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Scouting for Arsenal 3 – A hidden gem playing for Nigeria?

Scouting for Arsenal – Part 3 by Dan Smith

So the group stages are finished. Was there a hidden gem that stood out to you that could be a bargain buy? For match day 1 and 2 I picked two players who were both on the winning side.
For match day 3 I have picked a youngster who, while exiting the World Cup, won the heart of his nation.

The young talent’s name is Etebo. To be fair I could have picked any of the Nigerian midfield who were fearless against their more experienced opponents. Perhaps it was the performance of Mascherano but it was apparent how much more energetic the African’s were.

At the age of 22 the development of Etebo is one of the reasons they have for a long time earmarked 2022 as the year they become proper contenders. Give Stoke City credit for finalising this deal before he flew out to Russia. If they had waited to now his valuation would’ve gone up and there would have been many more potential buyers. Not that the big clubs won’t be scouting him in the Championship where, on this evidence, he will fit in with the physical nature of that League.

Bearing in mind he was in direct battle with Banega, someone linked with a move to Arsenal. What do you think Gooners, who was your hidden gem of match day 3?

Dan Smith

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  1. Godswill

    Etebo will surely be it in 2 years time if the man at Stoke will direct him well. This is the steel we need at midfield but we can’t get him now. We should keep watch. If he comes good it won’t be difficult to get. Most Nigerians like Arsenal

  2. Kelvin

    I think he is going to be a great player. He has a great potential and he is definitely one for the future. I think he can play for teams like Burnley and Southampton. He is definitely better than the championships

  3. ACE

    Impressive young talent, played very well in all
    three of Nigerias WC game.

    Just posted in a previous thread but two young
    players for Senegal definitely caught my eye over
    the past week. Sarr(#18) and Sabaly(#12) both
    played very well in all three games and imo have
    the chance to play in any of the big leagues
    across Europe.

    1. Thierrykamp

      Nigerians una no dey ever appreciate wetin una get. Na foreigners dey help una appreciate Nigeria midfield so.

      Watch out for Nigeria’s midfield in 2022 (with the addition of Nwakali and the retirement of Mikel). Exciting times ahead, surely.

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

        we go see now… till then. if Etebo good , na stoke him mates dey ? the only better midfielder wey I know say we get na Ndidi

        1. Naija Jollof

          Bad guy. Etebo na real waste. Plus say na football age em use. After 3 years nobody go hear em name again. Mtcheeew

          1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

            Na so. all those guys Don get 5 pikin for village . that uzoho go Don reach 50years

            1. Naija Jollof

              Lol πŸ˜‚….

              Come WC dey claim youngster.
              We know them by their faces Sha…. Na we we

            2. Shimete

              And what has his age got to do with his performances……@naija in greats? he is a better player take it or leave it.

              1. Gab

                Don’t mind them. What have they done so far in their own lives. If a Non- Nigeria has said that it will be called discrimination. Yet they are running their players. Is the world cup an age grade competition?

  4. gotanidea

    Etobo looks good, but Arsenal do not need another midfielder until they offload one of theirs

    Better chase a winger instead

  5. kklin

    Etebo looks good and is surely one for the future but for now let him play for stoke & if he comes good for all the energy and steel of the EPL then am sure bigger clubs like AFC will be waiting. We have new management now which makes me hopeful that an era of good scouting has begun….#Reyesorarsenal, Scarra, Victoria Concordia Crescit…all of una no well.

  6. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    isokuso ni a won eleyi kaan so …, Shey Etebo wa nine player nii ?

  7. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Who energetic help when we Don comot for world cup now ? all those players be otu even Musa. common Argentina wey everybody dey beat , we no fit draw them . E no go better for ighalo . that one na pants

  8. Naija Jollof

    Ordinary draw, Nigeria no fit draw. Tufiakwa!! Iceland and Croatia use Argentina shine but when e reach our turn, comma must enter. I tire!

  9. John Legend

    Are you kidding me?
    Na like this we Nigerians dey this forum? Nawa o!
    Anyway, Nwakali wey we don get for Arsenal don do for now, as for Iwobi, we dey expect say e go better.

    Our players are notable for being minimum of five years older than what they claim. I can only vouch for Iwobi, the half-caste defenders and maybe one other odd one of them being true to their profiles, not even Nwakali.

  10. Auba Arsenal of Lagos

    See naija boys every where, ehen, one person for up talk say our players dey lie age make una dey there dey spoil Africans. That ever banega look 29 to you? Abi Sanchez real age na 30?abeg free them boys. Back to oyinbo, So arsenal gave chambers a new contract then I guess it’s forget caglar for now . announce torreira, Socratis, plus Gelston Martins and pls pls no new contract for welbehhh!

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

      Na all of us know say na Africa and south America dey lie for age pass

  11. Scarra

    Omo we no need that martins guy jare. Get a left winger that lozano no be bad option,get carvalho on a free and why not buy manolas when him release clause be Β£32 million and aswear we fit win Epl

      1. Admin Post author

        You can hijack this post coz it’s about Nigerian. But not the site raaasclsssaot lol xxx

        1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

          E be like say him no like as we dey here …? wetin be raaasclsssaot mugu

        2. John Legend

          What is “raaasclsssaot”? I hope it’s not abusive.
          No allow make these guys begin enter you o

  12. Nathan

    Good eye author, he has all the steel arsenal needs for a 22yr old. All you guys disputing his age na una born am ba?

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

      idea Nathan ….. I would have thought you’re from Australia. so, na naija full here ..πŸ˜‚ yeye dey smell for una head

  13. Petit

    Nawa o! Nigerians, una own too much o!

    Meanwhile, there is nothing spectacular about Etebo, biko. Simply not the quality Arsenal needs at the moment, unless ofcourse he brushes Up his game at Stoke City, only then….

  14. royal

    So na una fu here, my best player is Balogun that guy full ground remain. A no fit wait for league to start.

    1. ivanolad

      omo, you no won gree for this admin sha.

      But e really funny o, na 9ja plenty pass for this forum sha πŸ˜€. I love that brothers.
      Etebo is not a bad player if he plays in a better team you will definitely know that he is better than what we all saw at the World Cup. He might be playing for stoke today but he will definitely play in a better team.

  15. Ekwenye Samuel

    Hehehe, no matter how, we hv’ got a future solid midfield. We just need to offload some useless attackers to go and hawk groundnut at the back yard.

  16. Diademking

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜… my country people are everywhere, shuuu, Balogun is actually the most outstanding young player for us at the worldcup Sha.

  17. LagosGunner

    Etebo is not good enough for Arsenal
    And he is older than he claims
    Young star Ko! Old star Ni!

  18. KingNAP

    Nna mehn… See my Naija guys.

    But of a truth I tell you, that Oghenekaro good abeg

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