a ruthless manager on the pitch. All his decisions have paid off on the pitch (at the cost of finances no doubt, but I strongly believe that results drive the business) and for those who complain about the Willian fiasco, they should remember that Willian quit and did not cause or incite trouble for the manager or the club, nor did his waste the club’s resources by “honoring the contract”. All in all, within a span of 3 years, the clubs targets have been met. If we can get a point minimum at the Etihad, than we are in pole position for the title.

    1. No mention of Arsène Wenger??you are really something, aren’t you?
      You should probably read and watch, what MA says/said about AW influence on him.

    2. -Mikel Arteta has admitted that former manager Arsene Wenger ‘started a fire’ under he and Patrick Vieira during their time together at Arsenal, inspiring them both to become coaches after they retired as players.
      -Not only me or Patrick, but many others, with his way of treating everybody of the club and how he felt about the game.”
      -We were all guided and, in a way, felt a different way about the game because we had Arsene as a manager,” Arteta said, quoted by the Mirror. “He started a fire in us to be a coach.

    3. We will beat Manchester city💯 I don’t see anyone stopping us, for now. Unless, if we keep making those silly errors then we will lose the title contest.

  4. Even the most “away with the fairies” anti MA agenda Gooners must BY NOW , surely see how wrong they were about stupidly claiming that MA had an “ego” with players who he rightly rid us of, Guendouzi, Ozil and Auba too. Yes Auba, he of the fewer touches in his 60 mins than Elnemy had in his tiny few minutes.

    LAZINESS IS ENDEMIC IN SOME PLAYERS. Ozil and Auba the idle twins!

    We don’t need apologies from those Gooners though; their recent welcome complete absence of their former ludicrous anti MA posts is enough to prove the REAL TRUTH!

    1. “We don’t need apologies from these gooners “
      LMAO , who is this “WE” you speak of?
      You wanna grow up buddy ,you sound more ridiculous the more you post on here .
      My advice would be just to think a little before you post such nonsense,because it’s does not do you any favours regarding how dim witted you are .
      Like I said about loose cannon above you want to stop this cringe simping ,it really is weird .

      1. Have you finished your rant? Having been outed as the main one whoconstantly slated MA, it is entirely predictable that you should now try to deny your clear to all anti MA agenda and, instead of accepting you were wrong, you will slate me once again.

        Typically childlike behaviour! And you aged 41 too. Oh dear!

        1. Oh jonny boy ,you still haven’t answered my question ,”who is this WE “?
          Oh and I do not deny anything ,he’s a very lucky man who as spent millions ,the likes this club as never seen .
          I would hold those horses until he has actually accomplished something before spouting he’s the greatest manager alive .
          And like I said please stop the simping ,someone at age it’s just weird .

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