Scout who discovered Cesc Fabregas and Gabriel Martinelli part of the 55 redundancies

Arsenal has just announced the redundancies of 55 of their staff members after they admitted that they have been hit very hard financially by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gunners were the only Premier League team which asked their players to take pay cuts as the pandemic bit through teams’ income.

The redundancies is a move that has been forced on them, and they have no choice but to follow through with it at the moment.

The 55 staff have all been casualties, but one of them stands out and that is Francis Cagigao, who had been the club’s head of international scouting.

He was responsible for helping the club discover the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Gabriel Martinelli.

Mail Sport claims that among the 55 members of staff that will be made redundant, Cagigao and the likes of Peter Clark and Brian McDermot will be gone.

Cagigao had been at the club for around two decades and his role has been made increasingly less important as the club shifted to an agent-based transfer strategy.

This is the biggest move that the club has made yet because of their financial losses brought upon them by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fans will no doubt hope that it will not affect their plans to add some good players to Mikel Arteta’s team.

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  1. It’s being reported that personal terms have been agreed with Gabriel Magalhaes.. now just a fee.. Lille want €30… I’m sure it won’t be a problem what with all that money being saved (from the 55) plus Willian is taking a pay cut, so will only rake in 100k a week!!
    Do you know I feel awful just even looking at our transfer news and seeing these sort of figures!!

    1. Already found out the Gabriel news since yesterday evening. He only flew in today.
      He already chose and agreed with Arsenal, he’s convinced by what Mikel Arteta sold him.
      like I’ve been saying, only Arsenal can fvck this up now.
      Pierre already agreed a 3 years deal, it’s only the announcement. I suppose Arsenal are trying to make it look like a new signing this summer.

      Ceballos is also likely to stay.
      Willian is also taking a paycut because of Arteta and Edu

        1. Yea a loan..but could be made permanent if they make extra money from sales, but it’s edging towards a loan

    2. Why will arsenal go for another defender when we already have about six defenders and Salina is joining us next season?

      Arteta should strengthen the mid field and not the defence. If we can not firm a solid defence with the crop of defenders we already have, our defensive coach should be held responsible.

      We don’t need any players from lile.

      1. I agree, we have more than enough, which suggests some will be sold, or given away, buy one get one free 😄

  2. Regarding this article, it’s been clear since Raul chase Sven out.
    Arsenal bought StatDNA in Wenger’s final year, a company which help scouts in data analytics.
    Don Raul just had to come and fúck it all up by first chasing away our head scout. Don’t be surprised that the pandemic only made it easy for them to chase the rest of the scout.
    We now pay Kia ridiculous money to give us players from his list of clients.
    Now all our scouts are out the door, we’re making use of Raul’s contacts.
    Sven warned about this, Sven was against this, but this is the new Arsenal I guess.
    Ladies and Gentlemen: Don Raul’s Arsenal

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